APS Supports Efforts for Haitian Relief by jib24063


									        January 29, 2010

            A B I - M O N T H LY N E W S L E T T E R P R O D U C E D F O R A R L I N G T O N P U B L I C S C H O O L S E M P L O Y E E S

                                   APS Supports Efforts for Haitian Relief
                                   I  t has been a little over two
                                      weeks since a major earth-
                                   quake struck Haiti. As we
                                                                                                                             to donate its profits to the organi-
                                                                                                                             zation for the rest of the year.
                                                                                                                         I   The Extended Day program at
                                   have all watched and read in                                                              Barrett held a “Quarters for
                                   the media, the basic necessi-                                                             Haiti” drive this week. Students
                                   ties that we take for granted                                                             asked classmates for quarters and
                                   like food, water and medical                                                              counted the daily donations after
Page 2                             supplies have been hard to                                                                school. The money raised will be
• Dr. King’s Dream                 come by for Haitians.                                                                     donated to the Red Cross.
  Celebrated Throughout                 Arlington schools have                                                           I   Students and staff in the Career
  APS                              joined the relief effort raising                                                          Center’s Supported Work and
                                   money any way they can.            Gunston Principal Madge Gill looks at the
• Health and Flexible                                                 contents of a Shelter Box, which contains a tent       Transition program held a bake
                                   Here are just a few of the                                                                sale to raise money for the victims.
  Spending Accounts                ways that students and staff
                                                                      for 10 people and supplies to set up a temporary
                                                                      household for six months.                          I   The Nottingham PTA will be
• Upcoming                         are helping in the relief effort:
                                                                                                                             collecting bathroom kits for sur-
                                   I Ashlawn is collecting cash                  Dinner and students are having a
Page 3                                                                                                                       vivors; the kits will be donated to
                                       donations through a campaign              classroom “Penny War.” Proceeds             local physician Dr. Gil Irwin and
• News Briefs                          called “To Haiti with Love” that          will go to the Red Cross and                his organization Medical
                                       runs through Feb. 12. Proceeds            UNICEF.                                     Missionaries. The goal is to collect
Page 4                                 will be donated to the Red Cross. I H-B Woodlawn’s “The Hole in                       550 kits. The collection runs
• AdCheck                          I McKinley students collected                 the Wall” store has donated $100            through Feb. 6.
• Kudos                                donations at their International          to the Red Cross and will continue                       Continued on page 2 ➤

A good teacher is                  Eight Earn National Board Certification
like a candle –
it consumes itself
                                   T   his year, eight APS teachers
                                       earned National Board
                                   Certification from the National
                                                                              cation in early childhood gen-
                                                                              eralist. “The process gave me
                                                                              an opportunity to reflect on
                                   Board for Professional Teaching            my teaching.”
to light the way                   Standards. National Board                     Receiving certification may
                                   Certification is voluntary and recog-      take up to three years to
for others                         nizes and rewards excellence.              complete. But teachers who
       —Author Unknown                Teachers have to complete approx-       have completed the process
                                   imately 400 hours of work including        say it is worth the time it
                                   four portfolios of student work sam-       takes to complete. “Writing
                                   ples and videos of them teaching.          the portfolios provided me      The School Board recognized the newly-certified
                                   “The certification process was won-        an opportunity to reflect on    teachers at the Jan. 21 meeting.
                                   derful and a great opportunity,” said      what I am doing in the class-
                                   April Sommer, who received certifi-        room and to pinpoint areas
                                                                                                                      Jeff Politzer – Kenmore
                                                                              that I would like to change to
                                                                                                                      Amy Slavin – Glebe
  Next Deadline:
               :                                                              improve student learning,” said
                                                                                                                      April Sommer – Henry
        Friday,                                                               Yorktown math teacher
                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Thomas – Yorktown
      February 5                                                              Elizabeth Thomas.
                                                                                                                          To date, 125 teachers, or six per-
                                                                              This year’s recipients are:
            N                                                                                                         cent of APS teachers have received
                                                                              Colette Fraley – Wakefield              National Board Certification.
   Send submissions to
                                                                              Jennifer Goen – H-B Woodlawn Arlington ranks second in Virginia.
     Frank Bellavia                                                           Mike Humphreys – Yorktown               For more information about the
      Office: x6004                Henry first grade teacher April              and Key                               National Board Certification
APSNews@arlington.k12.va.us        Sommer took a year to finish the           Gordon Laurie – Washington-             process, contact Kate Sydney at
                                   process of earning her certification.        Lee                                   x2112.
    NEWSCHECK                                                                                                                     ARLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS

