Secure Win Auditor v2.0 by ProQuest


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									» GROUP TEST l Risk management
Secure Win Auditor v2.0                                                     Skybox 4000 v1.0

                                     reports that display detected                                               Skybox then overlays data from
                                     vulnerabilities by name and                                                 vulnerability scanners to create
                                     category, its associated risk level,                                        the risk analysis.
                                     a detailed descriptions of the                                                 The user interface has a menu-
                                     issues, and the complete speci-                                             driven web-style appearance.
                                     fication of the vulnerability. The                                           Capturing configuration data
                                     solution also includes its own                                              from devices can be automatic or
                                     internal vulnerability scanner.                                             manual depending on the device.
                                        The search capabilities were                                             We really liked the normalized
                                     great, allowing admins to quickly                                           view of all the combined con-
                                     drill down to detailed vulnerabil-                                          figuration information.
                                     ity data to display desired audit                                              The product is sold as client-
Vendor Secure Bytes                  results. There were remediation        Vendor Skybox Security               side software and deploys on
Price   $200 for 10 IPs              recommendations on the form of         Price   $7,000                       Windows or Linux server
Contact         step-by-step solutions to mitigate     Contact       platforms. There is a server
                                     the effect of the vulnerability.                                            component, including a backend
        ecure Win Auditor               There are multiple levels of                kybox 4000 v1.0 is an        database, a client-side Java-based

S       (SWA) from Secure Bytes
        is a security assessment
tool that empowers network
                                     support available for a fee. Basic
                                     support includes phone and
                                     email and 24/7 online support.
                                                                            S       operational risk manage-
                                                                                    ment platform that
                                                                            collects data from various
                                                                                                                 client, and collectors for the col-
                                                                                                                 lection of network data.
administrators and security audi-       The solution is sold as client-     network assessment tools and         a-week support is included with
tors to inspect vulnerabilities in   side software and deploys on a                        security products,    the product and additional 24/7
Windows-based systems.               Windows server running .Net                           normalizes that       options are available for a fee.
  Running from a centralized         and uses a SQL backend.                               data into a single,      This is a nice operational
location, this tool identifies vul-      This solution supports most                        common-view user      risk management tool. It gives
nerabilities and categorizes them    standard network and security          interface, and provides risk         admins a complete view of risk
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