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									20   Canadian Mennonite May 31, 2010

 Λ Enrichment Day
 Saskatchewan women’s group                                         Λ Enrichment Day
 struggling with changing times
                                                                    Being ‘salt of the earth’
 LANGHAM, SASK.—Approximately 50 women gathered at                  takes on deeper meaning
 Zoar Mennonite Church, Langham, on April 10, for the annual
 Saskatchewan Women in Mission Enrichment Day. Times of             LETHBRIDGE, ALTA.— “You are the salt of the earth” was the
 personal sharing lent greater depth to the day, as Val Wiebe and   theme of this year’s Alberta Women in Mission Enrichment
 Doreen Epp each talked about their growth in responsibility and    Days, held on April 30 and May 1 at Lethbridge Mennonite
 service through their individual life journeys. The afternoon      Church. “Why did Jesus use salt in this sermon?” keynote
 worship session featured Mennonite Church Canada Witness           speaker Janet Plenert, executive secretary of Mennonite
 worker Jeanette Hanson, who has lived and worked in China          Church Canada Witness, challenged the audience. Plenert
 with her husband Todd since 1991. Her three presentations          went on to show the importance of salt both in biblical and
 focused on working in the midst of change. They were timely        political history. In Leviticus, the people were commanded to
 for Saskatchewan Women in Mission because changes are hap-         season their sacrifices with salt. Salt was also used as a coven-
 pening quickly for the group as well. Local church groups are at   ant. It was an important commodity in trade, and battles were
 a bit of a loss because members are aging and young people have    fought over it. As salt is essential to all living things, Jesus’
 a different vision of being Christ in the world. Fellowship and    words about being “salt of the earth” took on a deeper mean-
 service motifs are changing, as everything in the world is now     ing. Forty women attended this year’s event. The offering of
 readily available to the younger generation, whereas in earlier    $1,525 will be divided equally between Camp Valaqua and
 years women had very little social scope, but were conscious of    missionary support for MC Canada Witness workers Jeff and
 human need and were willing to meet the practical needs with       Tany Warkentin.
 quilts and clothes. It was decided to change Enrichment Day        —By Irene Kl assen
 from the first Saturday of April to the last.
  —By Ruth Q uiring Heppner
                                                                    Λ Enrichment Day
 Λ Inspirational Day                                                Eastern Canada women learn of the
                                                                    struggles of their Bolivian counterparts
 B.C. women learn to ‘garb’ themselves in God’s grace               LEAMINGTON, ONT.—The Women
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