Students React to Haitian Tragedy by jib24063


									                                                  Volume 19, Number 7 | February 11, 2010

Students React to Haitian Tragedy                                                                                                                                SIPA News

Six SIPA students return safely from Haiti after surviving the earthquake                                                                                        Congratulations to
By Whitney Eulich
                                                                                                                                                                 those who partici-

  A    t first, it was like a sub-   ed from family and digging                                                                                                  pated in the Public
       way moving under their        through rubble for survivors                                                                                                Policy Case Compe-
feet. Then, the earth shook          became a first-hand lesson
vigorously causing buildings         on the realities of develop-                                                                                                tition! Photos in-
to pancake to the ground and         ment work.                                                                                                                  side...        Page 12
roads — including the one              “Megan actually said ‘We’re
they drove on only moments           gonna die! We’re gonna die!”
earlier — to crumble and col-        explains Allman during a
lapse.                               group interview two weeks
  “I don’t know if I said it         after the disaster.
in my head or out loud, but,            “I don’t remember that,”
I said ‘um, is it just me or…        Megan Rapp responds softly.
is the earth moving,’” An-           “The moment the earth start-
nika Allman recounts, as her         ed shaking, I knew how bad
shoulders delicately tremble         it was gonna be.”
and her teeth chatter loudly                                                                                                                                     Debate
at the memory of the quake.            The students spent fall se-
                                     mester doing research, inter-
  When the 7.0 magnitude             views and data analysis on
                                                                                                                                                                 Disaster Tourism or
earthquake destroyed cities          private sector development                                                                                                  Disaster Relief?
across Haiti on January 12th,
a group of six SIPA students
                                     and state building in Haiti.                                                                                                The pros and cons
                                     In early January, they flew
were there conducting inter-         to Port-au-Prince to inter-                                                                                                 of volunteering in
views and site-visits about
the role of the private sector
                                     view United Nations Sta-                                                                                                    Haiti
                                     bilization Mission in Haiti                                                                                                                  Page 5
in state building.                   (MINUSTAH) staff, private
  Between interviews, the            companies already working
future of Haiti changed, and         in Haiti, Haitian govern-                                                                                                   Opinion
so did the role of the SIPA          ment officials, development                                                                                                 From Gaza with
researchers. Removing dead           organizations and influential
bodies from an infirmary,            Haitian families.
                                                                                                                                                                 Pain: José Santigo-
comforting victims separat-
                                                Continued on Page 2
                                                                                                                                                                 Vericat considers
                                                                                                                                                                 the recent SIPA
                                                                                Haiti’s national palace damaged by the earthquake          [Photo: AP]

When                                                                                                                                                             event on the Israeli-
Humanity Is                                                                                                                                                      Palestinian Conflict
                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 9
Your Only
Light                                                                                                                                                            Green Affairs

By John Burnett                                                                                                                                                  Osama Bin Laden
  I  t’s not easy to describe
     what was seen, heard,
and smelt in Haiti. After
                                                                                                                                                                 blames industrial-
                                                                                                                                                                 ized nations for
the earthquake, all of us                                                                                                                                        global warming
were moved so rapidly into a
world that was and is simply
incomprehensible. A place                                                                                                                                                        Page 10
where life is constantly at
risk, total destruction is ev-                                                                                                                                   Humor
erywhere, and incredible
pain eats at everyone around                                                                                                                                     Lauren Quillian
you.                                                                                                                                                             offers words of ad-
  Certain memories remain                                                                                                                                        vice on surviving
very vivid in my mind. Af-
ter the earthquake stuck, I
                                                                                                                                                                 second semester
spent that first long evening                                                                                                                                    blues
outside, in a walled parking         SIPA students are welcomed back from Haiti and greeted by SIPA administrators at an emotional reception on the 15th floor
                                     [Photo: Lenny Pridatko]
                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 8
lot, with a handful of peace-

                                       Lebanese Professor Protests Visa
keepers standing watch. I                                                                                                                                        Restaurant Review
had no idea what the morn-
ing might bring.                                                                                                                                                 Ian Tobman
  I remember looking up at
the stars, thinking – hop-
                                         Delays, Cancels SIPA Course                                                                                             reviews Bubby’s Pie
ing – that as long as I could By José Santiago Vericat
                                                                               could have reached the Unit-                rienced difficulties in re-           Co., the best place to
                                                                               ed States in time to begin his              ceiving the mandatory U.S.
see them, there would not be         he     Lebanese-French
                                                                               classes. “After initial diffi-              State Department clearance            grab brunch at 2am
any rain nor ensuing wreck-          professor,    Ghassan
                                                                               culties, we contacted a New                 and documents to enter the
age. I remember the con- Salamé, decided not to teach
                                                                               York congressman and asked                  United States and teach at                            Page 4
stant shaking of the earth at SIPA this spring due to de-
                                                                               him to help expedite the visa.              Columbia. He was scheduled
throughout the night from lays in obtaining a visa from
                                                                               In the end he did receive the               to teach two courses, Inter-
the aftershocks, occurring the U.S. authorities in Paris,
                                                                               visa a few days before classes              national Politics in the Mid-
with a frequency that led said Dan McIntyre, SIPA
                                                                               started,” said McIntyre.                    dle East and Culture, Peace
one to think this is the way Associate Dean for Academic
                                                                                 McIntyre explained that                   and War.
                               Affairs, to Communique.
        Continued on Page 4                                                    this is the second year in a                        Continued on Page 4
                                Though barely, Salamé
                                                                               row in which Salamé expe-
P. 2     Communiqué - February 11, 2010                                             SIPA News
UN Studies Program Hosts Working Lunch
with French Ambassador
 By Miriam Schive and Michael Vaislic

  O    n Friday, January
       29th, 2010, the UN
Studies Program under
                                                                                                                                                                   Criminal Court, the differ-
                                                                                                                                                                   ence between the West’s
                                                                                                                                                                   credibility in the Security
the initiative of its Direc-                                                                                                                                       Council prior to the Second
tor, Prof. Elisabeth Linden-                                                                                                                                       Gulf War and now on the
mayer, organized a work-                                                                                                                                           Iranian nuclear crisis, the
ing lunch with Ambassador                                                                                                                                          UNSC strategy on Afghani-
Gérard Araud, Permanent                                                                                                                                            stan and the failure of the
Representative of France to                                                                                                                                        UN Climate Change Confer-
the United Nations in New                                                                                                                                          ence in Copenhagen. On all
York. The Ambassador gen-                                                                                                                                          of these issues, Ambassa-
erously hosted the luncheon                                                                                                                                        dor Araud gave remarkably
in the Résidence de France,                                                                                                                                        open answers replete with
where he answered candidly                                                                                                                                         humorous analogies. For the
numerous questions under                                                                                                                                           attending students this was
the theme of “The Security                                                                                                                                         a unique experience and an
Council seen by a Perma-                                                                                                                                           invaluable opportunity to
nent Member.”                                                                                                                                                      discuss issues of great im-
  During lunch, many ques-                                                                                                                                         portance and currency with
tions focused on the issue                                                                                                                                         an influential decision-mak-
of the reform of the UNSC.                                                                                                                                         er.
                                    The UN Security Council in 1950. The French Ambassador to the UN discussed how little the Security Council has changed since
The anachronistic structure         its inception in 1945.                                                                                          (Photo: AP)      Ambassador Arnaud, who
of the UNSC, which consists         distribution in the interna-                                                         sponded, “ is willing to take             is an expert on Nuclear
of five permanent and ten           tional system has changed                                                            the risk of less influence in             Non-Proliferation, will come
elected members, dates back         and that the UNSC must be                                                            order to have more influence”             to SIPA on February 11th to
to its creation in 1945 at the      reformed in order to remain                 “France is willing                       by enlarging the number of                discuss “The Non-Prolifer-
San Francisco Conference.           legitimate, it has been im-                  is willing to take                      UNSC member states, the                   ation Issue within the Ira-
As the Ambassador admit-            possible to find agreement                                                           representativeness of ‘glob-              nian Context” in an event
ted, the need to reform the         among the member states.
                                                                                the risk of less in-                     al’ opinion and thereby the               organized by the UN Stud-
anachronistic power struc-            He suggested that the rea-
                                                                               fluence in order to                       legitimacy of the Council. “It            ies Program and the Colum-
ture of the UNSC is patent:         son why the US is largely op-                    have more                           makes no sense, for example,              bia-Paris Alliance Program:
the number of the UN mem-                                                                                                not to have an African state              Room 1501, 6-8pm.
                                    posed to an expansion of the                    influence.”
ber states has risen from 45        UNSC to 24 member states                                                             as an SC member.”                           Miriam Schieve is a first
to 192 and new states, such         (as proposed by Kofi An-                                                               Other topics discussed were             year MIA student concen-
as Germany, Japan, or India                                                   ence to create a ‘minority
                                    nan in a High-Level Panel                 blockage’ to resolutions.                  the likelihood of a European              trating in EPD.
have all grown more pow-            Report in 2005) is that this                                                         Union seat on the Council,
erful. Although everyone                                                       “France, on the other                                                                 Michael Vaislic is a second
                                    would make it more difficult                                                         the relationship between the              year student concentrating
recognizes that the power           for them to use their influ-              hand,” the Ambassador re-                  UNSC and the International                in EPD.

Students React to Haitian Tragedy
Continued from Page 1
   Their week in the field was      tire mission was turned                                                                                                         “We were holdovers
packed with back-to-back            around.                                                                                                                        until professionals came,” All-
interviews and site visits.           “Somebody kept telling me                                                                                                    man adds.
Though Haiti’s history is vola-     there’s a call for me,” says All-                                                                                                There is a magnetic draw to-
tile, a theme of optimism be-       man.                                                                                                                           ward the field for many SIPA
gan to surface.                                                                                                                                                    students. It’s an opportunity
                                      “Oh yeah, that was very fun-
  “There was momentum               ny,” Rapp interjects                                                                                                           to see textbooks come to life;
gathering,” Gabrielle Apollon                                                                                                                                      make a real difference. How-
                                      “…‘I don’t work here! I don’t
explains. “We call it a window                                                                                                                                     ever, the delegation of SIPA
                                    think so!’ I said it like four
of opportunity. Haiti was at-                                                                                                                                      representatives who experi-
                                    times,” Allman laughs.
tracting more investment.”                                                                                                                                         enced the earthquake in Haiti
                                      She eventually took the                                                                                                      learned through their expe-
   Even professionals in the
                                    phone call, which was in fact                                                                                                  rience that there is a time to
field known for their cynicism
                                    intended for someone else.                                                                                                     step back, to recognize where
were starting to see the possi-
bilities Haiti had before it.         “It’s funny in hindsight be-                                                                                                 one’s skills are best used.
                                    cause they are all actions that                                                                                                   “Someone asked me if I
  “Everywhere we went, there
                                    were completely pointless and                                                                                                  thought they should go to Hai-
was a glow of positivity,” says                                               Students in Haiti                                   [Photo: Megan Rapp]
                                    meaningless but that kept us                                                                                                   ti. I said no,” Rapp explains,
Allman.                                                                         “It was just a really joyous,              And so he did, tearing his
                                    at the Christopher Hotel,” All-                                                                                                acknowledging that the stu-
  On Tuesday morning, Janu-         man says.                                 loud Haitian afternoon,” Rapp              dress-shirt into impromptu
                                                                                                                                                                   dent was well intentioned.
ary 12th, the students left their                                             smiles, “Lots of noise, people             bandages.
                                      The students could have                                                                                                      “But what are they gonna
hotel dressed in slacks, high                                                 selling on the streets, you can              The help continued over the
                                    walked to their next interview,                                                                                                do there? What’s your plan?
heels and skirts for an 8 a.m.                                                hear it—Haiti is full of life.”            next three days: one group-
                                    but Junior, their bus driver,                                                                                                  You’re gonna take away wa-
interview with the former head                                                  The photos continued as Ju-              member found herself picking              ter, food, shelter.”
                                    wanted to park at the UNDP.
of I-Trade, a partner of USAID,                                               nior parked the bus and the                bits of concrete out of a young
                                    Instead of walking between                                                                                                       The students see a need to
which provides training on                                                    group piled out. Allman was                man’s deep wound, while an-
                                    buildings, they drove outside of                                                                                               focus on issues at the root of
trade and investment policy.                                                  stepping out of the vehicle                other inserted IVs into victims’
                                    the UN compound, up a steep                                                                                                    the earthquake: better gov-
  After their third interview,      road with a wall separating               when the earthquake hit.                   arms. Another student carried
                                                                                                                                                                   ernance and coordination be-
which took place at the Inter-      them from the precipitous hill-             Instantly, six students study-           dead bodies to a UNDP freezer,
                                                                                                                                                                   tween actors, resources and
national Development Bank in        side.                                     ing policy analysis, economic              the makeshift morgue.
the Christopher Hotel where                                                   development and current                      After three days in the im-
                                      “Everybody, get your cam-                                                                                                       “I want to be there when
MINUSTAH was headquar-                                                        events became emergency                    provised infirmary, with little
                                    eras ready,” Gerald Stang, a                                                                                                   the attention is gone and
tered, the students took their                                                personnel in the aftermath of              water and no change of clothes,
                                    SIPA student, warned as they                                                                                                   Haiti really needs some seri-
time—goofing off in the park-                                                 Haiti’s worst earthquake in                the students recognized it was
                                    drove up the hill.                                                                                                             ous long-term development
ing lot, taking photos and using                                              centuries.                                 time to leave.
the restrooms—before leaving          The students had become                                                                                                      and assistance,” Rapp adds.
                                    obsessed with taking photos of              “You don’t want to do more                 “I have no skills there be-             “I’m just afraid I can never do
the compound.
                                    local children in their uniforms          harm,” student John Burnett                sides translation,” explains              enough.”
  What seemed like insignifi-                                                 explains, “and that’s the fear             Rapp, “but search and rescue is
                                    and were nearing a pack of kids
cant events at the time, ulti-                                                without medical training. But I            what they need. Serious, qual-
                                    in their red-checkered smocks                                                                                                  Whitney Eulich is a first year
mately determined where the                                                   just thought ‘what am I doing?             ity medical care is what they
                                    and blue pants.                                                                                                                MIA student.
students were when their en-                                                  Someone is trapped. Help.’”                need.”
                                                                                 SIPA News                               Communiqué - February 11, 2010                           P. 3

