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  Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                                        March 28, 2005

                        HRPLJ’s Patriot Act Panel Today, 3/28
CONTENTS                                             The Hastings Race and Poverty Law
                                                     Journal presents:                         Panel on Careers in
HRPLJ’s Patriot Act Panel . . . . 1
Judicial Clerkship Info Session 1
                                                                                               Environmental Law/
Trial Team Tryouts Info Session 1                     The Patriot Act: Legal &                 Current Issues in
Panel on Careers in Environ-                            Social Implications                    Water Law
mental Law/Current Issues in
Water Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                                                  The Center for State and Local
                                                                5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                               Government Law and the State Bar's
Self Defense Class . . . . . . . . . . 1                       Room J, 198 Bldg.
                                                                                               Environmental Law Section present a
Get the Lead on Jobs with Local                                                                panel discussion of current issues in
Firms / Phone-A-Thon . . . . . . . . 2               Speakers:
                                                                                               water law, and of employment
Life and Debt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2      Stacy Tolchin, Immigration Attorney,
                                                                                               opportunities in environmental law
Spoken Truth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2              National Lawyers Guild
                                                                                               and land use law.
American Constitution Society                        Nancy Hormachea, Immigration
Meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2                                                     Wednesday, March 30, 2005
                                                        Attorney, American-Arab
ASUCH & ACSEL Present:                                                                              3:40 - 5:00 p.m., Classroom J
                                                        Anti-Discrimination Committee
Hastings Rocks!! . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                               ATTENDANCE IS FREE. REFRESHMENTS
HJLSA Invites you to Shabbat                         Raj Chatterjee, Associate, Morrison &
                                                                                               WILL BE SERVED.
Dinner! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2       Foerster (Hastings '94)
Democratization and the Middle                                                                 Speakers will include:
East:Promises and Challenges 2                       Judicial Clerkship Info
Bar Sweeps Week . . . . . . . . . . . 2                                                        David Levy, an associate with
CSI Hastings: Behind the Scenes2                     Session                                   Morrison & Foerster's San Francisco
Save the Date-GAAP Raffle . . . 2                             Monday, March 28                 office, and an advisor to the Executive
                                                         3:40 p.m., Room K, 198 Bldg.          Committee of the State Bar of
Sexual Harrassment Brown Bag 2
                                                                                               California's Environmental Law
HICLS hosts Ralph Folsom re WTO                      A post-graduate clerkship with a judge    Section, who will serve as the
........................... 3                        or court can be one of the most           moderator.
Tutoring Opportunities for Next                      fulfilling, and career-enhancing events
Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3   in a young lawyer’s life. Come hear       Clark Morrison, a partner in Morrison
Inter-Journal Writing Competition                    Professor Rory Little and Sari            & Foerster's Walnut Creek office who
Meeting for 1Ls . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3          Zimmerman, as well as other faculty       will provide a big firm perspective on a
International Fellowship Fund                        and Hastings students with clerkships,    career in environmental law
                                                     explain everything you need to know       representing developers, companies
Supports Summer Internships 3
                                                     about the application process and         and public agencies.
Interested in Nonsmokers’                            clerkships (including why they have
Rights? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3    absolutely no downside, and how           Mark Wolfe, principal of M.R. Wolfe &
Writing Competitions . . . . . . . . 4               almost anyone can land a clerkship).      Associates, a small San Francisco firm
Annual N. Burkan Memorial                            The application date is Labor Day of      practicing land use and environmental
Competition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4        your third year, and the process of       law and planning, who will present the
2005-2006 Moot Court                                 beginning to get your materials,          perspective of a small firm
Competition Tryouts . . . . . . . . . 4              recommendation letters, and judge         representing both petitioners and
                                                     lists together starts now.                public agencies.
Judicial Externships . . . . . . . . . 4
Summer ‘05 Volunteer Judicial                                                                  Randy Kanouse, from the legal
Externs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4      Trial Team Tryouts                        department of East Bay Municipal
Records Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Financial Aid Info for May Grads5
                                                     Information Session                       Water District, who will provide the
                                                                                               perspective from the public sector.
                                                            Monday March 28th
Computer Exams Spring ‘05 . . 5                                  3:40 p.m.
Writing Competitions . . . . . . . . 6                                                         Please join us.
                                                         Room 510 (Library 5th Floor)
Information Technology . . . . . . 7                                                           ****************************************
Help Wanted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7          Want to be a Trial Attorney? Want to      Self Defense Class
1098-T Tax Form . . . . . . . . . . . . 7            compete as a litigator on a national      continues every Thursday. The next
Payroll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7    level?                                    one is scheduled this Thurs., 3/31 at
Law Café . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8                                                 4:45-6:00 p.m. in the Gym in the
                                                     Come find out what the HastingsTrial      basement of the Tower.
Career Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9          Team is all about! Meet and talk with     *******************************************
                                                     the coaches and current members.
