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					                                     National Ocean Service Organization Chart

                                             Healthy Coasts, Healthy Economy

                                                                               Office of Coast Survey
                                                                               CAPT John Lowell • Kathryn Ries

                                                                               Office of National Geodetic
                                                                               Juliana Blackwell • R
                                                                               J l                    L T l
                                                                                       Bl k ll Ronnie L. Taylor

                                                                               Center for Operational
                                                                               Oceanographic Products and
                                                                               Richard Edwing • Ellen Clark*

                  National Ocean Service
                  David Kennedy* • Holly Bamford*                              Office of National Marine
                                                                               Dan Basta • Margo Jackson*

Management and                          Staff Office for
Budget Office                           International Programs                 Office of Response and
Chris Cartwright • Donna Rivelli        Clement D. Lewsey
                                                                               David Westerholm • Brian Julius

                                                                               NOAA Coastal Services Center
                                                                               Margaret Davidson • Jeff Payne

                                                                               Office of Ocean and Coastal
                                                                               Resource Management
                                                                               Donna Wieting* • Tricia Ryan*

                                                                               National Centers for Coastal
                                                                               Ocean Science
                                                                               Russell Callender* • John Christensen*

                                                                               * acting
                                                                               Updated 05/21/10