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									Integrating Your New
Operating System
      Managing Workforce

           ICESA National Conference
           Richard D. Maher; Partner
           Maher & Maher
           Business Integration Services Consulting

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      Richard D. Maher
      President, Maher & Maher
Change Management ♦ Business Integration ♦
   Workforce Development Consultants

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“Who are you?” said the caterpillar . . .
“I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present,”
Alice replied rather shyly, “at least I
know who I was when I got up this
morning, but I think I must have been
changed several times since then.”

               - Alice in Wonderland
               Maher & Maher            3
A new, global economy
and increasing customer
require a new focus . . .
  Break through the clutter!

        WORK FIRST
“Everything is in a state of flux,
including the status quo.”

               - Robert Byrne

               Maher & Maher         6
Maher & Maher   7
“They spend most of their time mostly
looking forward to the past.”

             - Robert Byrne

             Maher & Maher         8
“It is not the strongest of the species
that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to

              - Charles Darwin

              Maher & Maher            9
“Someone has got to do something,
and it’s just incredibly pathetic that
it’s got to be us.”

                - Jerry Garcia
                The Grateful Dead

             Maher & Maher          10
The Cycles of Change


         Maher & Maher   11
The Cycles of Change



             Maher & Maher   12
The Cycles of Change


   Threat                    Defensive

             Maher & Maher               13
The Cycles of Change


   Threat                    Defensive

       Maintenance Cycle

             Maher & Maher               14
The Cycles of Change



    Threat                       Defensive

         Maintenance Cycle

                 Maher & Maher               15
The Cycles of Change

  Opportunity                    Positive


    Threat                       Defensive

         Maintenance Cycle

                 Maher & Maher               16
The Cycles of Change
             Growth Cycle

  Opportunity                    Positive


    Threat                       Defensive

         Maintenance Cycle

                 Maher & Maher               17
A “Change Agent” . . .
     Builds trust through communication
      • Communicate early and often
      • Publicize the opportunity inherent in change
     Anticipates “resistors” -- supports them
      • Up to 50% of workforce naturally resists
      • Est. 28% needs step-by-step approach
     Anticipates “pioneers” -- utilizes them
      • Early adopters make great mentors
     Involves “users” in the planning process
      • Create stakeholders in your success
                      Maher & Maher                    18
Organizational Performance Loop

                      Process

                      People

                      Performance

              Maher & Maher          19
The Challenge

   Workforce resistance to change
   Work tasks that don‟t add value
   Duplication of effort
    • Reliance on old (manual) processes
   Under-utilization of technology tools
   The “skills-gap”
    • Innovative training solutions
   Re-defined performance expectations
    • Accountability!

                        Maher & Maher       20
Critical Success Factors
   Involve all stakeholders in the process
    • Include union representatives!
   Define/document work processes
    • Redefine/document the work flow using QIT‟s
   Define competency gap
    • Perform training needs analysis
   Create training curriculum/approach
    • Classroom; self-paced; mentoring
    • Define audiences (managers, front-line, etc.)
   Define performance expectations
    • Performance measurement and accountability
       • Levels I, II, & III
                        Maher & Maher                 21
Our Process

   Define cross-functional Team Structure
   Author/approve Team Charter
   Assemble Process Improvement Team (PIT)
   Document work processes
    • As-is; should-be (ideal); can-be
   Identify training need to support new process
   Training program design & deployment

                    Maher & Maher              22
NJ‟s Virtual Front Door

          Maher & Maher   23
Process Improvement Team

          Maher & Maher    24
Core PI Team Resources

         Maher & Maher   25
The PI Team Charter

 Mission
 Deliverables
 Core Team Membership
 Steering Team Membership
 Team Member Roles

             Maher & Maher   26
Team Roadmap

 Organize and plan
 Define “as-is” condition
    • How is work performed today?
   Identify “should-be” solutions
    • How should work be performed?
 Define/approve “can-be” approach
 Author action plan for implementation

                 Maher & Maher            27
                                        Employment Services In-take (Walk-in)
                                                  As-Is Process

                       Customer walks            Reception checks
                                                                                                                  Customer waits (10-45
                      into Employment          customer requistration              Is customer
                                                                                                          yes     min.) for next available
                         Svs. Office            in Employment Svs.                 registered?
                         (reception).               mainframe.


