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Breather Tank This 1.7-quart breather tank from Quarter-Max Chassis & Racing Components can be used as an overflow tank for dry sump oil systems and vacuum pumps.

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									           NEW PRODUCTS
Street/Strip Dual Valvespring                                                  409 Aluminum Replacement Block
  This street/strip dual valvespring from Comp Cams reduces stress and          World Products’ new aluminum replacement engine block for the
  increases harmonic frequency for improved power potential, particularly       Chevy 409 weighs 140 pounds less than the original and, with the
  in GM LS1 applications. This spring is engineered for street/strip            collaboration of longtime 409 tuning wizard Lamar Walden, has
  hydraulic roller and some solid roller LS1 camshafts and features a 1.320-    resurrected the popular big-block. The block deck is machined at 64
  inch outside diameter and a .660-inch maximum lift. It has a seat load of     degrees to the cylinder center line, unlike the 90-degree convention
  141 at about 1.810 inches, an open load of 405 at around 1.150 inches,        of most engines, and the distinctive 409 water pump is retained, as
  and a spring rate of 400 pounds per inch. This lightweight high-lift dual     are most of the engine’s external surface areas. Inside, however, the
  spring is also polish finished to help with the reduction of stress in the    new cast aluminum block embraces modern technology. The
  valvetrain. In addition, the small diameter of these springs increases        cylinder bores have been increased from 4.3125 inches to 4.5
  harmonic frequency, enabling much better valvetrain control at higher         inches, allowing the engine to breathe better and to rev faster and
                       rpm. With a host of other specialized features, these    higher than its venerable predecessor. To accommodate longer
                       springs were created for unmatched performance and       stroke lengths, the position of the camshaft is raised by .250-inch.
                       durability in performance street/strip LS1 engines.      GM’s original 409 engine featured a 3.5-inch stroke that could be
                       Although engineered with GM LS1 engines in mind
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