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									24   Canadian Mennonite May 31, 2010

                                                                                                                        Photo BY Peter BeUg

                  God at work in Us             hesitated to apply. To her surprise, Erwin
                                                Cornelsen, her pastor, encouraged her

 Not just a                                     to consider it. By 1982, she found herself
                                                working part-time at Sherbrooke and part-

 stepping stone
                                                time for the B.C. conference.
                                                   Rehan was also part of a group that
                                                brought other provincial youth workers
 Youth worker looks back                        together. One of the group’s jobs was to
 on 25 years of ministry                        organize a national youth event called
                                                the Great Trek. It ran every three years
 Story and Photo                                throughout the 1980s and early ’90s,
 by Karin Fehder au                             and brought teens from across Canada
 saskatchewan Correspondent                     together.
 sasKatoon, sasK.                                  Through this network, she met Eldon
                                                Funk from Saskatchewan, who told her

 A      nna Rehan sits behind her desk at the
        Mennonite Church Saskatchewan of-
 fices. This past February, during the con-
                                                about the conference’s desire to start a
                                                provincial youth ministry again.
                                                   “In the late ’60s, early ’70s, youth min-
 ference delegate sessions, the area church’s   istry [in Saskatchewan] was dissolved,”
 youth pastor was recognized for 25 years of    Rehan notes. “There was nothing for a
 work with Saskatchewan youths and young        number of years.”
 adults.                                           “SMYO [Saskatchewan Mennonite                MC Saskatchewan youth minister Anna
    Not native to the province, Rehan           Youth Organization] was formed out of           Rehan, right, is congratulated by area
 spent her formative years growing up at        a provincial meeting of youth and young         church moderator Renata Klassen fol-
 Sherbrooke Mennonite Church, Vancouver,        adults at Shekinah around 1983,” said Funk      lowing the tribute to Rehan’s 25 years of
 B.C. She credits those early church experi-    in his February tribute to Rehan.               youth ministry in Saskatchewan.
 ences with equipping her with the under-          Rehan encouraged the group to continue
 standing and wisdom needed to work in          with its efforts to resurrect the youth pro-
 Canada’s youth culture.                        gram. In 1985, she accepted the position
    Although her home congregation was          to help make that happen. First living in       admitting that there is an attitude that
 heavily peopled with German immigrants         Rosthern, she spent time meeting with stu-      sets young people to the side until they
 at the ti
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