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					              By Mary McCallister
                                    T   he articles in Hearing Loss Magazine are so inspiring. People are so brave
                                    and adventurous about getting on with their lives, climbing mountains, getting
                                    married with a hearing dog in attendance, and racing on their mountain bikes.
                                    I’m wondering if they are all Type A people with outgoing personalities and
                                    super charisma. Would my charismatic friends be any different if they suddenly
                                    couldn’t hear, or would they be the same?
                                         In Bar Harbor I bought a t-shirt, elbow length sleeves, one sleeve with
                                    a little pocket, v-neck, in a very quiet light beige color. In Quincy Market in
                                    Boston, I bought three more t-shirts because they were on sale, two a quiet
                                    dark olive and one white. I’m wondering if I am changing colors because my
                                    world is becoming a quieter place. Am I fading?
                                         We were on a cruise, stopping at ports on the New England coast and I was
                                    missing so much of the socializing that was taking place around me. Robert, my
                                    partner, is adept at chiming in to his neighbors, strangers, and enjoying a joke
                                    or some conversation while we wait in line, wait to be served, or tender back
                                    and forth between the port and the ship. I expect that the heroes in the Hearing
                                    Loss Magazine articles would be as friendly as anyone and somehow, would be
                                    able to communicate and participate normally.
Mary McCallister and Robert Pogue
                                         The ship seemed to be filled with people who were less fortunate, health
                                    wise, than I am. We estimated that 80 percent of the passengers were over-

The Color
                                    weight, and wondered how some of them could possibly fit in the small
                                    showers and toilet rooms. There were lots of walkers and many, many wheel-
                                    chairs. Few seemed fit and as for di
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