                                                                                                                     Reception prints
                                                                              Customer given intake                customer registration
                                                                                 form to fill out.                and puts in interviewer
            Notes:                                                                                                receiving box. (5 min.)
            w Paper files (local office        *
               orders)* [another process]      w Career Counseling
            w Mainframe (all job orders into   w Referrals to other agencies
                                                                                          No service
                                                                                          from 12-1 p.m.           Customer meets with
               any states Employment             and/or counselors                                              interviewer and determines
               Services Office.                w Non-value                                                              job interests.
            w No PIN search/no talent bank     w PC's
               so those searches are rare      w Database between PIN &
               {PIN can't handle VET's           exisitng mainframe
                                                                                                                   Interviewer reviews

                                                Interviewer says thanks &
                                                                                 no          Is there a            Interviewer searches
                                                  ends interview and/or
                                                                                              match?               job orders for match.
                                                        refers to ?


                                                Interviewer enters referral
                                                                                      Interviewer writes a
                                               into mainframe and closes
                                                                                      referral (Form 508).
                                                  session with customer.

                                                                                      Interviewer provides
                                                                    Maher & Maher instructions
                                                                            application                                                      28
                                                                                         to customer.
Prepared by Maher & Maher for NJ's One Stop System
              Customer enters                     Receptionist                      Is                                                       Customer shows letter
             E.S. and is greeted             determines customer's            customer here                         yes                       re: Reemployment
               by receptionist.                needs and directs.               for R.O.?                                                         Orientation

Employment Services In-take (Walk-in)                                                                                                         Receptionist directs
                                                                         Customer asks for help
       Should-be Process                                                    re: job search.
                                                                                                                                              customer to Room 2
                                                                                                                                                   for R.O.

                                                                                     Is                                                       Customer receives
 Customer is referred to                      Is customer
                                                                                 customer                                                    R.O. including info. on
 MARC for self-directed       yes             familiar with      yes
                                                                              registered with                                                      WNJPIN.
      job search.                              WNJPIN?

                                                                                                                                             Customer is referred to
                                                   no                                                                                         Room 1 for WNJPIN
                                                                                      Is                     Customer is referred to an       orientation (optional).

                                       Customer is referred to               customer able to                interviewer for registration,
                                        Room 1 for WNJPIN                   self-register or use             job search assistance and
                                            orientation.                          Internet?                      WNJPIN orientation.


                                                                         Customer is referred to
                                                                       Room 1 for self-registration.

                                                                      Customer is directed to stay in
                                                                     Room 1 for WNJPIN orientation.

                                                                       WNJPIN orientation is given
                                                                         by E.S. staff member.
                            Depending upon the level of
                              assistance needed, these
                       processes are documented on the                    If needed, customer is                      See next
                                      following 2 pages.                                                               page
                                                                       referred to an interviewer for
                                                                             further assistance.
 Created by Maher & Maher for the One-Stop Program                       Maher & Maher                                                           Level I         29
       Process                                                                                                                Customer explains what type of
                            Customer is                                                      Customer is called by
      continued                                     Customer waits to be                                                        job (s)he is looking for and
                             referred to                                                    interviewer and brought
   from Page 1                                     called by next available                                                    what problems there might be
                          interviewer for                                                      back to employee's
                                                         interviewer.                                                             in finding employment
                        further assistance.                                                           desk.