SIPA Kills it in Killington                                                                                                                         A Letter
Winter in New York Can Be Difficult.                                                                                                                From the
By Nick O’Brien

  W     inter in New York
        can    be    difficult.
Once all the holiday décor
has come down, the city as-                                                                                                                         SIPASA
sumes a lingering grayish
tone that lasts until the daf-
fodils pop up in late March.
With Punxsutawney Phil’s
prognostication of six more
weeks of winter, SIPA stu-
dents have a lot of chapped                                                                                                                           Dear Fellow Classmates,
lips and lost right gloves to
deal with before the weather
                                                                                                                                                       On behalf of the SIPASA
turns warm again.
                                                                                                                                                    board, I’d like to introduce
  Last Thursday, 104 stu-                                                                                                                           our goals and plans for
dents piled into a pair of                                                                                                                          our upcoming year in of-
coach buses and headed for                                                                                                                          fice. Firstly, with the tragic
the Green Mountains of Ver-                                                                                                                         earthquake in Haiti, many
mont. The SIPA Killington                                                                                                                           students are rallying to an-
Ski Trip is right up there                                                                                                                          swer the call for assistance.
next to the other great an-                                                                                                                         SIPASA has been charged
nual traditions such as Gala,                                                                                                                       with helping to synergize
the Halloween Party and                                                                                                                             the SIPA response to en-
Follies, the ski trip takes                                                                                                                         sure effective and efficient
place every year on the first                                                                                                                       assistance. To this end, we
weekend of the spring se-                                                                                                                           will be meeting with chair-
mester. This year’s organiz-                                                                                                                        persons of student groups
ers, Ben Dow, Ahsan Kamal,                                                                                                                          to connect and support the
Julia Koop, Anne Michener                                                                                                                           impressive efforts already
and Christina Wiig pulled                                                                                                                           initiated by student leaders.
out all the stops.                                                                                                                                  Also, we hope to hold a Haiti
  While diligent students                                                                                                                           Relief event with another
completed assignments and                                                                                                                           graduate program, which
caught up on reading, the                                                                                                                           is tentatively scheduled for
trailing bus did wet their                                                                                                                          March.
proverbial whistles, danced       Ben Dow (second year MIA student) enjoying Killington                                   (Photo: Christina Wiig)
                                                                                                                                                      Secondly, we will be hold-
in the aisles and regaled         the mountain.                             was just what the doctor or-        Aside from the deli run-            ing multiple continue to host
first years with legends of         Being a weekday, the                    dered blazing down the thigh      ning out of coffee, the next          a myriad of social events,
SIPA students past. After         slopes were not crowded and               burning steeps of the bunny       morning went off without a            which will be capped off
an unfortunate 25 mile de-        the lift lines non-existent.              slope. As for the Wobbly          hitch. On the ride home, sec-         with the SIPA Gala at the
tour into New Jersey and a        There were a few strange                  Barn, it’s best to ask some-      ond-years lamented that this          end of April.
brief pit stop for Roy Rogers     sightings on the mountain                 one who was there, but let’s      would be their last SIPA ski
                                                                            just say it was a good night.     trip and first-years looked             Thirdly, our board is dedi-
and Starbucks, the busses         such as SIPA students lying
                                                                                                              forward to rocking it out             cated to hearing the con-
chugged up the Northway.          motionless on their backs                   Bleary-eyed the next day,
                                                                                                              next year; J-termers tried            cerns of the student body in
The four hour jaunt turned        with boards strapped to                   not many revelers appeared
                                                                                                              to come to grips with what            order to convey them to OSA
mysteriously into a seven         their feet and a man in a full            on the slopes before noon.
                                                                                                              they had gotten themselves            and effect change under our
hour expedition. Some of the      three-piece suit. (Pictured:              The mountain was icier and
                                                                                                              into by enrolling. The 25-            control. In the same vein,
hardy folks kept the mid-         Gerald Stang, photo courtesy              a little more crowded. There
                                                                                                              mile detour into New Jersey           we are prioritizing sugges-
night oil burning well into       of Christina Wiig)                        was still a lot of great skiing
                                                                                                              was avoided, and everybody            tions to improve alumni re-
the night while the reason-                                                 and riding, but the breaks
                                     Afterwards, there was                                                    returned in one piece.                lations and professional de-
able ones hit the hay.                                                      were a touch longer and
                                  little time to waste, how-                                                                                        velopment opportunities in
  The weather in Killington       ever, as the bus was rearing              muscles a touch stiffer. After      After a week of reflection,         order to improve our coming
could not have been beat.         to go down Killington Road                two days on the slopes, folks     organizer Ben Dow had this            job and internship searches.
Sitting right around the          for dinner. The Norwegian                 lingered in the hot tub, steam    to say: “The natural desire of
                                                                            room and sauna until resort       SIPA skiers to the ride down            We look forward to work-
freezing mark with not a          contingent, led by Stig Pet-
                                                                            staff hustled them out.           the mountain aggressively             ing with the student groups
cloud in sight, it was a per-     terson, made the bus driver
                                                                                                              without full instruction cat-         regarding the Haiti Relief
fect day to hit the slopes. De-   feel right at home with a                   After dinner, those with
                                                                                                              egorized them mentally as             and beyond. We will contin-
spite no new snow, the 110”       classic Norwegian bus driver              energy to spare headed down
                                                                                                              Jersey Shore fans and ath-            ue to keep you posted on our
(280 cm) that had fallen ear-     song that had no discernable              to Tabu Nightclub (which
                                                                                                              letically as drunken newborn          activities through regular
lier in the season provided       melody.                                   was really just the front half
                                                                                                              horses. Them SIPA kids can            articles in Communique.
an excellent base for skiers                                                of Outback Pizza) for drinks
                                    Outback Pizza was the                                                     dance though.”
and riders of all abilities.                                                and dancing. The bus back to
                                  order of the day, and after
The aforementioned Ben                                                      the resort left early, but not      Nick O’Brien is a second             Best Regards,
                                  stuffing their faces, it was
and Christina as well as the                                                to fear, the cavorting contin-    year MPA student concen-
                                  off to the Wobbly Barn. The
indefatigable Anne Schulze                                                  ued until security was called     trating in EPS.
                                  general consensus was that
were kind enough to provide                                                 (three times) and everyone                                                SIPASA Board – Class
                                  while the pizza couldn’t hold
free lessons to beginners be-                                               settled down.                                                           of 2011
                                  a candle to New York pizza it
fore they headed out to rage

Photobook: Ski Trip Photos                                                                                                                                      [Photos: Christina Wiiig]
P. 4    Communiqué - February 11, 2010                                      SIPA News
                               Restaurant Review                                                             Lebanese Professor
Quality Brunch at 2am                                                                                        Protests Visa Delays,
By Ian Tobman
                                                                                                             cancels SIPA course
  D    uring my first week-
       end in New York, my
cousin, who had also recently
                                                                                                             Continued from Page 1
moved here, talked up this                                                                                     Salamé, based at the Uni-       border authorities were in-
great brunch place in Tribe-                                                                                 versity of Science Po and         tensified around the time
ca. We went that Sunday,                                                                                     part of the Alliance Pro-         when Salamé intended to
but when we arrived the                                                                                      gram which pairs that aca-        travel due to the attempted
long wait combined with my                                                                                   demic institution in Paris        attack by a Nigerian man
growling stomach did little to                                                                               with SIPA, was the Leba-          on a flight to Denver at the
win me over to Bubby’s., But                                                                                 nese Culture Minister from        end of last year.
I’m glad I stuck around.                                                                                     2000 until 2003.                    Salamé declined to com-
  The large full-length win-                                                                                   Since the attacks on the        ment to Communique on
dows surrounding the main                                                                                    World Trade Center in 2001,       this issue.
dining area allow for lots of                                                                                travelers of Middle Eastern       José Santiago Vericat, first
light and makes for great                                                                                    origin face pronounced diffi-     year MIA student, spent the
people watching including if                                                                                 culties in obtaining a visa to    last nine years in the Middle
                                    Tobman visited Bubby’s at 2am                      [Photo: Ian Tobman)
you’re lucky, celebrities. The                                                                               travel to the United States.      East. While there, he cov-
constant stream of neighbor-           Bubby’s Pie Co.                                                       The checks imposed by the         ered the Israeli-Palestinian
hood families, trendsetters                                             Phone. (212)219-0666                 State Department and U.S.         conflict as a reporter.
                                      Address. 120 Hudson St. in
and waiters scurrying about                                             Zagat rating: food- 18
                                      Tribeca (corner N Moore), Clos-
with complimentary but-
                                      est subway: Franklin St- 1 line   Website.
termilk biscuits and straw-
berry jam, creates a lively
atmosphere.                         waitress, I went with the           full, but it was not a tough           We want to hear
  Given its location towards        chicken pot pie. When done          sell to finish it off.
the tail-end of the 1 train, it’s
not the most convenient of des-
                                    well, this crusty dish that’s
                                    stuffed with peas, carrots,
                                                                          A new semester has begun,
                                                                        and as you once again com-
                                                                                                               from you!
tinations for the Morningside       chicken and sometimes pota-         mit yourself to explore all
crowd. However, a friend’s          toes in a creamy sauce, can
                                    make for a perfect antidote to
                                                                        New York has to offer, make            Write:
recent birthday provided an                                             sure to plan a visit to Tribe-
ideal opportunity to make the       winter blues. It hit the spot,      ca. Compared to the rest of            If you would like to contribute to
trip downtown. Unlike Sunday        with a moist but not too flaky      crowded downtown Manhat-
mornings, at 2 a.m. the lights      crust and a hint of nutmeg.         tan, it feels almost deserted.
                                                                                                               our publication, the submission
are dimmed and the mood is          While the side dish of macaro-      You can actually walk its
more laid-back.                     ni and cheese was on par with                                              deadline for the next issue is
                                                                        wide streets without bump-
                                    Dinosaur BBQ or Amy Ruth’s,
    Despite what the name
                                    the onion rings and vegetable
                                                                        ing into someone!.                     Sunday, February 14.
implies (bubbie is a term                                                  Of course, what makes
                                    fries were colorless. I would
for Jewish grandmother),                                                Bubby’s an institution be-
                                    recommend the roasted rose-
the dinner menu is not Jew-                                             sides its stellar pies is that         React:
                                    mary chicken that which was
ish cuisine, which in North                                             it’s open 24 hours a day and
                                    succulent and fresh.
America is centered around                                              serves brunch from midnight            Communiqué welcomes letters to
traditional dishes from East-         Brunch is expensive ($19          till 7am. So the next time
ern Europe like potato latkes,      for eggs Benedict), but the         you’re looking for some quali-         the editor. If you have a response
matza ball soup, chopped            dinner portions are generous        ty late-night eats that extend
liver, etc. Instead it is made      and the prices reasonable.          beyond Koronet or Toms,
                                                                                                               to an article or thoughts about our
up of an eclectic mix of grass-       Bubby’s full name is Bub-         head over to Bubby’s -– you            content, let us know.
fed beef burgers, ole hickory       by’s Pie Co. because it ini-        won’t be disappointed.
BBQ and tacos. Bubby’s also         tially focused on just making
offers a comfort food sec-          pies in a pizza oven left over
tion of macaroni and cheese,        from the previous owners.             Ian Tobman is a second-              Email:
meatloaf, chicken pot pie and       We sampled the key lime pie         year MIA student. He is also
buttermilk fried chicken.           which was rich and delicious        a Communiqué staff writer.             communiqué.
  After conferring with our         without being too heavy on
very helpful and attentive          the lime. We were all quite