➤ Haitian Relief                                hope and renewal. Students will               I   Key will be collecting “Pennies for       called Hornets for Haiti to raise
Continued from page 1                           ask families and friends for a dona-              Haiti” and a parent has donated           $3,000 to purchase three shelter
                                                tion for the Hope Art for Haiti.                  items to sell.                            boxes. The funds are being gener-
I   Williamsburg students are col-          I   Randolph students held a spare                I   Claremont’s World Wide Helpers            ated by students through projects
    lecting money to donate to the              change drive and will make a                      has started a “Red Ribbon” cam-           that include a hat day, school
    Heifer Project, which has a num-            donation to UNICEF.                               paign to raise funds that will be         dance, video greetings and bake
    ber of projects in Haiti.               I   ATS is coordinating efforts with the              donated to the Red Cross.                 sales. As of Jan. 26, enough
I   Carlin Springs, Kenmore and                 At Risk Children’s Foundation to                                                            funds have been raised to pur-
                                                                                              I   The Yorktown Center for
    Swanson students have taken up              provide help to children with                                                               chase one box.
                                                                                                  Leadership and Public Service and
    a collection and proceeds will be           immediate needs through class-                    SGA are collecting medical/per-           “When students come to school,
    donated to the Red Cross.                   specific collections such as toiletries           sonal care packages for survivors.     they learn more than just the three
I   Tuckahoe, Glebe and Jefferson               and bedding supplies, basic medical               They will be donated to CrisisLink,    R’s. They learn about the issues fac-
    students paid $1 or more to wear            and school supplies, non-perishable               which will deliver them to Haiti.      ing the world, what it is like to be a
    a hat at school for a day, a practice       food items and water purifiers.                                                          member of a community and that
                                                                                              I   Langston will collect toiletry kits
    which is normally not allowed.          I   The Jamestown SCA collected                                                              they can make a difference in the
                                                                                                  starting in February.
    Jefferson raised $1,001 to donate           donations for UNICEF from par-                                                           world,” said Superintendent Dr. Pat
                                                                                              I   The Wakefield Service Club is          Murphy. “I applaud their many
    to the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund              ents and the school community.
                                                                                                  coordinating efforts between the       efforts to support this worthy cause.”
    and Doctors Without Borders.            I   New Directions students are                       Red Cross and Africa clubs and
    Tuckahoe’s donation will go to the          collecting donations to support                                                             If you would like to contribute to
                                                                                                  the Wakefield Warriors for Haiti
    Red Cross and Glebe will donate             the International Medical Alliance                                                       any of these efforts or others
                                                                                                  to collect funds to purchase
    funds to Save the Children.                 in Knoxville, Tenn., which will                                                          throughout Arlington, contact volun-
                                                                                                  Shelter Boxes.
I   Taylor students will view artwork           bring supplies and medical per-                                                          teer and partnership coordinator
                                                                                              I   On Mon, Jan. 25, Gunston
    from Haiti and create their own             sonnel to the Jimani Clinic outside                                                      Kim Durand at x6003.
                                                                                                  launched a three-week campaign
    pictures related to the theme of            of Port-au-Prince.