2 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                                March 28, 2005

Get the Lead on Jobs                      ASUCH & ACSEL                              Bar Sweeps Week
with Local Firms!                         Present:                                     Monday, 3/28 to Thursday, 3/31
                                                                                                On the Beach
  (And Help Us Increase Hastings'
             Visibility)                  HASTINGS ROCKS!!                                 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                          A Benefit for the First Five Years
      Phone-A-Thon                                                                   Representatives from the following
                                                                                     bar review companies will be available
       March 28-April 1, 2005             Come join us at the Red Devil Lounge
                                                                                     to answer your questions and provide
                                          on Friday, April 1 for a night of fun(k)
                                                                                     information about their programs:
The Career Services Office is very        and drinks. We'll be having three
excited to announce the first annual      rockin bands and a great DJ to keep
Hastings Phone-A-Thon! Together           you grooving all night long. All
                                                                                     BarPassers Bar Review
with ASUCH, the CSO is encouraging        proceeds go to build a children's
students to volunteer for 50-minute       library in the Tenderloin homeless
                                                                                     National Bar Review
time slots to contact local employers,    shelter. Doors at 8pm
promote job posting services and
                                                                                     Rosemary’s Review
seek job leads. We've done all the                     DJ Aspect
                                                                                     Stuppler’s Blitz Courses
groundwork--prepared lists of                    Megan Slankard Band
employers to contact and even a               The Shotgun Wedding Quintet
                                                                                     ( Note: Bar Sweeps Week will be
script to follow--all you have to do is
                                                                                     moved to the Dobbs Atrium if it
make the calls!                           And a special guest you won't want to
Student callers get first crack at any
job leads generated. Also, prizes will    Tickets are $15 until 2:00 p.m. March      CSI Hastings: Behind
be awarded to the student who             30, after which they go up to $20, so
volunteers the most time AND the 1L       act fast because tickets are limited.      the Scenes
section with the most volunteers.         Note: Tickets will not be sold at the           Monday, April 4th, 3:40-4:30
Snacks and beverages will be              event itself.                                     Room K, 198 Building
provided, and buddy sign-ups are
available.                                                                           Ever wondered what happens to a
                                          HJLSA invites you to                       piece of forensic evidence before it
The Phone-A-Thon will be conducted
9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday, 3/28 to
                                          Shabbat Dinner!                            gets to the court room? Join Captain
                                                                                     Mike Loughran and evidence
                                          Professor Cohen and her husband,
Friday, 4/1. Stop by Career Services                                                 specialist Dr. John Thorton of the
                                          Bob Feyer, have graciously invited us
or call 565-4619 to sign up today!                                                   Napa County Sheriff's Department as
                                          to their home in San Francisco for
                                                                                     they give us the inside scoop on crime
                                          shabbat dinner on April 1, 2005. The
                                                                                     scene investigations. Refreshments
Life and Debt                             dinner will be vegetarian/dairy. Please
                                          RSVP for her address and directions
                                                                                     provided. Sponsored by the Health
Hastings-to-Haiti will be screening                                                  Law Organization. For more info or to
Life and Debt with an introductory        NO LATER THAN TUESDAY MARCH
                                                                                     get involved, email
lecture by Professor Joel Paul. Life      29 BY 5PM. RSVP to
and Debt is a documentary by
                                          (mailto:shoshi213@yahoo.com) .
Stephanie Black which examines the
impact of WB and IMF policies on the                                                 SAVE THE DATE –
Jamaican economy.                         Hastings Middle                            GAAP RAFFLE
       Wed. March 30 at 5PM               Eastern Law Students                       Thurs., March 31, 2005, Temple Bar –
                                                                                                4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
        Room J, 198 Bldg.
                                          Association presents:                         Drinks at Happy Hour Prices

Spoken Truth                              Democratization and the Middle
                                                                                     Food, Fun, and Fabulous Prizes
A FREE spoken word event sponsored                                                   (Two I-Pods, Two DVDs, Dinner for
                                          East: Promises and Challenges              Two, and more) Watch for more
by La Raza and BLSA.
                                                                                     information and your opportunity to
                                          A thought-provoking look at 3 of the       buy raffle tickets at tables in the 198
   Thursday, March 31st @ 6pm
                                          most relevant and timely issues            building.
 Club 222: 222 Hyde Street @ Turk         related to the Middle East:
       (Near Faithful Fools)
        $2 Sangria special
            OPEN MIKE
                                          Iraq: Democracy and State-Building         Sexual Harassment
                                          Palestine: The Rights of Refugees and      Brown Bag
American                                  the Future of the Palestinian                12:00 -1:30, Thursday, March 31
                                                                                            Sutro Room, 198 Bldg.
Constitution Society                      Leadership Democracy at Home:
                                          Academic Freedom, the Redefining of        Listen to Melinda Riechert, a
(ACS) Meeting                             Torture, and the New Immigration           practicing attorney of Morgan Lewis,
   Friday April 1 (Admin Monday)                                                     who does sexual harassment training
    3:40 - 4:30 p.m., Sutro Room          Monday April 11, 1:30 - 6:00 p.m., in      for corporate clients speak on the
For more information, please visit our    the ARC; reception to follow.              issue. Free Pizza! Sponsored by
website www.myhastings.org/acs.                                                      ELLSA. ??? - Schapira@uchastings.edu
3 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                               March 28, 2005

HICLS hosts Ralph                        is devoted to the people of the
                                         Tenderloin and operates an after-
                                                                                    Mark your calendar and reserve the
                                                                                    dates May 20-May 31, 2005 for the
Folsom re WTO                            school program and adult computer
                                         training center at 336 Eddy St. 2-4
                                                                                    Inter-Journal Writing Competition. If
                                                                                    you are a first-year student and would
On Tuesday, April 12th, from 3:40 to
                                         tutors are needed to assist elementary     like to be a member of a journal
4:30 pm, in Room F, the Hastings
                                         and middle school students with their      during your second year, you are
International and Comparative Law
                                         homework; tutors must be available         required to enter the Inter-Journal
Society will sponsor a talk by
                                         two hours between 2:30-5:00, Mon-          Writing Competition, which begins
Professor Ralph Folsom of the
                                         Thurs. 2-4 tutors are needed to            immediately after finals.
University of San Diego Law School,
                                         conduct classes or provide individual
on The WTO Ten Years Later. His
                                         tutoring for adults re. Word, E-mail,      For more information about joining
themes will be growth in
                                         Using the Internet and other               the journals, contact Tom McCarthy,
membership, dispute settlement, and
                                         computer-related topics. The hours         O’Brien Center for Scholarly
the Doha Round/
                                         for the computer tutors are extremely      Publications, at 415-581-8952 or by e-
agricultural trade/free trade
                                         flexible; they may be 2-hr. time blocks    mail at mccarthy@uchastings.edu. Or
                                         in the morning, afternoon or evening,      visit www.uchastings.edu/pubs.
