W63 N645 Washington Ave. • P.O. Box 49 • Cedarburg, WI 53012
                    Page 2                    CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                                                    3 Registration Information
   8:30-11:30 A.M. and 12:30-4:30 P.M.
         Monday through Friday                      4 Youth Basketball
                                                    5 K5 Sports
       City Hall–Lower Level
      W63 N645 Washington Ave.                      5 Kinder Fall Sports
             P.O. Box 49                            5 Drivers Education Classes
        Cedarburg, WI 53012
                                                    6 Adult Basketball/Volleyball/Softball/Kickball
     _______________________                        6 Golf Instruction, Open Gyms
                                                    6 Winter Fun Run
                                                    7 Aerobics/Zumba/Cardio Fitness Programs
 Parks and Recreation
                                                    7 Home School PE
   Office: .………….................. 375-7611
 Senior Center: .…………....…. 375-7644                8 Gymboree Programs
 Forestry: .………………....…... 375-7662                 9 Swimming Badges
     _______________________                        9 Lifeguard Class

     DEPARTMENT STAFF                               9 Water Fitness/Lap Swimming
                                                   10 Special Events
 Mikko Hilvo, CPRP
  Director of Parks, Recreation, & Forestry        10 Nordic Walking Clinic
 Kevin Westphal,                                   11 Ozaukee Special Olympics
  Superintendent of Parks & Forestry
 Carol LaFontaine, CPRP                            11 CPR/First Aid Classes
  Senior Center Director                           11 Youth Center
 Sharon Possley,
                                                   12 Babysitting Safety
  Assistant Senior Center Director
 Danny Friess,                                     12 Sledding/Skating
  Recreation Supervisor                            13 Youth Baseball/Softball
 Chris Robel,
  Secretary                                        13 Form & Fitness
                                                   14 Senior Center Activities
   City Departments, Parks & Recreation            15 Senior Center Activities
     _______________________                       16 Senior Center Activities
                                                   17 Community Organizations
           MEMBERS OF
                                                   17 Civic Band
 Southeast Park and Recreation Council             18 Sponsors
Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
National Recreation and Park Association           19 Registration Forms
                                                   20 Community Events Calendar
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                          Page 3

In fairness to all City, Town and Cedarburg School
District residents, our recreation program registration           HOW TO REGISTER
procedure has been modified. Resident registrations
will be accepted beginning Tuesday, September 2. To         STEP 1
avoid having to stand in long lines to register, mail-in
and 24-hour drop box registration is encouraged for         Complete the registration form on the back page.
the first few days of registration.                         Please fill out all information clearly. Be sure to list
                                                            your second choice for a program if you prefer one.
All non-resident registrations will be accepted and         Note: some of the programs will have special reg-
processed beginning Friday September 5.                     istration forms available at a later date.
Registration is ongoing until the classes fill or through
the start of the program. Enrollment is limited for
                                                            STEP 2
most programs. Be sure to list your second choice for       Make checks payable to:
a program.                                                  CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPT.

                                                            STEP 3
                RESIDENCY:                                  _____________________________________________
RESIDENTS: Mail-in, drop box, and walk-in (in-per-
son) registrations will be processed randomly begin-        Simply fill out the registration form and mail your
ning Tuesday, September 2. All registrations received       check or money order to:
after September 2 will be processed on a first-come,             Cedarburg Parks and Recreation Department
first-served basis.                                              W63 N645 Washington Avenue
                                                                 P O Box 49
NON-RESIDENTS: Under a contractual agreement,                    Cedarburg, WI 53012
the Town of Cedarburg pays a portion of the
Recreation Programs and Administration budget.
                                                            DROP OFF
Therefore, for recreation programs, a resident is any-
one residing in the City or Town of Cedarburg or in         24-hour drop box is located outside the south
the Cedarburg School District.                              entrance of City Hall. Place your registration form
                                                            with payment in an envelope, addressed to Parks
FACILITY RESERVATIONS:                                      and Recreation Department.
The City of Cedarburg has park and recreation facili-
ties which are available for rent. Contact the Parks and    WALK-IN
Recreation Department at 375-7611 for details on            Registrations for winter activities will be accepted
rental costs and reservation procedures.                    in person during office hours of 8:30 - 11:30 A.M.
REFUNDS:                                                    and 12:30 - 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday,
A $10.00 processing fee will be charged for refunds         beginning Tuesday, September 2.
prior to the program start date. Once the program
begins, no refunds are issued unless the program is         STEP 4
cancelled by the department.                                CONFIRMATIONS
                                                            The Cedarburg Parks and Recreation Department
                                                            will send a confirmation only if a registrant
             JOB OPENINGS                                   includes a self-addressed stamped envelope when
                                                            registering by mail or drop box. If one is not
     Basketball Officials, Aerobics Instructors,
                                                            enclosed, no confirmation will be sent. You will be
             Scorekeepers, Lifeguards,                      contacted by phone only if classes are cancelled or
    Building Supervisors, Pool CS/Concessions.              filled. If you are not notified, assume your class
          We are also looking for Volunteers                will continue as scheduled and attend the first
               for our special events.                      class.
                              Page 4                     CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                                                                   This program is for girls to learn the game of basketball in
COED BASKETBALL 1ST GRADE                                          a fun, non-competitive setting. Emphasis will be placed on
This program is for boys and girls to learn the game of bas-       learning basic basketball skills. Enrollment is limited.
ketball in a fun, non-competitive setting. Emphasis will be
placed on learning basic skills. Enrollment is limited.            CLASS # 3111-1
                                                                   LOCATION:      Westlawn School Gym
CLASS #3110-1                                                      DATES:         December 6 - March 14
LOCATION:     Thorson School Gym                                                  (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)
DATES:        December 6 - March 14                                DAYS:          Saturdays, 10:00 - 11:00 A.M.
              (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)   FEE:           $50 Resident
DAYS:         Saturdays, 10:00 - 11:00 A.M.                                       $55 Non-Resident
FEE:          $50.00 Resident
              $55.00 Non-Resident
                                                                   GIRLS BASKETBALL 4TH - 5TH GRADE
CLASS #3110-2                                                      This program is for girls to learn the game of basketball in
LOCATION:     Westlawn School Gym                                  a fun, non-competitive setting. Enrollment is limited.
DATES:        December 6 - March 14
              (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)   CLASS #3113
DAYS:         Saturdays, 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.                   LOCATION:          Thorson School Gym
FEE:          $50 Resident                                         DATES:             December 6 - March 14
              $55 Non-Resident                                                        (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)
                                                                   DAYS:              Saturdays 1:30 - 2:30pm
BOYS BASKETBALL 2ND - 3RD GRADE                                    FEE:               $50 Resident/$55 Non-Resident
This program is for boys to learn the game of basketball in
a fun, non-competitive setting. Emphasis will be placed on
learning basic skills. Enrollment is limited.                                  YOUTH BASKETBALL LEAGUES
                                                                   These leagues are designed to provide a positive team expe-
CLASS #3112-1                                                      rience for youth. Players learn basic basketball skills and
LOCATION:     Thorson School Gym                                   the concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship. A separate,
DATES:        December 6 - March 14                                specific registration form is required for this program.
              (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)   The form will be available in the Department Office, on
DAYS:         Saturdays, 9:00 - 10:00 A.M.                         the City website and in Cedarburg Schools beginning
FEE:          $50.00 Resident                                      Monday, September 29. Registration deadline is October 24.
              $55.00 Non-Resident
                                                                   FEE:               $60.00
CLASS #3112-2
LOCATION:     Thorson School Gym                                   4TH & 5TH GRADES – COED LEAGUE
DATES:        December 6 - March 14                                Practices:   Begin at the end of November, during
              (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)                the week. Teams practice twice per week.
DAYS:         Saturdays, 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.                   Games:       At the Community Center Gym January -
FEE:          $50 Resident                                                      March on Friday nights, Saturdays and
              $55 Non-Resident                                                  Sundays.