Dr. King’s Dream Celebrated
                                                                                                                 Health and Flexible
Throughout APS                                                                                                   Spending Accounts
D     r. Martin Luther King’s

importantly, his dream that one
                                      listening to a presentation on the
      accomplishments, and most life and legacy of Dr. King.
                                          Katy Gassman's first grade
                                                                                              Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds for
                                                                                              2009 must be claimed no later than March 31. Qualified expenditures
                                                                                              must have been made during calendar year 2009.
day people will not be judged by class at Nottingham took part                                   For employees who signed up to continue participation in the FSA
the color of their skin but by the in a great learning experience                             in 2010, a new debit card will not be issued. Current debit cards will
content of their character, was       designed to segregate her stu-                          continue to function and will be reloaded for 2010. Employees who
celebrated throughout Arlington. dents. The classroom was set up                              have 2009 expenses must have them verified prior to the debit card
   His dream was celebrated in        with different signs that students                      being reactivated.
many ways. Arlington Science were instructed to obey.                                            For more information, visit www.arlingtoncountyflex.com or contact the
Focus recognized students who         Children could only use items in                        CompuSys/Erisa Group at 1-800-933-7472.
participated in a day
of service in Dr. King's
honor. Over 300 stu-
dents participated in a                                                                                                                 Theater Conference in Lexington, Ky.
countywide essay con-                                                                                                                   in March.
test where students
wrote about an organ-
                                                                                     Upcoming                                           H-B Woodlawn art teacher Monica
ization or project in                                                                Next week, Feb. 1-5, is National                   Stroik will be exhibiting new artwork
their community that                                                                 School Counselor Appreciation Week                 at the Arlington Arts Center (3550
deserves a day of                                                                    which highlights the tremendous                    North Wilson Blvd.) Jan. 29 - April 3.
service.                                                                             impact that school counselors have in
                           The W-L Jazz Band, under the direction of Alex
   On Jan. 17, APS         Robinson performed at the 41st annual Tribute             helping students achieve success in                Drew assistant principal Dr. Sharon
and Arlington County to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                                  school and to develop academic and                 Gaston will be doing a storytelling
joined together to                                                                   postsecondary plans.                               and book signing on Sat, Feb. 13 at 11
celebrate King’s call to service      the room based on what they                                                                       a.m. at Aladdin’s Lamp Children’s
which was reflected in the            were wearing, what color eyes,                 The Yorktown Theatre Arts                          Bookstore on Harrison St. and Lee
winning essays read during            hair, age and gender they were.                Department will perform Nora’s                     Highway. Gaston has written and illus-
the tribute.                          The biggest shock was when the                 Lost on Sat, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. at the              trated two children’s books entitled
   Henry first grade teacher          boys only received juice and the               W-L Auditorium. Tickets are $5                     Who’s Laughing Now? & Don’t Burn
April Sommer collaborated             girls all got cookies. The children            students and $10 adults. Proceeds                  Your Bridge and Clean Your Own House
with her students on writing their then discussed segregation and                    will help the cast represent Virginia              & Misery Loves Company.
own dreams after watching and         how hurtful it is.                             at the prestigious Southeastern

  NEWSCHECK                                                                                                                       ARLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                              Twenty-five students from                         ferent aspects of Ancient Egypt such    Anne Cupero’s biotechnology stu-
                                              Yorktown have been working with                   as architecture, hieroglyphics, daily   dents at the Career Center got a
News Briefs                                   Tuckahoe teachers as part of the
                                              Teach for Tomorrow program which
                                                                                                life and crocodiles and memorized a
                                                                                                script to present at the museum.
                                                                                                                                        first-hand look at how new prescrip-
                                                                                                                                        tion drugs are tested for safety when
Recently, Claremont’s Green Kids              gives students an in-depth look at                                                        they toured a local biomedical
Club sponsored an after-school pro-           the teaching profession. This is the              Carlin Springs math coach Tracy         research facility. Students learned
gram for students in Extended Day             second year Tuckahoe has partici-                 Gaither led parent workshops dur-       that it takes 10-15 years and up to
and tutoring classes featuring natu-          pated in the program which is spon-               ing the principal’s weekly coffees in   $800 million to bring a new drug to
ralist Rich Bailey who spoke to stu-          sored by Yorktown teacher                         January. Gaither offered interactive    the market because of the extensive
dents about Arlington’s birds of prey         Rosemary Molle.                                   sessions on how students are taught     toxicology testing.
and the important role they play in                                                             to problem solve at each grade level.
the ecosystem. Bailey brought a live                                                            She provided the parents with ways
red-tailed hawk and a great-horned                                                              to help their children build math
owl for students to see. Sponsored                                                              skills at home. At the end of the
by teacher Katy Fontneau, the                                                                   workshops, parents enjoyed trying
mission of the Green Kids Club is to                                                            the math games that their children
help raise awareness of environmen-                                                             play at school.
tal issues within the Claremont com-

