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                                      Class 1 Dwelling Checklist
                                                ~ Building Works Only ~


Owner's Name:

Site Address: ____________________________________Zone/Precinct: __________________

                                                                                                     Floor Area: …………m2

Lodgement Fee                            $____________ T 201

Assessment Fee                           $____________ T 76

Inspection Fee                           $____________ T 76

Other Fee                                $____________

Credit Card Surcharge                    $____________

Total Building Application $____________



Checked By__________________                          Date: _____/_____/_____                        Receipt No:___________________


BD-CK-001                                                             Page 1 of 4                                                      Compiled: 1995
Rev: 23                                                       Class 1 Dwelling Checklist                                          Reviewed: 08/03/2010
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                                              CLASS 1 DWELLING CHECKLIST

            Please consult the attached guide during completion of this checklist

                     Officer            Requirements for Single detached Class 1 Development

 1                             IDAS Form 1 & IDAS form 2 – must be completed IN FULL

 2                             Three (3) full sets of plans and Site plan including the requirements listed in the
                               attached guide
                               Two (2) full sets of plans (if owner builder)
 3                             Renovations and Additions highlighted by colour or hatching on plans

 4                             Materials are nominated for Cladding, Lining and Finishes

 5                             Design Wind Velocity is nominated on plans.

 6                             Energy Efficiency – Form 15 DESIGN CERTIFICATE REQUIRED FROM THE

 7                             Three (3) copies of the Engineers Geotechnical report and design on footings and
                               Engineers Report for Resited Dwellings (where appropriate).

 8                             Structural Adequacy Certificate where required

 9                             Termite Declaration specifying method of termite resistant system to be used/
                               proposed – to be lodge at Submission and at the final inspection.

 10                            Confirmation of Insurance or Owner Builders No and receipt No

 11                            Portable Long Service Paid or Exempt Evidence

 12                            Flood level checked with Council's Engineering Department

 13                            Mine shaft clearance certificate (Dept Natural Resources)

 14                            Contaminated Site/ Heritage/ Bush Fire Hazards / Character/ Covenants/ Easements
                               (Checked with Council)

 15                            Water saving rainwater tank – Minimum 5000 litres for dwelling & townhouses Min
                               3000 litres capacity ( reticulated water supply only)

                               *    If the required number of plans is not provided Council will
                                    offer to photocopy any documents up to A3 size at the rate
                                    indicated in Council’s fees & charges schedule.

                               *    Fax paper copies will not be accepted.

                               *    The attached provides a guide to the information required
                                    when submitting an application. If this information is not
                                    provided, it will cause delays in the approval.

BD-CK-001                                                             Page 2 of 4                                                      Compiled: 1995
Rev: 23                                                       Class 1 Dwelling Checklist                                          Reviewed: 08/03/2010
  [Printed copies are uncontrolled. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that any copies of Management System documents are the current issue.]
                                          CLASS 1 DWELLING GUIDE
                                 To help when filling out the attached Checklist

Item 1                    Form 1 Development Application must be completed in full by the applicant.

                          Form 2 Development Application must be completed in full.                                  This form gives the building
                          construction details.

Item 2                    Suitably drawn and presented plans submitted by an accredited drafts person inclusive of
                          scaled drawings detailing all propose dimensions relevant to site locations, floor plans, elevations
                          & cross sections of the anticipated construction of the building work are required at the time of
                          lodgement. All drafted plans should clearly indicate the following details:
                          - Details of the use, floor areas and facilities
                          - The location of smoke alarms
                          - The overall height in relation to the natural ground level
                          - The height of the floor/s above the proposed ground level
                          - The name of the person responsible for the documents with registration/licence number
                             (where applicable) shown on every sheet
                          - Show compliance with the Building Code of Australia, relevant AS1684.1.2 Framing Manual &
                             Standard Building Law and Building Act 1975.
                          - Include a Structural Member schedule, Window schedule, Bracing Plan, Tie down details,
                             Member sizes and Elevations showing levels.
                          - Bracing details must include location, type & method of fixing all bracing walls & sub floor
                          - Tie down details must include location, type & method of fixing of all tie-down members. Also
                             showing a continuous means of tie down from the footings through to the roof battens.
                          - The window schedule must indicate type and sizes of all windows and treatments
                          - Energy efficiency requirements as per the BCA Part 3.12
                          - Building Orientations
                          - Details of vertical and horizontal reinforcements indicating size and location in accordance
                             with AS3700-2001 for bond beam / masonry block
                          - In accordance with the Building Act 1975 and the current Standard Building Regulations
                          The site plan must contain the following:
                          -   Drawn to a suitable scale with the scale shown clearly & indicating the north point
                          -   Show the allotment boundary dimensions
                          -   Proposed setbacks to the building from boundaries & any easements
                          -   Any existing structures and appropriate uses
                          -   Any Easements on the property
                          -   Service locations eg sewer , water and septic tanks and soakage trenches
                          -   Method of stormwater disposal (Including location and size of all rainwater tanks (if
                              applicable) and the location and size of all gutters, down pipes, drainage pipes and
                              stormwater calculations as per BCA Part 3.5.2 and AS3500.
                          -   The extent of any earthworks - Any cut and fill operations.
                          -   Type of retaining structure or slope protection required with levels & heights to be nominated
                          -   Any means of site drainage
                          -   Floor Level in relation to proposed finished ground levels adjacent to the building
                          -    Water tanks to be indicated by size and location and drainage plan if internally connected

Item 3                    Where the work involves additions or renovations please highlight this new work on the plan with
                          either colour or cross hatching.
                          Where the dwelling is of new construction please print N/A in the corresponding box.