When Humanity Is Your Only Light
Continued from Page 1
the world had always been.          we were all in this together.       are no hesitations or quali-         safely home.                      strengths and limitations,
I remember seeing the ini-          Where despite, or perhaps           fications in expressing what                  While we are back        and never lose sight of why
tial cloud of dust rising from      because of, the overwhelm-          my friends did in the first 48       home, life continues, such as     you want to help. You may
the city around us as build-        ing force of the earthquake         hours after the earthquake.          it is, for the people of Haiti.   do something now, such as
ings collapsed, and then the        and all it wrought, we were         It was simple: they did ev-          Though I caught only a small      raising funds or collecting es-
faint glow of distant fires         shaken into a truer sense of        erything they possibly could         glimpse of Haiti’s soul, I saw    sential supplies, or you may
burning into the evening sky.       who we all were inside, with a      to help, and then some.              that it is filled with such       help ten years from now.
I remember that deafening           simplicity of purpose defined         Our leader, our rock, will         strength and solidarity; and      But whatever you do, never
silence of the night, broken        only by the need to help one        always be Professor Elisa-           I know this will help the         forget that the human spirit
by the anguished cries of a         another however we could.           beth Lindenmayer. Perhaps            country carry on. In a place      is at its fullest when we can
woman overwhelmed by the              Regarding my friends, I           I won’t ever fully know what         where the external destruc-       look each other in the heart,
loss of her husband. Those          can only say this: I have           she felt and all she did to help     tion is the inverse of the in-    and know that we share the
were the first few hours. We        never been so proud to be as-       us. When I am asked how we           ner force of the people, there    same inner light of humani-
left two days later.                sociated with such incredible       were evacuated so quickly, I         will always be possibilities.     ty, burning brightly in a vast
  I could write on and on like      individuals. Gabrielle Apol-        can only answer that it was          On an island at the origins       universe.
this, but words do not do it        lon, Annika Allman, Megan           because of her.                      of the New World, where the          John Burnett is a first-year
justice. There is however           Rapp, Gerald Stang, and               While I feel intense sadness       promise and anguish of the        MPA student, concentrat-
another memory etched in            James Taylor all reacted in         seeing the names and faces of        Americas have always coex-        ing in Energy and Environ-
my mind, which is equally           the only way they could: with       those we met who were less           isted, the current torment        ment. He and five other SIPA
difficult to express. It is the     a vigilance and reason to pro-      fortunate than us, I can only        will yield, once again, to the    students were in Haiti on a
memory of the incredible hu-        tect life however they might.       think that for Professor Lin-        frontier of hope.                 Peacekeeping Mission with
manity, stepping forward in         From the initial fearless           denmayer, these were friends           There are many of us here       Professor Elizabeth Linden-
ways previously unimagina-          charge to pull people trapped       and colleagues forged over an        at SIPA who want to help.         mayer when the earthquake
ble. Helping strangers simply       under rubble, to extending          extensive career. None of us         My only suggestion is to lis-     struck Haiti on Tuesday,
because it was needed, asking       love to those who were in-          will ever forget her courage         ten, rather than tell, what       January 12, 2010.
nothing in return. This was         jured and alone, every min-         and direction in bringing us         is needed. Know your own
humanity understanding that         ute we were there. There
                                                                         Debate                                Communiqué - February 11, 2010                  P. 5

Should SIPA Students Volunteer in Haiti?
Disaster Tourism Is Not Disaster Relief                                                            Students 4 Haiti
  By Ashley Henderson                                   pour-     press release generated by        By Don Curry                     hospital beds to Hôpital

  O                                                                                                 I
       n Monday, January         ing of aid enters the country    Students 4 Haiti.                    n the aftermath of the        Sacré Coeur in Cap Haitian,
       25, a panel of experts    through an airport that was        However, the central aim           2004 tsunami, Hur-            and needs 10 volunteers for
assembled on the 15th floor      previously accustomed to         of the group remainsthe          ricane Katrina, and now           various positions.
of SIPA to formulate an ef-      15-20 operations a day and       group still hopes to bring       the Haitian earthquake,             Because of the tremendous
fective response to the post-    is now accommodating 140.        the    alternative  spring       I wanted to do something          need for capable managers
earthquake situation in          The desperation of the popu-     break, which would involve       to help beyond just giving        in the relief effort, the future
Haiti. Present on the panel      lation necessitates security     SIPA students embark-            money. Following the tsu-         career aspirations of the
were economists, Haitian         convoys for aid distribution,    ing on a 10-day disaster         nami, I founded and man-          SIPA student body and the
government        representa-    adding yet another barrier       response mission in Haiti.       aged a disaster relief project    relative proximity of Haiti
tives, medical doctors, seis-    to timely disbursement.          While both the timely re-        in Thailand which brought         to the United States, there
mologists,      psychologists      Despite continued logis-       sponse and intentions are        15 undergrads to the field        are unprecedented oppor-
and officials from the United    tical difficulties, the relief   admirable, a trip of this        to do volunteer work for the      tunities for SIPA students
Nations Development Proj-        period is almost over. The       nature could prove to be         summer.                           to gain field experience as
ect and the Inter-American       next step is recovery, beg-      disastrous for a number of         So, in the wake of the          practitioners and make life-
Development Bank.                ging the pressing question       reasons.                         earthquake, I met with Co-        long friends. It can seem
  The panel’s findings de-       of who should lead recon-          First, trained profession-     lumbia faculty, students and      challenging to strike a bal-
pict a dire situation in need    struction efforts.               als are landing in Haiti         the Haitian Special Envoy to      ance between our rigorous
of urgent intervention.            Many experts, includ-          only to find that the lack of    the UN to discuss the shape       courses and volunteer inter-
                                 ing Paul Collier and The         organization and resources       of the forthcoming interna-       ests, but doing service work
  The experts described                                                                                                              can be a well-spent break
Haiti as a struggling state      Economist, advocate for an       makes assistance impos-          tional relief operation and
                                 international organization       sible. “An orthopedic team       to brainstorm how students        from studying that also en-
decapitated by tragedy and                                                                                                           hances your studies.
underscored the need for         to set up a temporary de-        went to Haiti and left be-       could be of service. The gen-
immediate and long-term          velopment authority that         cause nothing was provi-         eral consensus is that this      dis-
international collaboration.     would be headed by both an       sioned at all for them to be     earthquake, while tragic, of-     courages wandering “volun-
In the words of Professor        outsider and a prominent         effective,” said Professor       fers an opportunity for the       tourists” from short-term ef-
Tatiana Wah, a Haitian           Haitian. Jeff Sachs is in fa-    Jeffrey Sachs, Director of       international community to        forts unless they are invited
who works at the Earth In-       vor of the Inter-American        the Earth Institute, “From       finally get Haiti right.          by one of our NGO partners
stitute, “Haiti’s not a coun-    Development bank as the          the most basic supplies…           With such an urgent, so-        because of the scarcity of ba-
try to be re-constructed. It’s   umbrella institution.            [to] the most basic help         phisticated case study un-        sic resources on the ground
a country to be constructed        The experts on the panel       from any agency… They            folding so close to our shores,   in Haiti. In addition, we are
from the very beginning.”        agreed that about $5-10 bil-     could get no basic support       American college students         aware that there are signifi-
                                 lion would be needed in the      to do anything and they          can add value to the interna-     cant security risks.
  The     earthquake    that                                      just left on their own.”
struck Haiti on January 12       coming decade to invest in                                        tional relief effort by joining     The focus now should be on
has affected an estimated 3      infrastructure, urban devel-       If trained professionals       an appropriate organization       how people can be of maxi-
million people. Rescue and       opment and peacekeeping.         such as these were not able      that needs them.                  mum service to the Haitian
aid efforts must operate un-       In a January 29th New          to help, it is highly unlikely     Fellow SIPA students and        relief effort based on their
der the added pressure of        York Times op-ed, Collier        that untrained SIPA stu-         I began meeting under the         skill sets.
the encroaching rainy sea-       and Jean-Louis Warnholz          dents, without UN convoy         name       The earthquake which
son, only 2 months away.         addressed the need for long-     protection will be able to       because we believe SIPA           struck Haiti January 12,
                                 term development by creat-       assist the Haitians affected     students can supplement           2010 exposed the most
  The earthquake destabi-                                         by the earthquake.
lized the terrain in unpre-      ing business opportunities                                        their curriculum with ser-        fragile state of humanity,
dictable ways, increasing        in Haiti. The cyclical trap        Although the situation         vice while gaining valuable       and presented a chance for
the risk of rain-triggered       of having too few investors      should   improve     before      development        experience.    the United States to make
landslides and flash floods.     and high production costs        March, anyone without a is polling     amends for years of detri-
Storm walls and water            should be broken with co-        concrete skill set, experi-      60 relevant NGO’s to assess       mental and inconsistent
management have yet to be        operation among private in-      ence in a complex emer-          their volunteer, material,        policies. Images on the news
rebuilt since the hurricanes     vestors.                         gency setting and fluent         and supply chain needs in         created idols out of the first
of 2008 struck Haiti.              George Soros has thus far      language ability would           Haiti, the Dominican Repub-       responders who rescued
                                 led the charge by commit-        only serve to tax an over-       lic, Miami and New York.          people. These images have
  Furthermore, the plant-                                         burdened system.                 Our members have decades          generated a spirit of hero-
ing season begins in March.      ting 25 million for invest-
                                 ments designed to seed and         Instead students would         of experience in Haitian de-      ism with “contagious and
With the destruction in                                                                            velopment. We aim to offer        transformative” powers ac-
Port-au-Prince,      urban-      catalyze Haiti’s competi-        be better off directing their
                                 tive advantages. However,        relief efforts towards suc-      our skill sets freely in order    cording to Robert Orr, a se-
dwelling Haitians, who                                                                             to deliver assistance without     nior advisor to the UN Sec-
comprise 50 percent of the       increased participation is       cessful, established orga-
                                 needed to ensure the suc-        nizations already on the         taking away work that can be      retary General and panelist
population, will be dis-                                                                           done by the local people, or      at a forum about Haiti at
placed to the countryside,       cessful development of frag-     ground. The UN studies
                                 ile domestic industries.         working group, for exam-         using up any already scarce       Columbia on January 25th.
straining an agricultural                                                                          resources on the ground. We       “We must capture this spirit
sector that already fails to       As the international com-      ple, hosted a January 25th
                                                                  fundraiser from which all        place a high premium on           of heroism if Haiti is to have
feed the population. Imme-       munity gears up for its re-                                       Haitian involvement, creat-       any hope,” said Orr.
diate investments in fertil-     sponse, many similar albeit      proceeds went to Partners
                                                                  in Health.                       ing livelihoods for Haitians,        The cost of heroism is too
izer, irrigation, and seeds      smaller efforts are also un-                                      and a viable Haitian state.
are necessary to ensure food     derway here at SIPA. Since         Students should also fo-                                         high for some to take risks in
security in the coming year.     the earthquake, there has        cus on longer-term develop-        The group has identified        order to help, even at SIPA,
                                 been an impressive mobili-       ment initiatives that will be    several projects operated by      which is discouraging. The
  With the death toll ap-                                                                          SIPA students which are           long-term outcome for Haiti
proaching    200,000,    the     zation of existing networks      especially crucial as Haiti
                                 to garner support, fund-         fades from the headlines.        in need of volunteers, such       is in the international com-
earthquake ranks as the                                                                            as the Rural Haiti Relief         munity’s hands and as stu-
second deadliest in history.     raise, and advocate. Yet         Advocating investment in
                                 also like the international      developing industry and          Project, managed by Kettie        dents, we should show up,
The relative effects howev-                                                                        Jean-Klefeker, which uses         ask the experts what to do,
er, are much worse.              community, some debate           holding governments ac-
                                 exists as to the best course     countable to pledged aid are     the supply chain of Partners      and do it. We will be man-
  The epicenter of the earth-    of action.                       just a few of the many ways      in Health to ship donated         aging the world someday
quake encompassed the                                             in which students can help       aid supplies to parts of Haiti    soon, and experience with
capital, devastating Haiti’s       Students 4 Haiti (www.                                          which are off the beaten          Haiti can only help. All have
                        was cre-     alleviate Haiti’s plight.
government.     Aftershocks                                                                        path of the aid supply chain.     a place in the effort in some
continue to force the prime      ated immediately after the                                        Hers is a small and efficient     capacity, and students4hai-
minister to sleep in his car.    earthquake with the intent         Ashley Henderson is a          organization that needs a aims to make produc-
38% of Haiti’s population is     of organizing an alternative     first-year student in the        few extra volunteers to run       tive matches.
composed of children under       spring break in Haiti. Since     Master of Public Admin-          food to and from their office
15 who are more vulnerable       it’s founding, the group’s       istration in Development         in SoHo.
than adults to physical in-      mission has diversified to in-   Practice Program.                                                  Don Curry is a first year
                                 clude fundraising, disaster                                         The 100 Hospital Beds for       MIA student concentrating
jury, dehydration, and psy-                                                                        Haiti campaign, operated by
chological trauma.               relief training and forming                                                                         in Advanced Policy and
                                 development partnerships,                                         Judith Kaine aims to raise        Economic Analysis.
 The    international    out-    according to a January 28                                         enough money to bring 100
P. 6    Communiqué - February 11, 2010                                             World Affairs
Iran: Religious Persecution Continues                                                                                                                         SIPA
 By Sabrina Mondschein
                                                                                                                          authorities set the date for his    SIPA Welcomes Barbara

