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									                   2010 BE A WINNER, BE A MEMBER

   L   isted below are NHRA members who have won bracket races at NHRA’s
       140 member tracks for the period beginning Feb. 21. Each month,
   National DRAGSTER will randomly draw names from the list of the current
                                                                                     appear in National DRAGSTER throughout the program, which runs through
                                                                                     October. Also listed is the current tally of member wins per track.
                                                                                           To enter, use our online entry form at www.nhra.com/beawinner or go to
   month’s Roll Call of Winners and award prizes through the Be A Winner, Be         NHRA.com and click on the Be A Winner, Be A Member link at the bottom of
   A Member program. A list of prizes is at right. The Roll Call of Winners will     the page. It is the racer’s responsibility to ensure his or her entry meets all entry

                                                                 Roll Call of Winners                                                                     Effective April 15

Division 1                                             Tracy Crutcher          Music City              April 3   Joe Sawyer                Southwestern             Feb. 21
John Dickson             Old Bridge         March 6    Tracy Crutcher          Music City             April 10   Chris Citro               Southwestern             Feb. 21
Kevin Render             Old Bridge         March 6                                                              Rob Knoles                 Sacramento              Feb. 28
Sean Conway                Island          March 20    Division 3                                                Mark Da Miyashiro           Irwindale              March 4
Anthony Agostine           Island          March 20    H. Wayne Bevins         Edgewater            March 27     Richard Church            Southwestern             March 6
David Shen               Old Bridge        March 20    Larry Key              Beech Bend              April 3    Matt Hawk                 Southwestern             March 6
Rob Farley               Old Bridge        March 20    Ryan Tyree              Edgewater              April 3    John J. Schurr            Southwestern             March 6
Ralph Savarese           Old Bridge        March 20    Bob Lohr                 Gateway               April 3    Paul Lorton                Speedworld              March 6
Carlos De Jesus         Cecil County       March 21    Larry Hunter             Kil-Kare              April 3    Reggie Taylor              Speedworld              March 6
Thomas Harhart          Cecil County       March 21    Michael Brewer          Ohio Valley            April 3    Daniel Perez               Speedworld              March 6
Clint Walters            Old Bridge        March 21    Adam Cline             Beech Bend             April 10    John Irving                 Las Vegas              March 6
Bill Hakucsa             Old Bridge        March 21    Shawn Morgan            Bunker Hill           April 10    Chris Kurtis                 Famoso                March 8
Joseph Seibert           Old Bridge        March 21    Brian Garrett           Bunker Hill           April 10    Jack Freckmann               Infineon             March 10
Ed Bigley                  Island          March 24    Bill Casner             Bunker Hill           April 10    Tom Johnson                  Infineon             March 10
Rich Panicaro               Atco           March 27    Larry Shupperd          Bunker Hill           April 10    Branko J. Sindicich         Irwindale             March 11
Michael NaHill              Atco           March 27    Brad Paul                Chandler             April 10    Chris Munson               Speedworld             March 13
Robert Fazio Jr.            Atco           March 27    Braden Bollmer          Edgewater             April 10    Rick Feaster               Speedworld             March 13
Daniel Boyer            Cecil County       March 27    Phil Bryant              Gateway              April 10    Jake Guadagnolo            Sacramento             March 14
Roger Dalton Sr.        Cecil County       March 27    Chase Batt                Muncie              April 10    Dale Gillihan              Sacramento             March 14
Carlos De Jesus         Cecil County       March 27    Clayton Clark          Beech Bend             April 11    Mark Zimmerman             Speedworld             March 14
Brent Long                 Island          March 27    Patty Hertenstein      Indianapolis           April 11    Hunter Walker              Speedworld             March 14
Stephen Wells            Old Bridge        March 27    Jeff Seither             Tri-State            April 11    John Victorino               Infineon             March 17
Shay LaScalla            Old Bridge        March 27    Wayne Adams              Tri-State            April 11    Don Waltenspiel              Infineon             March 17
Angelo Valla             Old Bridge        March 27                                                              Kenny Snow                  Irwindale             March 18
Ellis Gray               Old Bridge        March 27    Division 4                                                Nick Johnoff              Southwestern            March 19
David Sciarretta        Cecil County       March 28    Pete Coronado            Edinburg             Feb. 26     Matt Hartzell               California            March 20
Elise Renninger             Atco             April 3   Ed Galbraith             Edinburg             Feb. 26     Gabriel Torres              California            March 20
James Fourcade            Capitol            April 3   Armando Garcia           Edinburg             Feb. 26     Wayne Newman                California            March 20
Cliff Sebring           Cecil County         April 3   Albert Rodriguez         Edinburg             Feb. 27     Claude Evering            Southwestern            March 20
Mike Felix              Mason-Dixon          April 3   Lee Bannister            Edinburg             Feb. 27     Brad Hawk                 Southwestern            March 20
Dave Harris              Old Bridge          April 3   Joe Garcia               Edinburg             Feb. 28     Dana Thompson             Southwestern            March 20
Bill Doczi               Old Bridge          April 3   Chris White           Texas Raceway           March 6     Chris Stout               Southwestern            March 20
Ralph Savarese           Old Bridge          April 3   Colton Vassar         Texas Raceway           March 6     Chris Stout               Southwestern            March 20
Bill Doczi               Old Bridge          April 3   Vince Taylor          Texas Raceway           March 6     Chris Stout               Southwestern            March 20
Chris Crawford          Mason-Dixon          April 4   John Claridge         Texas Raceway           March 6     Chris Stout               Southwestern            March 20
Raymond Williams Jr.      Capitol           April 10   Danny Echols          Texas Raceway           March 6     Joe Kidd                  Southwestern            March 20
David Sciarretta        Cecil County        April 10   Jim Palmer            Texas Raceway           March 6     Chuck Hawk Jr.            Southwestern            March 20
Melvin Slappy            Old Bridge         April 10   Scott Molder          Texas Raceway           March 6     Rich Lash                  Speedworld             March 20
Steven Ciregna           Old Bridge         April 10   James Enloe             No Problem           March 13     Jay Thompson               Speedworld             March 20
Harrison Widelitz        Old Bridge         April 10   Pete Coronado            Edinburg            March 26     John Schurr                Speedworld             March 20
John Aulisio           Lebanon Valley       April 11   Ed Galbraith             Edinburg            March 26     Brian Fishle                Cali
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