WebDAV for the Macintosh Operating System

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					             WebDAV for the Macintosh Operating System
          This publication provides an alternative method for obtaining
         easy access to your district myfiles.olatheschools.com account.

Setting Up the WebDAV Connection for Macintosh Computers

Step #1: Obtaining Goliath Software

To connect to the myfiles.olatheschools server, using a secure connection, you must first
download/install the Goliath client software, which provides WebDAV support for both OS X
and MacOS Classic environments (8.x - 9.x). Download Goliath from the Olathe District
Schools Instructional Technology website, in the “File Management” section of the website.

Once downloaded, drag the dmg file into the “Applications” folder as shown below.
Step #2: Opening up a Connection to the ODS MyNetworkFiles website:

   1. To open a new connection, launch Goliath.

   2. Click on the “File” menu and then on New Connection.

Enter the secure URL for the ODS Network connection to the myfiles website exactly as
shown below. Pay close attention to capitalization!
Enter your ODS Novell network user name and password.
Click OK.


3. From the Goliath “FILE” Menu, choose “Save Connection As…”

4. Enter a name for your ODS Network Connection such as:
   My ODS Network Files
   In the “Where” box, browse to and then select “Desktop.”
   Click Save.

5. In the future, you may now access your ODS Network files anytime by double-clicking
   the “My ODS Network Files” icon on the Desktop of your Macintosh computer.
Step #3: Accessing Files

Once connected to the ODS Network, you will see a window that provides access to your
network drives/files on the ODS myfiles.olatheschools.com website. You may drag and drop
files into (upload) and out of (download) folders in this window.

Creating a New Folder on a Network Drive
   • Open any desired Network Drive from the myfiles network connection window.
   • From the Goliath Menu, choose Web > New Folder, and then name the folder.

Moving / Copying Files from the Local Computer to / from a Network Drive
  • Drag any files you desire into any folder on the Network Drive.

   •   Example: Drag files from your Desktop into a folder or onto a Network drive..

Reminder: The ODS Technology Department does NOT support home access. Please do
not email the Help Desk for assistance! Thank you for understanding!