  S  aba Tahzib grew up
     with stories of his
grandfather in Iran, ex-
                                                                                                                          first court appearance. The
                                                                                                                          secret session lasted three
                                                                                                                                                              Nunberg and Hassan
                                                                                                                          hours. Officials barred their
ecuted for his adherence to                                                                                               lawyers from the courtroom,           Barbara Nunberg has joined
the Bahá’í Faith in June                                                                                                  but the lawyers argued their        the school as Professor of Pro-
1980, before Saba was born.                                                                                               way in. According to Tahzib,        fessional Practice, teaching
“He was from Sangsar, you                                                                                                 officials mistakenly looked to      public management and gover-
see. It’s a particular town                                                                                               Khanjani as the de facto lead-      nance issues in development.
with people known for being                                                                                               er, because of his age.             Professor Nunberg previously
strong, hardheaded, faithful.                                                                                                                                 served as head of the World
There’s a whole mythology.”                                                                                                 Because of his age, Fer-
                                                                                                                          ida and the family worry            Bank’s program on public sec-
  Tahzib’s great-uncle, Ja-                                                                                               more. Stories filter back to        tor reform and governance for
maloddin Khanjani, comes                                                                                                  the Tahzib home in Eng-             the East Asia and Pacific Re-
from the same town and now,                                                                                               land.   Authorities impris-         gion. During her career at the
the family fears, faces the                                                                                               oned Khanjani in the 1980’s,        World Bank, she was engaged
same fate. After 30 years in                                                                                              but released him after two          in research, policy develop-
and out of Iran’s prisons, he                                                                                             months supposedly for con-          ment, and operational projects
will attend the second session                                                                                            vincing interrogators of the        and programs on governance
of what may be his final trial                                                                                            benign nature of the Faith.         and public management in de-
this Sunday, February 7.                                                                                                                                      veloping countries.
                                                                                                                          When asked why his great-
  Today, at the age of 76,                                                                                                uncle never left Iran after           Hassan Abbas is the 2010
Khanjani is in Evin Prison                                                                                                thirty years of persecution,        Quaid-i-Azam Professor, as-
with six other Bahá’ís. Ira-                                                                                              Tahzib explains that it was         sociated with the South Asia
nian authorities arrested the                                                                                             for love of country and “an         Institute. He teaches courses
                                   Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, beside a large portrait of Iran’s late
group in May 2008 under            spritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini. The Bahá’í Faith poses a continual perceived       unwavering belief in these          focusing on politics, religion
charges ranging from espio-        ideological threat to many of Iran’s Ayatollahs                       [Photo: AP]      ideas being the only solution       and security in South Asia.
nage to spreading corruption       tion ebbed. During this time,                 the United States and the                to developing their society         Abbas is also a Senior Advisor
on earth to cooperation with       Khanjani left Sangsar to                      United Kingdom, focused                  and restoring it to its former      at the Belfer Center for Sci-
Israel. This is Mr. Khanjani’s     work at the Pepsi Cola Com-                   their attention on the Bahá’ís           greatness. … This is a solu-        ence and International Affairs
fourth arrest and by far his       pany, began another busi-                     in Iran through letters and              tion, he has a role to play.” To    at Harvard’s Kennedy School
longest period of detention.       ness, and then built up Iran’s                public statements.                       leave, Tahzib explains, would       of Government, after having
                                   first automated brick factory                                                          be “abdicating that responsi-       been a Research Fellow at the
  Mr.     Khanjani’s      eldest                                                   These stories are at the
                                   with hundreds of employees.                                                            bility.”                            Center from 2005 – 2009. He is
daughter, 52, works as a chi-                                                    forefront of the family mem-
                                                                                                                            Religious persecution took        also the Bernard Schwartz fel-
ropractor in China. “Ferida,”        After the 1979 Islamic revolu-              bers’ minds.
                                                                                                                          two brothers from Mr. Khan-         low at the Asia Society in New
Tahzib says, “worries about        tion, however, the new regime                   In China, at the hospital,                                                 York.
the very small things. Has         heightened official targeting of                                                       jani’s wife, Ashraf, in addi-
                                                                                 Ferida schedules back-to-
he lost weight? Is he eating       the Bahá’ís in Iran. Khanjani’s                                                        tion to the three decades her
                                                                                 back appointments during
properly?” She was allowed         brother-in-law from Sangsar                                                            husband. Last month, au-            Alumnus Bill de Blasio
                                                                                 the day and distance-learn-
to talk to him via phone once      was one of hundreds of Baha’is                                                         thorities arrested her grand-       Elected NYC Public
                                                                                 ing classes at night. She
from prison. Officials rarely      executed in the early years.                                                           daughter with her husband           Advocate
                                                                                 keeps herself busy, as her
allow contact with the prison-     Authorities also imprisoned,                                                           and eight other Bahá’ís ac-
                                                                                 father instructed, “in ser-
ers, but the family recently       tortured and then released an-                                                         cused of arms possession in           Bill de Blasio (MIA ‘87) was
                                                                                 vice to humanity,” channel-
learned that he “was cold,         other Sangsar brother-in-law.                                                          connection with December’s          elected New York City Public
                                                                                 ing her efforts into pursuing
very very cold.” They attempt-     He died soon after.                                                                    anti-government          Ashura     Advocate in the 2009 general
                                                                                 her profession. Soon after
ed several times to convince                                                                                              demonstrations. No one be-          election. De Blasio previously
                                     The government eventually                   the 2008 arrest, a patient be-
prison officials to allow a spe-                                                                                          lieves any of the ten attended      served as a New York City
                                   confiscated Khanjani’s brick                  tween questions about diet
cial pair of cotton long johns                                                                                            the demonstrations, however,        councilman, worked in the
                                   factory. He tried to start an-                and posture asked, “How
into the prison. The guards                                                                                               in adherence to the Bahá’í law      U.S. Department of Housing
                                   other business, but authori-                  are you?” Ferida paused, sol-
eventually gave in, because of                                                                                            of strict obedience to the gov-     and Urban Development, and
                                   ties prevented him – and                      emnly shook her head, “It’s
Mr. Khanjani’s age.                                                                                                       ernment and abstention from         managed Hillary Rodham
                                   his family members – from                     not easy … we haven’t heard
                                                                                                                          partisan politics. Authorities      Clinton’s 2000 campaign for
  The Bahá’í Faith originat-       obtaining loans and banned                    anything!” then continued on
                                                                                                                          transferred the group to an-        the U.S. Senate.
ed in 19th century Persia as       them from traveling abroad.                   with the appointment.
                                                                                                                          other prison in Karaj where
an independent world reli-         Around this time, Khanjani                      In England, Ferida’s cousin            they have been held without
gion with a separate Prophet       became more active in the                                                                                                  Professor Swati Desai
                                                                                 and Tahzib’s mother, Bahar               contact or a trial date.
and Book of Laws. However,         administration of the Bahá’ís                                                                                              Elected Secretary of AP-
                                                                                 Tahzib, met with Prime Min-
many of the religious elites       of Iran. He served on the                                                                Ashraf remains resolute.          PAM
                                                                                 ister Gordon Brown, who con-
believe that there can be no       “third” National Spiritual As-                                                            “The last time I heard her         Professor Swati Desai has
                                                                                 tinued his public denounce-
Prophets after Muhammad,           sembly since the revolution,                                                           speak,” Tahzib recalls, “you        been elected Secretary of the
                                                                                 ments of the treatment of the
and as such view the Bahá’í        a nine-member nationally                                                               could hear the resignation in       Association for Public Policy
                                                                                 Bahá’ís. She wrote an op-ed
Faith as an heretical offshoot     elected governing body. The                                                            her voice, almost a submis-         Analysis and Management
                                                                                 in the Guardian (“Persecuting
of Shi’a Islam, a threat to Is-    entire first Assembly had dis-                                                         sion to a process and a guide of    (APPAM). Professor Desai was
                                                                                 the Baha’is, Iran is conduct-
lam – and humanity – as a          appeared. In 1981, authori-                                                            Faith in whatever its outcome.      elected to a two-year term, be-
                                                                                 ing an obsessive witch-hunt
whole. This has spurred con-       ties executed eight members                                                            … There’s a Persian saying that     ginning in January 2010. Last
                                                                                 against its largest non-Mus-
tinued persecution since the       from the second Assembly.                                                              it will all be fixed in the end.”   fall, she completed her first
                                                                                 lim religious minority”) and
Faith’s inception.                 They executed four of the                                                                                                  semester at SIPA as an Asso-
                                                                                 interviewed with the BBC and                Sabrina Mondschein is a
                                   members from the “third.”                                                                                                  ciate Professor of Professional
  While the Bahá’í Faith                                                         other news outlets in an effort          first year MIA student. She         Practice, teaching public and
poses a continual perceived          Persecution    diminished                   to stir international aware-             is also SIPA News Editor for        nonprofit management, and
ideological threat to the          when the United Nations,                      ness about the current trials.           Communiqué.                         performance management.
Ayatollahs, under the Shah,        Human Rights Watch and                          Mr. Khanjani waited in jail
much of the official persecu-      several countries, including                  for nearly two years before

