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									» GROUP TEST l Policy management
BigFix Enterprise Suite v7.2                                                   Secure Configuration
                                                                               Manager v5.8
                                        settings. We believe this process                                         templates can be assigned to
                                        could be more streamlined or                                              the groups and assessment can
                                        just a little more intuitive.                                             begin. Agent installation is quite
                                           The various guides are avail-                                          a process. We found the agent
                                        able on the support site in PDF                                           deployment guide to be helpful
                                        format and range from installa-                                           in remotely deploying agents,
                                        tion manuals to administrator                                             but we believe the deployment
                                        and configuration guides and                                               process should be more auto-
                                        everything in-between. All this                                           mated and seamless.
                                        documentation is well-organized                                              Documentation includes
                                        and easy to follow with many                                              installation, user and agent
                                        step-by-step instructions and                                             deployment guides. All are in
Vendor BigFix                           screen shots.                          Vendor NetIQ                       PDF format and easy to read.
Price   $20/seat                           Support includes no-cost            Price  pricing starts at           The only downside to the docu-
Contact                   phone and email technical                       $1,100 per server         mentation is there are no screen
                                        support, as well as access to          Contact              shots or diagrams to help visually
         he BigFix Enterprise           a customer portal where                                                   illustrate configurations. Howev-

T        Suite is a large, full-scale
         suite that can be custom-
ized with several components
                                        customers can view information
                                        about support case history and
                                        license details.                       T
                                                                                       he Secure Configuration
                                                                                       Manager from NetIQ
                                                                                       allows for easy detec-
                                                                                                                  er, there are many checklists and
                                                                                                                  clear step-by-step instructions.
                                                                                                                     NetIQ offers basic no-cost
above policy management-type               At a price of $20 per seat          tion of misconfigured systems       support in the form of 12/5
components. For policy man-             for the server software and the        throughout the enterprise envi-    phone support, as well as email
agement, the suite offers the           Security Configuration and Vul-         ronment. This product offers the   assistance. There is also a sup-
Security Configuration and               nerability Manager pack, this is a     ability to assess system configu-   port area available on the web-
                Vulnerability Man-      solid value for the money. It does     rations against many compliance    site, which includes a user forum
                agement pack. This      ha
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