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									                                                          MEMBER TRACK PROFILE

                                           M.H.D.R.A. Dragstrip
                                           Medicine Hat, Alta.

                                           Track manager
                                           Ed Van Der Kool

                                           Mailing address
                                           Suite 306
                                           97 Carry Drive S.E.
                                           Medicine Hat, Alberta T1B3M6

                                           Track phone

                                           Manager phone


                                           Location                                     (Above and right) M.H.D.R.A. Dragstrip
                                           M.H.D.R.A. Dragstrip is located less            is the only dragstrip in Alberta. The
                                           than two miles off Highway 1 at the                quarter-mile track hosts 10 race
                                           Redcliff Truck Stop on Meridian Road.       weekends between May and September.
                                                                                                                                   Blair Alderton of Nitroimage Photography

                                           Classes                                     Dragsters and index classes take to
                                           Street, High School, Street Legal, Jr.      the strip. Sundays usually feature Jr.
                                           Dragster, Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro         Dragster, Sportsman, Street, Pro, and
                                                                                       Super Pro competition.
                                           Weekly schedule
                                           The track is open for 10 race               Special events
                                           weekends from May until September.          •   Nitro Altereds event, May 14-16
                                           On Fridays, Street, High School,            •   Street Wheelers race, June 4-5                                                     Track history                                                      Recent improvements
                                           Street Legal, and test ‘n’ tune events      •   Top Alcohol Shootout, June 11-13                                                   The Medicine Hat Drag Racing                                       In addition to adding a beer garden,
                                           are contested. On Saturdays, Jr.            •   Pro Mod event, July 16-18                                                          Association (M.H.D.R.A.) was                                       concession stand, and souvenir
                                                                                       •   Jr. Drag Racing League                                                             started in September 1984, racing on                               booth, track officials added a
                                                                                           Challenge, July 18                                                                 the street in the Brier Park industrial                            playground for kids and, in 2009,
                                                                                       •   NHRA Northwest Division                                                            area. In 1992, an area of land off                                 new grandstands.
                                                                                           National Open, July 31-Aug. 1                                                      Highway 1 became available and
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