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Ginger shreds as flavouring in ice cream


Ginger shreds as flavouring in ice cream

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									                                                                                                                          Resear,h Arfi,'e

                   Ginger shreds as flavouring in ice cream
                              Suneeta Pinto I, A K Rathour2*, A OJanaI,J P PrajapatP and MJ Solankyl
                                IDepartment of Dairy Technology, S.M.C. College of Dairy Science, Anand Agricultural University,
                                                                    Anand-388 110, Gujarat, India
                                               2MalIaan Proteins Ltd. Kosi-Kalan-281 403, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
                                                   *Correspondent author, E-mail:
                                                     Received 19 March 2005; Accepted 24 October 2005
  Abstract                                                                                                    flavouring in control (C) @ 1 ml/kg of
             Ginger ice cream was prepared in an "ice and salt" type hand freezer using ginger shreds         ice cream mix. The mix had 12% fat, 11 %
  at 4, 6 and 8% levels of ice cream mix and compared with control made by using vanilla flavouring.          SNF,15% sucrose, 0.25% sodium alginate
  The basic ice cream mix had 12% fat, 11% MSNF,15% sucrose, 0.25% sodium alginate and 0.15%
                                                                                                              and 0.15% glycerol mono-stearate.            The
  glycerol mono-stearate. Addition of ginger shreds resulted in decrease in all the compositional
  attributes (fat, protein, sugars and total solids) and pH and an increase in acidity, which was             mixes were homogenized at 75°C and 100
  significant especially at higher levels of shred addition. The ginger shreds tended to increase the         kglcm2 pressure and pasteurized at 70°C/
  viscosity of ice cream mixes and melting resistance of ice cream significantly, especially at higher        30 minutes. It was then cooled to 5aC and
  levels of its addition. The shreds had an adverse effect on overrun in ice cream. Ice cream
                                                                                                              aged at same temperature      overnight.
  containing 4% ginger shreds was found suitable for preparing 'Ginger ice cream'; it had an edge
                                                                                                                          At a time, 2.5 kg mix was frozen
  over control with regard to sensory perception. The body and texture score of such ice cream
  increased significantly up to 6% addition, beyond which the score tended to decrease.
                                                                                                              per batch using ice and coarse salt (30%
                                                                                                              of ice). Ginger shreds were added to the
  Keywords: Ginger shreds, Overrun, Melting resistance, Flavouring, Viscosity,Whipping ability.
                                                                                                              ice cream mix at the time of freezing. Total
  IPC code; Int. cl,7 -     A23G 9/00, A23G 9/02
                                                                                                              time taken for freezing was 30-35 minutes.
                                                                                                              The ice cream was allowed to harden for
Introduction                                               suitability of ginger shreds as a flavouring        1 hour in the same freezer and thefl served
                                                           agent in ice cream and evaluate its effect         for judging. Each treatment was replicated
                                                           on the physico-chemical          and sensory       thrice. In all, 12 batches of ice cream were
            Spice such as ginger is being used
                                                           characteristics   of product.                      prepared. The drawing temperature          of ice
to a limited extent as flavouring in ice
cream       by    small-scale          ice      cream                                                         cream ranged between -4.0 and -5.0°C.
manufacturers.      However, there is a need
                                                           Materials and Methods
to standardize certain parameters involved                                                                    Analyses: The ice cream mixes were
in manufacture      of 'Ginger ice cream'. The             Ginger shreds: Fresh ginger procured               analyzed for fat, reducing     sugars, non-
medicinal     properties     of ginger are well            from local market was washed, peeled and           reducing sugars, total solids and titratable
documented,       for instance, in preventing              then shredded     (5-10 x 1-2 x 1-2 mm;            acidity as per BIS method (BIS, 1989).

cough and cold (Buchman,               1980). Some         length x width x thickness) in a sanitized
people refrain from consuming ice cream                    Kitchen Machine (Model-super       deluxe,
because       of fear      of catching            cold.    Gopi Manufacturers,      Ambala).
Incorporation of ginger can probably make
such people       less susceptible            to cold.     Ice cream preparation: Ice cream was
Lately, people          have focused           on the      prepared in an 'ice and salt' type ice cream
wholesomeness and safety of natural foods                  freezer (5 kg capacity) using ginger shreds
and     natural     flavours,      rather          than    atthree different levels, viz. 4 (SI), 6 (S2)
consuming         food     based.,on         artificial    and,8 (S3) % by weight of ice cream mix.
additives     (Heath,      1978). 'The present             Yariilla essence No.1 [Mis Bush Boake
investigation     proposes      to evaluate the            Allen (India) Ltd., Chennai] was used as                                Ginger

vol 5(1) January-Febftitiry\2006                                                                                                                     m
      Resear,h Art;,/e

