Honoring our Haitian Community by jib24063


                           Newsletter of St. Joseph Social Service center & The Elizabeth Coalition to
                                                       House the Homeless

Winter 2010

In this issue we tried to
focus some of our atten-            Honoring our Haitian Community
tion on the various cul-            By Amy Travis
tures that come together
at St. Joseph’s. Below is           On any given morning at       infrastructure was com­       studying nursing. The
a list of countries that            our Center, if you stand      pletely destroyed; the        news of the earthquake
some of our clients used            outside and listen to the     magnitude of the tragedy      has put her in an emo­
to call home:                       people waiting for the        is incomprehensible.          tional tailspin. She said
                                    doors to open you will                                      she is unable to stop
   Albania, Argentina,              hear animated conversa­       The tragedy has impacted      thinking about all the
                                    tions in Haitian Creole.      our clients in many differ­   people she knows in Port­
China, Colombia, Cuba,                                            ent ways. A few lucky
  Dominican Republic,               The majority of our Hai­                                    au­Prince. Unable to
                                    tian clients come for our     people said that they do      communicate with them,
Ecuador, Egypt, El Sal-             daily clothing distribution   not have any family or        she is completely con­
vador, England, Ghana,              and monthly food pantry.      friends in Port­au­Prince.    sumed with worry. She
   Greece, Guatemala,               Rain, snow and summer         The majority though,          confided that she started
                                    heat do not deter them.       have been affected in         drinking in an effort to
Haiti, Honduras, India,                                           some way.
 Italy, Jamaica, Kenya,             Their persistence speaks                                    avoid her feelings. I told
                                    volumes about their need;     I do not speak Haitian        her to call me anytime
 Malaysia, Mexico, Mo-              many of them are fighting                                   and referred her to Edie
rocco, Nicaragua, Nige-                                           Creole or French and
                                    tooth and nail to survive     struggled to talk with        Cheney for more in­depth
ria, Peru, Poland, Portu-           in this country while sup­    some of our clients. I        grief and trauma counsel­
    gal, Sierra Leone,              porting large families        asked one woman about         ing.
Spain, Syria, Trinidad              abroad.                       her family and if she was     Despite past and present
   & Tobago, Uruguay                Haiti has long held the       impacted. At first, she       challenges, Haiti has a
                                    dubious distinction of        looked at me– confused.       rich history and a culture
                                    being the poorest country     The moment she under­         of perseverance in the
    Inside this issue:
                                    in the Americas. News of      stood what I was asking,      face of suffering. In 1804,
                                    the devastating earth­        her face twisted in an­       the community of slaves
Ash Wednesday Pilgrim-        2     quake in Port­au­Prince       guish. She began a litany     in Haiti defeated the
age                                 was horrifying. An earth­     of names and made ges­        world’s most powerful
                                    quake of that magnitude       tures indicating wounds       armies and navies to cre­
The World at our Door-        3                                   and amputations. With
step                                would be devastating                                        ate the first Black­led
                                    anywhere. But Port­au­        no words, I pointed up­       independent republic in
2010 Service Fair             3     Prince? The area was          wards and folded my           the world.
                                    already fraught with          hands together indicating
                                    problems: widespread          that I would pray for her.    Rather than organize for­
Project S.H.A.R.E.            4     hunger, a legacy of unfair                                  mal food and clothing
                                                                  About a week after the        collections that may
                                    international debt, lack of   tragedy I received a trou­
                                    medical services and very                                   never arrive, we trust our
In the Spirit of Dorothy    5, 7                                  bling call from a young
                                    limited infrastructure.                                     Haitian clients to use our
Day                                                               woman. She is originally
                                    Add into the equation the                                   services to help their
                                                                  from Haiti and lived in       families. In times of cri­
The Christmas Project         6     relative population den­      Port­au­Prince. She’s
                                    sity of Port­au­Prince and                                  sis, a close knit commu­
                                                                  been in the United States     nity can make all the dif­
                                    the fact that any sem­        for years and is currently
Our Wish List                 6                                                                 ference.
                                    blance of healthcare and

    Visit us online at: www.stjosephelizabeth.org and www.theelizabethcoalition.org
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Pilgrimage for a Just Immigration Policy
By Sister Briege Lavery