                                         Mon- Sat. There will be an orientation
Attention 1Ls & 2Ls!                     session on Monday, 4/11 at 3:45 at
                                         336 Eddy St. for students interested in
Tutoring                                 the Ministries’ program.                   Fellowship Fund
Opportunities for                        Tutors are paid $11.52 hourly. If you      Supports Summer
Next Year                                are interested in applying to be a
                                         tutor, please submit a resume and a        internships
This was the fourth year of the
                                         personal statement in which you            Students who have unpaid summer
Hastings Tenderloin Tutoring
                                         describe your interest in tutoring,        internships with international
Program (HTTP) in the Tenderloin
                                         related experience, language abilities,    organizations, governmental entities,
community. Sixteen Hastings
                                         computer skills (if relevant) and any      public interest firms or non-
students have been tutoring
                                         other special skills or experiences.       governmental organizations relating
elementary and middle age students
                                         Work study eligibility is not required;    to international legal issues may apply
at the Tenderloin After School
                                         however, please indicate if you are        for a summer fellowship. Interested
Program (TASP) at 225 Eddy St. The
                                         eligible. Email your application to        students should provide the following
program has been an overwhelming
                                         chapmanj@uchastings.edu or drop it         information: one, a brief statement
success, and thanks to the generosity
                                         off in Student Services, Room 350 in       explaining the nature of their summer
of the Hastings 1066 Foundation it
                                         the Tower. The applications are due        internship and how it relates to your
will be funded again next year. We
                                         by 4:00 on Friday, April 1.                background, interests and future
hope you will consider becoming a
                                                                                    career plans; two, any supporting
tutor for the 2005-2006 academic
                                         You may apply for both programs if         document, (such as an offer letter or
                                         you wish; indicate a preference if you     e-mail), showing you have been
                                         have one. Please contact Judy              offered the internship; three, a brief
For the Tenderloin After School
                                         Chapman, 565-4773 or                       budget indicating your available funds
Program (TASP), tutors must be
                                         chapmanj@uchastings.edu if you have        and your financial need for the
available one day, M-Th two hours a
                                         any questions.                             summer; four, a copy of your most
week between the hours of 2:30-
                                                                                    recent transcript; and five, a copy of
5:30. Tutors typically assist students
                                                                                    your resume. All applications must be
with their homework assignments          Inter-Journal Writing                      received in Professor Joel Paul's
and help develop their reading and
math skills. Previous experience         Competition                                mailbox on the third floor of the 200
                                                                                    building NO LATER THAN TUESDAY,
working with elementary and middle
school students (especially at- risk     Meeting for 1Ls                            MARCH 29 BY 4 PM. The International
                                         An informational meeting for all 1L        Fellowship Committee may request
youth) will be helpful. 10-15 tutors
                                         students regarding the 2005 Inter-         interviews and will notify all applicants
and 5 alternates will be selected by
                                         Journal Writing Competition will be        by April 15.
                                         held on Wed., April 6, at 3:40 p.m. in
In order to provide more information     the LBML.                                  Interested in
regarding the Tenderloin After
School Program, tutoring                 The meeting will be followed by a Beer-    Nonsmokers’ Rights?
responsibilities, procedures,            on-the-Beach, where 1Ls can meet and       Students interested in public interest
etc.,there will be three orientation     talk with editors and 2L members of        law, health law, tort law, administra-
sessions at the tutoring site at 225     the journals. Writing competition          tive law, and other legal areas can
Eddy St. for all applicants. Plan to     registration numbers will be               receive invitations to attend the
attend one: Thursday 4/7 at 12:45        distributed at the meeting, as well as     Second World Conference on
or Friday, 4/8 at 11:45 or 1:00.         info from the six journals concerning      Nonsmokers’ Rights to be held in
                                         their publishing programs and the          Washington, DC on April 9-10 2005; a
We are pleased to announce that we       responsibilities their 2L members          conference dedicated to finding new
will be adding a new site to the         fulfill. The writing competition is open   legal approaches to protecting
Hastings Tenderloin Tutoring             to first-year students only.               nonsmokers’ rights.
Program. The SF Network Ministries
4 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                               March 28, 2005
There are still a number of travel                    Jane Reddin                   Also, students should notify the
grants available for law students who          Chair of Hiring Committee            Clinical Programs Office immediately
apply promptly via email to                40 North Central avenue, Ste. 1900       after accepting fall 2005 judicial
conference@no-smoking.org.                        Phoenix, AZ 85004                 externships. Only the first 60
                                                                                    students to notify the Clinical Office
Law students who attend will be                     jreddin@lrlaw.com               about fall 2005 acceptances will be
exposed to many new approaches to                                                   permitted to enroll.
this newly-emerging area of law.          Entry must be received by March 31,
They will also have the opportunity to    2005. Winner will be announced by         Please inquire in the Clinical Programs
meet, network with, and discuss           April 29, 2005. No strings attached.      Office, Rm. 404, 198 McAllister for
employ-ments opportunities with           Entrants are not obligated to Lewis       further information.
attorneys from many antismoking           and Roca LLP in any way. This is not
organizations.                            an offer of employment.
