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									                                                                                                                                                        MAY 2010   ■   VOLUME 9, NUMBER 5

                                                                                                                                                                             ISSUE N

Weight Gain Raises
PCa Relapse Risk
Likelihood is increased twofold, study shows
BY JOHN SCHIESZER                              Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Weight gain                   Health in Baltimore.
in the five years before and one year             Prior research has shown that obesity
after radical prostatectomy (RP) for           at or near the time of RP is associated
prostate cancer (PCa) could increase           with an increased risk of recurrence.
the risk of disease recurrence, investiga-     Whether weight gain in the years prior

tors reported here at the 101st Annual         to surgery is associated with recurrence
Meeting of the American Association            has been unclear. In addition, no stud-
for Cancer Research.                           ies have looked at sedentary behavior
  Men who are obese one year after             and whether it exacerbates the obesity-      OBESITY ONE-YEAR after RP is associated with a higher risk of recurrence.
RP, especially sedentary and inac-             related risk of recurrence.
tive men, also are at increased risk of          Dr. Joshu and her colleagues ret-          had hormone or radiation therapy. The                physical activity, and sedentary behavior
recurrence.                                    rospectively studied 1,337 men with          investigators followed up the men for                for the five years prior to surgery and
  “Obesity and weight gain may be fac-         clinically-localized PCa. Subjects           recurrence, metastasis, or PCa death.                one year after.
tors that tip the scale to recurrence,” said   had undergone RP at Johns Hopkins            They sent patients a survey questionnaire              At the time of surgery, the 102 men
study investigator Corinne Joshu, PhD,         between January 1993 and March of            asking about dietary, lifestyle, and medi-           who had recurrence were older than
MPH, a postdoctoral fellow at Johns            2006. None of the patients previously        cal factors, including weight, height,                                      continued on page 13

                                               Iron Lowers Platelet Counts                                                                       AKI, ARF
   9   Walnuts found to slow prostate
       tumor growth                            ORLANDO, Fla.—Correcting iron                DRIVE (The Dialysis Patients’ Response
                                                                                                                                                 Common with
  14   Despite advantages, peritoneal
       dialysis is underused
                                               deficiency in non-dialysis CKD patients
                                               lowers platelet counts and improves
                                                                                            to IV Iron with Elevated Ferritin) study
                                                                                            revealed a decrease in platelet counts               Pandemic Flu
                                               erythropoiesis, researchers reported here    following iron administration (1,000 mg
  16   Upswing in imaging studies
                                               at the National Kidney Foundation’s          over eight dialysis sessions).                       ORLANDO, Fla.—Acute kidney inju-
       has no clear causes
                                               2010 Spring Clinical Meetings. The result      In the study by Dr. Besarab and his col-           ry (AKI), acute renal failure (ARF),
  26   Tips on diagnosing prostatitis          is higher hemoglobin (Hb) levels achieved    leagues, 132 non-dialysis CKD patients               and the need for dialysis are common
                                               with lower doses of an erythropoiesis-       received either 500 or 1,000 mg of low               complications in critically ill patients
                                               stimulating agent (ESA).                     molecular weight iron dextran (ID) dur-              with pandemic H1N1 Influenza A
  ON THE WEB                                      The investigators, led by Anatole         ing two to four hour infusion sessions               (pH1N1), and are associated with
                                               Besarab, MD, Adjunct Professor of            to correct iron deficiency (defined as                 an increased death risk, according to
   ■ News reports from the                     Medicine at Wayne State University and       a transferrin saturation [TSAT] below                Canadian researchers.
       American Transplant Congress            Director of Clinical Research at Henry       20% and ferritin level below 100). The                 Manish M. Sood, MD, and col-
       in San Diego (May 1-4)                  Ford Hospital in Detroit, noted that iron    subjects were receiving once-monthly                 leagues at the University of Manitoba
   ■ Coverage of the American                  deficiency may result in elevated platelet    darbepoetin injections and were on oral              in Winnepeg, prospectively studied
       Urological Association annual           counts elevations that could contribute to   iron therapy (100 mg or more of elemental            50 patients with pH1N1 (47 confirmed,
       meeting, San Francisco                  thrombotic complications seen in clinical    iron per day). The r
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