On Wednesday, February 17th, Ash         State Park and proceeded through         Sisters of Mercy Mid­Atlantic, Lu­
Wednesday, over a hundred people         Jersey City, then Newark and finally     theran Office of Governmental Min­
braved the bitter cold to walk 10.5      to the Elizabeth Detention Center        istry – NJ, the New Jersey Immigra­
miles in a Pilgrimage for Just Immi­     where a prayer service and candle­       tion Policy Network, St. Joseph So­
gration Policy from Liberty State        light vigil took place. Stops were       cial Service Center, the Elizabeth
Park in Jersey City (across from Ellis   made for prayer and rest at St. Pat­     Coalition to House the Homeless,, St.
Island and facing the Statue of Lib­     rick’s Assumption/All Saints Church      Mary of the Assumption, Elizabeth,
erty) to the Elizabeth Detention Cen­    in Jersey City, the Islamic Center of    St. Patrick’s Assumption/All Saints,
ter and as a measure of solidarity       Jersey City, Temple Beth El, Jersey      Jersey City, Sisters of St. Joseph of
with immigrants, especially those        City and Grace Lutheran Church in        Philadelphia, and Wind of the Spirit.
incarcerated at various Immigration      Newark. The pilgrims were met at
and Customs Enforcement detention        Elizabeth Detention Center at 6 p.m.     The pilgrims and those who attended
centers throughout the United            by approximately another one hun­        the prayer service at the Detention
States. The event also sought to         dred people who participated in a        Center came from all walks of life
highlight the inhumane conditions in     prayer service and candlelight vigil.    and many nationalities were repre­
which immigrant detainees are being      Participants were then invited back      sented. All were united in their oppo­
held in facilities such as the Eliza­    to St. Joseph’s Social Service Center    sition to current U.S. immigration
beth Detention Center run by Cor­        for a delicious soup supper and a fur­   policies which run counter to “values
rections Corporation of America. Par­    ther talk.                               of respect for human dignity, the
ticipants were urged to contact their                                             rights of workers, and family unity”.
senators and congressmen to voice        The main organizers and sponsors of
                                         the event included Pax Christi NJ;       A special word of thanks to Kathy
their support for comprehensive im­                                               O’Leary and her hardworking com­
migration reform and an end to the       American Friends Service Commit­
                                         tee; IRATE and First Friends; Immi­      mittee who organized this successful
mistreatment of immigrants and                                                    event and to all who participated in
refugees in the United States.           grants Rights Program, Newark;
                                         Haiti Solidarity Network of the          the Pilgrimage and Prayer Service.
The Pilgrimage began at Liberty          Northeast; the Justice Office of the

                                           Some of the Coalition/St. Joe’s
                                            pilgrims: Saba, Susie, Bar­
                                               bara and Sr. Jacinta

 Longtime Coalition volunteer
  Barbara Burke. Each pil­
                                                                                          People gather at the Cen­
   grim carried the name of
                                                                                          ter after the vigil to warm
    somebody who died in
                                                                                          up with soup and bread.
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The World at Our Doorstep
By Amy Travis