CLASS #3112-3                                                      6TH, 7TH, 8TH GRADES -
LOCATION:     Thorson School Gym                                   BOYS LEAGUE AND GIRLS LEAGUE
DATES:        December 6 - March 14                                Practices:    Begin at the end of November, during
              (No class Dec. 27, Jan. 3 & Thorson Carnival date)                 the week. Teams practice twice per week.
DAYS:         Saturdays, 12:30 - 1:30 P.M.                         Games:        At the Cedarburg High School Gym
FEE:          $50 Resident                                                       January - March on Saturdays and
              $55 Non-Resident                                                   Sundays.
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                                     Page 5

                 K5 SPORT SPECTACULAR
This non-competitive program for K5 children will intro-
duce a variety of sports including basketball, floor hockey,
soccer and football. Low organized games are used to
encourage sportsmanship and aide in the development of
basic skills: running, jumping, catching, and throwing.

LOCATION: Westlawn School Gym
DATES:     Class #3109-1:  Saturdays
                           Dec. 6 - March 14
                           (No Class Dec. 27, Jan. 3
                           & Thorson Carnival)
TIME:   9:00am - 10:00am
FEE:    $50 Resident, $55 Non-Resident

                 KINDER FALL SPORTS
Children ages 4 and 5 years will develop skills such as fol-
lowing rules, kicking, catching, throwing, and running in a
variety of games and sports.

AGE:           4-5 years
TIME:          Saturdays, 9:00am - 10:00am
DATES:         October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 8
LOCATION:      Westlawn School
FEE:           $45 Resident, $50 Non-Resident

                            DRIVERS EDUCATION CLASSES
 Why choose A-Plus Driving School?
 + Only School to offer home pick-up and drop-off for driving lessons!
 + Committed to providing the service and facilities our families have come to expect
 + Experienced Certified instructors with combined 52+ years of professional service
 + Conveniently located 2 blocks from CHS in downtown Cedarburg
                                                                                                        HOME PICK-UP
 + Competitive pricing
 + Teaching Cedarburg Students since 1996
 Students may begin classroom instruction around age 15. The full course includes the State required 30
 hours of classroom education and 12 hours of professional behind-the-wheel instruction.

 Course                 Class Dates:                           Class Times:
 FaIl/Winter Classes
 1-090808-1             Sept. 8-Sept. 27                       Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
 1-092908-1             Sept. 29-Oct. 18                       Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
 1-102008-1             Oct. 20-Nov. 8                         Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
 1-112408-1             Nov. 24-Dec. 16                        Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
 1-122908-1             Dec. 29-Jan. 20                        Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
 1-012609-1             Jan. 26-Feb. 14                        Mon-Thurs 6:15-8:15   and   Sat.   9:00-11:00 AM
                                                               *Excluding Holidays

       A-Plus Driving School-Lincoln Building - W63 N643 Washington Ave - Cedarburg WI 53012- Tel (262) 377-6106
                            Page 6                    CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

ADULT BASKETBALL LEAGUE                                         2009 ADULT KICKBALL LEAGUE
Team applications will be accepted starting September 8,        Co-ed League will begin forming in March, 2009. Games
2008. Preference will be given to those teams that were in      are played on Sunday evenings from May through August
the league last season. Deadline for registration is            at Behling Field. For more information, contact the
September 26, 2008. Contact the Department Office for           Department at 375-7611.
application information.
LOCATION: Webster School Gym                                                              ADULT VOLLEYBALL
                 W75 N624 Wauwatosa Road                                                  LEAGUES
DAY:             Wednesday evenings                                                       Recreational, non-officiated
DATES:           October 8 - March 11                                                     leagues are available for men
FEES:            Team Entry Fee:           $375.00                                        and women. Teams that played
                 Resident Player Fee:      $10.00                                         last season will be given pref-
                 Non-Resident Player Fee: $20.00                                          erence in submitting a team
             ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING:                                                      application.    Contact    the
                Wednesday, October 1, 2008                                                Department for application
This “open gym” program features pick-up games of bas-                                    FEES: Team Entry Fee: $90.00
ketball. Participants must be out of high school.                                         Resident Player Fee: $10.00
LOCATION: Community Center Gym                                                            Non-Res. Player Fee: $20.00
                 W63 N641 Washington Avenue                                               APPLICATION DEADLINE:
DAY:             Sundays                                                                  Friday, September 26, 2009
DATES:           October 19 - March 15 (Closed Nov. 23,
                 Dec. 28, Feb. 8)                               Men’s League
TIMES:           7:30 - 9:30 P.M.                               LOCATION:      Webster School Gym
FEE:             $3.00                                                         W75 N624 Wauwatosa Road
This “open gym” program features pick-up games of bas-          DAY:           Monday evenings
ketball. Participants must be out of high school.               DATES:         October 6 - March 9

ADULT NOON HOUR OPEN GYM                                        Women’s League
LOCATION: Community Center Gym                                  LOCATION: Community Center Gym
          W63 N641 Washington Avenue                                             W63 N641 Washington Avenue
DAY:      Fridays                                               DAY:             Monday evenings
DATES:    September 5 - July 31 (Off August, Nov. 28,           DATES:           October 6 - March 9
          Dec. 5, July 3)                                       *If you are interested in officiating in any of the
TIMES:    11:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.                                Department-sponsored leagues, please contact the Parks
FEE:      $3.00 daily                                           and Recreation Department for more information and an
          Season Pass: $70                                      application. (262) 375-7611.

