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									           Industry Update                   Noteworthy developments impacting the kitchen and bath market

         Support Building for Sept. 21 Industry ‘Leaders Conference’
         Hackensack, NJ — Support is building for a                    Kitchen Buying Group, the Decorative Plumbing         with manufacturing partners; profiting from cur-
         newly introduced conference aimed at providing                & Hardware Association and the International          rent and future product, design and showroom
         kitchen and bath product manufacturers and                    Surface Fabricators Association.                      trends; products and features most in demand;
         marketers with insights into the major forces                    The conference will include the following          how manufacturers can assist retail customers in
         reshaping housing, residential remodeling and                 presentations:                                        stimulating sales and positioning themselves as
         the kitchen and bath design niche.                                  Forecast 2011: Kitchen/bath, housing            a destination of choice; how changes in the retail
            Several key industry trade associations have               and residential remodeling forecasts for 2011         landscape are creating new profit opportunities
         pledged their backing for the one-day conference,             and beyond; key economic, demographic and             for suppliers and marketers.
         being produced as a new venture in 2010 under                 lifestyle factors impacting the market; antici-             Marketing & Selling in Today’s New Econ-
         the sponsorship of Kitchen & Bath Design News.                pated homeowner spending and types of projects        omy: Strategies for luxury brand marketers to
            The event, the Kitchen/Bath Industry “Lead-                in demand; current & emerging product, regional       address the mindset of the new luxury consumer,
         ers Conference,” is scheduled for 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.             and market opportunities.                             and communicate a message that resonates with
         Sept. 21, at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel, Chicago.                     Today’s Affluent Consumer: An examina-           the tenor of the times; addressing consumer fears
            Plans for the one-day event were unveiled last             tion of the size, demographics, values, attitudes     and appealing to the “nesting” instinct; the reset-
         month by KBDN editorial director and publisher                and motivations of today’s affluent market; the        ting of luxury consumer values; how business and
         Eliot Sefrin, who said that the initiative is aimed           impact of current economic conditions on short-       marketing paradigms will continue to change;
         at senior-level executives of manufacturing firms,             and long-term spending plans; how the affluent         key opportunities in a challenging economy.
         distributors, importers, sales rep organizations              define luxury in terms of price points and brands            Identifying Key Specifier Needs: A presen-
         and advertising agencies charged with corporate               for high-end products and services.                   tation of exclusive research into pinpointing the
         strategy, product development, marketing, sales,                    Lifestyles & Life Stages: Exploring key         levels of support needed by kitchen/bath dealers
         research and other key responsibilities.                      current and emerging home and lifestyle trends;       and designers. Included will be buying behaviors,
            According to Sefrin, among the associations                how marketers can capitalize on these trends and      product selection criteria, business outlook,
         that have pledged support for the conference are              understand their impact on Boomers, as well as        evaluation of supplier services and assessment of
         the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association,                Generations “X” and “Y.”                              product/service needs.
         the SEN Design Group, the Marble Institute of                       Designer Insights: What today’s kitchen/           Information can be obtained by visiting KBDN’s
         America, the Forte Buying Group, the Bath &                   bath designers are seeking in their relationships     Web site,

                                                                                                  New Officers Elected                       Retail & Builder Cabinet
                                                                                                  At KCMA Convention                       Groups Merged by Masco
                                                                                                  Isle of Palms, SC — A new                Ann Arbor, MI — Masco Corp.,
                                                                                                  slate of officers has been elected        the Taylor, MI-based building
                                                                                                  for 2010 by the Kitchen Cabinet          products giant, has combined its
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