                                                                                                                                        Third grade students at Claremont per-
                                              Second grade teacher David                                                                formed original poetry in Spanish at the
                                              Koppelman and a Yorktown student                                                          Rosslyn Spectrum with Teatro de la
                                              assist a Tuckahoe student during a visit                                                  Luna’s Young People’s Poetry Marathon
                                              to the computer lab.                                                                      on Jan. 14. Teachers Erika Sanchez,
                                                                                                                                        Catherine Gustafson and Zevlin
                                              Carlin Springs librarian Meg                                                              Statin had students integrate the class-
                                                                                                                                        room study of reptiles into their poetry.
                                              Schryver and a Glen Carlyn librar-                Tracy Gaither teaches Carlin Springs    SPARK Exemplary Project coordinator
                                              ian launched the school’s first                   parents math games that build on what   Nancy Libson organized the event.
                                              Caldecott Committee, to judge                     their children learn at school.
McKinley unveiled its Kaleidoscope            entries in this years competition. The
mosaic project in January. Visiting artist    Caldecott Award is given each year                The Stratford Program collected         Students in Zell Rosenfelt’s sixth
Hillary Sloate worked with fifth grade stu-   to the book that a nationwide group               100 cans of food for the Arlington      grade English classes at
dents and art teachers Nancy Libson           of librarians think has the best illus-           Food Assistance Center (AFAC) in a      Williamsburg participated in an
and Michele Mautawalli to complete            trations.                                         project to feed hungry people in the    interactive poetry workshop on
this mosaic project. The Kaleidoscope                                                           community. Stratford also raised        Jan. 22. Students were introduced
Project comprehensively integrates the                                                                  $165 dollars for AFAC           to various brainstorming techniques.
arts into all programs and classrooms.                                                                  through a bake sale.            The program was sponsored
                                                                                                                                        by the Arlington Humanities
APS music staff learned rehearsal                                                                        Parents from Barrett,          Pick-a-Poet Project.
and conducting techniques from                                                                           Campbell and Claremont
Virginia Tech University Symphonic                                                                       successfully completed the     Artist in residence Karen Brown
wind ensemble director Travis Cross                                                                      PARTICIPA series of classes    worked with Lindsey Carlson’s
at a professional development                                                                            sponsored by APS and           fifth grade class at Oakridge where
session on Jan. 5 at Kenmore. A                                                                          Escuela Bolivia. PARTICIPA     students created books of their own
demonstration orchestra of 70                                                                            provides an opportunity for    writings to be displayed in the
musicians including the Arlington             Ziva’s Spanish Dance Ensemble per-
                                                                                                immigrant parents to deepen their       school’s library. The visit was made
Youth Symphony and the United                 formed Ole Flamenco to an enthusiastic
                                              audience at Claremont on Jan. 5. The
                                                                                                understanding about how the school      possible by the Humanities Project.
States Army Band was formed for                                                                 system works in order to navigate it
                                              dance troupe performed dances from
the event. Cross led a master class                                                             effectively and to be advocates for     Under the leadership of family and
                                              Spain wearing colorful costumes and
where music teachers Denny                    played traditional instruments that include       their children.                         consumer science teacher Beverly
D’Alelio (Wakefield), Lynn                    the Cajon and castanets. The perform-                                                     Coyle, Kenmore students are mak-
Rechel (Barrett), Catrina                     ance is the beginning of a SPARK                                            Principal     ing and selling pillows for soldiers.
Tangchittsumran-Stumpf                        Exemplary Arts Cultural Partnership                                         Terry Bratt   The money raised is donated to the
(Jefferson), Brian Coffill                    coordinated by Nancy Libson and fifth                                       presents a    Feed the Children Organization and
(Yorktown) and Carl Homquist                  grade teacher Diana Page.                                                   certificate   the pillow is donated to a wounded
(H-B Woodlawn) were coached                                                                                               to a parent
                                                                                                                                        soldier at Walter Reed Medical
on their conducting technique.                                                                                            who
                                              In December, Hoffman-Boston                                                               Center. In December, three students
Thomas Harman (Yorktown,                      second graders participated in a                                            completed
                                                                                                                          the           accompanied Coyle to the
Swanson), director of the Arlington           Living Museum about Ancient                                                               Covenant Presbyterian Church in
Youth Symphony, led the demon-                Egypt. With the support of teachers                                                       Manassas where Kenmore
stration orchestra for the session            Heidi Smith and Dalila
with Cross.                                   Cresswell, students researched dif-                                                                       Continued on page 4 ➤