WINTER FUN RUN                                                  GOLF INSTRUCTION
Cedarburg/Grafton Winter Fun Run                                Get back in the swing! This six-
For serious runners who may be going through racing             week program is designed to help
withdrawal during the long winter months and for those          not only the beginner but also for
not so serious but would like to run with others in an          those wanting to improve their golf
organized “fun” event, this is it! Run or Walk from             skills. Class is open to children ages
Cedarburg City Hall to Grafton Senior Center. Healthy           13 and over (parent must also regis-
Snack will be provided in Grafton. When you are ready to        ter for the class) and adults.
go home a bus will bring participants back to Cedarburg.        Participants must provide their own
All entries will receive a t-shirt. No prizes or awards, just   equipment. Program fee does not
bragging rights that you ran this winter.                       include driving range costs.
DAY:              Saturday                                      LOCATION: Community Center
DATE:             December 13                                                     Gym
TIME:             Starts at 8:00am                              DAYS:             Monday or
REGISTER BY: December 8                                                           Wednesday
FEE:              $10                                           DATES:            CLASS #2190: April 14 - May 19

2009 ADULT SOFTBALL LEAGUES                                                    CLASS #2191: April 16 - May 21
Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed Church Leagues begin forming          TIMES:         7:00 - 8:00 P.M.
in February and March, 2009. Games are played from May          FEE:           $45.00 Resident
through August at Behling Field. For more information,                         $55.00 Non-Resident
contact the Department at 375-7611
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                                   Page 7

AEROBICIZE WITH THE BEAT                                         LOW IMPACT FITNESS EXERCISE
Come and join a group of new instructors for a high-inten-       Join us for a fun and healthy workout the low impact way!
sity dance aerobic work-out. Participants are encouraged         One foot on the ground at all times minimizes the impact to
to work at their own pace. Register prior to the first class     your joints. Class involves a full range of aerobic exercise,
using the registration form in the booklet or in person at       strength training and stretching to build stamina, maintain
the Department Office.                                           muscle tone and achieve greater flexibility. We encourage
                                                                 you to work at your own pace and we offer alternatives if
LOCATION:                     Community Center Gym               needed. Every “Body” is welcome! Register prior to the
DATES:  Class #2213           September 2 - October 16           first class using the registration form in the booklet or in
                              (No class 9/9)                     person at the Department Office.
              Class #2214     October 28 - December 11
                              (No class 11/4, 11/27)             LOCATION:                   Community Center Gym
              Class #2210     Jan. 6 - Feb. 19 (No class 2/17)   DATES: Class #2215          Sept. 2 - Oct. 17 (No class 9/9)
              Class #2211     Feb. 24 - April 9                         Class #2216          Oct. 27 - Dec. 12
                              (No classes 4/7)                                               (No class 11/4, 11/27, 11/28, 12/5)
              Class #2212     April 21 - June 4                                              (No pm classes 12/4)
                                                                            Class #2219      Jan. 5 - Feb. 20, (No class 2/17)
DAYS:              Tuesdays and Thursdays                                   Class #2220      Feb. 23 - April 10
TIME:              9:15 - 10:15 A.M.                                                         (No class April 7)
FEES:              $26.00 Resident                                          Class #2221      April 20 - June 5
                   $31.00 Non-Resident                                                       (No class 5/25)
Instructor:        Evelyn Nowak
                                                                 DAYS:                 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
CARDIO FUSION                                                    TIME:                 8:00 - 9:00 A.M.
This 60 minute class uses dance movements, yoga and pli-         FEES:                 $33.00 Resident
ates techniques, along with weights and stretching to pro-                             $38.00 Non-Resident
vide a complete workout. Bring energy to your day with
this early morning start!                                        DAYS:                Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                 TIME:                8:00am - 9:00 am or 5:30 - 6:30pm
DAYS:              Mondays and Wednesdays                        FEES:                $26 Resident
TIME:              6:45 - 7:45 A.M.                                                   $31 Non-Resident
SESSIONS:          1: October 27 - December 10                   Instructors: Sandie Kass, Sue Pipkorn, Janis Gralewski.
                   2: January 5 - February 18
                   3: February 23 - April 8                              HOMESCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                   4: April 20 - June 5 (no class May 25)                                  (ages 5 - 14)
FEES:              $50 Resident                                  We will teach and have you practice the skills that are used
                   $55 Non-Resident                              in the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests. The program tests
Instructor:        Sandie Kass                                   the level of physical fitness in five events - curl ups, shuttle
                                                                 run, endurance run, push ups, sit and reach. Participants
ZUMBA                                                            will have the chance to receive various awards given by the
Zumba Zoom…Exercise with a lively beat! Come try the             Presidential Fitness Program. This is a nationwide program
new fitness craze that is sweeping the nation! Zumba fuses       used in various schools and recreation centers. In addition,
Latin and global music, using dynamic and energetic dance        each day will include a game. (6 weeks)
themes to give you a dose of fun and fitness! This workout       DAY:             Wednesday
is unlike any you have ever done before – you’ll forget that     DATE:            Session 1: Sept. 24 - Oct. 29
you’re working out because the focus of Zumba is the                              Session 2: Jan. 28 - March 4
music! You’ll dance like you’ve never danced before, all the     TIME:            2:00pm - 3:00pm
while gaining the benefits of an aerobic workout. All fitness    LOCATION: Community Center Gym
levels are welcome, and no previous dance background is          Instructor:      Staff
necessary. Anyone, and everyone, is invited to sweat it out      Enrollment:      Min. 6, Max. 25
with Zumba!
                                                                 Register Before:
DATES: Session 1: Sept. 2 - Oct. 16 (No class Sept. 9)           1 week prior to the
          Session 2: Oct. 28 - Dec 11 (No class Nov. 4, 27)      beginning of the class.
          Session 3: Jan. 6 - Feb. 19 (No class Feb. 17)         FEE:
          Session 4: Feb. 24 - April 9 (No class April 7)        $25 Resident
          Session 5: April 21 - June 4                           $35 Non-Resident
DAYS: Tuesday & Thursday
TIME: 6:00am - 7:00am
FEE:      $50 Resident, $55 Non-Resident
Instructor: Joy Brezovar
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                                                 GYMBOREE CLASSES
Gymboree is the worldwide leader in providing classes for preschool children. In consultation with experts in the field of
early childhood education, such as Dr. Harvey Karp, LeapFrog Schoolhouse, Zero to Three, and many others, we have
carefully crafted our programs to benefit every child physically, cognitively and emotionally. The Gymboree programs are
brought to your community by the Brookfield Square Gymboree Play & Music location. For more information, visit our
website at These classes will be held at the Cedarburg Community Gym.
GYMBOREE PRESCHOOL                                                GYMBOREE INFANTS
We’ll focus on developing sport skills including themes           In this class, we’ll explore the senses and support visual
such as “catching”, “obstacle courses”, and “kicking” with        and auditory development with tummy time, flashlight
fun activities. We’ll also focus on essential skills for school   play, first songs and more. Includes parent discussion time
readiness including sharing, listening, and cooperation.          to help learn about your child’s development and Infant
                                                                  Massage to connect and bond with your new baby.
Session 1: October 1 - November 5 (Themes: Catching,
Obstacle Courses, Kicking)                                        DAY:              Wednesdays
Session 2: January 14 - February 18 (Themes: Jumping,             TIME:             10:15 - 11:00 A.M.
Changing Directions, Relays)                                      AGE:              Birth - 6 months
                                                                  MIN/MAX:          5/15
DAY:              Wednesdays                                      FEE:              $55 Res., $60 Non-Res.
TIME:             9:15 - 10:00 A.M.
AGE:              3-5 years                                       Session 1:   September 17 - October 22
MIN/MAX:          5/15                                            Session 2:   October 29 - December 3
FEE:              $50 Resident, $55 Non-Resident                  Session 3:   January 14 - February 18
                                                                  Session 4:   February 25 - April 1
We’ll be inspired together and make memories n the                FAMILY GYMBOREE
Gymboree on the Go Art Studio. Sculpt with a giant block of       Bring all your children to the same class and enjoy fun
clay, design a family tree, paint a mural or make a creation      learning activities created for groups of siblings and
of your very own. Projects are family centered and suitable       friends. With classes devoted to supporting multi-aged
for multiple age groups.                                          learning, children 6 month - 5 years are encouraged to
                                                                  socially interact and learn from each other. Activities pro-
DAY:              Wednesdays                                      vide fun new challenges for every developmental stage.
TIME:             12:30 - 1:15 P.M.
AGE:              18 months - 5 years                             DAY:              Wednesdays
MIN/MAX:          5/15                                            TIME:             11:15 - 12:00 P.M.
FEE:              $55 Resident, $60 Non-Resident                  AGE:              6 months - 5 years
                                                                  MIN/MAX:          5/15
Session 1:   September 17 - October 22                            FEE:              $55 Res., $60 Non-Res.
Session 2:   October 29 - December 3
Session 3:   January 14 - February 18                             Session 1:   September 17 - October 22
Session 4:   February 25 - April 1                                Session 2:   October 29 - December 3
                                                                  Session 3:   January 14 - February 18
GLOBAL KIDS                                                       Session 4:   February 25 - April 1
“Toot, toot”, do you hear the train whistle? Jump on board
as we travel to a new area of the world each week. We’ll
explore areas such as Canada, Africa, and Europe with
movement activities, music, props, and a craft – perfect for
helping to establish early cultural awareness. We’ll record
our journey each week in our travel journal which will be a
lasting souvenir of this fun class!