                                                                                    Summer 2005
To receive an invitation to the
Conference, and to become eligible        Annual Nathan Burkan                      Volunteer Judicial
for a travel grant, law students are      Memorial Competition                      Externs - No
asked to send an email to
conference@no-smoking.org with            2005                                      Academic Credit
complete contact information and          The American Society of Composers,        First and second year students who
indicate why they are interested in       Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)            will work as volunteer judicial externs
attending. There are also asked to        announces the Annual Nathan Burkan        for no academic credit during
indicate whether they have any            Memorial Competition. Students            summer 2005 should give their name
specific ideas or suggestions for new     whose papers are certified by the Dean    and court placement to the Clinical
legal approaches.                         as the best essays on any phase of        Programs Office, Room 404, 198
                                          Copyright Law, will be submitted for      McAllister. At the end of this
For any questions or additional           consideration. The Office of the          semester, some helpful written
information, please call the National     Academic Dean has established Friday,     material will be distributed to their SIC
Cetner for Nonsmokers’ Rights at          May 6, 2005, as the last day for          folders.
(202) 659-4310 or go to                   submission of papers. Details are
http://nosmokingcontest.org.              available at the Academic Dean's
                                                                                    Records Office
                                                                                    ADMINISTRATIVE MONDAY
Writing Competition                                                                 Friday, April 1 is an administrative
for First Years                           2005-2006 Moot Court                      Monday. Classes will meet on
                                                                                    Monday, 3/28 and Friday, 4/1.
Want a hot legal career in the            Competition Tryouts
Southwest? Need a Cool Thousand           Tryouts for Hastings Moot Court           MAY 2005 GRADUATES
bucks right now?                          Competition teams for 2005-06 will be     The Records Office will be ordering
                                          held on April 11-15, 2005.                your diplomas on May 19. May 18 is
Lewis and Roca LLP with offices in        Applications and tryout materials are     the deadline to file an Application to
Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and            available online at                       Graduate online on WedAdvisor
Albuquerque will be giving away           http://www.uchastings.edu/mootcourt       advising us how you want your name
$1,000 to one lucky UC Hastings           /tryouts. Applications are also           to appear on your diploma and
College of Law 1L (Class of 2007). To     available outside Room 454, 4th Floor,    whether and where you want it mailed.
be eligible:                              198 Bldg. Deadline to submit is on
                                          Friday, April 8, 2005. You may sign       SPRING EXAM SCHEDULE
1) Tell Lewis and Roca LLP why you        up for a tryout time only after you       The Spring exam schedule is posted in
would like to practice in a law firm in   have returned your completed              the Records Office and on the Records
Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas or             application packet to the Moot Court      website. If you have 2 exams within 24
Albuquerque.                              Department. Please include two            hours of each other (or 7 units in 30
                                          copies of your résumé, two copies of      hours), please check your SIC-folder
2) Visit their website (www.lewisand      your writing sample and a passport (2     for a yellow notice of pre-approved
roca.com); find the Lewis and Roca        x 2) photo with your application.         "rescheduled exam." If you have some
lawyer(s) who graduated from UC           Tryout briefs will be available online    other extraordinary exam difficulty,
Hastings College of Law, and list         for preparation of your 5-6 minute oral   Petitions to Reschedule Exams are
their name(s).                            argument.                                 available in the Records Office.

3) Tell the law firm something unique
about yourself.                           Judicial Externships                      SPRING EXAM NUMBERS
                                                                                    Spring exam numbers are available in
                                          Second-year students: There are many      the Records Office. All 2Ls and 3Ls
4) What would you do with the             opportunities for fall 2005 judicial      must use a new exam number for
$1000? (There are no restrictions on      externships and now is the time to        Spring exams (1Ls use their Fall
how you spend the money if you win.)      apply. You can earn academic credit       numbers). If you have a midterm or a
                                          and gain experience by working            short-course final, please pick up your
Please submit your entry by mail or       (without pay) as a student-law clerk to   new number before the exam.
email to:                                 a judge. The application process is
                                          very simple.
5 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                               March 28, 2005
ONLINE REGISTRATION                      EXIT LOAN COUNSELING                       ! We will again offer a "wireless
Fall 2005 Course Selection begins        Stafford Loan exit counseling is              option" for first-year students. This
soon. You will be able to register for   required if you borrowed a Stafford           means first-year students won't
Fall 2005 classes on WebAdvisor          Loan for study at UCH. This                   need to have a floppy disk drive for
between March 28th and April 22nd.       requirement may be fulfilled online at        their computers. (See the
You can check out the Fall Course        http://www.collegexit.com.                    information on "Wireless Option"
Schedule starting March 22nd on                                                        below).
WebAdvisor. Full registration            BAR STUDY LOANS
information, registration                Bar Study Loans are available even if      Note: Students taking computer
appointment times, and instructions      you are not on financial aid. Visit the    exams through the Disability Resource
were SIC-dropped during Spring           Financial Aid Office for more              Program should contact Levinia
break. REMINDER: 1ST round of            information.                               Espinas.
rising 2L registration appointments
this week!                               DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION                    Hardware and Software
                                         STUDENT LOAN OMBUDSMAN                     Requirements
CLEAR ALL HOLDS                          CONTACT INFORMATION                        SofTest (current version 7.5A) runs on
If you have a hold on your record        The ombudsman provides borrowers           Windows computers only. (You may
from any office in the college, you      with information and guidance to           not use a Mac under any
will not be able to register for Fall    resolve their concerns about their         circumstances.) To use SofTest, your
classes online. Please clear your        student loans. As an advocate, the         computer must meet the following
holds now.                               ombudsman can research their               minimum specifications:
                                         problems and determine if they have        • CPU = 200mhz
                                                                                    • RAM = 64mb
Financial Aid                            been treated fairly. You may reach the
                                         Student Loan Ombudsman at:                 • Free hard disk space = 50mb
Information for May                          US. Department of Education
                                                                                    • 3.5" Floppy disk drive [First-year
                                                                                        students who choose the
Graduates                                          FSA Ombudsman                        "wireless option" do not need a
 FEDERAL LOAN CONSOLIDATION                      830 First Street, N.E.                 floppy disk drive -- see "Wireless"
     INFORMATION SESSION                    Washington, D.C. 20202-5144                 section below]
      Monday, April 4, 2005                         (877) 557-2575                  • Operating system: Windows
    Room 219, 198 McAllister               http://www.ombudsman.ed.gov                  98/2000/ME/XP
                                            fsaombudsmanoffice@ed.gov               • Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
If case you have not heard the "buzz",                                              • Internet connection on the
                                                                                        computer on which you will install
Federal Consolidation Loan interest
rates are expected to increase
                                         Computer Exams                                 SofTest (AOL users must have AOL
significantly on July 1. As a            Spring 2005                                    6.0 or higher)
graduating 3L you have decisions to      These instructions are for students
make regarding this opportunity and                                                 Instructions to INSTALL and
                                         who want to use a computer to take
a short window of time to act on                                                    REGISTER SofTest secure exam
                                         exams this semester.