 NEWSCHECK                                                                                                                        ARLINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                        ➤ News Briefs                                                                                    Under the direction of teachers Luz
                                        Continued from page 3                                                                            Chamorro and Jody Gilmore,
APS Kudos                               orchestra director Dr. Dana
                                                                                                                                         sixth graders at Gunston have been
                                                                                                                                         actively raising funds for Charity
Claremont ESOL/HILT teacher             Eckensburg-McCarthy directed                                                                     Water, an international effort to bring
Elizabeth Varela had her article        the Old Bridge Chamber Orchestra                                                                 clean drinking water to identified,
entitled “Whose Student is She?”        in a concert dedicated to the                                                                    developing locations in Africa, India,
published in the spring edition of      Veterans of Foreign Wars.                                                                        Bangladesh, Haiti and Honduras.
Teaching Tolerance magazine. The        Students earned over $200 that                                                                   Students in sixth grade science
                                                                                          Henry’s YES Club led by librarian
article describes trends in English     evening. Pillows may be purchased                                                                classes researched water resources in
                                                                                          Jennifer Stacy and third grade teacher
language instruction. To read the       for a soldier for $20 by contacting                                                              the identified countries and mem-
                                                                                          Erica Simon-Gross help students
article, visit www.tolerance.org/mag-   Coyle at x6800.                                   organize and secretly stuff bags with          bers of Gunston’s environmental
azine/number-37-spring-                                                                   sweat treats to give to the staff as a thank   club, the Green Team, led a fundrais-
2010/whose-student-she.                                                                   you for all the hard work they do all          ing drive to build a well in Africa.
                                                                                          year long for students.                        Students have raised nearly $800.
Nottingham exemplary project
coordinator Jacqueline Jules
                                                                                          In September, NASA astronaut Dr.
received a 2010 Sydney Taylor
                                                                                          Robert Satcher visited Randolph
Honor silver medal for her book
                                                                                          to talk about his then upcoming
Benjamin and the Silver Goblet.
                                                                                          mission to the International Space
                                                                                          Station (ISS). During his visit,
The January 2010 issue of the
                                                                                          Satcher collected letters and photos
American School Board Journal fea-      Kenmore seventh grade history teacher
                                                                                          from the students which he took
tures Williamsburg librarian            Andy Paparella and family and con-
                                        sumer science teacher Beverly Coyle               into space. On Jan. 15, Satcher
Adela Eannarino and seventh
                                        partnered to create a sweat shop simula-          returned to Randolph to talk to stu-
grade science teacher Katie
                                        tion to help history students learn about         dents about STS -129 where he                  Barrett second grade teacher Kim
Zimmerman. The article, “Future
                                        the industrial revolution. During the sim-        served as a mission specialist repair-         Gomez points to a crater on the moon
of Libraries,” highlights the issues
                                        ulation students were required to make            ing the ISS. He told students what it          during a video-conference with WALL-E
facing librarians and students in                                                                                                        and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
                                        100 sacks using a sewing assembly line.           was like to be in space, including
the information age.                    Students learned about punching a time                                                           in the Discovery Lab.
                                                                                          what he ate, how he slept, and the
                                        clock, quality control and the importance         repair work he did while onboard.
Tuckahoe’s Discovery Schoolyard         of working efficiently on an assembly line.
teacher Mary McLean has been
named to the Board of Directors
of the Audubon Society of
Northern Virginia.