     The protein content was determined by            Viscosity and whipping ability of              to the difference in density of milk solids
     Kjeldahl method (Menefee & Overman,              ice cream mix: Viscosityis considered          and ginger solids. The differences in
     1940). The pH was determined using               an important aspect for proper whipping        whipping ability of mixes could be due to
     digital pH meter (Model 335, Systronics          and retention of air cells. The average        the higher viscosity of mixes containing
     Ltd., Ahmedabad) at 25°C. The viscosity          values of viscosity ranged from 174.2          ginger and the differing composition of
     and whipping ability of ice cream mix            (for C) to 302.5 (for S3) centipoise(Cp).      the mixes. The higher acidity of
     were determined           by the method of       The viscosity of experimental        mixes     experimental mixes might have been partly
     Loewenstein and Haddad (1972a) and               progressively increased with increase in       responsible for the increased viscosity of
     Neshawy et al (1988), respectively. The          the level of ginger shred addition; the        the mix, which in turn might have resulted
     melting characteristics of ice cream were        effect was significant at each level of        in decrease in the specific volume at 3
     evaluated by the method given by                 addition. The viscosity of ice cream mixes     and 5 minutes of wWpping (Table 2).
     Loewenstein and Haddad (1972b) with              is reported to be between 50 and 300 Cp                 The slight rise in the temperature
     modifications adopted by Upadhyay et al          (Arbuckle, 1986). polysaccharides such         of mix during continued whipping might
     (1978).                                          as starch are reported to increase the mil     be responsible for weakening the air cell
                                                      viscosity and restrict ice crystal growth      lamellae, resulting in lower whipping
     Sensory       quality: The sensory               during storage of ice cream (Cottrell          ability (Arbuckle, 1986; Neshawy et aI,
     characteristics of ice cream were assessed       et aI, 1980).                                  1988).
     by a panel of 6 judges using the scorecard             The whipping abilityof ice cream                 Overrun and melting
      (Arbuckle, 1986). Statistical analysis of mixes is represented as specific volume              resistance of ice cream: The overrun
     the data was carried out as per Steel and (cm3/g).         The specific volume of              in ice cream is directly related with the
     Torrie (1980).                               experimental unwhipped samples was                yield and profit and has a bearing on the
                                                  marginally higher than that of control            body & texture and palatability of the
     Results and Discussion                        (Table 2). The specific volume of mixes          product. Control ice cream had the
                                                  increased after wWpping the mixes for 3           maximum (Le. 42.6%) overrun whereas
     Compositional attributes: There was min, beyond which (> 5 min) it tended                      S3 had the least overrun (Le. 37.97%).
                                                  to decrease. However,the specific volume          Incorporation ofginger shreds in ice cream
     a significant decrease in fat, reducing
                                                  of mixes after 5 minutes wWppingperiod            decreased the overrun; the effect being
     sugars, non-reducing sugars and TS
                                                  was higher than that prevailing in                significantly marked with Wgher levels of
     content; a marginal increase in aciditywas
                                                  unwhipped mixes.                                  addition (Table 3). The higher viscosity
     evident with increase in the level of ginger
                                                            The specific volume of the mixes        of experimental mixes and the presence
     shred addition        (Table 1). The
                                                  varies with the composition of the mix.           of shreds, in itself, might be partly
     experimental ice creams conformed to the
                                                  The initial increase in the specific volume       responsible for exerting deleterious
     PFAand BIS requirements for ice cream.
                                                  of experimental samples may be ascribed           effect on overrun by weakening the air

                                Table 1:   Influence of ginger shreds on the compositional characteristics of ice cream·
      Samples                                               5.24 NS
                                                          14.91NS solids
                                                           0.07 0.204
                                                          14.77 0.197
                                                          14.71 0.199
                                                  Ice cream4.996.38
                                                          14.83 0.207
                                                          Non-reducing (%)
         4.07            Fat
                                                                                                   Titratable acidity (% LA)   I pH
                   Natural Product· Radiance