 Photobook: SIPA Students in Haiti                                                                                                                                         [Photos: Megan Rapp]
                                                                                  World Affairs                              Communiqué - February 11, 2010                    P. 7

New Political Leadership in Chile Could Help Boost Growth
By Nathaniel Parish Flannery

 I   n 2006, a few months
     after the election of Mi-
chelle Bachelet, a socialist
                                                                                                                                                     to look ahead and more than
                                                                                                                                                     half of the voters chose to fol-
                                                                                                                                                     low him … [because] he rep-
candidate to Chile’s presi-                                                                                                                          resents business creativity,”
dency, I was in Santiago, the                                                                                                                        Merlet said.
country’s largest city, sipping                                                                                                                        However, even Merlet, an
$15 mixed gin and tonics                                                                                                                             ardent opponent of Chile’s
with a consultant who in the                                                                                                                         previous leftwing govern-
1970s and 1980s worked as                                                                                                                            ment, and a firm believer in
economic advisor to the coun-                                                                                                                        Piñera’s cause, chose not to
try’s previous military re-                                                                                                                          vote in the election. “Like
gime. I also spent time chat-                                                                                                                        most young people, I didn’t
ting with students and young                                                                                                                         vote because I’m not regis-
professionals, the children of                                                                                                                       tered to vote,” he said. In
academics and union leaders                                                                                                                          Chile, a country where citi-
who had been persecuted and                                                                                                                          zens who choose to vote must
even forced into exile under                                                                                                                         accept a mandatory life-long
the military dictatorship.                                                                                                                           obligation to vote, many
The long-standing ideologi-                                                                                                                          young people like Antezana
cal divide between the two                                                                                                                           and Merlet choose to avoid
groups could not have been                                                                                                                           this potentially inconvenient
                                  Chile’s president-elect Sebastian Pinera speaks following his victory                                [Photo: AP)
clearer.                                                                                                                                             civic obligation, and decide
  In the country’s most recent    his forces fired rockets at the               tation for business savvy has     ing the election. Data from        to not register to vote at all.
election, on January 17, 2010     country’s presidential palace,                won him broad support in a        AdimarkGfK, a Santiago-            The fact that the country’s
Sebastian Piñera, a billion-      seizing control of the govern-                country that is considered        based market research firm         voting base under-represents
aire Chilean businessman,         ment.                                         to be Latin America’s most        shows that following the elec-     Chile’s younger generation
was elected as the country’s                                                    advanced economy. The elec-       tion, consumer confidence in       may help explain why the
                                    In the years that followed
new president, the first time                                                   tion seems to say that while      Chile jumped to a 14-year          country’s national politics
                                  clashes between left wing
that a right-of-centre can-                                                     Chileans may still care about     high. Bloomberg reported           have remained mired for so
                                  groups     and     government
didate took the office since                                                    their country’s past, they are    that many market analysts          long in a backwards-looking
                                  forces happened frequently.
the end of the right-wing Pi-                                                   now more focused on its fu-       expect Piñera to implement         outlook.
                                  Tens of thousands of sus-
nochet dictatorship in 1990.                                                    ture. Soledad Antezana, 30,       reforms that will help Chile          Chile’s political parties
                                  pected socialists, revolution-
  For members of the coun-        aries, dissidents, and union                  a lifelong resident of Santi-     attract the attention of for-      have been slow to draw at-
try’s middle and upper class,     leaders were detained, inter-                 ago, who did not vote in the      eign investors. According to a     tention away from the coun-
Piñera’s election seems to        rogated, and tortured. Ac-                    election, explained in a tele-    recent note from EPFR Glob-        try’s turbulent political his-
show that Chile’s electorate      cording to the results of an                  phone interview this week         al, an emerging markets fo-        tory in order to focus on goals
is committed to continuing        official government inquiry,                  that “a right-wing candidate      cused consultancy, data from       for the future. Whatever his
the stellar growth trajectory     published in 1993, more than                  was able to win, not because      portfolio funds are already        election means to people
that was kicked off, in part,     3,200 political prisoners were                he overcame his connections       starting to show “a mod-           on each side of the political
by the pro-business policies      executed or “disappeared” in                  to the [military] dictatorship,   est Piñera affect,” a boost of     spectrum, Piñera’s victory
that were implemented dur-        the months following Gener-                   but rather because the people     portfolio investments flowing      could spark renovation and
ing the Pinochet years. For       al Pinochet’s coup d’état. As                 have forgotten [the past].”       into Chile, that has occurred      renewal in the country’s po-
others, Piñera’s victory is       many as 30,000 people were                      General Pinochet died in        since the election.                litical process. Chile’s econ-
an unwelcome reminder of          arrested and tortured.                        2005, and Michelle Bachelet,        Piñera is expected to up-        omy is likely to emerge from
the country’s not so distant                                                    then Chile’s Socialist presi-     hold Chile’s established pol-      the previous year’s crisis in
                                    In the last few weeks of the
past, when supporters of a                                                      dent, whose father died dur-      icy tradition of responsible       2010. With a little finesse,
                                  presidential race, Piñera’s
right wing campaign of state-                                                   ing interrogation by Pinochet     macro-economic       manage-       Chile’s leftist political coali-
                                  political opponents sought
sponsored terror killed more                                                    agents, refused him an offi-      ment while also working to         tion, the Concertacíon, could
                                  to highlight his ties to the
than 3,000 of the country’s                                                     cial state funeral. Five years    boost economic output and          do the same. In future elec-
                                  Pinochet regime. Though in
citizens and tortured thou-                                                     later, Chile’s citizens are now   stimulate new job growth. In       tions, politicians may spend
                                  1988 Piñera voted against
sands more.                                                                     mostly concerned with the         a recent email, Martin Schw-       more time talking about the
                                  the continuation of Pinochet’s
  For some members of the                                                       country’s economic health.        erdtfeger, a Senior Analyst at     types of pragmatic policy is-
                                  rule, Chilean Senator Eduar-
country’s political left, Pi-                                                   “Piñera won through mar-          Global Insight, a leading re-      sues that are of interest to
                                  do Frei, Piñera’s main rival in
ñera’s victory serves as an un-                                                 keting, and through playing       search firm, said that he ex-      people of all political affilia-
                                  the election, worked to draw
comfortable reminder of the                                                     to the middle class’s concern     pects that Chile will resume       tions and less time stoking
                                  attention to the fact that ten
still simmering class tensions                                                  about the global recession,”      pre-crisis levels of growth        old political tensions.
                                  years earlier, as a member of
and high levels of economic       the country’s Senate, Piñera                  Antezana, whose family            and report a 4.5% increase in
inequality that continue to       supported legislation that                    tends to support left-wing        economic output in 2010.
                                                                                politicians, explained.                                                Nathaniel Parish Flan-
exist in this South American      would have granted amnesty                                                        Alfredo Merlet, a Mar-           nery is a first-year student
nation, Latin America’s sixth     and prevented investigations                    “People believe that Piñera     ket Risk Analyst, who lives        in the Masters Program in
largest economy.                  into crimes and human rights                  can solve the country’s eco-      in Santiago’s exclusive Las        Latin American and Carib-
  In 1973, the country’s ex-      violations committed during                   nomic problems,” she added.       Condes district, explained         bean Studies at the Graduate
periment with democrati-          the dictatorship years.                         According to data from          in a recent email that in the      School of Arts and Sciences.
cally implemented socialism         However, Piñera’s decisive        , a Cam-           run-up to the election many        He is concurrently working
came to an abrupt end when,       victory over his rival, the left-             bridge, Massachusetts-based       people believed that the Al-       as a Latin America Research
with the help of U.S. intelli-    ward leaning Chilean Sena-                    data provider, Chile’s IPSA       lende / Pinochet framework         Analyst, and Assistant Edi-
gence services and prodding       tor, Eduardo Frei, in ten of                  Index, a measure of the coun-     would continue to define           tor, at GovernanceMetrics In-
from the country’s elite, Gen-    the country’s fifteen electoral               try’s stock market, increased     Chilean politics. However,         ternational.
eral Augusto Pinochet and         districts shows that his repu-                1.6% in the two days follow-      “Piñera asked [the people]

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P. 8    Communiqué - February 11, 2010                                       Humor