DAY:              Wednesdays
TIME:             8:15 - 8:45 A.M.
AGE:              18 months - 5 years
MIN/MAX:          5/15
FEE:              $55 Resident, $60 Non-Resident

Session 1:   September 17 - October 22
Session 2:   October 29 - December 3
Session 3:   January 14 - February 18
Session 4:   February 25 - April 1
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                                    Page 9

SWIMMING BADGE (All Scouts)                                        LIFEGUARD CLASS – ages 15+
Complete your Swimming Badge. Activities include: basic            This American Red Cross class will certify you as a
reaching and throwing assists, use of the buddy system, float      Lifeguard. Topics Covered: 1) Lifeguard Skills, 2) CPR 3)
with clothing, self help in cold water or strong current, exper-   Use of an AED, 4) First Aid. Course Fees include a
iment with various swim strokes. Scouts should have com-           Lifeguard Book and a Rescue Mask.
pleted Red Cross Level II or be able to swim 25 yards on the       *You must attend all classes in order to receive certification.
front or back. Scouts unable to swim the required skills will
not complete all the requirements. The workshop will               DAY:               Saturday
include 11⁄2 hour of instruction and 1⁄2 hour of open swim.        DATES:             Feb. 28 - April 25 (No class 4/11 & 4/18)
Students need to bring long pants, button down long sleeve         TIME:              1:00pm - 6:00pm
shirt, shoes and socks that are clean but can go in the water.     LOCATION:          Cedarburg High School Pool
DAY:                Friday                                         Instructor:        Karrie Suhr
DATE:               February 20                                    ENROLLMENT:        min. 6, max. 12
TIME:               6:00pm - 8:00pm                                Register Before:   February 20
LOCATION:           Cedarburg High School Pool                     FEE:               $150
ENROLLMENT: min. 10, max. 40
Register Before: February 13                                       WATER FITNESS
FEE:                $10 Resident, $15 Non-Resident                 Swimmers and non-swimmers can benefit from this vigor-
                                                                   ous, well-rounded fitness class that improves circulation,
AQUANAUT BADGE                                                     strength and flexibility without the impact of land aerobics.
(Weblos Scouts)                                                    Punchcard gives you the flexibility to attend the classes that
Complete your Aquanaut Badge.                                      fit your schedule. Times subject to change.
Activities include: surface dives,                                 LOCATION: Cedarburg High School Pool
use of lifejackets, introduction to                                DATES:        Session 1:     Sept. 29 - Dec. 17
mask, fins and snorkel, basic                                                                   Monday - Thursday
reaching and throwing assists, use                                                              (No Class 10/14)
of the buddy system, use of the                                                  Session 2:     Jan. 5 – May 14
safe swim defense. Scouts should                                                                Monday - Thursday
have completed Red Cross level III                                                              (No Class 1/15, 1/22, 4/13 - 4/16)
or be able to submerge head com-                                   TIMES:                       7:30 - 8:30 P.M.
pletely and swim a stroke on front                                 FEES:         Resident:      $4.00 per class
and back in the shallow and deep                                                                $45.00 for 12 punch card
water for one length of the pool.                                                               $80.00 for 24 punch card
Scouts unable to swim the                                                        Non-Resident: $6.00 per class
required skills will not complete                                                               $65.00 for 12 punch card
all the requirements. Workshop                                                                  $120.00 for 24 punch card
will include 11⁄2 hours of instruc-
tion and 1⁄2 hour of open swim.                                    DEEP WATER FITNESS
DAY:                Friday                                         The deep water class will give your joints and bones even
DATE:               January 16                                     more of a rest while you work your muscles and get in an
TIME:               6:00pm - 8:00pm                                excellent cardiovascular workout.
LOCATION:           Cedarburg High School Pool                     LOCATION: Cedarburg High School Pool
ENROLLMENT: min. 10, max. 40                                       DATES:         September 29 - December 17:
Register Before: January 9                                                        Mon. & Thurs.
FEE:                $10 Resident, $15 Non-Resident                                Jan. 5 - May 14: Monday & Thursday
                                                                   TIME:          7:30pm - 8:30pm
WATER FUN BADGE (Junior Girl Scouts)                               FEES:          Same as water fitness
Complete your Water Fun Badge. Activities include: basic
reaching and throwing assists, use of lifejackets, use of the      LAP SWIMMING
buddy system, introduction to the pool and lifeguard               Lap lanes available for adults and teens (13 years and older)
duties, how to use clothes in cold, wet, and warm environ-         that are accompanied by a parent.
ments. Scouts need little swim experience, and they must           LOCATION: Cedarburg High School Pool
be comfortable in the water. The workshop will include 11⁄2        DATES:        Session 1:     Sept. 29 - Dec. 17
hours of instruction and 1⁄2 hour of open swim.                                  Session 2:     Jan. 5 - May 14
DAY:               Friday                                          TIMES:                       7:30 - 8:30 P.M.
DATE:              March 6                                                                      Monday - Thursday
TIME:              6:00pm - 8:00pm                                 FEES:         Resident:      $3.00 per time
LOCATION:          Cedarburg High School Pool                                                   $33.00 for 12 punch card
ENROLLMENT: min. 10, max. 40                                                                    $60.00 for 24 punch card
Register Before: February 27                                                     Non-Resident: $5.00 per time
FEE:               $10 Resident, $15 Non-Resident                                               $55.00 for 12 punch card
                                                                                                $100 for 24 punch card
                             Page 10                    CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                                              SPECIAL EVENTS
Come listen to your favorite local bands and enjoy the com-
pany of your friends. Feel free to dress up in a Halloween
                                                                        CITY OF
costume or come as yourself. Prizes will be awarded for the           CEDARBURG
best costumes.
               October 31 - Starting at 6:00pm
               Community Gym
                                                                    TRICK OR TREAT
FEE:           $3.00 at the door                                            Friday
                                                                           October 31,
Gravity Benders will once again entertain you with their                      2008
flips and dance moves. This group out of Milwaukee have
performed all over Wisconsin and been in competition in
                                                                        6:00pm - 9:00pm
Chicago. Their Halloween Themed show will keep you
entertained all evening. There is also a chance for you to
learn some “moves” from the performers after the show.