                                                                                                                                           Interviewer gives customer paper
    Interviewer reviews registration                 Does                             customer want
                                                                                                                                             copy of Talent Bank form to fill
        screen or resume to see                  (s)he have a            yes       resume entered into                     yes
                                                                                                                                           out & shows customer screen on
       customer's qualifications.                  resume?                           America's Talent
                                                                                                                                                    WNJPIN to use.


   Interviewer will help in some                   Does cust.                                                                                             Is
   way to write resume and may          yes        want/need                                   no                 Customer enters at
                                                                                                                                                   customer able to
        refer to counselor.                         resume?                                                       later time in MARC      yes


                                                                                                                    Interviewer shows
             Interviewer writes 508 A referal                                   Does                                                                 Interviewer will
                                                 open job orders                                                customer how to search
                   and gives application                                   customer's skills                                                          have resume
                                                  that start with                                               for jobs using DOT code
              instructions and 508B form to             NJ                  match any job                                                             entered after
                                                                                                                 and keywords (NJ Job
                         customer.                                             orders?                                                              form is filled out.

                                                                                other job
          Interviewer shows customer how to
       search for job openings in the newspaper                     Interviewer prints job order and                                                 Interviewer closes
         by going into the classified ads in the                     instructions and gives them to                                                       interview.
         A.P.P. or other local newspaper and                                    customer.
                doing a keyword search.

                                                                                                           Interviewer will inform                 Interviewer will also refer
                                                        Interviewer will also review
              Any job opening resulting from                                                               customer that they are               customer to other services if
                                                           other job sources and
              this inquiry will be printed and                                                           welcome to use the MARC                  indicated during interview
                                                          information available on
                     given to customer.                                                                  on future visits to do a self-         such as counseling, training
                                                          WNJPIN with customer
                                                                                                             directed job search.                or social service programs.

Created by Maher & Maher for the One-Stop Program
                                                                                              Maher & Maher                                                  Level II            30
                                                Customer comes in for
         Customer is referred to                                                       Receptionist lets counselor         Customer is called and
                                              scheduled appointment with
          counselor for futher                                                          know appointment has             brought back to counselor's
                                              couselor & lets receptionist
              assistance.                                                                       arrived.                           desk.
                                                 know (s)he is there.

                                                                Counselor reviews registration screen
         Counselor critiques                                                                                           Customer and counselor discuss
                                             Does                   or resume to see customer's
         resume and offers                                                                                           what type of job customer is looking
                                 yes    customer have             qualifications and asks customer
          advice on how to                                                                                           for and what barriers toemployment
                                          a resume?               appropriate questions re: goals,
             improve it.                                                                                                   customer may be facing.
                                                                          skills, experience.


     Counselor shows customer                                                                                  Counselor show customer how to research
       how to enter resume on                                                                                   training programs, schools, financial aid,
                                              Counselor helps                      Does
     Amercia's Talent Bank and                                                                                    labor market information and demand
                                             customer develop      yes         customer want
     other job search databases                                                                                occupations on WNJPIN, as well as open
                                                  resume.                           one?
     (this would probably be at a                                                                                   job orders in the field to see what
         future appointment).                                                                                          qualifications are necessary.

                                                                                                                       Counselor explains training
                Does                            Counselor shows customer
                                                                                                Is                       programs available and
           customer need                         how to research careers,
                                                                                            customer                       basic elgibility criteria
        assistance with career         yes       labor market information,                                     yes
                                                                                          interested in                including showing them any
          choice, change or                      job qualifications, etc. on
                                                                                            training?                    information available on
             adjustment?                                 WNJPIN.
                                                                                                              no                 WNJPIN.


    Counselor reviews job search
    sources and techniques with
    customer including the use of             Counselor shows customer hwo to                           Is assistance
     WNJPIN & Internet & refers                 find the information needed on                    needed with psychological
     customer to any job search              WNJPIN and the Internet and makes                      counseling, child care,
 assistance necessary in the future            whatever direct referral possible.                      housing, etc.?
(i.e. MARC area, PSG, interviewer,
  or follow-up appt. w/ counselor).