those decisions. This session will                                                  software
help you learn the issues and plan       Special Note, Spring 2005: There is a
your strategy. Please do not assume                                                 Special Note, Spring 2005: if you
                                         new service pack available from
you know all there is to know about                                                 already used SofTest in the Fall, 2004,
                                         SofTest (version 7.5A). If you used
loan consolidation. This year is                                                    semester, please jump to the section
                                         SofTest in the Fall 2004 semester,
unique. If you were unable to attend                                                "Instructions to install SofTest SERVICE
                                         please jump to the section
the very popular loan consolidation                                                 PACK" below.]
                                         "Instructions to install SofTest SERVICE
sessions on To Do Day or if you          PACK" below. There are critical
attended and have questions, plan to                                                The computer you want to use for
                                         enhancements to the new version 7.5A
attend this follow-up session.                                                      exams must be connected to the
                                         that will be important for students this
                                                                                    Internet in order to complete the steps
LOAN HISTORY REPORTS                                                                below. If you have not finished ALL of
Produced by the UCH Financial Aid                                                   the steps below by the time of your
                                         Highlights of the computer exam
Office, these reports detail the loan                                               first computer exam, you will not be
                                         process (for first-time computer exam
types and amounts you borrowed for                                                  able to use a computer. (You can still
study at Hastings. The report will be                                               use pen and Bluebook.) We
                                         ! There is no signup involved -- just
a helpful resource as you begin to                                                  recommend completing these steps as
                                            download, install and register
think about the repayment phase of                                                  early as possible.
                                            SofTest online.
the loan process. Reports that were      ! There is nothing to purchase. The
not picked up on To Do Day have                                                     1. Open Internet Explorer to this page:
                                            software is available for Hastings
been SIC dropped.                                                                   http://www.examsoft.com/uchastings
                                            students free of charge.
                                                                                    2. Click on the "Exam Takers" tab.
                                         ! There is no deadline or "cut-off"
COMPLETE LOAN HISTORY                       date for installing and registering
To obtain a complete list of federal                                                3. Login to the web site using your
                                            SofTest. However, we strongly
loans borrowed from all the schools                                                 Hastings Email name, e.g., noblee, (for
                                            recommend that you install and
you attended visit                                                                  the "Student ID") and your 7-digit
                                            register SofTest at least twenty-
http://www.nslds.ed.gov                                                             Hastings number, e.g. 0123456, (for
                                            four hours prior to your first
                                                                                    the "Password").
                                            computer exam.
6 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                                  March 28, 2005
Note: we will provide the login names     link provided below and will only take       off these take-home exams.
and student numbers to ExamSoft so        a few minutes to download, even on a
you will be able to automatically         slow dial-up connection. This Service
login.                                    Pack will provide you with SofTest           Writing Competitions
                                          version 7.5a and contains several            Detailed information on the following
4. Click the "Download SofTest"           enhancements. If you were originally         announcements is available at the Law
button, then click the "Download &        required to take the Qualification           Library Circulation Desk.
Install" button and run the               Exam, you will not be required to do
installation program.                     so again.                                    Attorney-CPA Foundation 2004-2005
                                                                                       Essay Contest. This contest has two
5. After the installation has finished,   1. Open Internet Explorer to this page:      divisions: an undergraduate division
click on the "SofTest" icon on your       http://www.examsoft.com/servicepack          for candidates for a bachelor’s degree,
desktop and run the "Qualification                                                     and a graduate/professional division
Exam".                                    2. Click "Download & Install".               for candidates for a graduate or
Note for returning students: if your                                                   professional degree. The topic for the
computer had SofTest installed            Follow the prompts to open and run           graduate/professional division is:
previously, you will be given a notice    the installation. At the end of the          Compare and contrast the
that you can skip the Qualification       installation, you will be prompted to        SEC/PCABO and AICPA rules and
Exam.                                     enter your Student ID (your Hastings         philosophy on independence for the
                                          Email name) and Password (your 7-            attestation role including the
6. You will be prompted to register       digit Hastings number).                      attribution to the practice entity and
your copy of SofTest. You must be                                                      other professionals therein. Prizes:
connected to the Internet. Enter the      Wireless Option (for First-Year              Grand Prize $2,500, Runner Up
login name and password you used in       Students)                                    $1,500, Third & Fourth, each $500
step #3. You will get a message                                                        and4 Regional Prizes each, $250.
"Congratulations. SofTest is now          First-year students will again have the      Deadline: Essays must be received
registered."                              option to use the wireless network to        by June 30, 2005.
                                          take their computer exams. Students
7. To make sure you have completed        who choose the "wireless option" will        Notre Dame Law School Smith-
the installation and registration,        not need to have a floppy disk drive on      Doheny Legal Ethics Writing
open SofTest, click the "Launch           their notebook computer. First-year          Competition. Entries should concern
SofTest" button, and take a "Practice     students will be able to download the        any issue within the general category
Exam." That is ALL you need to do         SofTest exam file at the beginning of        of legal ethics. A prize of $1,000 will
before the exam.                          the exam and upload the answer file at       be awarded for one winning entry.
