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Healthy Balance


The past couple of months have been even more hectic than usual at work because I am managing the construction of our new website, which is scheduled to launch soon. Because of everything that I have going on, it's hard to find downtime to unwind and relax a little before it all starts again. [...] I am excited to announce to my fans that we have had T-shirts made, and they will be available at NHRA national events at the Pro Stock T-shirt trailer and on our website, www.quartermax.com.

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									               ON THE RUN with Rickie Jones

Pro Stock’s Rickie Jones is managing a full plate like a pro

   can’t believe I’m already in my third year             hectic than usual at work because I am
   of racing NHRA Pro Stock. Last year                    managing the construction of our new
                                                          website, which is scheduled to
   was fantastic. We set a goal of making                 launch soon. Because of everything
the top 10 before the 2009 season                         that I have going on, it’s hard to find
started, and we fought all year to finish                 downtime to unwind and relax a
10th. That was a huge accomplishment for                  little before it all starts again. When
                                                          I’m home, I try to spend my nights
our entire team and everyone involved.                    watching movies. Dinner and sleep
    That said, I’ve had a very exciting and busy                    are really the only times that I
start to 2010. We have had many                                     have to myself. It’s hard
changes this year with new sponsors,                                 finding a healthy balance between
a new car, and a new engine program.                                 racing, work, and sleep.                        without the support that I receive from those who have
The biggest change that we made was                                       I even have to work on balance when I      made a commitment to our success. Richard Freeman
switching from Dodge to GM.                                           am at the track. Because we have a small       of Elite Motorsports has made a huge commitment to
    We’re off to a bit of a slower start                               team, I’m not only focused on driving         our program. Throughout the last six months, Richard
this year. We missed the show at                                        when I’m at the track. After a run, I will   has built a brand-new engine facility, Elite
Pomona due to some clutch                                               download the data from the car, prep the     Performance, in Oklahoma and has started a research-
malfunctions. Our new GM                                                engine for maintenance, swap the rear        and-development program to build engines that will
combination has definitely come with a                                   tires, change rear gears, change engine     be competitive in the extremely challenging class of
learning curve. I have had a lot of                                      oil if needed, and help make decisions      NHRA Pro Stock. Along with much continued
learning to do and adjustments to make                       on clutch, gearing, chassis, and engine tune-up for     support from Monte Bailey of Bailey Logistics and
as both a driver and a tuner. Both the car itself and     the next run.                                              our team at Quarter-Max and RJ Race Cars, I feel we
the motors are different from what we are used to              Throughout the day I work on the car, help            have all the tools in place to build a team capable of
running. We have only been working on the new             customers, answer questions, make tuning decisions,        winning races and, ultimately, a championship.
program since December, and considering that the                                                                         On another note, I can’t say enough to thank my
car went down the track for the first time in                                                                        parents, Rick and Bonnie Jones, for believing in me

February, I think that we have come a long way in a              Balancing work and racing                           and giving me the opportunity to race Pro Stock.
short period of time. As with any team, we go into               with our hectic schedule is                         Without their help, guidance, and teaching throughout
each race as prepared as we can be, and we co
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