One Woman Overcomes the Impossible by ProQuest


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                                          Once damaged, our hair cells cannot                      New HLAA
                                          grow back, causing permanent hearing                     Brochure
                                          loss. Childhood noise risks include                      Spread the word about
                                          sporting events, loud toys, firecrackers                 the Hearing Loss Asso-
                                          and fireworks, and loud music from                       ciation of America with
                                          concerts or MP3 players.                                 its new brochure high-
                                               The Academy has a new consumer                      lighting its programs
                                          website,,                        and services. There is
                                          where visitors can learn more about                      a panel for HLAA
                                          hearing loss, what causes it, and how                    Chapters to provide
                                          to prevent it, as well as what an audi-                  their local informa-
                                          ologist is and where they can find the     tion about meetings. To inquire
Drew Brees, Super Bowl MVP,               audiologist closest to them.               about ordering quantities, e-mail
Protects His Child’s Hearing                                               
At the end of the New Orleans Saints’     Speaking of Football
31-17 win over the Indianapolis           Washington Redskins Safety Reed            One Woman Overcomes
Colts in Super Bowl 44 on January         Doughty renewed his contract with          the Impossible
31, 2010, Brees lifted his one-year-old   the Redskins for the NFL’s 2010-2011       Marie Younkin-Waldman’s new book
son, Baylen, up in the air in celebra-    season. In his last regular season game,   To Hear the Birds Sing—Conversations
tion. Baylen was seen wearing a set of    he had his 
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