WHEN:          October 24 - Starting at 7pm
WHERE:         Community Center Gym
FEE:           $7.00 at the door

Once again the Cedarburg Parks and Recreation
Department is offering this very popular Nordic Walking
Class. Nordic Walking burns more calories than regular
walking and works the upper body as well as the lower             FAMILY PUZZLE CONTEST
body muscles. The class is taught by a Certified Trainer and      It’s Family Time! Come join other Families to finish a 500
Nordic Walking Expert. This activity can be done outdoors         piece jigsaw puzzle for a chance to win a 2008 Cedarburg
all year long. Class fee includes free set of poles with straps   Pool Family Resident Swim Pass. (Feel free to bring snacks
and extra tips.                                                   and drinks for your family to enjoy while putting the puz-
                                                                  zle together)
LOCATION:      Community Gym                                      Sponsored by BJ Becks Toys.
DATE:          October 2                                          FEE:           $10 per family
DAY:           Thursday                                           DATE:          February 6
TIME:          6:00pm                                             DAY:           Friday
Register by:   September 14                                       TIME:          6:00pm
FEE:           Resident $55, Non-Resident $60                     LOCATION: Senior Center

                                                     HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY & SHOW
                                                                   (ages 2 - 12 Years)
                                               Cedarburg’s 3rd annual costume party includes games, prizes,
                                               costume judging and entertainment. All children must be
                                               accompanied by a parent. A magician will perform from
                                               7:00pm - 8:00pm after the costume party. Costume judging
                                               done between 6:15pm - 6:45pm.
                                               *Sponsored by Cedarburg Junior Woman’s Club.

                                               Day:           Wednesday
                                               Date:          October 29
                                               Time:          6:00 - 8:00pm
                                               Location:      Community Center Gym
                                               Fee:           FREE
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                             Page 11

                                                              HEARTSAVER AED
         OZAUKEE SPECIAL OLYMPICS                             (Ages 16+)
 A year round program that provides athletic training         This American Heart Association class will teach you how
 and sports competition for individuals with develop-         to do CPR and also how to use an Automated External
 ment disabilities. Open to athletes 8 years and older.       Defibrillator. Certification card will be given at the end of
 Athletes participate in volleyball and basketball. For       the class. For more information please call: (262) 375-7611.
 further information contact Pat Armbruster at 375-2651.
                                                              LOCATION:       CITY HALL LOWER LEVEL
 LOCATION:       Community Center Gym                         DATES:          Session 1: November 12
                                                                              Session 2: April 15
 DATES:          September - March
                                                              TIME:           6:00pm - 10:00pm
 TIME:           Tuesday evening 6:45 - 8:15 pm               FEE:            $45 Resident, $55 Non-Resident
                                                              Instructor:     Mikko Hilvo, AHA Certified Instructor

HEARTSAVER CPR                                                AMERICAN RED CROSS FIRST AID
(Ages 16+)                                                    (Ages 16 +)
You never know when you have to perform CPR in the            This American Red Cross basic First Aid Course will teach
workplace, in public, or at home. This class will teach you   you skills to provide care of a person who is injured or
Adult/Child/Infant CPR and also how to help someone           becomes suddenly ill.
who is choking. This class is an American Heart Association
Class.                                                        LOCATION:       CITY HALL LOWER LEVEL
                                                              DATES:          Session 1: October 14 & 16
LOCATION:       CITY HALL LOWER LEVEL                                         Session 2: March 17 & 19
DATES:          Session 1: Oct. 7 & Oct. 9                    TIME:           6:00pm - 9:00pm
                Session 2: March 10 & 12                      FEE:            $45 Resident, $55 Non-Resident
TIMES:          6:00pm - 9:00pm                               Instructor:     Mikko Hilvo, Red Cross Certified
FEE:            $45 Resident, $55 Non-Resident
Instructor:     Mikko Hilvo, AHA Certified Instructor

                             CEDARBURG YOUTH CENTER
                                        Cedarburg Community Center Gym
                                           W63 N641 Washington Ave.

  The Cedarburg Youth Center (CYC) is open Monday through Thursday afternoons October 6 through April
  30. CYC hours will be from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm Activities include open gym, air hockey, ping-pong, pool,
  foosball, video games (Wii) and concessions. The CYC is open to all students in grades 5th - 8th who reside
  in the Cedarburg School District.

  This is a “drop-in” program with a $2.00 fee per day payable upon entry. For further information contact
  the Parks and Recreation Department at 375-7611.
                            Page 12                   CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                                       BABYSITTING SAFETY
   In cooperation with the American Red Cross, a seven-hour babysitting course for youth, ages 11 - 15 year olds, will
   stress babysitter safety. The course will teach you everything you need to be a great babysitter. This fun interactive
   course teaches first aid and safety skills so you can prevent and respond to emergencies. And, as a Red-Cross-trained
   babysitter, you’ll gain confidence and valuable skills to impress parents.

   LOCATION:        Cedarburg City Hall, Room 2, lower level
   DATES:           CLASS #1115 - 9        October 15 & 16
                                           4:00 - 7:30 P.M.

                    CLASS #1115 - 1          February 11 & 12
                                             4:00 - 7:30 P.M.

                    CLASS #1115 - 2          April 21 & 22
                                             4:00 - 7:30 P.M.
   FEE:             Residents:     $90
                    Non-Residents: $100

The City will maintain the river at Boy Scout Park and the
lagoon at Woodland Park for ice skating. A heated shelter is
                                                                      GREEN LIGHT/FLAG –
provided at Boy Scout Park. No other ponds or lagoons are
maintained by the City for skating.
                                                                            Ice is Safe
The rinks are closed when the temperature falls below zero,            RED LIGHT/FLAG –
until the rinks can be plowed after a snow storm, or unsea-
sonable weather conditions. The rink at Boy Scout Park is lit
                                                                         Ice is NOT Safe
for evening skating.
                                                                    CAUTION: THE RINKS AND SLEDDING HILLS
                                                                    ARE NOT SUPERVISED, SKATE AND SLED AT
                                                                               YOUR OWN RISK.