On paper, the work we do at St.          For example, beans are uniformly          ents recently arrived from other
Joseph’s seems relatively straight­      popular but the type of bean varies       countries, our prescription and refill
forward. We distribute food, assist      by culture. A Dominican client may        system can be quite foreign. In
people with medication, clothes and      prefer pigeon peas while a Mexican        most parts of the world, prescrip­
household items, give out sand­          client prefers black beans. A client      tions are not required to purchase
wiches; the list goes on. However,       born and raised in the U.S. might         medication. In this situation, I
much of what we do is “between the       prefer baked beans or black eyed          must translate the word
lines”. One type of service we pro­      peas. A simple item like dried            “prescription” but also explain how
vide is acting as sort of cultural am­   beans can elicit completely opposite      our system works.
bassadors for people who have re­        responses. Some people can’t stand
cently arrived from different cul­       the hours of soaking and simmering        “Translation” does not always occur
tures and for those who are margin­      while others welcome the process as       across languages. In one instance
alized by mainstream culture.            a familiar custom from home.              an older, English­speaking woman
                                                                                   asked me to help her call her health
One way this manifests itself is in      There are also cultural groups that       insurance company. I thought she
food distribution. Every month a         I never would have imagined. For          meant that she wanted to use my
dedicated team of volunteers pack        example, people who were incarcer­        phone. I dialed and passed her the
hundreds of uniformly organized          ated sometimes create incredible          phone. She said, “No, no, could you
bags for our monthly distribution.       recipes from foods typically avail­       please talk to them for me? I really
After distribution, it often falls on    able in prison commissaries. One          don’t understand what they’re talk­
staff members to pack emergency          gentleman described an entire             ing about.” She later confided to me
bags for people in need. Over the        menu of creative concoctions made         that she didn’t go very far in school
years, I’ve learned how to adapt         exclusively from tuna, saltines and       and had a hard time understanding
what I pack to suit the situation        ramen noodles!                            the phone system
and culture of the client. For exam­
ple, somebody who is homeless and        Language and translation is also an       We aim to provide services that ad­
on the street can only use items         underlying service we provide to our      dress physical needs and, in doing
that do not need to be heated–           clients. Often we literally translate     so, we often help clients navigate
crackers, peanut butter, jelly tuna,     mail or formal documents but we           different cultural environments.
etc. Somebody who is in a shelter        also adapt our speech and teach           The Center is an incredible mix of
may have a microwave but nothing         clients about life in the U.S. For        cultures and ethnicities. Though
else; they could use canned soups        example, I know that the verb coger       we may not be a hot shot multi­
but no pasta or rice.                    (to grab or pick up) is ok to use with    national company, we sure can
                                         most clients but with Mexicans I          boast a truly global clientele!
Cultural preferences play an impor­      must use agarrar. (Coger is ex­
tant role in food packing as well.       tremely vulgar in Mexico!) For cli­

2010 Service Fair
By Tiffany Starr

This year’s Service Fair for the         munity participation was greatly         coats, medical exams, and, of course,
Homeless took place on January           appreciated and allowed for a very       the haircuts by Ada Gonzalez! The
27th in conjunction with Homeless        successful event.                        smiling faces of the homeless persons
Point in Time Count. The Fair was                                                 of Union County showed how much
well attended, serving about 175         The individuals and families who         they appreciated this year’s Service
people who were able to take advan­      attend left with bags full of informa­   Fair.
tage of the twenty­five different ser­   tion, hygiene kits, socks, and other
vice providers who offered free ser­     giveaways. Some of the highlights
vices and information. This com­         of the day included the free soup,
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Join the Coalition Team
By Linda Flores-Tober

The Coalition is in need of volun­     needs the following items: new tow­     tutor our children Monday­
teers for Operation Warm Heart.        els, twin and double sized blankets     Thursday. Or maybe your group
Ways to volunteer: make a freez­       and sheets, household cleaning          would like to teach our children
able casserole for 15 people­ we oc­   items: dish soap, cleanser, sponges,    something special: gardening, have
casionally provide dinner for the      window wash, paper towels and           a field day, cooking, arts and crafts
guests and need a stock of meals.      laundry detergent (we need both         or take them bowling, swimming or
Other volunteer opportunities are      the regular and the “HE” versions).     a trip to a museum or local school
overnight volunteers and afternoon     Gift cards to local grocery stores      play. We love board games and art
hosting as our clients wait for the    such as Shop Rite and Pathmark          supplies. We have a piano in the
van to take them to the church for     are appreciated as well. Do you         church that can be used for a sing­a
the night. We need items such as       have a special talent or skill? We      ­long.
razors, deodorant, tube socks and      are always looking for opportunities
toothpaste.                            to offer workshops for our guests.

The Hospitality House program          Bernice’s Place needs volunteers to

                                              Don't forget the
    Lenten Retreat                     Feinstein Challenge                        St. Joseph's Day
           March 12th!
                                           Fundraiser                                        March 19th!