                                                     Counselor closes out
                                                                               Maher & Maher                                                                       31
                                                                                                                                                       Level III
The Training Approach
   Defined learning objectives
    • Competency-based
 Use individual development plans to
  target training needs/approach
 Offer self-paced alternatives
    • CBT, WBT, just-in-time job aids
 Assess training effectiveness
 Monitor and coach on-the-job

                  Maher & Maher         32
One Stop Staff
Competency Grid/Assessment
A.                     A1 Use computer        A2 Access             A3 Administer
  ONE STOP SKILLS      assisted career        employment and job    assessments to
   Career Specialist   guidance               search info on the    establish career and
                                              internet              education needs
                       A10 Identify           A11 Assess skills     A12 Assess
                       appropriate            and abilities         aptitudes and interests
                       assessment needed
B                      B1 Communicate         B2 Think creatively   B3 Perform basic
     Individual &      thoughts effectively                         computations
    Business Skills

                       B10 Analyze            B11 Make decisions    B12 Facilitate
                       information                                  meetings

C                      C1 Use computer        C2 Establish linkages C3 Use the Internet
    Technical and      based information      with partners using      and troubleshoot
    System Skills      systems                email and other software

                                    Maher & Maher                                             33
                    Conducting a Job Search
Now that were aware of all the great tools and information available at WNJPIN to
One Stop Career Center staff and customers, let’s take a look at how the site can
be applied to real customer needs. On the following pages, we’ll take you
through how you can use WNJPIN to conduct a job search – step by step – for
your customer.

                                                      Start your job search at
                                                      the WNJPIN “home page.”

                             Maher & Maher                                          34
Your browser will display this site – America’s Job Bank.
You’re ready to begin your search!

                         Maher & Maher                      35
Manage Job Seeker   WNJPIN offers a wealth of information and job search
Activities          tools to the customer and One Stop staff. Whether
                    posting a resume, conducting a job search, understanding
                    demand occupations or investigating training alternatives,
                    WNJPIN has a “one stop” connection to the information
                    and tools you and your customer wants.

                       Maher & Maher                                             36
Conduct a Job Referral Using Email

          1) Your browser will automatically
          open your e-mail software!

    2) Look! The address                                       3) Now, draft a message
    and even the “subject”                                     to get the application
    is filled in for you!                                      and interview process

                                               Maher & Maher                             37
General Recommendations
   Training of Managers is priority
    • Define expectations
    • Introduce accountability
   Emphasize continuing training
    • case study-driven
    • cross-functional grouping
 Improve knowledge of Partner agencies
  & programs
 Improve knowledge of industry and
  trends      Maher & Maher          38
Recommendations, cont‟d.
 Consider   “knowledge management”
  • Use technology for training
 Use   “best practices” approach to
  critical work processes
 Evaluate existing staffing practices
  • End specialization and funding-

              Maher & Maher           39
Recommendations, cont‟d.
 Consider  a competency-based
  staffing model
 Up-grade skills of reception staff
  • Support customer triage/routing
 Individual   development plans
  • Use competency assessments

                Maher & Maher          40
Recommendations, cont‟d.
 Promote   system internally
 • Communicate changes/improvements
 • Solicit feedback
 • Emphasize benefits (not features)
 Promote   system externally
 • Media campaigns
 • Employers and job seekers

              Maher & Maher      41
Benefits of attention to process
     Invest in the “people side of technology”
      • Protect your investment in systems
     Manage resistance to change
      • Up to 50% of workforce naturally resists
      • Est. 28% needs step-by-step approach
     Foster innovation, continuous improvement
      • Evaluate what you do and why you still do it
      • Drucker: “put process on trial for its life.”
     ID obstacles – „bubble-up‟ for resolution
     Make others “stakeholders” in your success
                       Maher & Maher                    42
“The trouble with the future is it
usually arrives before we’re ready for

              - Arnold H. Glasow

              Maher & Maher          43
 More Info?

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