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					                                                 Still eying Pro Stock                                                                               Joining the Super
                                                 Even after his Top Dragster victory in Charlotte,
                                                                                                                                                     Stock ranks
                                                 Dave Connolly said he hasn’t giving up on a Pro                                                     After recovering from a non-racing
                                                 Stock comeback. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive                                                     automobile accident in December
                                                 feedback in the last month or so, probably the best-                                                2008, Anna Lisa Smith is ready to
                                                 looking deals we’ve had come along in the past                                                      compete as a drag racer following the
                                                 two years,” said Connolly, a 21-time Pro Stock winner. “Whether that                                announcement that she will drive an
                                                 means anything at this point, it’s really hard to say, but I definitely                             SS/B Shelby Cobra Mustang owned by
                    presented by                 haven’t given up hope on that yet. Ultimately, that’s the class that I                              James Finch. Smith, the daughter of
                                                 want to be in. Growing up as a kid, that was the class I always                                     motorsports entrepreneur Bruton
                                                 admired, and fortunately enough, I got the opportunity to race there                                Smith, will be given behind-the-wheel
Dedication                                       for several years. If nothing ever happens again, at least I got to do it                           lessons by longtime drag racing
                                                 and do it with some top-notch teams, so I’m very fortunate for the                                  instructor Roy Hill, according to her
For Van Greer, his April 10 victory in the Pro   time I did spend there. Victor Cagnazzi and his marketing groups are                                agent, Donald Hawk. “We’ve received
division at Bristol Dragway was the perfect      still plugging away. They’re beating on doors every day, and maybe                                  her family’s blessing to renew her
way to honor the memory of his famous drag       something will turn around shortly for us. We’re just keeping our                                   efforts in establishing a drag racing
racing father, Shirl, who passed away in         fingers crossed at this point, and we’ll see what the future brings.”                               career,” said Hill, “and we plan to take
March. Shirl was the 1974 NHRA Funny                                                                                                                 our time in getting comfortable with the
Car world champion. Before the 2010 DER                                                                                                              car before she starts competing at
Racing Series began at Bristol Dragway,                                                                                                              NHRA events.” Hill said the training,
Greer placed a replica decal on the side of       Married: drag racing writer, photographer, and historian Phil Elliott to                           which will also include runs in Hill’s
his car with the same “Tension” logo that his     Donna Battee, April 10.. Died: longtime Southeast Division e.t. racer                              Super Comp dragsters, will take place
father used years before. With the memory         Lou De Sio after a battle with cancer, March 18. De Sio was a regular                              at zMax Dragway, the state-of-the-art
of his father on his mind, Greer defeated         at Sunshine Dragstrip and Bradenton Motorsports Park and is the                                    racing facility Bruton Smith built in
James Lovett in the final round.                  father of Division 2 Super Street champ Mike De Sio.                                               Charlotte. “I’m really excited about this
                                                                                                                                                     opportunity,” said Anna Lisa Smith.
Headliner Drag racing’s most well-known newbie, 2004 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Kurt                                                          “Racing has always been a part of my
Busch, will attempt unusua
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Description: The team will run select NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional and NHRA national events this year.
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