                                              March ­ April

Project S.H.A.R.E.: Making a Difference
By Linda Flores-Tober

The Elizabeth Coalition to House       jects. Lia is a case management         from Rutgers was a Women’s Stud­
the Homeless has added a new pro­      student and working with clients in     ies major and did a one semester
gram that joins local college stu­     our service office. Both Lia and Tif­   internship. Her project was devel­
dents with our community. Project      fany are from Hunter College in         oping and facilitating a series of
S.H.A.R.E. (Students Helping And       NYC. Sr. Breige is a MSW student        workshops for the women in the
Reaching Excellence) is our student    from Fordham University. Sr.            community that come to the Center.
internship program. Our MSW,           Briege is providing case manage­
Donna Contreras­Aguirre, works         ment with the families in the Hospi­    Students bring enthusiasm and
with our students by providing su­     tality House Program.                   creativity to the Coalition. We find
pervision and connecting what they                                             the future hopeful as we see the
learn in the classroom with their      We have several Bachelors level         compassion and commitment that
work at the Coalition. Currently,      students in the program as well:        they have to help others. In 29
we have 6 students: Tiffany Starr,     Kristen Wistuba and Brittani            years the Coalition has pioneered
Lia Del Priori and Sr. Briege Lav­     Goskins are BSW students from           advocating for the homeless and
ery are MSW students. Tiffany is       Kean University. They are working       near homeless. We are joyful to
specializing in community organiz­     in the Service Office providing case    pass this knowledge forward to new
ing and was responsible for our an­    management. Estephany Diaz is a         generations. We are looking for­
nual Service Fair in January and is    BSW student from Rutgers and is         ward to refining and expanding this
currently working on two new pro­      learning case management as well.       program.
                                       Last semester, Lesley Pesquera,
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In the Spirit of Dorothy Day
By Kathleen Murphy

The snow is still on the ground and      and meeting the flesh and blood         is needed to keep 7 families moving
this Valentine’s Day is cold, but        people who have made it a reality is    towards self sufficiency.
sunny. At Vincent’s house, deep in       a much deeper experience. Also,
the inner city in Elizabeth, NJ, we      taking part in the traditional fund­    The spirit is one that embraces the
are celebrating the holiday of love      raising activities for this and other   diversity of the families that share
by keeping the families here warm        Coalition programs has given me a       the houses. So far, in the time that I
and together. That is the miracle        broader perspective about how gen­      have been At Vincent’s House, we
that is the Elizabeth Coalition to       erous people can be with their time     have had a Puerto Rican single
House the Homeless Hospitality           and commitment.                         mother with her two daughters of
Houses (HH), modeled after Doro­                                                 mixed heritage, an African Ameri­
thy Day and the Catholic Worker          I had the opportunity to meet the       can single mother and her four
Houses of Hospitality in New York        Driscoll­Kelly family, the first host   daughters and a Colombian couple
City in 1933. We are far in years        family of the Hospitality House pro­    with two daughters and a baby boy.
from that time, if not so far in         gram, at one of these events.           One of the biggest challenges is the
miles, but the generosity of spirit in   Emily, a small child back in 1986       sharing of space and melding vastly
the people who hold the impulse to       when she lived here, is a young         different backgrounds. The most
house those who have no roof over        woman now. It was wonderful to          beautiful part of the program is
their heads is still alive and strong.   hear the history of the house from      watching the children embrace each
The three families that have lived       her perspective, reminiscing fondly     other, literally and figuratively, and
here in Vincent’s House since the        about her childhood.                    build relationships that transcend
reopening in October of 2009 have                                                race and ethnic background. For the
had the opportunity to live in a         During renovation, I was able to        adults, it is more challenging to
beautiful house, thanks to the com­      tour the house while there was          build the bridges that will eventu­
passionate gifts of many people.         nothing but a shell. At that time,      ally form community. Watching the
                                         there was an old and dusty picture      children as they come to think of
As the current host family in Vin­       of Jesus hanging on the studded         this house as home is a most re­
cent’s House, renamed for St. Vin­       wall, with the name Camilla, the        warding part of being a host family.
cent de Paul after the renovation, I     name of a child from a former host      Actually, “Homing the Houseless “
have the remarkable opportunity to       family, scrawled across the glass       was the name of a past article about
watch this ministry play out day         frame. Each time we toured              this transformation.
after day. The beautifully reno­         through, I saw that the construction
vated Vincent’s House was opened         workers had left it hanging. After      This process of forming community
for occupancy on November 1, as          the renovations were completed,         reminds me of Dorothy Day, who
the days were getting shorter and        Camilla’s Jesus (as I like to call      wrote in her journal in 1934, “For in
cooler. I moved into my ground floor     Him) was left on the window sill on     spite of poverty there are many
apartment with great anticipation.       the porch. The picture still sits       joys, little celebrations, birthday
Shortly afterwards, two families of      there, as a reminder of families and    parties, weddings, feast days when
single moms and 6 children moved         children that have been blessed         it is easy to be kind and to love one
in. To say that my days and nights       here before us.                         another, in spite of the closeness of
were filled with the sound of patter­                                            our quarters, lack of privacy and
ing feet would be an understate­         The current support system that         the unevenness of many a temper
ment. But to watch the children          the families in all three HH’s share    and temperament.”
grow to care about each other and        are the hard work and dedication of
the mothers take on the extra role       Sr. Maryanne Tracey, Sr. Breige         Some of the shared activities in
of caring for each other’s children      Lavery and the host families. They      which the families at Vincent’s
was heartwarming.                        meet regularly with the HH fami­        house have participated were the
                                         lies to assist them to set goals and    baking of Christmas Cookies and
As a relatively new member of the        develop the self confidence and         snowman making. For Christmas,
Coalition, one of the most exciting      courage needed in the world today.      the moms, their children and I did
aspects of this opportunity is to        Sr. Maryanne manages the HH             some holiday baking. During the
learn the moving history of this pro­    program, including volunteer coor­      last snowstorm, Juan Carlos, his
gram a little at a time. Yes, I have     dination, scheduling community          children and the other children at
read about the history on the Coali­     events for the families, physical
tion website, but living in the house    upkeep of the houses, and whatever      (continued on page 7)
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The Christmas Project
By Sister Mary Eleanor Thornton