Second Semester Denial                                                                                                                        Communiqué
By Lauren Quillian
  I’m not sure if you’ve no-       onto those moments of win-        ones, that we made last se-         just enjoy each moment as it
ticed, but there is a virus go-    ter break freedom, but the        mester!) and student groups,        comes.                                     Editors-in-chief
ing around SIPA first years.       danger is long-term; eventu-      and internships, and every-           2.    Let the fun-times                   Emily Ingram
The causes, symptoms, and          ally Human rights Law will        thing else that isn’t pure and      win. A fun-time victory over                Marie O’Reilly
degrees of severity are var-       not translate into an A on        simple school work. Did win-        productivity is really an all
ied, but the prognosis is clear,   your Stats midterm.               ter break actually happen? I        out win. In fact, it’s probably
we call it Second Semester                                           honestly don’t have time to         a moment to remember. That              World Affairs Editors
                                      Case 2: Student B wakes
Denial!                                                              answer that.                        said; keep a tally of victories            Sheena Jones
                                   up early, grabs coffee and
  Not to fear, once you recog-     sits down at his computer,          Case 3: After finishing the       to make sure it’s not a shut              Muneeb Ansari
nize it, you’ve taken the first    his to-do list in hand. Un-       week’s reading in Lehman,           out.
step in overcoming the prob-       used to late afternoon class-     student C walks into the              3.     Take a friend and
lem. Also, you are not alone       es, it’s imperative to have a     SIPA happy hour, a little           try out new libraries (maybe
                                                                                                                                                   SIPA News Editor
- we are all in this together.     productive morning before         nervous, but excited just the       you’ll find one with windows
                                                                                                                                                  Sabrina Mondschein
Read here about similar cas-       class at 4. So much to do, so     same. After grabbing a drink,       and heat!). This way you
es that will help you diagnose     little time!    Minutes after     she walks over to the least         can go on an adventure, be
and treat your denial.             starting the first POP read-      intimidating pair of students       productive, and build friend-
                                                                                                                                                  Opinion Editors
                                   ing assignment, his mind          she thinks she recognizes,          ships, all at the same time!
                                                                                                                                                Maheen Saleem-Farooqi
  Case 1: The alarm goes off
                                   wanders to his new duties         initiates a hello fist pump,                                                   Gauri Anand
at 11. Student A wakes up,                                                                                 4.    Go to SIPASA par-
                                   as a student leader - the first   as Dean Simmons had ad-
puts on her slippers and set-                                                                            ties… I hear they are fun, not
                                   meeting is tonight and he         vised, and then it starts: “My
tles down with coffee and the                                                                            that I would know (!)
                                   hasn’t prepared the agenda.       name is student C, I am an                                                  Green Affairs Editor
newspaper. An hour later,
                                   Then there are 5 new emails       MPA, USP concentrator from            5.    Wean yourself off               Mohammad Darwazah
she figures, its cold outside,
                                   about panels and activities -     Atlanta; what’s your concen-        break-time activities:         If
maybe she’ll play a videog-
                                   don’t want to miss anything,      tration? Where are you guys         you’re addicted to videog-
ame. Luckily, she happens
                                   better check emails.       Oh,    from?” Sound familiar?              ames or other mindless pas-               Multimedia Editor
to look at her watch at 3:30.                                                                                                                         Gillian Tee
                                   and there’s that party to be        Symptom: First Semester           times, slowly decrease the
Grudgingly, she turns off the
                                   planned, that language club       Delusions. I just can’t keep it     time spent on this activity.
Wii and embarks on the cold                                                                                                                          Photographer
                                   to start, and definitely need     straight t- is it first semester?   Or, if you really can’t stop,
walk to school, heading for                                                                                                                          Lenny Pridatko
                                   to catch up with those friends    I made friends last semester,       invite a friend over to do
statistics in room 403. Af-
                                   I haven’t seen yet…Ok back        but why are there still faces I     nothing with you - We are in
ter five minutes in the class,
                                   to reading……….oh never            don’t recognize? Must get to        Seinfeld territory after all. (if
she realizes the professor is                                                                                                                         Staff Writters
                                   mind it’s time for class!         know as many people as pos-         you have a Wii I can help you
talking about Human Rights                                                                                                                              Alex Alper
                                                                     sible as quickly as possible…       with this one).
Law- Did she walk into 413?          Symptom: Winter Break                                                                                            Aaron Timms
Instead of getting angry at        Amnesia. Is it possible that      must tell life story in under         6.     Think of new and
                                                                                                                                                       Ian Tobman
being fooled again by the 4th      two weeks ago I was talk-         two minutes fifty times…            exciting questions for your
floor numbering system, she        ing about how it felt like my        Personally, I feel I am suf-     old and new friends, like
stays in the class – what the      $60,000 of tuition just went      fering from all three symp-         How much does a polar bear
hell, she’s always wanted to       towards giving me more free       toms and have severe case           weigh? What’s your favor-
                                                                                                                                                     Communiqué is the
know more about Human              time? For many of you, the        of ‘SSD’! I have compiled a         ite color? Do you like stuff?
                                                                                                                                                 student-run newspaper of
Rights Law anyway.                 day you set foot back on cam-     list of denial treatments that      Concentrations are so last
                                                                                                                                              Columbia University’s School
                                   pus, its back to the grind, but   may help us through this dif-       semester.
  Symptom: Separation Anx-                                                                                                                   of International and Public Af-
iety. Do you feel like you de-     this time busier than ever.       ficult time.                                                            fairs. The editors are responsible
serve just a little more time      Mostly because, unlike last                                                                                         for its content.
                                                                       1.    Decide it’s a stress-         Lauren Quillian is a first-
off? Can’t let go of your 9        semester, we have more to                                                                         
                                                                     free semester- We had enough        year MPA candidate, concen-
hours of sleep and pajama          think about than just aca-
                                                                     stress last semester, so even       trating in USP.
time? We can try to hold           demics, like FRIENDS (real
                                                                     though you have more to do,

Casual inspection of cell phone con- Event of the Week:
tact list reveals forgotten names from Not to Be Missed!
orientation week
By Johan Kharabi                       By Johan Kharabi

  W    hile      scrolling
       through his phone-
                                   Lakovits? Who? There’s no
                                   way that’s a real person,”
                                                                     start deleting the names of
                                                                     SIPA students she never
book last Thursday, second         exclaimed Hakim. When             spoke to. “I’d hate to let          “The Pre-Colonial Transatlantic
year SIPA student Zubair           informed that Carina was,         some of these names go,”
Hakim was shocked to               in fact, not only actually a      she explained. “Some of
                                                                                                         Gender Microfinance Paradox:
find the numbers of people
he had met during orien-
                                   real human being but also         them could turn out to be           A Migration Growth Model for
tation week in the fall of
                                   a second year student at
                                   SIPA, and that she was
                                                                     pretty important. But I just
                                                                     honestly don’t know who
                                                                                                         South Asia?”
2008, but with whom he
had since had absolutely           even in his spring 2009           some of these people are-
no contact with.                   Statistics recitation, Ha-        -and I haven’t even spo-             Friday, February 12
                                   kim sighed, “Oh yeah, I           ken to them since the first
  “Who the hell is Josh                                                                                   1-2pm
                                   think I saw her name on           week of class.” The first to
Huneycutt?” Hakim asked
                                   the Google list serve once.       go on the list would have            Room 1501
in disbelief, “I mean, I
                                   And I think maybe she in-         to be Andy Cramer, Alana
think we met during Math
                                   vited me to a talk about          reluctantly added. “This
Camp. Or maybe it was at                                                                                   Can transatlantic gender relationships be strengthened un-
                                   migration or gender poli-         name has been near the
the Boat Basin. I don’t real-
                                   cy or something one time          top of my contact list for          der current structural constraints? Professor with silly mus-
ly remember. But I have no
                                   on Facebook. How did I            almost 2 years and I don’t          tache analyzes the new neoliberal gesticulation paradigm
idea what he looks like, or
                                   get her number though? I          have any clue who the guy           for future microfinance-led gender-based development in
even what we talked about,
                                   mean, maybe it was at one         is, although I think we met         South Asia, using the pre-colonial transatlantic model as
and I definitely don’t think
                                   of those things at Havana         in the 4th floor computer
we have run into each other                                                                              a useful reference. Mustached Professor is author of “The
                                   Central. I think we might         lab in September 2008
since. What kind of a name                                                                               End of the Post-Modern Transatlantic Gender Divide: An
                                   have said that we’d keep in       and talked about how he
is Huneycutt anyway?”                                                                                    Exploration into Microfinance in the Developing World”.
                                   touch.”                           worked in Cameroon the
  Hakim’s utter confusion                                            previous summer.” Alana             Talk will be very boring.
                                     Other students have re-
continued to grow as he                                              was visibly unshaken when
                                   ported similar incidents.
scrolled down the list to                                            confirming the deletion on
                                   Alana Tummino, a second                                                *Free food will be served.
find even more names of                                              her phone.
                                   year MIA student, declared
people he had not spoken
                                   that in light of graduation        Johan Kharabi is a sec-
to or seen for almost one
                                   in May she would have to          ond year MIA student.
and a half years. “Carina
                                                                             Opinion                               Communiqué - February 11, 2010                   P. 9

“Occupying” Haiti?                                                                                      The Future of
                                                                                                        Internet Regulation
By Ryan Kaminski

  The world’s most adept im-      to the CIA World Factbook,          what had been a nearly ho-
perialism-monitor, Venezue-       for example, Haiti’s prima-         mogenous outpouring of soli-      By Gillian Tee
lan President Hugo Chavez,        ry resources include coffee,        darity, compassion, and             Earlier last week Apple          ing by a central governing
has identified a fresh risk       mangoes, sugarcane, rice,           humanitarianism by the in-        announced the launching of         commission akin to how the
to sovereign, peace-loving        corn, sorghum and wood. Its         ternational community, the        a new mobile device called         United States, through the
states; the US and its das-       primary industries include          antics of Chavez, Morales,        the iPad– a tool meant to          Federal    Communications
tardly plans for “occupying”      sugar refining, flour milling,      and Ortega have risen to a        combine the power of e-            Commission, currently is-
the devastated island-nation      textiles, cement, and “light        whole new level of reckless       readers, laptops and hand-         sues licenses to legitimize
of Haiti. According to Mr.        assembly based on imported          absurdity. Unlike relatively      held devices into highly           the operation of broadcast-
Chavez, “they [US] are oc-        parts” (whatever that may           harmless clowning around          mobile assessors to multi-         ing stations.
cupying Haiti undercover.”        entail). Apparently, Chavez         such as Chavez’s calling          media and the web. This is           The “commons” versus
Chavez’s imperialism-bust-        and Bolivia’s President Evo         President Bush “the devil”        part of a larger trend: the        “rights” debate carries with
                                                                                                        iPad moves us further away         it a sense of foreboding
ing junior partners, Bolivia      Morales have cracked the            and Morales giving then
                                                                                                        from storing information on        on the challenges that lie
and Nicaragua, have also          code of what terrible new de-       Secretary of State Condo-
                                                                                                        our own PCs towards do-            ahead of spectrum policy
made similar allegations          struction the US can create         leeza Rice a ukulele covered      ing everything online – also
during a special meeting of       with a combination of coffee,       in coca leaves (the main in-                                         making in the internet age.
                                                                                                        known as “the cloud” – us-         The recent developments of
the UN General Assembly           mangoes, and sugar refin-           gredient for cocaine) the cur-    ing whatever device is at          media regulation suggest
concerning Haiti last month.      ing. If you have ever had a         rent US bashing by the three      hand.                              the emergence of a policy
The latter’s president, Dan-      ‘Mango Frappuccino’ from            stooges could actually cost         Many people consider this        regime that embraces both
iel Ortega, further declared      Starbucks, you know there           lives in Haiti.                   development to be as in-           approaches, since few lean
that the US was “manipu-          is sufficient reason to be at         President Morales’ recent       evitable as the move from          very strongly towards one
lating the tragedy to install     least a little nervous about        call for the UN to condemn        fire stoves to microwaves.         or the other.
North American troops in          such a development.                 US efforts in Haiti, for ex-      With the cloud, it’s no lon-         What then would the hy-
Haiti.” Can it be true? Is the      Of course, maybe it is some-      ample, risks damaging the         ger a catastrophe to lose          brid approach look like?
next country on the US hit-                                                                             your laptop, any more than         What is certain is that its
                                  thing much simpler than all         reputation of the UN’s relief
list—following Afghanistan                                                                              losing your glasses would          increasing use would result
                                  of this. Perhaps Chavez and         effort, as well as discourag-
and Iraq—really Haiti?                                                                                  permanently destroy your           in broad swaths of spectrum
                                  friends have witnessed what         ing further aid to Haiti. As      vision. In addition, as more
  Geopolitically    speaking,     they consider to be incred-         they rebuild their country,                                          left in the commons, as well
                                                                                                        and more of our information        as broad swaths that would
Chavez must have discovered       ible economic gains the US          Haitians should not have to       is gathered and shared with        be sold. Even as the govern-
the singular advantages of        has made in its campaigns           constantly watch their backs      others – through Facebook,         ment moves towards aban-
making Haiti the fifty-third      in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ig-        for insidious forms of neo-       Twitter, or MySpace – hav-         doning the central com-
state in the Union. For one, it   noring virtually all conven-        colonial domination by the        ing it all online can make a       mand approach towards a
would bring the US military       tional measures of economic         US. Such paranoia will only       lot of sense.                      hybrid model, the follow-
one island closer to being        strength, Venezuela, Bolivia,       serve to aggravate relief ef-       How big will the cloud           ing fundamental challenge
able to successfully launch       and Nicaragua seem to have          forts and make a terrible         grow, however? And what            still lingers: on what basis
an invasion of Chavez’s be-       concluded the US actually           situation worse. There’s no       implications does the in-          would regulation determine
loved ‘republic’. Never mind      improved its global economic        denying that Haiti probably       ternet’s growth have for its       the criteria for appropria-
the fact that the US was able     position from its military ac-      does not need more soldiers       regulation, if any?                tion between the two? And
to invade Iraq and Afghani-       tivities abroad. Given that         at this point. However, sim-        Traditional   approaches         what then are resulting im-
stan without having Haiti as      Haiti is currently ranked           plifying the US aid effort as     at governing wireless com-         plications to a democratic
                                                                                                        munications have generally         society?
a military base. Perhaps Ni-      203 out of 233 countries in         purely military in nature is
caragua and Bolivia are wor-      GDP per capita, Chavez is il-       not only incorrect, it is in-     been known as “spectrum”               The difficulty in ascer-
ried about the the existen-       luminating what he sees as          tellectually dishonest. Hai-      regulation – a regime that         taining a well-defined set
tial military risk communist      yet another economic wind-          tians also certainly do not       regulates technological air-       of rules for policy making in
                                                                                                        waves required for the op-         the realm is amplified when
Cuba now faces as the result      fall for the US from occu-          need ‘saving’ by Chavez and
                                                                                                        eration of communication           the challenge carries over
of the US military’s presence     pation #3. After bathing in         his satellite-states.
                                                                                                        mediums such as broad-             to regulating internet tech-
in Haiti. Now the capitalist      the profits from the Haitian           For the benefit of Haiti’s     cast, radio, and wireless          nology. This is especially so
US can hit those pinko com-       occupation, Chavez is proba-        government, its people, and       internet. The approach to-         when advancement of tech-
mies with forces from Guan-       bly quite scared about which        most importantly the ongo-        wards spectrum allocation          nology and the engineering
tanamo, Haiti, and from the       country the US will target          ing recovery and rebuilding       to these mediums has over          disciplines serve as driving
US mainland. Frightening!         next.                               effort as a whole, I implore      time evolved into the divi-        forces of critical analysis of
  On the other hand, per-           Such statements would be          Mr. Chavez and his buddies        sion of two opposing camps:        current policy.
                                                                                                        one targeted at a free-mar-          A good indicator of this
haps Chavez is concerned          downright comical if not for        to, just this once, put a sock
                                                                                                        ket or “commons” approach,         has been when developers
about all the new resources       their potentially deleteri-         in it.
                                                                                                        not unlike how businesses          of radio technology – in-
the US will be able to pil-       ous effects on an extremely          Ryan Kaminski is a 1st year      operate in the private sec-
lage from Haiti for other         delicate situation unfold-                                                                               cluding wideband radio,
                                                                      MIA student from Chicago.         tor; and the other through
imperial projects. According      ing in Haiti. Complicating                                            the mechanism of licens-                  Continued on Page 10

