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									                  Seminar on Trafficking in Persons
     for Police, Crown Prosecutors, Immigration, Customs and
                         Consular Officials
                                                                March 8 & 9, 2004

                                                         Hosted by:
                                              Department of Justice Canada &
                                     the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

                                                           Minto Place Suite Hotel
                                                              Ottawa, Ontario

The two-day seminar is focused on the growing phenomenon of trafficking in persons, which is reported to be quickly
outranking the trade in illegal drugs and firearms as a source of profit for international organized crime. Trafficking in per-
sons involves the recruitment, movement or harbouring of a person by means of deception, coercion or force, in order to
exploit that person through various forms of sexual exploitation or forced labour. The face of human trafficking varies -
cases include young women brought to Canada for legitimate employment and subsequently forced into prostitution, ille-
gal migrant men working in sweatshops under the watch of armed guards or children held as domestic servants.
Trafficking may be either transnational, involving the legal or illegal movement of victims across border; or domestic,
involving the exploitation of vulnerable Canadians, particularly children and youth for the sex trade.

Human trafficking is akin to a modern form of slavery and has attracted the ire of the international community. As both a
destination and transit State for human trafficking, Canada has a moral and an international obligation to halt the
exploitation of trafficking victims and, to this end, has ratified the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in
Persons, Especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational
Organized Crime (in which it took a lead role negotiating). In addition, Canada enacted a new immigration offence for
trafficking in persons and instituted a federal Interdepartmental Working Group on Trafficking in Persons.


The seminar is designed to support the professional development of Canadian police, prosecutors, immigration, customs
and consular officials by enhancing their understanding of this extreme form of exploitation and providing them with an
opportunity to discuss Canadian and international means of curbing this burgeoning crime. The seminar brings interna-
tional and Canadian experts together to focus on the latest law enforcement techniques for investigating and prosecuting
human trafficking. Participants will be linked to a large informal network of officials from countries around the world,

All images are from IOM posters used in counter-trafficking campaigns.
providing valuable investigative resources and information in the global fight against the trade in humans.

Most European Union Countries and the United States have created specialized anti-trafficking investigation and/or pros-
ecution units and provide specific anti-trafficking training to law enforcement officers, immigration and other relevant offi-

This seminar is based on a similar session held by IOM for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington last
September. This is the first national-level seminar for law enforcement officials dedicated solely to the issue of human
trafficking in Canada.


The presenters include representatives from the RCMP, the FBI, Crown prosecutors, the U.S. Department of Justice and
IOM. Many of the presenters have significant experience investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases as well
as managing counter-trafficking projects around the world. For instance, Mr. Paul Holmes, an expert for IOM, was the
former head investigator of the Vice Squad of New Scotland Yard responsible for investigating human trafficking cases in
London, England. Another presenter, Lou de Baca, who is Special Litigation Counsel and Involuntary Servitude and
Slavery Coordinator with the U.S. Department of Justice, has successfully prosecuted dozens of human trafficking


The seminar is designed as a forum for an exchange of best practices among police, prosecutors, immigration, customs
and consular officials. It may also be of interest to federal and provincial policy-makers involved in the criminal justice or
immigration systems as well as members of the judiciary.


The seminar will be held at the Minto Place Suite Hotel located at 433 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa, Ontario. The hotel is in
downtown Ottawa, minutes from Parliament Hill.


There is no cost to participate in this two-day seminar although registration is required. The registration form is attached
herein. Lunches and refreshments will be provided during the seminar. Simultaneous interpretation will also be provided
in English and French. Binders with materials for the seminar and CD Roms will be distributed to the participants at the

More Information

For more information please contact:

Gillian Blackell                                  Ann Sheppard
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                                      Seminar on Trafficking in Persons
                                         Minto Place Hotel, Ottawa
                                             March 8 & 9, 2004


Day 1 - Monday, March 8, 2004

Registration & Continental Breakfast                                           8:15-9:00

Opening Remarks                                                                9:00-9:15

What is Trafficking in Persons? (IOM international experts)                    9:15-10:00
       * Distinction between human trafficking and migrant smuggling
       * Definitions in UN Trafficking and UN Smuggling in Migrant Protocols
       * Discussion

Break                                                                          10:00-10:15

How does Trafficking Operate? (IOM international experts)                      10:15-12:00
      * Root causes
      * Trafficking Modus Operandi
      * Scope of Trafficking Worldwide
      * Societal Costs & Strategic Risks
      * Profile of Trafficking Victims
      * Profile of Traffickers
      * Discussion

Lunch                                                                          12:00-1:00

International Response to Trafficking (IOM international experts)              1:00-1:45
        * Interpol; Europol; Aseanapol, SECI Center, OSCE
        * Discussion

U.S. Responses to Trafficking (U.S. Justice & FBI)                             1:45-3:15
       * Legislative tools & investigative techniques
       * Results of U.S. Trafficking prosecutions
       * Discussion

Break                                                                          3:15-3:30

Film - Dying to Leave (PBS)                                                    3:30-5:00
Day 2 - Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Continental Breakfast                                                         8:30-9:00

Opening Remarks                                                               9:00-9:15

Human Trafficking in Canada (RCMP)                                            9:15-9:45
      * Scope of trafficking into, within, from and through Canada
      * Discussion

Canadian Responses to Trafficking (Crown prosecutors, RCMP & CIC)             9:45-10:45
       * Smuggling offence & new IRPA trafficking offence
       * Criminal Code offences
       * Organized Crime provisions

Break                                                                         10:45-11:00

Case Studies                                                                  11:00-12:00
       * Group discussion based on two case studies in the Canadian context

Lunch                                                                         12:00-1:00

Stages in Enforcement, Investigation & Prosecution:

Identification of trafficking victims (IOM, FBI & RCMP)                       1:00-2:00
         * Two-stage screening
         * Developing Model Canadian screening tools

Intelligence (IOM, FBI, & RCMP)                                               2:00-3:00
         * International co-operation
         * Discussion

Break                                                                         3:00-3:15

Investigation & Evidence Gathering (IOM, FBI, U.S. Justice & RCMP)            3:15-4:15
        * Use of wiretaps & non-testimonial evidence
        * Use of psychological evidence of post-traumatic stress disorder
        * Discussion

International Resources Available to Law Enforcement (IOM)                    4:15-4:30
        * IOM offices and Counter Trafficking Focal Points
        * IOM Assisted Voluntary Return Assistance

Closing Remarks & Evaluation                                                  4:30-5:00
           Seminar on Trafficking in Persons for Police, Crown Prosecutors, Immigration, Customs
          and Consular Officials / Colloque sur la traite des personnes à l'intention de la police, des
   procureurs de la Couronne et de fonctionnaires de l'immigration, des douanes et des affaires consulaires

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