      C                  11.90
      SI                 11.62
      S2                 11.42
      S3                 11.18
      C.D.(0.05)          0.11

     m                                                                                                           -.:
                                                                                                         Researtlt Art;tle

 cell lamellae, as is the case with nut pieces      melting resistance).     Generally the      Flavour: Gingerice cream made by using
 in nut-ice cream. Ice cream mixes                  resistance to melting and smoothness of     shreds added at 4% level was found to be
containing potato pulp were more                    ice cream increases with increase in the    sensorily very acceptable (Table 4). Ice
viscous than control and thus had an                viscosity of mix (Arbuckle, 1986; Das       cream containing shreds at higher levels
 adverse effect on overrun (Das et al,              et ai, 1989). Ginger contains some          (viz. 6, 8%) were criticized for being
 1989).                                             hydrocolloids,     which might        be    chewy, fibrous and pungent.
         Meltdown is an important                   contributing to the increase in viscosity            The aroma of ginger is mainly
property of ice cream affectingits sensoric         and thus melting resistance.                due to its volatile essential oil and the
 (i.e. eye appeal and mouth feel) quality                                                       pungency is attributed to gingerols,
 (Flack, 1988). The melting resistance of           Sensory quality of ice cream                shogoal, paradol, etc. (Narayanan, 1988).
ice cream containing ginger shreds
increased progressively with increasing         The fate of any food product has Body and texture: Incorporation of the
                                      always rested on the acceptance of the shreds up to 6% level in ice cream
level of shreds addition (Table 3). The
                                      product by the consumers. Considering' improved the body and texture. Beyond
control had the least melting resistance.
                                      the variations expected in the sensory this level it adversely affected the score,
The meltdown values (g ice cream melted
in 40 min. at 37SCJI00 g) varied from scores, the root-x scale was employed in making them even inferior to control. Sl,
42.82 in C to 21.28 in S3 (l\Ilaximum statistical analysis of the data.          S2 and C had smooth body, whereas S3
                                                                                 had a chewy and gummy body, which was
                                                                                 not liked by the judges.
                  T~ble 2:   Influence of ginger shreds on the viscosity and
                             whipping ability of ginger ice cream                               Melting quality: The melting score for
                  I   1.222 0.922
                      3min NS (Cp) ability (cm3 Ig) after whipping for
                      0.016 0.918
                      1.167 0.927
                      302.5 0.929
                      1.145 Whipping
                                                                                                control was maximum (4.72 out of 5.00).
    Samples            5min
                             Omin                                                               Samples S1 and S2had statisticallysimilar
                                                                                                scores, which were lower than that of
                                                                                                control; sample S3had significantlylower
                                                                                                score than rest of the samples (Table 4).
                                                                                                The experimental samples were criticized
                                                                                                for their delayed meltdown.

                                                                                                Colour: The judges did not object to
                                                                                                the presence of shreds in ice cream. The
                                                                                                colour scores of all the samples were at
                 Table 3: Influence of ginger shreds on the overrun and                         par ~th each other.
                        melting characteristics of ginger ice cream
       Samples                       40.86ice cream
                               Overrun Melting rate of ice cream*

                                                                                                        In preparation of ginger ice
                                                                                                cream, use of 4% shreds is recommended.
                                                                                                Incorporation of such flavouring led to
                                                                                                decrease in fat, reducing sugars, non-
                                                                                                reducing sugars and a marginal increase
                                                                                                in acidity. Use of ginger shreds improved
                                                                                                the melting resistance, but decreased the
* Quantity of ice cream melted in 40 min at 37.5°C per 100 g                                    overrun in ice cream.

Vol 5(1) January-February     2006                                                                                                ID
       Resear,h Arti,le

                     ~~ ......-
                       .... ......
                           -         I   8.622.03 (28.28)
                                            2.20 Body
                                            2.21 (26.34)
                                         8.672.08 (27.50)and(30)
                                         (73.05) 0.037
                                         (71.64) 5.13
                                         (75.16) 5.61
                                         (74.25) 5.24
                                            (4.83) texture
                                            (4.89) 4:
                                                         _ --~

                                         8.572.17 (26.66)Sensory quality of ice cream as influenced by score for
                                                                                               Sensory ginger shreds    incorporation
     ..•....   """
                                          ___   M   ._

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