From Gaza With Pain
By José Santiago Vericat

 T    he number of people
      at room 1501 of the
International Affairs Build-
                                  those three weeks of bombings
                                  and death in Gaza one year
                                  ago. Sure, he was there to pro-
                                                                      Leibowitz, of the Israeli army,
                                                                      it was as if he was challenging
                                                                      them directly. I am sure he
                                                                                                            I might disagree with
                                                                                                        some things here and there.
                                                                                                        He made me cringe when he
                                                                                                                                           to New York to take a break
                                                                                                                                           from it.
                                                                                                                                               However, the fundamen-
ing was clearly an indication     mote his book about Gaza but        has a secret wish to take them    went out of his way to point       tal message that Dr. Gil-
that many have not forgotten      he was also there to do more.       on in person.                     out that Jews are also criti-      bert brought from Gaza rose
about the Israeli war on Gaza        Mads Gilbert is the 3G hu-          But it was the raw power of    cal of Israel. His preference      above all possible criticisms.
one year ago, they just need-     manitarian speaker: Power-          the testimony he brought from     for the word “colony” over         After the wars in Iraq and
ed someone to call them so        point, audio and video go hand      Gaza that made his lecture        “settlement” was pedantic. I       Afghanistan and the long,
that they could remember—         in hand with his approach.          so engaging and ultimately        questioned the way he men-         drawn out Palestinian-Israe-
and in some cases mourn—          Despite his long, roundabout        so important. He used a sim-      tioned that Palestinians were      li conflict, audiences have be-
together. And it wasn’t just      style the audience was on the       ple but infallible technique:     emotionally scarred because        come desensitized to human
the usual scarf-with-jeans        edge of its seats for the entire    by putting faces behind the       of things they had seen, be-       suffering, and particularly to
crowd from the Palestinian        three hours. Gilbert is an en-      deaths and injuries, he man-      fore proceeding to show us         that of Muslims in refugee
solidarity movement. There        tertainer. He is witty and intel-   aged to convey the savagery       a litany of human bodies           camps. Among other reasons,
were all sorts.                   ligent despite the fact that he     of the war on Gaza, and, what     turned inside out.                 there has just been so much
   I have lived in the Middle     kept saying “here in Chicago,”      is perhaps more difficult, the       I also envy Mads Gilbert’s      of it recently. The least we
East for the past nine years,     and not as a joke as I initially    effect of the siege. Many of      persistence. During my last        can do is be conscious of it.
long enough to develop indus-     thought. He also loves the chal-    us are aware that Gaza is an      years in Israel and the occu-        José Santiago Vericat is a
trial quantities of cynicism,     lenge of public speaking. When      open-air prison, but most of      pied Palestinian Territories,      1st year MIA student from
but I couldn’t help being im-     he put up photos of Mark Re-        us have no idea what that re-     I found it increasingly diffi-     Spain.
pressed by Mads Gilbert, the      gev, of the Office of the Prime     ally means.                       cult to face the grim reality of
Norwegian doctor that spent       Minister of Israel, and Avital                                        the Middle East and I came
P. 10 Communiqué - February 11, 2010                                           Green Affairs
                                                                                  Green AffAirs
Osama Bin Laden Goes Green                                                                                               Net Impact Club
By Mohammad Darwazah
                                                                                                                         Working to Expand
 C    onsider the following                                                                                                By David Lavin

      scenario:                                                                                                                f you’re interested in               ing how to apply business
  In a truly bizarre moment                                                                                                    business tools in de-                tools to help solve prob-
Osama Bin Laden condemns                                                                                                   velopment, sustainability                lems in society will be im-
industrialized nations for                                                                                                 or working in the private                perative in our future ca-
global warming.                                                                                                            sector then you should                   reers, so NI is beginning a
  Speaking in an audio                                                                                                     know about Net Impact.                   campaign to expand cur-
broadcast which aired on                                                                                                     Net Impact is the SIPA                 riculum opportunities at
the al-Jazeera network, Bin                                                                                                club dedicated to inspir-                SIPA on these topics, and
Laden attacked former US                                                                                                   ing, educating, and equip-               to make it possible for
president George W. Bush,                                                                                                  ping individuals to use the              SIPA students to enroll
for failing to ratify the Kyoto                                                                                            power of business to create              in relevant courses at the
Protocol on regulating car-                                                                                                a more socially and envi-                Business School.
bon emissions. The al-Qaeda                                                                                                ronmentally sustainable                    This semester, NI is
chief also expressed his ab-                                                                                               world.                                   planning a number of sym-
horrence on the US’s role in                                                                                                 Social entrepreneurship                posia and panels featuring
the global financial crisis.                                                                                               (using business tools or                 prominent     practitioners
  In one of his more unortho-                                                                                              for-profit models to help                in CSR, Social Entrepre-
dox messages, which lacked                                                                                                 improve people’s lives) and              neurship and Sustain-
the usual references to reli-                                                                                              corporate social responsi-               ability, and will be invit-
gion and violence, Bin Lad-                                                                                                bility (integrating sustain-             ing interested students to
en voiced his dismay at re-                                                                                                ability into business prac-              visit socially responsible
cent international efforts to                                                                                              tices) are booming areas.                businesses in the region.
tackle global warming.”This       Osama Bin Laden blames industrialized nations for global warming.      [Photo: AP]       In fact, there are green ini-            Net Impact’s first open
is a message to the whole                                                                                                  tiatives in almost all major             meeting will be Wednes-
world about those respon-          ulation and unfair competi-                views “nearly indistinguish-                 corporations and across all              day, February 17th at 8:00
sible for climate change and       tion practices, he claimed,                able from those of radical                   sectors, from Coca Cola to               PM. They will be discuss-
its repercussions — whether        were largely to blame for                  environmentalists, Europe-                   Google.                                  ing upcoming events, and
intentionally or unintention-      the global financial crisis.               an anarchists, or many Con-                                                           are encouraging students
                                   “When those perpetrators                   gressional Democrats.”                         These initiatives try to               with interest in or ideas
ally — and about the action                                                                                                harness the business tools
we must take,” he said.            fall victims to the evil they                Although no one knows of                                                            about curriculum changes
                                   have created, the heads of                                                              and the massive reach of                 and programming around
  His diatribe, which specifi-                                                Al Qaeda’s environmental                     businesses to make posi-
                                   state rush to rescue them                  impact on this world due to                                                           CSR, Social Entrepreneur-
cally targeted the US, is an       using public money.,”                                                                   tive environmental and                   ship and Sustainability to
unusual addition to the long                                                  their absence, their message                 social change in the world.
                                     The message also ac-                     is not a novel idea. What re-                                                         attend. There are many op-
list of grudges held by the                                                                                                Google is investing in so-               portunities to get involved
terrorist leader. “Discuss-        companied his customary                    mains to be seen is how one                  lar and wind technology
                                   radical call for America’s                 will deal with this political                                                         and make tangible change
ing climate change is not                                                                                                  in a bid to make Google                  at SIPA and beyond. For
an intellectual luxury, but a      demise. Using Noam Chom-                   malaise regarding issues of                  carbon neutral. Coca Cola
                                   sky as reference, Bin Laden                the environment.                                                                      more information email
reality,” he said. “All of the                                                                                             leverages its global reach     
industrialized countries, es-      agreed with the linguist on                                                             and works with its fran-
pecially the big ones, bear        the resemblance between                                                                 chises around the world to
                                   American policies and the                    Mohammad Darwazah is a
responsibility for the global                                                 first year MIA student from                  preserve water resources.                  David Lavin is a first
warming crisis.”                   approach of mafia gangs.                                                                                                         year MIA student. David
                                                                              Egypt. Mohammad is also                        At SIPA Net Impact is
  In the same message Bin            Bin Laden’s latest tirade                the Green Affairs editor for                 leading the charge in a                  is also the president of Net
Laden expressed his views          has added ammunition to                    the Communiqué.                              number of important ar-                  Impact.
of government bail outs to         those who oppose action on                                                              eas. The members of Net
western banks, whose spec-         climate change. The website                                                             Impact believe that learn-
                                   RedState called Bin Laden’s
                          OpiniOn                                                                                                     event

 Internet Regulation
Continued from Page 8
  mesh networks (varieties        est to look at internet and
of “smart” wireless tech-         new media regulation? How
nologies which obscure in-        are these interests defined?
terference) – raise issues        These questions present a
that undermine the current        conundrum, but if one thing
system of administrative al-      is clear, it is that govern-
location of exclusive-use li-     ment should go above and
censes by products based on       beyond mere moral discus-
these technologies.               sions on media rights and
  This splintered nature of       start harnessing specialist
technology is more so prev-       knowledge that can inform
alent in the internet realm,      policies, as well as establish
where web technology have         the right organizational
been sliced and diced into        structures to do so.
layers of physical hardware,        In the face of technologi-
network, software applica-        cal uncertainty and the con-
tion, and user interactivity.     troversial lot handed to in-
Web systems also often have       ternet policies of the future,
multiple tiers, each employ-      fostering digital literacy
ing separate technologies,        can help governing bodies
and with each carrying dis-       increasingly “get it right.”
tinctive characteristics that     The challenges facing them
call for specific attention in    should not be undermined –
regulation.                       the cloud is getting bigger
   What then are the impli-       and indeed, its regulation is
cations for government and        up in the air.
media lawmakers in this             Gillian Tee is a columnist
immature realm of technol-        for Communiqué. She is a
ogy? Can we still employ the      first year MIA student.
traditional lens of economic                                                   Office of Student Affairs Fellows celebrating the launch of second year student Lenny Pridatko’s new photo website at a re-
efficiencies or public inter-                                                  ception on the 15th floor on Saturday, January 30.                                                      [Photo: Mark Jonas]
                                                                                     SIPA Profile                                 Communiqué - February 11, 2010 P. 11
                                                                               Professor Pratima Kale