Three hills in the City of Cedarburg are available for sled-
ding: Centennial Park, E. Stephen Fischer Park, and Cedar
Creek Park.

CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                           Page 13

            2009 YOUTH T-BALL/HARDBALL/                                             GIRLS FASTPITCH
                   SOFTBALL LEAGUES                                          CONTACT: Terry Wagner 377-6212
Registration forms will be available in Cedarburg Schools
and on the City website after February 2, 2009. This pro-                    U12 & U14
gram is open to children living in the Cedarburg School                      Tryouts: Sept. 17 3:00pm - U14
District currently in K through 8th grade. Child must be 5                                     4:30pm - U12
prior to June 1, 2009 to participate.                                                 Sept. 20 8:30am - U12
                                                                                               10:00am - U14
CONTACT: Jeff Gylland, 377-1709                                              Tryouts will be held at Webster Fields.
Juniors:      3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades                                      Be on time bring both glove and spikes.
              Adlai Horn Park diamond                                        We will supply helmets and bats.
Seniors:      7th and 8th grades
              Cedarburg High School diamond
*Tryouts are Oct. 4 & 5

                                                              CLASS DAYS AND TIMES:

                                                              Group Active
   *In partnership with Form and Fitness, the Cedarburg       Monday & Wednesday: 6:30am
   Parks and Recreation department is offering various fit-
   ness classes. Register at the Park and Recreation Dept.
                                                              Group Power/Centergy             FITNESS
                                                              Monday & Wednesday: 12:00pm
            Session 1: September 9 - October 15                                                CLASSES
            Session 2: October 20 - November 27               Group Active/Group Power
            Session 3: January 12 - February 19               Tuesday & Thursday: 6:35pm
            Session 4: February 23 - April 2
                                                              Group Centergy
   LOCATION: Form and Fitness Grafton                         Wednesday: 6:35pm
   FEES: Residents $55, Non-Residents $60

                                                                     HOMESTEAD PHYSICAL THERAPY
                                                                       ORTHOPEDIC & SPORTS THERAPY
                                                                     SERVING OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 20 YEARS
                                                                        Don Olsen, EdD, PT, OCS • Ann John, OT
                                                 APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists
                                                                          Cedarburg, WI    262-377-4077

                                                                     Proud to be part of the Community

                                                                        W62 N209 Washington Ave.
                                                                             (262) 375-5459
                           Page 14                  CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                             OLDER ADULT ACTIVITIES
1st and 3rd Monday of each month
                                                                 THE CEDARBURG SENIOR CENTER
12:45 PM - 2:30 PM                                             The Cedarburg Senior Center, located in the Lincoln
Blood Pressure Screening                                       Building, W63 N643 Washington Avenue, is open
1st Monday, 11:45 AM                                           Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. All per-
Book Chat                                                      sons 55 and older are welcome. Lounge area, games,
1st, 2nd, and 4th Friday at 1:15 PM                            cards and pool table are available. Registration is neces-
Bridge, 500
                                                               sary for most programs. Call 375-7644 for more informa-
Tuesdays, 1:00 PM
Ceramics                                                       tion on these programs and other services sponsored by
1st & 3rd Thursdays, 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM                        the Senior Center. Monthly newsletter available at the
Christmas Ceramics thru December                               Senior Center or through the mail.
Mondays, 12:30 PM
Chicken Foot                                                           17th ANNUAL TURKEY DINNER
Thursdays 12:45 PM                                                             HOSTED BY FRED BEYER
Exercise - “Get Off Your Rocker”                                          CEDARBURG SENIOR CENTER’S
Tuesdays and Thursdays                                                     17th ANNUAL TURKEY DINNER
10:30 - 11:30 AM                                                      SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2008 - 5:00 P.M.
September 11 - May 22, 2009                                   Since 1990, Fred Beyer has hosted a turkey feast for
Open Studio for Painters                                      Cedarburg area older adults. Seniors are invited to join
Wednesdays, 1:00 PM                                           Fred, his family and a multitude of volunteers as they host
Play Pool                                                     this years’ event. The event will include a full roast turkey
Call for days/times                                           dinner complete with the trimmings plus entertainment.
Sheepshead                                                    Tickets will be on sale beginning Oct. 1 at the Cedarburg
Thursdays, 7:00 - 10:00 PM                                    Senior Center. Admission is by ticket only.
Teddy Bear Class
Fridays 9:00 - 11:00 AM                                               SENIOR CENTER NEWSLETTER
Ewesful Knitters                                                            “THE LINCOLN ADDRESS”
Meet the 1st Monday of each month, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM          Special events, programs, speakers, and tours are adver-
Knit, share ideas and skills. Instruction and demonstration   tised bi-monthly in the newsletter available at the Center or
at each meeting. Beginners to experienced knitters wel-       through the mail at $5.00 per year.
                                                                CEDARBURG SENIOR CENTER CHORUS
          WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP                                 Adults 55 years and older who enjoy music and are inter-
                  WITH CHRIS JUETTER                          ested in singing with a group and entertaining others are
Tuesdays, September 30 - November 18, 2008                    invited to join the Cedarburg Senior Center Singers. The
1:00 p.m ~ 3:15 p.m.                                          group is under the direction of Eugene Bilich and meets on
8 week class - Cost: $56.00                                   Mondays at 12:30 P.M.
Join watercolor students, beginning to advanced to explore
various approaches to handling the medium. We’ll splash,                     THE COFFEE’S ON ME
spatter and create paintings, loosen up and have a ball.                 Wednesday, September 3, October 1,
Classes held at the Cedarburg Senior Center. Call 375-7644               November 5, and December 3, 2008
to register.                                                                          10:30 a.m.
                                                              Each month a different featured speaker and presenter will
        FLU SHOTS ~ OCTOBER 6, 2008                           be at the Cedarburg Senior Center for an informative pro-
            CEDARBURG SENIOR CENTER                           gram presented by Greg Michaels, Investment
                       9 AM - 2 PM                            Representative. No fee, program sponsored by Greg
  Provided by the Ozaukee County Health Department            Michaels. Refreshments served.
Seniors should bring their Medicare cards. For those not on
Medicare, cost is $25 for a flu shot, $40 for a pneumonia

By Cedar Springs & Cedar Gardens of Cedarburg. Monday,
Sept. 8 and then the first Monday of the month.
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                                 Page 15

