; Stress at Work in a Slowing Economy
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Stress at Work in a Slowing Economy


Stress is increasingly a concern for all working adults in a slowing economy. This practical paper explores the perceptions of 288 working adults in South Florida to examine how their responses vary based on age and gender. Despite the layoffs and the recession, only a moderate level of stress was found among these respondents. While older respondents and males did have higher stress scores, no statistically significant differences were linked to age or gender. Since stress is a part of everyone's life and causes problems that many do not know how to manage, this paper provides a comprehensive overview of stress and how it affects people's life. The suggestions can help in exploring stress in the workplace as well as on a personal level. The authors explore both the benefits and challenges that many face in effectively managing stress, and list ways to manage stress to the best of one's ability in any given time. Everyone experiences stress from time to time, so it is perfectly normal. Stress is brought on by the pressures in one's life. Pressure is what is happening to you, but stress is how you react to those pressures. Stress can be defined as a response or a stimulus to any type of stressor (Mujtaba, 2009a; Mujtaba & McCartney, 2010, p. 75). Because there can be so many stressors that people handle on a daily basis, learning to manage them could be the key to a successful and healthy life. Stress may be hard to avoid, but the ways in which one can manage it are within one's control. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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