International Development: The Art of Listening
By Marie O’Reilly

  F   or a self-acknowledged
      ‘global woman’, Profes-
sor Pratima Kale appears
                                                                                                                                                              like Chambers, this practitio-
                                                                                                                                                              ner tries to understand local
                                                                                                                                                              realities in order to see what
modest. As she stands on the                                                                                                                                  approach would be most ap-
Altschul auditorium stage, it                                                                                                                                 propriate for nuanced and
seems that this little woman                                                                                                                                  varied local needs.
might get lost in its vastness.                                                                                                                                 “I have seen so many ex-
Her white hair, neatly tied                                                                                                                                   amples where people look at
back in a bun, frames a calm                                                                                                                                  production increase as the
and gentle face. “Can every-                                                                                                                                  indicator. That’s one indica-
one hear me?” the professor                                                                                                                                   tor. But then what about the
asks quietly. Miraculously,                                                                                                                                   distribution? Who are the
they can. “Because I don’t                                                                                                                                    poor? Where are they? Why
like using a microphone.”                                                                                                                                     are they poor? What are their
   The students of the Intro-                                                                                                                                 capacities to purchase ma-
duction to Development class                                                                                                                                  chines, and tractors and fer-
listened attentively as their                                                                                                                                 tilizers and seeds year after
guest speaker spoke in soft,                                                                                                                                  year? And when globaliza-
excited tones about her work                                                                                                                                  tion is showing its effects and
for UNICEF some 9,000 miles                                                                                                                                   cotton prices go down and the
away and 24 years ago. She                                                                                                                                    farmer loses?
had launched a complex devel-                                                                                                                                   “So all of these things,
opment project in the Philip-                                                                                                                                 that’s where I feel a holistic
pines in 1985 in reaction to an                                                                                                                               approach is needed to under-
economic emergency there.                                                                                                                                     stand the use of technologies,
  Glancing around the audito-                                                                                                                                 inventions, innovations, eco-
rium, I recalled that the aver-                                                                                                                               nomics, politics, sociology,
age SIPA student in the class                                                                                                                                 anthropology, you name it –
of 2011 was born in 1983. We                                                                                                                                  all of those have to be used.”
aspiring development practi-       Kale is an Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs at SIPA               (Photo: courtesy of Pratima Kale)
                                                                                                                                                                After a career in the field,
tioners had a lot to learn.        ing year for family reasons.                   the Last First. Chambers          intensive gardening, an or-               Dr. Kale has now returned to
  Kale moved to the United         Money was tight.                               lamented what he called “ru-      ganic technique.                          the academic fold from which
States from India at about           Just as reality began set-                   ral development tourism”:           This was the success story              she first set out and teaches
our age—in her mid-20s. Ini-       ting in that December, she                     the idea that academics, bu-      that she spoke about to the               her own course on rural de-
tially, Kale’s husband took a      received a letter from the                     reaucrats,     journalists—all    eager class of SIPA students.             velopment at SIPA. She oc-
Fulbright scholarship to go        Ford Foundation. The dean                      outsiders—go into the field       Afterwards, a student raised              casionally appears as a guest
to the United States shortly       had told them that Kale was                    with a short amount of time       his hand. He asked her why                speaker in related courses to
after they had their first         only teaching for a year. They                 and a variety of constraints.     they hadn’t used fertilizers,             share her direct, personal ex-
child. Kale joined him later       offered her a job in the Delhi                 As a result, they don’t really    which would produce a great-              periences from the often hazy
and they began their gradu-        office. “And you can imagine!”                 listen to those they are trying   er crop yield.                            and complex world of ‘inter-
ate studies.                       Kale grins, “I really did make                 to help.                                                                    national development.’
                                                                                                                       “How would they pay for
   Armed with her doctorate in     a fool of myself. But the Dean                   Professor Kale likes to talk    the fertilizers?,” came her                 Her combination of theory
the sociology of education from    was wiser than I was. And he                   about poor peoples’ realities     response.      Kale’s question            and practice—largely absent
the University of Wisconsin,       did the right thing.”                          too. “Local, complex, diverse,    illuminated the perspective               in the ivory towers—seems to
Kale was about to start her          In the early 1970s, sociolo-                 dynamic and unpredictable         of the families themselves.               go down well in her students’
first university teaching post     gists weren’t involved in de-                  – that’s how they are,” she       Would virtually indentured                evaluations.
in the US when she got a call      velopment, economists were.                    says matter-of-factly. “And it    laborers be able to afford new
                                                                                  is only on the basis of under-                                                 “I knew I wanted to teach,”
from one of the Deans. He          “Economists and agriculture                                                      fertilizers, seeds and machin-            she explains, “because I
had been asked to interview        experts and engineers were                     standing those realities that     ery year after year?
                                                                                  you can begin to see what                                                   wanted to catch up with the
her for a job with the Ford        all coming in,” Kale explains.                                                                                             literature. I had not read
                                                                                  you can do. But in the blue-        When I spoke with her one
Foundation in India. “But I        Agricultural technology and                                                                                                Chambers and the rest. And
                                                                                  print approach, we prepare        on one, she had a lot of ques-
was preparing for my courses,      industrialization were the                                                                                                 I was missing that.”
                                                                                  a plan for ten countries and      tions about this emphasis on
you know?,” she still seemed       key words, “but sociologists
                                                                                  we are going to implement it      increasing agricultural pro-                 The soft-spoken Indian
surprised when recalling the       and people—that analysis
                                                                                  because we know how. Econ-        duction in the mainstream                 quietly relishes the “fascinat-
story so many years later. “So     was not [there].”
                                                                                  omists are in love with that      development discourse. She                ing” debates in the academic
I said, what is this?”
                                     And Kale is all about the                    because they have a macro         named one example that                    literature. But “gaps, major
  The Ford Foundation was          people. This is how her ap-                    perspective, a growth per-        originated very close by, in              gaps,” remain between devel-
assisting the Indian gov-          proach to development dif-                     spective. That’s what you         Columbia University’s Earth               opment in theory and devel-
ernment in family planning         fered, and why it continues                    keep hearing and what you         Institute, whose director is              opment in practice. “Devel-
and education programs all         to be crucial.                                 keep reading about.”              the economist Jeffrey Sachs.              opment is such a mixed bag.
over the country—this would                                                                                                                                   There are all kinds of white
                                     On the surface, her first job                  In her later work with UNI-       The     Earth     Institute
Kale’s first taste of develop-                                                                                                                                elephants that are just there;
                                   sounded decidedly unexciting:                  CEF, Kale implemented an          launched the Millennium
ment practice. She wasn’t                                                                                                                                     lots and lots of money being
                                   evaluating the effectiveness of                emergency program to reduce       Villages program in 2006 in
interested. She and her hus-                                                                                                                                  spent and no results.”
                                   a training program for senior                  malnutrition in the province      response to the Millennium
band had their teaching jobs,
                                   family planning managers                       of Negros Occidental, better      Development Goals (MDGs),                   Yet her quiet determina-
and they now had a second
                                   from all Indian states.                        known as the ‘sugar bowl’ of      globally-endorsed     targets             tion does not flag and she
child. “And we have been
                                     But Kale loves to listen.                    the Philippines. Low prices       to address key development                returns to her primary focus.
poor graduate students all
                                   She would interview the fam-                   of sugar on the global market     problems, including poverty.              “Just because I have learned
these years,” she said to the
Dean, “And I am not plan-          ily planning managers, their                   had left 145,000 sugar work-         “[The] argument is to go               this or that doesn’t mean that
ning to go back.”                  colleagues, their bosses. She                  ers’ children moderately and      down to the villages to try to            I know it all. What about
                                   worked with them, went out                     severely malnourished. The        implement the framework                   them?”
  Her eyes light up as she                                                        chronic, inter-generational
                                   into the field with them. She                                                    of the MDGs at that level in
tells the story of the Dean’s                                                     poverty of the sugar-workers’
                                   talked to the families them-                                                     Africa. But the way the ag-
victory over her young na-                                                        families, who call it “hunger                                                 Marie O’Reilly is a first
                                   selves, “I went to the mothers                                                   riculture work is being done,
iveté. “Don’t say anything                                                        from womb to tomb,” was ex-                                                 year MIA student. She is also
                                   in law, wives, their children...                                                 it’s fertilizers... because agri-
now, you can say no at a lat-                                                     acerbated by their landless                                                 a co-editor in chief of Com-
                                   and the pressures they had! I                                                    cultural production has to be
er stage,” he said. “Don’t do                                                     status.                                                                     muniqué.
                                   was like a sponge, absorbing                                                     increased.”
anything, I’ll take of care it.”
                                   all of that.”                                    Apart from addressing the         Kale doesn’t dismiss the
  So she left his office, puz-                                                    immediate needs of the chil-
                                     In 1983, a rural develop-                                                      traditional approach of in-
zled. That fall, when their                                                       dren through a locally-run
                                   ment practitioner called                                                         dustrialization and increased
teaching had begun, she and                                                       feeding program, the pro-
                                   Robert Chambers advocated                                                        production per se.      Even
her husband found out that                                                        gram teams enabled parents
                                   precisely this approach to                                                       Chambers pleaded with his
they would likely have to                                                         to produce their own food on
                                   development in his book,                                                         readers not to throw the baby
return to India the follow-                                                       small lots of land using bio-
                                   Rural Development: Putting                                                       out with the bathwater. But,
P. 12 Communiqué - February 11, 2010                          SIPA in Pictures
                                            Public Policy Case Competition
                                                                                                                                   [Photos: Andrea Wong]

 “Heaven’s Taxi” and “Iran Zendan”                                            “Lost Childhoods: A Conversation about Child Domestic Servi-
 When: Thursday, February 11, 8:15-10:00pm                                  tude in Haiti”

 Where: Room 407                                                                When: Thursday, February 18, 6:00-8:00pm

   Discussion and Screening: Selected clips of “Heaven’s Taxi” and “Iran        Where: Room 1501
Zendan.” These two feature films are among the first to address the po-        This Haiti Emergency Relief Fundraiser features an array of speakers,
litical situation and the treatment of prisoners in the Islamic Republic    a photographic exhibition and a reception where Haitian goods will be raf-
of Iran since the presidential election in June 2009.                       fled.

 “When Being Fair Means Breaking the Rules: Citizen Criteria for                “Tempted to Touch - Black & White Party!”
Procedural Justice and State Legitimacy”
                                                                                When: Thursday, 11 February, 10:00pm
 When: Tuesday, February 16, 4:20-6:10pm
                                                                                Where: TOUCH, 240 W 52d Street (Between Broadway and 8th Ave)
 Where: Jerome Green Hall, Room 701
                                                                             Free party hosted by SIPASA Currents. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in black and
  Lecture: part of the series “Colloquium: Chinese Law and Society.” Co-    white, get some free drink tickets and leave a message in the “Secret Admirer”
sponsored by the Center for Chinese Legal Studies (CCLS) at Columbia        Message Box!
Law School.

 “Is China a New Growth Engine for the World Economy?”                       “Health: A Universal Dialect(ic)? Access to Health in the Developing World:
 When: Wednesday, February 17, 12:00-1:30pm                                 CUPID’s Annual Conference”

 Where: Room 918                                                                When: February 12, 2010, 1:00pm-8:00pm

  Brown Bag Lecture: Is China a New Growth Engine for the World                 Where: Room 1501
Economy? part of the series “The Global Financial Crisis: Responses           This year’s half-day event will evaluate and discuss pertinent issues surrounding
from East and Southeast Asia.”                                              the developing world’s access to health.

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