                                          the end of the exam. (Note: Hard copy        Deadline: All entries must be
Just show up at the computer exam         of exam questions will be passed out         received before 5 p.m., Friday, April
room for each of your exams (one          to ALL students.)                            29, 2005.
half hour before start time). Be sure
to bring a floppy disk drive if your      The exam-room proctors will provide          7th Annual Essay Contest on Ayn
computer does not have one built-in.      further instructions on downloading          Rand’s Novel, Atlas Shrugged. Prizes:
[Note: first-year students who            the exam file when you arrive in the         First Prize - $5,000 cash award;
choose the "wireless option" do not       exam room. Make sure that your               3 Second Prizes - $1,000 cash award;
need a floppy disk drive -- see           notebook computer can connect to the         5 Third Prizes - $400 cash award;
"Wireless" section below]. The            Hastings wireless network before you         20 Finalist Prizes - $100 cash award,
proctors will provide you with a          decide to choose this option, and test       and 20 Semifinalist Prizes - $50 cash
floppy disk for saving your answers.      that your wireless card is working           award. Entry Deadline: Sept. 16, 2005
The proctors will instruct you in the     properly before your exam day.
examination process once you arrive                                                    Planning and Law Division of the
in the computer exam room.                Internet Take-Home Exams                     American Planning Association
                                          We will continue to offer an "Internet       Student Writing Competition.
If you need help with the installation    Take-Home" exam option for certain           Deadline for submission: June 6,
or registration process, you can call     faculty whose exams are not                  2005.
ExamSoft Support at 866-429-8889          proctored. If your professor chooses
(M-F, 8:30am-5:30pm EST). You may         this option, she or he will make an          Warren E. Burger Writing
also attend one of our Wednesday          announcement in the class. In order to       Competition sponsored by the
drop-in sessions (see Hastings            be eligible to participate in this option,   American Inns of Court. Deadline
Weekly for details.)                      you MUST ATTEND the mandatory                for submission: June 15, 2005
                                          "Internet Take-Home" information
Instructions to install SofTest           session, which will be April 22, 2005        Inter-American Bar Association
SERVICE PACK                              11:40 am to 12:15 pm, Classroom K.           Writing Competition. Deadline for
                                          Students in classes that offer the           submission: April 30, 2005
If you installed SofTest for the Fall,    "Internet Take-Home" option will be
2004, exam period, you should             able to download the exam at home,           International Association of Defense
install the SERVICE PACK that             take the exam on computer (using             Counsel 2005 Legal Writing Contest.
ExamSoft has released for the Spring,     SofTest) and then upload the exam            Deadline: Entries must be
2005, semester.                           within the prescribed time limit. These      postmarked on or before April 18,
                                          students will not need to come into          2005. If transmitted other than by
The Service Pack is available at the      the Records Office to pick up and drop       mail, they must be received on or
7 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25                                                                                       March 28, 2005
before that date.                          students only, please. If you are          p.m., Monday through Friday. Job
                                           interested, please leave a note and        responsibilities are as follows: ability
The American College of Employee           resume in his mailbox in the faculty       to assist student end-users with basic
Benefits Counsel First Annual              mailroom on the third floor of 200         computer support, including
Employee Benefits Writing Compe-           McAllister.                                installation and troubleshooting.
tition. Deadline for submission:                                                      Please contact Eric Noble (email:
April 15, 2005.                            LW&R RESEARCH ASSISTANTS                   noblee@uchastings.edu, phone 565-
                                           The Legal Research & Writing (LW&R)        4784).
Beverly C. Moore, Jr. Memorial             Department is seeking to hire several
Student Writing Competition.               Summer 2005 Research Assistants.           rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
                                           This would be a great opportunity to
Deadline: The deadline for
submission is Wed., June 8, 2005.          improve your legal writing and             1098-T Tax Form
                                           research skills, as you would be           If you need to obtain another copy of
                                           responsible for writing and editing        your 1098-T Tax Form or further
Information                                briefs and preparing class materials       information refer to:
Technology                                 for the incoming class. An applicant
                                           should be flexible and have solid          http://www.uchastings.edu/?pid=2000
                                           teamwork skills. Research Assistants
SUPPORT POLICY                                                                        rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
                                           are paid hourly for their work. You
The Hastings IT Department has
                                           must be prepared to work at least
moved from its offices to the sixth
floor of 200 McAllister; however,
                                           fifteen (15) hours per week, including
                                           one (1) full day per week in the office
support sessions and student                                                          Attention: Dept Supervisor/Faculty &
                                           completing your work. You should
appointments will still be held in                                                    Staff (MO-Monthly payroll cycle).
                                           also be available for Department
Room 354A. Our Department                                                             *MO form submission deadline for
                                           weekly meetings in the morning
provides limited computer support                                                     changes thru Personnel is March 21.
                                           throughout the summer. If you are
services for students at our weekly                                                   *MO payday is Friday, April 1, 2005.
                                           available either part-time or full-time
drop-in support session. We hold
                                           this summer and have the skills to
these sessions every Wednesday,                                                       Attention: Dept Supervisor/ Student/
                                           assist the Department, please submit a
from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., Room 354A,                                                    Hourly Employees (MA-Monthly
                                           résumé, writing sample, and cover
200 Bldg. We also have a limited                                                      Arrears).
                                           letter (addressed to Toni Young)
number of appointments during the                                                     *Student forms submission deadline
                                           stating your availability to Frances
week (same location), if you cannot                                                   for changes thru Personnel is
                                           Ferris in Room 454, 198 McAllister
make the drop-in session. Please call                                                 March 28.
