Getting Started with GoAnimate

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					Getting Started with GoAnimate

Create a GoAnimate account

1.   In your internet browser, go to the Go Animate website
2.   Click Sign Up
3.   Fill in the appropriate information
4.   You have successfully registered

Activating Your GoAnimate Account

1. In your email account, open the email from GoAnimate and click on the link to confirm your email
2. You will be redirected to the GoAnimate website. Select on Return to GoAnimate to begin.

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Creating an Animation

1. Select on Create
2. Select on cast for your animation (You can always change characters during the animation.)

Changing Themes

1. To change themes, select the Theme drop-down box

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GoAnimate Tabs

Switch tabs to create you animation scene:
1. Characters
2. Speech Bubbles
3. Backgrounds
4. Props
5. Music
6. Special Effects
**The material in the tabs change according to your theme.

Creating a Scene

1. Begin by selecting a background. Find the background and drag it to the main screen.
2. Next, select the character tab and drag a character into the scene

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3. Click on the character to change the Actions, Movements, and/or Facial Expression (The options
change with every character.)
4. Select the speech bubble tab to add text
5. Select the props tab to add additional items to your scene
6. Select the Special Effects tab if desired
**Suggestion: You'll probably want to wait to add music until the end of your animation.

Adding Additional Scenes

1. Select the "Add a Scene" icon to add additional scenes to your animation
2. Select Preview to view your animation
3. Save often (refer to saving step below)

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Adding Music

1. Click on the Music tab (Remember music changes with each theme.)
2. Drag the music into the scene
3. Click on the song in the timeline to make adjustments to the music

Getting Started with GoAnimate - 5
Saving and Sharing

1. Ener in your Title and Tag information (required)
2. Select Save Only to keep your changes
3. To finialize and share your animation with friends, select Save & Share

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