Every year St. Joseph Social Service       sure everyone has the right gift and      mous amount of time and planning.
Center is so very grateful to St.          when 2400 individual gift bags are        All the donations must be sorted by
Mary’s Church in Rahway for allow­         lined up numerically there is hardly      type of toy, packed and brought to St.
ing us to use their hall to pack our       any room left to work. The volunteers     Joseph’s. Adele Rielly, a long time
Christmas gifts. We would never            were tremendous, sacrificing their        volunteer, helps coordinate this big
have enough room at our center to do       time and energy to make so many           operation. A team of volunteers from
this – the project has grown so very       families happy on Christmas Day.          Berkley Heights help sort toys with
much. This year we packed over 430         Their patience and generosity were        Jeanne DeSmet at her home.
family bags with at least 2400 gifts in    inspiring. We owe them a big debt of
them.                                      gratitude.                                Without all these dedicated, caring
                                                                                     and generous volunteers as well as
On December 1st, Sister Mary Elea­         Finally on the morning of December        our generous donors, St. Joseph’s
nor and her dedicated group of coordi­     18th, 50 or more high school students     could never begin to carry out projects
nators, Sharon and Harold Kessler,         from Roselle Catholic High School         like these. Thank you.
Pam Bonifacio, Cathy Maravitz, and         came to help us. They lined up in the
Shirley Virgili, plus an equally dedi­     hall, up the stairs and out to the        On February 9th, we had a little
cated group of volunteers, descended       parking lot and began passing one         ‘Thank you Supper’ for all the volun­
on Connell Hall and began to set up        bag after the other until all 430 bags    teers who came to help during the
shop. Tables and shelves were set up;      were lined up in order numerically        busy Christmas season. Over 200
hundreds of boxes with new clothes         outside. They then began again to         volunteers had come to help. Not all
were unpacked, sorted and organized        load them on to a huge tractor trailer    could attend the party but as we
on the shelves; the Church “stalls”        generously donated to us for the day      closed with evening prayer, we
were marked off so we could put the        with two drivers by Ed Egan and his       thanked God for sending us such good
gifts coming from the various              Fast Fleet Trucking Company. The          people to help us in our ministry to
churches and organizations in the          truck then carried all these gifts to     the community. On Christmas morn­
proper spaces. Signs were put up and       St. Joseph’s where they were again        ing, many a child and their parents
the work began. For the next three         unloaded, put into the small Church       had warm, new clothes to bring
weeks, day and night, weekends in­         and on Monday distributed by Sr.          smiles to their faces thanks to our
cluded, volunteers came and went,          Jacinta to the people waiting pa­         wonderful volunteers and donors.
each time working hard, putting the        tiently in the long line outside.       Next year, we hope to get more
individual gifts in numerical order,                                               shelves which we desperately need to
checking them to make sure they            Meanwhile, at other locations more
were the right size, adding a few          teams of volunteers coordinated other sort the clothes. If anyone reading
                                           parts of the St. Joseph’s Christmas     this column knows any company that
things, and finally, when they had a                                               might donate strong portable shelves
gift for each member of the family,        distribution. During December the
                                           church building at St. Joseph’s is      or clothing racks, we would be so
bagging them in large bags, labeling                                               grateful for them. God blessed the
them with the family ID and tying          transformed into organized chaos.
them tightly. Churches and organiza­       Here, volunteers pack bags for senior project through so many good and
                                           citizens, individuals and couples       generous people. Three cheers for
tions kept sending the gifts they re­                                              volunteers!!!
ceived through the giving tree. Many       without children. Each item is care­
thanks for the invaluable help of Joe      fully checked to make sure it is the
Maruschak and his van who made             right size and appropriate for the des­
daily runs to and from the churches        ignated person. Then, volunteers add
picking up the gifts. It was impera­       extra items like slippers, gloves and a
tive that we get the gifts as quickly as   small household or holiday item. Fi­
possible so that we could keep bag­        nally, a jar of delicious, homemade
ging and meet our deadline of having       cookies provided by Our Lady of
the 430 family bags ready by Decem­        Peace Church in New Providence are
ber 18th. On the night of December         placed in each bag.
17th at 9 p.m. we packed the last of       St. Joseph’s annual toy distribution is
the bags and how we celebrated,            another important part of the holi­
laughed and clapped with exhaustion,       days at our Center– it takes an enor­
of course. It is a tedious task making
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In the Spirit of Dorothy Day (continued from page 5)
By Kathleen Murphy