Item 4                    The specification or plans should also show the proposed External cladding, Internal Lining,
                          Flooring materials and wet area coverings.

Item 5                    The Applicant is required to ensure the Design Wind Speed is suitable for the proposed site in
                          accordance with Australian Standard 1170.1.
                          The Design Wind Velocity must include the Terrain Category, Shielding conditions and
                          Topographical classification.
                          A site inspection and calculation should be carried out to determine this Design Wind Speed by a
                          Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland.

Item 6                    The plans are to detail all energy efficiency measures as required by the BCA Part 3.12.

Item 7                    For more information please check Council's Footing and Slab Design requirements.

BD-CK-001                                                             Page 3 of 4                                                      Compiled: 1995
Rev: 23                                                       Class 1 Dwelling Checklist                                          Reviewed: 08/03/2010
  [Printed copies are uncontrolled. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that any copies of Management System documents are the current issue.]
Item 8                    Steel framed buildings AS4100 & AS4600 and other non standard methods of construction such
                          as structural mud bricks, not covered by AS1684, will require a Structural Adequacy Certificate
                          from a qualified Engineer, with the Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland.
                          Council retains the right to request a Structural Adequacy Certificate after the application is
                          received should it be deemed necessary due to the proposed building design.

Item 9                    The installation will meet performance requirement P2.1 and P2.1.1 of the Building Code of
                          Australia and have a system design life of at least 50 years and compliance with AS3660.1.

Item 10
                          A. BUILDING CONTRACTOR
                               When a licensed building contractor is being contracted to carry out residential construction
                               work over $3,300 in value, a contract must be entered into. An insurance premium must then
                               be paid to the BSA who then in turn forwards a confirmation of insurance.

                               The BSA Insurance Scheme is a Statutory Scheme established by the Queensland
                               Government to provide protection to consumers for insurable residential construction work
                               over $3,300 in value. It provides protection against:
                                                             1. Non-completion of the work covered by the contract
                                                             2. Defective construction
                                                             3. Subsidence or settlement of the building

                          B. OWNER BUILDERS
                               An owner builder permit is required for work valued at $11,000 and over and the applicant
                               must complete an “Owner Builder Course” approved by the BSA. These courses are provided
                               by most TAFE institutions and several private providers.

                               The Owner Builder’s License must be sighted by a Council Employee when lodging the
                               Building Application.

                               When calculating the value of building work, the owner builder applicant must include the cost
                               of materials and the cost of labour as if a licensed contractor performed the work.

                               For further information in relation to the above please contact the BSA office in Maroochydore
                               on (07) 5479 8500.

Item 11                   Where the value of the work is above $80,000 a Portable Long Service levy is calculated at 0.2%
                          of the contracted cost of the building. This levy is paid in conjunction with Work Place Health &
                          Safety levy which combined is 0.425% of the contracted cost of the building. This levy must be
                          paid at a Post Office.
                          The P.L.S.L form and a copy of your receipt must be included with your application.
                          Owner builders are exempt from paying this levy, however the form must still be completed and
                          lodged at a post office to show exemption from payment.
                          For further information please contact the Portable Long Service Leave Authority on
                          (07) 3212 6811.

Item 12                   A check should be made with Council's Engineering and Design Directorate to ascertain if the
                          property is flood affected and if so the required building height.

Item 13                   If the property is within the parishes of Gympie or Woonga a certificate from the Department of
                          Resource Industries - Gympie Shaft Repair Project, for mine shaft clearance must be included
                          with the application.

Item 14                   Layers to be checked by Council Officers against the SPA Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Item 15                   As required by the QDC Part MP4.2, where a rainwater tank is used to meet the water saving
                          targets, the requirements are –
                          Single detached houses must install a rainwater tank with a minimum 5000 litres capacity:
                          Other Class 1 houses, such as terrace and townhouses, must install a rainwater tank with a
                          minimum 3000 litre capacity;
                          Rainwater tanks must receive rainfall from at least one half of the roof catchment area or 100m2,
                          whichever is lesser;
                          Rainwater tanks must supply water to external use and internal use to toilet cisterns and washing
                          machine cold water taps; and
                          Internal fixtures (toilet cisterns and washing machine cold water taps) supplied from a rainwater
                          tank must have a continuous supply by using an automatic switching device or a trickle top up

BD-CK-001                                                             Page 4 of 4                                                      Compiled: 1995
Rev: 23                                                       Class 1 Dwelling Checklist                                          Reviewed: 08/03/2010
  [Printed copies are uncontrolled. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that any copies of Management System documents are the current issue.]

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