Getting Started with Accelerated Reader - DOC by rux99038


									 Getting Started with Accelerated Reader
1. How do I add the Accelerated Reader icon to my computer desktop?
     a. Open Internet Explorer
     b. In address line type:
     c. Hit Enter
     d. Right click mouse, select create shortcut, select okay
     e. Icon will say “Welcome to Renaissance Place” if you want to rename it “Accelerated
        Reader” you can right click on the icon, select rename, type new name, then enter.

2. How do I sign on?
     a. Open program by double clicking on your icon.
     b. Click on Teacher/Administrator on the welcome screen.
     c. Username= first letter of first name, first four letters of last name, SASI id # (SASI id#
        is no more than three digits, if it is less than 3 digits add a 0 before the two digit id)
        Password=SASI id# (the same three digit rule applies). You may wish to change it. I
        recommend that you use your e-mail password or your computer log on password so
        that it is easier to remember.

3. How do students sign on?
     a. Student usernames follow the same formula as teacher usernames. The first letter of
        their first name, the first four letters of their last name, and their student id # (their
        lunch #)
     b. Password is their lunch number.
     c. When students get to the new password screen they will use their lunch number
        again. This should avoid confusion if the students do not change their password.
        Most students already know their lunch number, if they don’t, you can get it off of
        your roster, a class list, or the student information report in AR. (Instructions for this
        report can be found on the Reports document)

      **If you cannot sign on to Accelerated Reader look for the Check Software Requirements
      link at the bottom left corner of the sign on screen. Click on this link to run the
      diagnostic check.

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