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2 MINUTES ON...                                                                                               is interesting because it
                                                                                                              provides insight into the
                                                                                                              principles underlying com-
Laser security coming to you?                                                                                 munications, but it’s not
                                                                                                              going to solve the problem
                                                                                                              of securing data on

       ater this month at a           “If it’s done right, the             Ari Juels, chief scientist and     the internet,” said Paul
       conference in Cali-          system could be absolutely           director of RSA Laboratories,        Kocher, president and chief
       fornia, Jacob (Koby)         secure,” he said. “Even with         which makes encryption tech-         scientist at Cryptography
Scheuer of Tel-Aviv Univer-         a quantum computer of the            nology, has his doubts as well.      Research. Optical and
sity’s School of Electrical         future, a hacker couldn’t            “There are limitations to any        quantum mechanical
Engineering plans to unveil a       decipher the key.”                   system of this kind. It tethers      approaches don’t work with
new strategy called the UFL           Using fiber optics to               key exchange to a physical           packet switched networks,
(Ultra-Long Fiber Laser) to         operationalize information           medium. It also requires an          he said.
protect data communication          security is definitely possible,      authentication infrastructure.”        Plus, implementation
and defend against hackers.         said Rich Baich, principal             Others also were criti-            weaknesses are the over-
Using fiber optic and com-           for security and privacy at          cal. “Research such as this          whelming problem in com-
puter technology, Scheuer’s         Deloitte and Touche. Any-                                                 puter security today, he said.
system uses binary lock-and-        time a new technology is                                                  “Exotic methods like this
key data sent via light pulses      introduced that improves an                                               introduce new ways that
that can be unlocked only by
the receiver and sender.
  The foundation of this sys-
tem is a new laser invented
                                    existing process and security
                                    posture, one would assume
                                    the advancement would
                                    be beneficial. However, he
                                                                          The number of miles
                                                                                                              things can go wrong that
                                                                                                              aren’t understood.”
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