Vincent’s house made a snowman.        After the long winter, I am
This was a unique experience for his   hoping to plant a community
family, as they had not had snow in    garden. I, for one, am ready for
Colombia. They made a lovely           spring and enjoying the
snowman on a table!                    outdoors at Vincent’s house.

                                           Our Wish List
     Full­size bottles of shampoo, lotion and                      (demand for diapers has increased while
       bars of soap for families                                     the amount of donations has decreased!)
     Disposable razors                                           Toiletries for Operation Warm Heart
     Deodorant (men’s and women’s)
     Diapers– all sizes, especially large
St. Joseph Social Service Center
Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless                                                                Non­Profit Org. 
118 Division St.
Elizabeth, NJ 07201                                                                                       U.S. Postage 

                                                                                                         Permit No. 403 

                                                                                                          Elizabeth, NJ 

St. Joseph Social Service Center is a multi­
service organization providing assistance to the 
poor and homeless of Elizabeth.  St. Joseph’s 
provides counseling, job training, weekly soup 
kitchen, food, clothing, medication and other 
necessities to the population it serves. 

The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless 
is a service organization for the homeless fami­
lies and individuals of Union County.  The Coali­
tion provides advocacy and assistance in finding 
shelter and permanent housing.  The Coalition 
also has a children’s program and transitional 
housing program and offers community educa­

    St. Joseph Social Service Center and the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless need your financial support to
    continue our work. As government and private aid continue to shrink, donations are a large part of our budget.
    Your contribution will make a difference.

                                            Name: ___________________________________

                                             Address: __________________________________


                                             Phone number: ____________________________

    ____   I would like to make a contribution to St. Joseph Social Service Center and the Elizabeth Coalition
    to House the Homeless. Enclosed is my contribution of:

                                                  _____ $10        _____ $25       _____ $50        _____ $100

                                              Please make your check payable to

                         St. Joseph Social Service Center or the Elizabeth Coalition and send to:

                                            118 Division St. / Elizabeth, NJ / 07201

    ____ I cannot make a financial contribution but I would like to get more involved. Please keep me in­
    formed about your activities and I’ll make a donation when I can.

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