                                           Building. Applications are available
581-8802 for an appointment                                                           *Student timesheets are due in Fiscal
                                           outside Room 454 and will be
(available on a first-call, first-served                                              Services by Thursday, March 31.
                                           accepted until the positions are filled;
basis).                                                                               *Student payday is Thursday, April 7,
                                           and interviews will be conducted as
                                           résumé are received.                       2005.
What we offer: help with installation
and troubleshooting of E-mail
                                           LW&R TEACHING ASSISTANTS
software, computer exam software,
                                           The Legal Research & Writing (LW&R)
wired and wireless networking, and
                                           Department is seeking to hire
antivirus protection. Students who
                                           Teaching Assistants for Fall 2005.
request IT Department staff to assist
                                           Qualifications include a desire to help
with any of the above range of
                                           mentor First-Year students and strong
problems will be asked to sign a                                                      (SEE P.8 FOR LAW CAFÉ MENU)
                                           writing and research skills.
Waiver of Responsibility before any
such work is begun. For any
                                           Applications will be accepted until
problems outside the scope of work
                                           Friday, April 8, 2005. Interviews will
that the IT Department can provide,
                                           be scheduled at the time you submit
or for any students who decline to
                                           your application. Compensation is one
sign the Waiver of Responsibility, the
                                           (1) unit and a stipend. If you have
IT Department will make referrals to
                                           questions, please contact Toni Young,
local vendors who provide computer
                                           Ellen Crosson, or Frances Ferris in the
repair services.
                                           LW&R Department on the 4th Floor of        _________________________________________________
                                           the 198 Building.                          The HASTINGS WEEKLY is issued each Monday by
Help Wanted                                                                           the Office of Student Services, Room 213, 200
                                                                                      McAllister. Signed announcement forms must be
RESEARCH ASSISTANT                         Applications are now available outside     submitted to the WEEKLY box in the Student
Professor Charles Knapp is still           Room 454.                                  Information Center located off the lobby of 200
                                                                                      McAllister by Tuesday noon preceding publication.
welcoming applications for the post                                                   Announcements may also be submitted via e-mail to
of Research Assistant during the           COMPUTER SUPPORT ASSISTANT                 mesquita@uchastings.edu.
spring semester. The work involved         The Information Technology Dept. is
                                           looking for a student with computer        The WEEKLY prints official College notices and brief
will be reading case reports to find                                                  announcements of student events. In order to
cases suitable for use in his seminar      skills who would like to work in an        preserve its timely character, the WEEKLY cannot
next fall and possibly also research       exciting, fast-paced environment.          print lengthy notices or those that contain editorial
                                           Work-study preferred, but not              comments or commercial advertisements. When
for a forthcoming book on Contract                                                    appropriate, announcements are edited.
Law. Second and third-year JD              required. Flexible hours on a regular
                                           work schedule, between 8:30-5:00
8 Vol. 2004-2005 No. 25        March 28, 2005

  MARCH 28, 2005
  Breaded Chicken Patty
 Melted Smoked Provolone
      Marinara Sauce
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
 On a toasted Sesame Bun
 Fries + 24 oz. Foundation
         $4.61 + tax

  MARCH 29, 2005
  Chicken & Prawns Paella
       Saffron Rice
    Mixed Baby Greens
        $4.61 + tax

  MARCH 30, 2005
Smoked Turkey Caesar Wrap
          & Roll
  Swiss Cheese & Creamy
     Caesar Dressing
 Crisp Romaine Lettuce &
    Shaved Parmesan
        $3.69 + Tax

  MARCH 31, 2005
Smoked Salmon Lavash Roll-
 House-made Fresh Herb
     Cream Cheese
      Mixed Greens
    English Cucumber
       $3.69 + Tax

 Any size coffee, tea or hot
    Before 10:00 a.m.
                                       Career Corner
                                                                            March 28, 2005   Spring    Issue 10

                                             CAREER TIPS                      convenient if I call you in a week or
                                                                              so to see if your schedule has
                                        The Dreaded “N” Word                  eased?”
                                       Networking? Many fear the very
                                       word, never mind actually doing        Where can you find networking
Inside this issue                      networking! Schmoozing, glad-          leads? The Alumni Mentor Program
 *     Career Tips                     handing, back-slapping, UGH! And       is an excellent start; Phil Marshall is
       JOBS!JOBS!JOBS!                 yet, networking is the most            currently giving orientation sessions
 *                                     powerful way to find a job or
       This Week’s Events                                                     and assisting student with matches.
 *                                     internship! What’s a student to do?    Another source is the Alumni
Office of Career Services                                                     Relations Office; fill out a short
                                       Start by re-framing your idea of       form and receive a list of alumni
Denice Barnes                          networking: Imagine for a moment       contacts in any practice area and
 Assoc. Dir. For Recruitment           that you have received a call from     geographic region. Attending Bar
Elena Haskins Ducharme                 a student at your undergraduate        Association meetings is another
  Contract Job Developer               institution who is trying to decide    great way to meet attorneys with
Tunisha Grant                          about law school and is calling to
  Senior Administrative Secretary                                             like interests.
Pamela Hyland                          ask your impressions of Hastings.
