Public Key Infrastructure digital certificates

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					     Public Key Infrastructure digital certificates
                                       Your certificate choices for registration

Medicare Australia knows                                       Individual/provider certificates
that safeguarding privacy for                                  Individual certificates are
communication over the internet                                used to transfer encrypted
                                                               information. They can
is critical. The current Medicare                              produce an electronic
electronic claiming choices offer even                         signature that’s equivalent
more security than you had with                                to your hand written
                                                               signature. Individual certificates provide authentication,
previous claiming channels.                                    confidentiality, integrity and enable the recipient of the
As a provider known to Medicare Australia, you can take        message to know that it has been sent by the sender
advantage of the streamlined registration process by           (non-repudiation).
simply downloading and completing a one page                                         Individual certificates are issued on
application form from Medicare Australia’s website at                                tokens, usually this is a smartcard then go to                                              but a portable USB drive can be
For health professionals > Doing business with                                       issued upon request.
Medicare Australia > Online business > Register >                                    Medicare Australia digital
Applying for certificates                                                            certificates have a five year life
It’s recommended that you provide your email
address on the registration form as this will enable
Medicare Australia to attach it to your certificate.
However, this is not mandatory.
                                                               Using your digital certificate
Digital certificates                                           Some examples of using your Public Key Infrastructure
                                                               (PKI) certificate are:
Medicare Australia issues two kinds of digital certificates:
                                                               •	 lodge a paperless Medicare claim (either by site or
•	 site certificate
                                                                  individual certificate)
•	 individual/provider certificate.
                                                               •	 view or update your personal information, like your
                                                                  address and bank account details
Site certificates                                              •	 retrieve your Medicare Easyclaim reconciliation
Site certificates allow a number of people at the same            statement (individual certificate)
location to sign and encrypt messages exchanged                •	 send and receive secure emails to and from other
between health care professionals on behalf of the site.          health professionals or organisations for an eReferral
This certificate provides confidentiality, authentication         or to request a hospital discharge summary
and integrity of the information that is transmitted. Site        (combination of site and/or individual certificate).
certificates are issued on a CD.

Better for your patients. Better for your business.
              Public Key Infrastructure digital certificates

Receipt and installation of your digital                          You can find more information about Medicare
certificate                                                       electronic claiming in the following information
Your certificate is sent to you by mail. Information with
the certificate includes a CD that explains how to install        •	 Medicare Online
PKI on your computer.
                                                                  •	 Medicare Easyclaim
A separate letter is also sent to you containing your PKI
                                                                  •	 ECLIPSE
password which is used in the installation process. You
should keep the password in a safe place in case you              •	 Medicare Online and ECLIPSE—choosing practice
need to reinstall your certificate at a later time.                  management software.

Your practice management software vendor can help
you in the installation process or you can contact              For more information
the Medicare Australia eBusiness Service Centre on              Online then go to
1800 700 199*.                                                         For health professionals > For software
                                                                       vendors > Public Key Infrastructure
Certificate renewal
                                                                Call      Medicare Australia eBusiness Service Centre
Your certificate is valid for use from the time it is issued              on 1800 700 199*.
and up to the date of expiry. Medicare Australia will           * Call charges apply from mobile and pay phones only.
send you a fax one month before your certificate is
due to expire advising you that you need to renew your
certificate. All you need to do is sign and return the fax to
Medicare Australia and a new certificate will be reissued.

Replacing and updating your
If you’ve lost your certificate, forgotten the password,
or if your certificate has been compromised or needs
updating, call the Medicare Australia eBusiness Service
Centre on 1800 700 199*. If you need a new certificate,
you will need to complete a Request for revocation/
suspension/reinstatement/renewal of location and
individual certificate the revoke re-issue request form
available at
then go to For health professionals > Doing business
with Medicare Australia > Online business >
Register > Applying for certificates

Better for your patients. Better for your business.