Key fifth grade teacher Micaela
Pond has been selected to serve
                                        Ad Check                                                                                             The School and Community
                                        Seeking Housing – Teacher looking                 For Sale – Beautifully renovated 1 BR,             Relations Department publishes
on the WAMU 88.5, Community
                                        for apartment/house to share in                   1 BA condo in Rosslyn. Three minute                NewsCheck bi-monthly during
Council. The Community Council                                                                                                               the school year for the employ-
helps represent the interests of the    Arlington area. Early 20s, female                 walk to Metro. Hardwood floors, new
                                                                                                                                             ees of the Arlington Public
listening public.                       roommate preferred. Contact Laura at              HVAC, new bath/shower, new granite
                                                                                                                                             Schools. Submit news items by
                                        Laura_Grim@apsva.us.                              countertops, W/D, enclosed balcony,
                                                                                                                                             forwarding them to NewsCheck,
Henry kindergarten teacher                                                                parking space, pool, hot tub, new                  c/o the Education Center, by fax
                                        For Sale or Rent – 1 BR, 1 BA,                    exercise room and tennis courts.
Stacy Klein received an $800                                                                                                                 to 703-228-7640, or by e-mail to
                                        condo (800 sq. ft.) in The Carlton.               Contact Dana at 703-312-8816, if                   APSNews@arlington.k12.va.us
grant from Target to support class-
                                        New kitchen, tile floors, new appli-              interested.
room activities to help students                                                                                                             Superintendent:
                                        ances, reserved underground garage
learn about George Washington’s                                                                                                                Patrick K. Murphy
                                        parking. All utilities included in lease          For Sale – Dorm-sized refrigerator
life on a colonial farm including a                                                                                                          Editor: Linda M. Erdos
                                        except phone and cable. Furnished or              with small freezer in good working
visit to Mount Vernon.
                                        unfurnished; 6 month minimum lease;               order. $20. Call Lynn at 703-998-                  Copywriter: Frank Bellavia
                                        1 year maximum lease. 4600 S. Four                6481 or email at                                   Proofreading & Circulation:
Tuckahoe ITC Marnie Lewis
                                        Mile Run Dr. Lease for $1,200/month;              lynn_robinson@apsva.us.                              Gladis Bourdouane,
participated in a panel discussion
                                        Purchase for $199K. Contact Ron at                                                                     Claudia Mercado and
on an educational media segment
                                        ron_revere@apsva.us if interested.                AdCheck is a listing of goods or                     Kim Durand
of WETA’s Reading Rocket Web
site. Lewis discussed the impact of                                                       services wanted, for sale, or for rent             Printing: Jim Long and
                                        For Sale – 27” Panasonic Combo
the growing exposure to media on                                                          to APS employees by APS employees.                    Bruce Kingston
                                        TV/VCR w/remote control. Very good
children’s literacy development.                                                          AdCheck is not for use by com-                     Back issues of NewsCheck are
                                        condition. $40. 19” Toshiba Combo
The Web site assists students in                                                          mercial or outside organizations, or by            available at www.apsva.us.
                                        TV/VCR w/remote. Very good condi-
learning to read.                                                                         non-APS personnel.
                                        tion. $25. $50 for both. Call 571-243-                                                                    Printed on recyled paper
                                        9128 if interested.


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