  Assoc. Dir. For Career Development   Would you be likely to say “yes?”      Ready to begin? On March 30th at
Phil Marshall                                                                 5:40-7:30pm in Room 308 and
  Alumni Mentor Program Director       Most students say, “Of course, I’d     April 4th from 3:40-5:30pm in
Sarah Tigerman                         be happy to!”                          Room 308, we are offering a
 Contract Career Counselor
Sari Zimmerman                                                                workshop entitled “Creating
  Director of Career Services
                                       That’s networking! You are simply      Personal Contacts,” a hands-on
                                       calling someone who is a step or       workshop to teach you networking
Student Assistants                     two further along the career path      skills and to give you actual
                                       for information about their            practice in using those skills before
Ok-Hee Shim                            experience in that organization or     you make those first calls. Signup
Stephanie Abel                         practice area, often a Hastings        is required for these workshops
                                       alumnus, so it’s a “warm call”         and the numbers are limited so
                                       where a connection already exists.     sign up early by dropping in or
200 McAllister Street, Rm. 211                                                calling the Career Services office.
Phone: 415/565-4619                    Even if you call a complete
Fax: 415/565-4863                      stranger, you have a connection        Some additional resources are the
                                       because you are interested in the      CSO handouts “Ninety Percent of
E-mail: careers@uchastings.edu
                                       same practice area. Most attorneys     Success is Showing Up” and
                                       are pleased that you are interested    “Making the Connection: Exploring
        Monday –Friday                 in their specialty, and willing to     the Hidden Job Market,” both
      9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.            take a few minutes to talk about       available on the CSO website or in
                                       their careers.                         the CSO. They give practical tips,
      Career Services:                                                        sample questions, and even a
                                       “What if they are too busy? I don’t    script to help you with your first
 Helping You Shape Your
                                       want to impose,” you say. If they      calls. Or, make an appointment
         Future                        are too busy to meet right away,       with a counselor to get started; we
                                       they will simply say so. Hearing       are happy to assist you until you
The Career Corner is edited by         that response, you could respond,      can confidently take advantage of
Tunisha Grant                          “I certainly understand your time      the most powerful job search tool –
                                       constraints. Would it be               networking!
      Alumni Mentor                      equity investments, litigation           practice as it relates to the FCC's
                                         matters, corporate governance            oversight of television, radio, cable,
       Orientations!                     matters, SEC reporting, etc.             wireless, and other
   Week of March 28th                    Years Requested: 1L, 2L                  communications services.
  Thursday 3:40 PM – 4:30 PM             Compensation: Depends on                 Years Requested: 3L
Advance Sign-up is required              experience                               Materials Requested: Cover
                                         Materials Requested: Cover               Letter, Resume, Transcript, Writing
                                         Letter, Resume                           Sample, References
                                         Deadline: Mar. 31, 2005                  Deadline: Mar. 31, 2005
Everyday, the Career Services                                                     U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Hon.
Office receives new listings for             PART-TIME POSITIONS
                                                                                  Jack B. Schmetterer
both part-time, and summer               AIDS Legal Referral Panel                (Listing No. 108496)
positions. Post-JD positions,            (Listing No. 110373)                     San Francisco, CA
are also available. Log Onto             San Francisco, CA                        The Judge favors excellent
LawCareer and click on the               Engage in direct client services and     researchers and writers, who can
School Job Postings often to             serve extremely indigent clients         demonstrate qualities of
                                         with disabilities, by clerking at this   scholarship, integrity, commitment
check for new postings.
                                         San Francisco organization.              to service, preference for
Just a few highlights from
LawCareer:                               Years Requested: 1L, 2L                  intellectual challenges and
                                         Materials Requested: Cover               congeniality. Preference will be
      SUMMER POSITIONS                   Letter, Resume, Writing Sample           given to candidates who are taking
                                         Deadline: Mar. 31, 2005                  or have taken a bankruptcy course.
Equal Justice Works 2005
                                                                                  Years Requested: 3L
Summer Corps Education
                                         Law Offices of Carmen Reyes-             Materials Requested: Cover
                                         Yosiff - (Listing No. 110402)            Letter, Resume, Writing Sample,
(Listing No. 108972)
                                         Oakland, CA                              Transcript, References
Washington, D.C.
                                         As an intern, assist the attorney in     Deadline: Apr. 1, 2005
The Summer Corps is an
AmeriCorps-funded program that           providing immigration legal services
provides law students with the           to clients in family, VAWA
opportunity to earn a $1,000             (domestic violence),                            THIS WEEK’S
education voucher for spending the       deportation/removal defense and
summer in an internship at a             citizenship cases. You will draft                 EVENTS
qualifying non-profit, public interest   legal documents, and research
                                         country conditions in support of           Monday, March 28
organization. As an Equal Justice                                                   3:40 PM; Room K
Works member school, this                applications for relief before the
                                         Immigration Court and the U.S.             Applying for a Post-
program is available to all UC                                                      graduation Judicial
Hastings 1L and 2L students, so          Department of Homeland Security.
                                         Years Requested: 1L, 2L, 3L                Clerkship – Panel and
long as they are a U.S. citizen, U.S.                                               Workshop
National, or legal permanent             Materials Requested: Cover
resident.                                Letter, Resume, Writing Sample
                                         Deadline: Mar. 31, 2005                    Wednesday, March 30
Years Requested: 1L, 2L                                                             3:40 PM; Room J
Materials Requested: On-line                                                        Career Options in
application, see                            GRADUATING STUDENTS                     Environmental/Land Use
www.equaljusticeworks.org                                                           Law – Panel
Deadline: Mar. 30, 2005                  Federal Communications
                                         Commission Attorney Honors
                                         Program                                    5:40 PM; Room 308
Silicon Valley Bank                                                                 Creating Personal
(Listing No. 110283)                     (Listing No. 111422)
                                         San Francisco, CA                          Contacts - Workshop
Santa Clara, CA
Intern in the Legal Department of        The Program is designed to
                                         introduce new law school                   Friday, April 1
this institution, where you’ll be                                                   11:40 AM; Room F
exposed to any of the following          graduates with demonstrated
                                         motivation and superior academic           Balancing Career and
areas: Commercial lending                                                           Family - Panel
services, cash management                credentials to the field of
services, venture capital and direct     communications. Participants will
                                         engage in federal administrative