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Professional Auditing Services of America Launches New Data
Matrix Solution
Mon, 21 Jun 2010, 17:47:55 EDT

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., June 21, 2010 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Professional
Auditing Services of America (PAS) a leading Michigan based A/P recovery firm, which
was established in 1993, announced today that for its 17th year anniversary they will be
launching a new data matrix solution as a free service provided to their clients. This
includes various quantifiable and measurable cost savings or cost avoidance
opportunities, based upon various metrics derived from an analysis of the client's
accounts payable database.

The Data Matrix Solution is a comprehensive, total, integrated solution compiled by PAS
and customized for each Client. The analysis highlights all of the client's major business
transactions. This report is then expanded upon to include an in depth insight on all
processes and provides recommendations to improve upon them, in the areas of
staffing, cash management, workflow process improvements, etc.

For companies that are facing financial hardships or wanting to improve their accounts payable departments, in an effort to
make them more streamlined and proficient, PAS' Data Matrix Solution could be a great benefit. The analysis would include an
overview of all accounts payable business transactions, problem areas or exception vendors that are of particular concern.
Professional Auditing Services of America will now offer this service for free to all of its clients.

It is increasingly more common with layoffs and cutbacks that companies find that they don't have the resources or the time to
undertake a project such as an audit which may include reports such as the Data Matrix Solution, but with companies such as
Professional Auditing Services of America they can do this free, with no front end or back end costs to the company.
Companies can recover lost monies that they are entitled too, as well as, learn how to avoid making such overpayments in the
future. The PAS Team Facilitators review 100% of the accounts payable invoice records going as far back as 3 years to look
for exceptions that were never correctly refunded: overcharges, incorrect invoice pricing, duplicate/overpayments, missed cash
discounts, excess freight charges, sales/ other accrued regulatory taxes paid in error, credits for returned goods never
received, telecommunication & utility overcharges and vendor database maintenance.

For numerous clients the total amount recovered has been over $1,000,000 per/engagement (see for
references), which proves that a recovery audit helps make companies and corporations more financially infallible.

About Professional Auditing Services of America:

Based in Southfield Michigan, Professional Auditing Services has been recovering tens of millions of dollars with their unique
and specialized auditing techniques for Fortune 500 companies for more than 17 years. Professional Auditing Services is a
nationally acclaimed Accounts Payable Recovery Firm serving a large client base, which includes healthcare, non-profit
organizations, automotive industry, as well as, various school districts, universities, governmental organizations, and real
estate companies. The company is comprised of a team of independent, fully bonded, accountants.

Professional Auditing Services are constantly developing more effective and strategic approaches, (i.e. drilling down) &
recovering over 75 different varieties of duplicates & overpayments. Including using duplicate payment detection algorithms to
identify fuzzy matching; vendor database maintenance; regulatory tax recoveries; telecommunication; and systems and
process reviews. More information: .

Meet One of Our Auditors:
Roy D. Jackson, CPA is a State of Michigan fully licensed current CPA (license#: 1101015248). At this time, Roy has acquired
over 30 years of valuable and professional auditing experience, primarily focused in auditing the A/P procurement cycle for
large organizations.

Listed below are relevant and verifiable on-line credentials:

* State of Michigan CPA License#: 1101015248 .

* Member in good standing American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA) current member#: 01162105 .

* Member in good standing Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA)-current member#: 33343 .

For more information contact:
Roy D. Jackson, CPA
Professional Auditing Services of America
(800) 353-3050 .

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