                               OLDER ADULT ACTIVITIES
       GREAT OPERATIC LOVE STORIES                                        FEINGOLD STAFF TO HOLD
                  September 4 - October 16                             OZAUKEE COUNTY OFFICE HOURS
                       2:00 - 4:00 p.m.                           Rebeca Lopez, Regional Coordinator for U.S. Senator Russ
Romance has always been a central theme of musical the-           Feingold, will hold Ozaukee County office hours on
atre. Corliss Phillabaum, UW–Milwaukee Emeritus                   Wednesday, September 24, 2008. These office hours will
Professor of Theatre will conduct a 6 week class at the           provide residents of the area an opportunity to discuss
Cedarburg Senior Center beginning September 4 devoted             issues of federal concern with a member of Senator
to operatic love stories. Each meeting will explore several       Feingold’s staff.
different works and composers. Video excerpts will be             Ozaukee County office hours will be held at the Cedarburg
shown. Phillabaum lectures regularly and writes reviews           Senior Center, W63N643 Washington Avenue, from 11:00
for Florentine Opera of Milwaukee. For 2 decades he has           am to 12:00 pm.
presented pre-program talks at Opera performances. He             Residents are encouraged to attend. For those who cannot
brings his great insight and love for Opera to the Cedarburg      attend this meeting, Senator Feingold’s Milwaukee staff can
Senior Center for this exciting and interesting 6 week class.     be reached at (414) 276-7282.
Cost is $25.00. Sign-up today. (no class Sept 25)
                                                                          SOLEFULLY YOURS FOOT CARE
      HEALTHYLIVING LECTURE SERIES                                          Wednesday, Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 3
               With Bernard Rosen, PhD                                     Monday, Sept. 22, Oct. 27, Nov. 24, Dec. 22
          NEW MONTHLY SERIES ~ 10:30 am                               at the Cedarburg Senior Center, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
September 10 - Enzymes - The Key to Life                                Sign up at the Cedarburg Senior Center by calling
                              (and Good Digestion)                       375-7644. The cost is $25 for a 30 minute session
October 8 - Hormones - The Regulators of the Body                 Convenient on site care includes; * Foot soak * Gentle exfo-
November 12 - Reducing Your Risk for Diabetes and                 liation wash * Toenail trim * Foot massage * Foot and toe-
                              Heart Disease                       nail assessment/recommendation to podiatry care as neces-
December 10 - Healthy Holiday Tips and Open Q & A                 sary. You are asked to have clean feet and bring 2 towels.
                                                                  There will be a privacy screen provided. Appointments are
Lunch is available following the lecture at the Senior            required.
Center. Call 375-7644 to make reservation.
        This program is free and sponsored by a grant                       DR. FRANKLIN MILLER RETURNS
         from the Cedarburg Junior Women’s Club
                                                                      “AMERICAN MUSIC PIONEERS”
     TAI CHI NEW CLASS STARTS SEPT. 4                                 Thursdays, October 23 through November 20, 2008
Tai Chi is a moving form of Yoga and meditation combined.                                 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
The value of Tai Chi lies in its emphasis on total body inte-     The 20th century represents what is arguably the greatest
gration and developing internal strength, relaxation and          diversity and most widely differing number of musical
coordination. Tai Chi is a gentle exercise, consisting of slow,   styles in the entire history of music. The class will study
rhythmic, fluid movements. The movements of this gentle           and listen to significant music by important 20th Century
exercise are adjustable to fit the health and strength level of   American composers, including iconoclastic artists such as
each individual. Hans Klijnsmit, will lead the sessions in        Charles Ives and Henry Cowell, more traditional com-
the Cedarburg Community Center Gym. 6 week class.                 posers such as Samuel Barber and Roy Harris, attempts to
Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Cost: $35                         employ jazz and folk music idioms indigenous to America
                                                                  as in some music by Gershwin, Copland and Thomson,
              TAI CHI ~ SHORT FORM                                important works in the electronic medium represented by
               NEW CLASS STARTS SEPT. 4                           Luening, Babbitt and Varèse, and finally, the path-breaking
The Sun Style Short Form is specifically designed for but         music of Cage, Glass, Crumb and a number of others. Be
not limited to people who experience the affects of arthritis.    prepared to be surprised, even amazed at what you might
This form of Tai Chi is equally well suited for those of 55       hear during the course!
years and older. It is less demanding than other                            Cost is $25 for the entire class.
styles of Tai Chi, but shares the same principles of                        Payment is due at registration.
harmonizing the energy process within the body                              Instructor: Dr. Franklin S. Miller, Associate
by teaching relaxation, deep breathing techniques                           Professor of Music, emeritus, University of
and concentration on the Tai Chi form. One will                             Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
experience a feeling of well being and improve-                             Possible Wednesday class October 22 through
ment in posture and balance. Hans Klijnsmit, will                           November 19.
lead the sessions in the Cedarburg Community
Center Gym. 6 week class.
Thursdays from 12:00 - 12:45 p.m. Cost: $35
                             Page 16                    CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT

Thursday, December 4              Friday, December 5                            FIRESIDE TOURS 2009
12:00pm – 5:00 P.M.               10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.           Wednesday, February 18 – Those Fabulous Fifties ~ Part 2
                Saturday, December 6                               Friday, March 27 ~ The Fantasticks
                10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.                                                   with a stop at Jones Sausage Outlet
Spaces available for rent to crafters. Call 375-7644 for infor-    Thursday, April 30 ~ Disney’s High School Musical
mation.                                                            Friday, July 17 ~ The Witnesses
                                                                   Wednesday, September 30 ~ The Sound of Music
                          SHOPPING AT                              Thursday, December 10 ~ Fireside Christmas
                                                                                         with a stop at Jones Sausage Outlet
                    BAY SHORE TOWNE CENTER                         More tours coming for 2009. See center newsletter for
                       Wednesday, Sept. 10 and Oct. 8
                   Take the Cedarburg Senior Van to Bay
                   Shore Towne Center in Glendale for an
                   afternoon of shopping. Cost is $10 per
                   person round trip. The van will pick
                   Cedarburg residents up at home at 1:00
                   PM. Pick up at Bay Shore is 4:00 PM.
                   Space is limited. Call 375-7644.

             9TH ANNUAL ART SHOW
               FOR SENIOR ARTISTS                                           MEGA RUMMAGE SALE
Open to any artist in the                                                     CEDARBURG SENIOR CENTER
Cedarburg Area, age 55 and                                         SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2009 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
older. Artists can bring up to                                    Contact the Senior Center at 375-7644 to reserve a space to
three pieces of two-dimension-                                    sell your rummage.
al original artwork, any media.
Space will determine if all                                                    BINGO SPONSORED BY
pieces will be hung. All art-                                                    COMFORT KEEPERS
work must be of original                                          MONDAY - September 24
design, not created from kits.                                    WEDNESDAY, October 29 - Halloween Bingo Party
All artwork must be display                                       MONDAY, November 24 - Thanksgiving Bingo Party
ready, framed with sturdy                                         Cash prizes for bingo provided by a donation from Comfort
hangers, hooks or wires. There                                    Keepers. Come for noon lunch and stay for bingo.
is no fee to enter the show.                                      Reservations are necessary for lunch, call 483-2876 to make
Applications will be available                                    a lunch reservation. A donation for the noon meal will be
after February 2, 2009.                                           accepted.

      TRANSPORTATION FOR SENIORS                                               CPR CLASS FOR ADULT
Driving can often become a problem for the best of driv-                      October 13 & 14 ~ 8:30am - 11:30am
ers. When non-emergency transportation is needed, use             You never know when you have to perform CPR in the
the Cedarburg Senior Center Van Service; leave the driving        workplace, in public, or at home. This class will teach you
to our volunteer drivers. The van is available Monday-            Adult/Child/Infant CPR and also how to help someone
Friday 8 am to 4 pm.                                              who is choking. This class will be held at the Cedarburg
Call 375-7644, 24 hours in advance to schedule a ride.            Senior Center and is an American Heart Association Class
                                                                  taught by AHA Certified Instructor, Mikko Hilvo. Cost is
     THE CEDARBURG DINING CENTER                                  $25 payable at registration. Must attend both days to
You are invited Monday ~ Friday to have lunch with us.            receive certification.
Enjoy a delicious, nutritional meal, conversation and meet
other older adults. This is not an income eligible program.                          OKTOBERFEST
Anyone who is 60 or older is welcome to join us. Make                             PARTY & NOON LUNCH
reservations by calling Anna, Cedarburg mealsite manager                            Wednesday, October 22
at 483-2876 before 11:30 a.m. the day before you plan to              Musical entertainment by Kathleen Jacoby on the
come. JOIN US FOR WEEKLY EVENTS                                       accordion playing your favorite polkas and more.
                                                                  Oktoberfest isn’t just for Germans, we invite everyone to
Serving at 12:00 at the Cedarburg Senior Center, W63 N643         enjoy the fun just like in the old country. There will be
Washington Ave.                                                   music, contests, German theme meal and root beer floats.
       ** First time diners will receive one free lunch**         Reservations are necessary.
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                          Page 17

  PLEASE NOTE: The Cedarburg Parks & Recreation Department does not administer nor does it directly
         sponsor any of the following programs. This information is given for public reference.
                     Please contact respective program providers for information.

American Legion                         Cedarburg 5-corners Lions Club              School District
377-9987                                375-4228                                    376-6100
Cedarburg Colts                         Cedarburg Select Baseball                   Volunteer Center
Pat Moore 377-6542                      Jeff Gylland 377-1799                       377-1616
Chamber                                 Girls Select Fastpitch                      Visitor Center
377-5856                                Terry Wagner 377-6212                       377-9620
Civic Band                              Junior Woman’s Club                         Cedarburg/Grafton Rotary                            377-1681
Cedarburg Soccer Club                   Cedarburg Woman’s Club                      Senior Chorus                 375-3404                                    Senior Center 375-7644
Cedarburg Basketball Club               Cultural Center                             Festivals             Matthew Brockmeier 375-3676                 377-3891
Cedarburg Lions Club                    Ozaukee Ice Center              375-6851

*If your organization is interested in being in this directory please call the Recreation office at (262) 375-7611.

High school students and adults are welcome to join us. You haven’t picked
up your musical instrument in a long time. No problem. This is your oppor-
tunity to play with community members. From May until early August, the
band rehearses on Tuesday evenings on the second floor of the Community
Gym. Cedarburg is one of the few community bands in Wisconsin that
marches in parades in addition to performing concerts in the park. Please
join us in Spring. For other information please visit the band’s website at:
City Departments; Parks and Recreation; Civic Band

                                 SUMMER PARK RENTALS
     Summer park rental information is available for pick up at the Cedarburg Parks and Recreation Office in the
       lower level of City Hall. Reservations for summer 2009 are accepted the first business day in January.

                   For additional information please visit our website at:,
                                       City Departments, Parks & Recreation.
                     Page 18              CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT


                                                                   “A Little Country Inn in The City”
                                               Stagecoach Inn      A Historically Restored
                                               Bed and Breakfast
                                                                    1853 Stone Building
                                                   The Stagecoach Inn – Bed and Breakfast
                                               W61 N520 Washington Avenue • Cedarburg, WI 53012
                                                      (262) 375-0208 • Fax (262) 375-6170

        Dr. Gary Walters
                                                BEYER’S TRUE VALUE
                                                         COMPUTER PAINT MATCHING
      *Complete Vision Services                            WE MAKE COLOR SIMPLE
 * LASIK Surgury Co-management                          WINDOW AND SCREEN REPAIR
                                                             QUICK TURN AROUND
*Medical treatment of eye disorders                        SMALL ENGINE SERVICE
    * Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses                            ALL MAKES AND MODELS
                                                            SHARPENING SERVICE
      Caring for your families in                       KNIVES, LAWN MOWER BLADES,
       Cedarburg For 27 years                       CIRCULAR SAWS, DRILL BITS AND MORE
                                                                  STORE HOURS
           377-9686                                        MON – FRI 8-8 SAT 8-5 SUN 10-3
CEDARBURG PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT                                              Page 19

Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Work phone & Name of person to contact: ___________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________

Reside in:   ❑ City of Cedarburg     ❑ Town of Cedarburg      ❑ School District     ❑ Non-Resident

        Participant’s Name           Sex      Age    Grade     Birth Date         Program Name       Class #       Fee

 FOR OFFICE USE: CHECK____________ CASH____________ DATE_____________                                TOTAL:

     Return completed form with payment to: Cedarburg Parks and Recreation Department, P.O. Box 49, Cedarburg, WI 53012

Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Work phone & Name of person to contact: ___________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________

Reside in:   ❑ City of Cedarburg     ❑ Town of Cedarburg      ❑ School District     ❑ Non-Resident

        Participant’s Name           Sex      Age    Grade     Birth Date         Program Name       Class #       Fee

 FOR OFFICE USE: CHECK____________ CASH____________ DATE_____________                                TOTAL:

     Return completed form with payment to: Cedarburg Parks and Recreation Department, P.O. Box 49, Cedarburg, WI 53012
                                         COMMUNITY EVENTS
September 5...Friday Noon Hour Adult Open Gym Starts             November 21-December 19….......…Festive Friday Eves

September 9……….................................…….…...Election   November 21-23….......Junior Woman’s Festival of Trees

September 20-21..…........………...Wine & Harvest Fest              December 1...….............Tree Lighting & Tuba Christmas

October 4 ……….........……Light and Water Energy Fair              December 4-7….......….….…..Christmas In The Country

October 5..…………...………...........Maxwell Street Days              December 5-6…………........…................Holiday Art Fair

October 19….......Sunday Night Adult Open Gym Starts             December 4-6....Senior Center Holiday Craft & Gift Sale

October 10-12…….................Cedarburg Arts Weekend           February 2…...........…Youth Baseball Registration Starts

October 11………….......…...Safety Days hosted by CFD               February 7-8.……….…................………..Winter Festival

October 29………...………........……….Halloween Party                   February 17….….........…….….……………….…Election

October 25-26…….............Woman’s Club Antique Show            February 28.........….Senior Center Mega Rummage Sale

October 31………...………..............Halloween Band Jam              April 7………..............…………….………….…..Election

November 4……….....…............................……....Election

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