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					                                                                                                                               MAY– JUNE 2008
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          Official Visit of the Mexican Deputy                                                        Mexican Poet Pedro
              Minister for Foreign Affairs,                                                           Serrano in the UK                           3

                     Lourdes Aranda
                to the United Kingdom.                                                                Adriana Diaz Encino
                                                                                                      lectures on fantasy                         3
                                                                                                      in Mexican literature

                                                                                                      Mexican cinema at the                       4
                                                                                                      Edinburgh International
                                                                                                      Film Festival

                                                                                                      “Chicza”, biodegradable                     6
                                                                                                      chewing gum

                                                                                                      Sierra Gorda in the UK                      7

The Deputy Minister Lourdes Aranda visited         The Mexican and British Delegations shared
London from 29 March to the 1st April 2008 in      their thinking on bilateral, regional and multi-
order to conduct the XIII High Level Political     lateral issues. They underlined the excellent
Talks between Mexico and Britain and to            level of the political dialogue and expressed
                                                                                                      MEXICO TODAY
attend a series of meetings at the Cabinet         their commitment to the promotion of High
Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth            Level visits and meetings. Both delegations
                                                                                                                   A publication from:
Office.                                            expressed the importance of the educational          The Embassy of Mexico to the United Kingdom.
                                                   and cultural cooperation as part of a reinforced                 16 St. George Street
The High Level Political Talks held on 1st April   bilateral relation.                                               London W1S 1FD

were chaired by the Deputy Minister Aranda                                                             

and co chaired by the British Parliamentary        The Mexican and British delegations noted the                  Editor: Mauricio Guerrero
Under-Secretary of State for the Caribbean,        improvement of the bilateral economic relations.               Design: David Figueroa
                                                                                                                           Adela Murillo
México, Central America and South Asia, Meg                                                                     Contact::
Munn, and the Permanent Under-Secretary                                                                         
and Head of the Diplomatic Service, Sir Peter                                      > page 2

   CULTURE                                             SOCIETY                                          INTERVIEW
   Novelist                                            Cuauhtémoc                                         Mexicans
   Ignacio                                             and                                               in the UK:
   Padilla in                                          Papaloapan                                         Marysol
   the UK                                              ships                                              Alvarado
                                                       in the UK
                                  > page 2                                             > page 5                                           > page 8
> page 1                                                    Mexico and the UK signed a
During 2007 the United Kingdom was the                  Joint Statement on Climate Change
fifth commercial partner and the third in-
vestor in Mexico among other European
countries. They agreed also to promote          A joint declaration was signed between            Impacts of Climate Change” is being
the bilateral trade and investment with         Mexico and the UK in which it is recog-           carried out, which will help to broaden the
specific actions.                               nized that climate change is an urgent            understanding of the economic impact of
                                                problem that requires rapid and effective         climate change in Mexico and will be an
As for the multilateral issues, both delega-    international collective action. It was also      invaluable tool for policy making.
tions emphasized their coincidences on          acknowledged the effort made through
climate change, the strengthening the           Mexico‟s National Strategy on Climate             The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the
Human Rights Council and the negotia-           Change and the UK‟s Climate Change                Environment, the Mario Molina Research
tions of the Doha‟s Agenda.                     Programme to ensure that climate change           Centre and the UNAM are participating in
                                                is integrated into their national policies to     this far reaching project, which was based
On regional matters, they underlined the        reflect local needs and demands, as well          on the Stern Report.
strategic character of the Mexican-EU           as international commitments.
relation and the importance of the dia-                                                           The joint declaration promotes the deep-
logue between the EU and Latin America          Mexico and the UK have been working               ening of co-operation between both coun-
and the Caribbean.                              together on a broad range of bilateral pro-       tries in the area of education and high
                                                jects on climate change and sustainable           level exchanges on climate change issues
After the celebration of the High Level         development and have been expanding               and to collaborate and support initiatives at
Political Talks, the Deputy Minister            their scope and number in the past years.         regional and international fora.
Aranda and the Parliamentary Under-
Secretary Munn signed a Joint Statement         The Sustainable Development Dialogue
on Climate Change, which reaffirmed the         initiative and the Global Opportunities Fund      RELATED LINKS
British-Mexican cooperation on this             from the FCO have contributed greatly to
subject as one of the fundamental aspects       further develop projects in Mexico. With the
of the bilateral relation.                                                                        >
                                                UK‟s assistance the study “Economic

In her role as Coordinator for the G5,
Ambassador Aranda held a meeting with
Mr. Jonathan Cunliffe, British G8 Sherpa,
to talk about the perspectives of a rein-
forced dialogue G8-G5.

Deputy Minister Aranda visited the Consu-
lar Crisis Group of the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office, whose principal
responsibility is to assist British nationals
affected by overseas disasters.

Ambassador Aranda visited also the
Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR),
whose key function is to coordinate the
Government‟s response to major
emergencies.                                                  Mexican Deputy Minister for foreign Affairs, Lourdes Aranda and Phil
                                                              Woolas MP, Minister of State for Environment.

MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                             2
                                     Pedro Serrano Touread the UK
                                                   Serrano who lectured at the Emmanuel Col-          de México (UNAM) and among his most
                                                   lege of the University of Cambridge on April       relevant poetry publications are El miedo
                                                   22, where the academic community and stu-          (1986), Ignorancia (1994), Tres poemas
                                                   dents gave him a very warm welcome. The            (2000) and Desplazamientos (2006).
                                                   activities were followed by a conference at the
                                                   Instituto Cervantes on April 23 where he was
                                                   joined by Prof. Anna Crowe from the Univer-
                                                   sity of St. Andrews who has translated Pedro‟s
The Embassy of Mexico has launched a               works into English.The Mexican Society at the
literary programme with the Instituto              University of Oxford hosted his last very suc-
Cervantes in London and Manchester, along          cessful lecture on April 24 at Balliol College.
with several British Universities for the
                                                   Pedro Serrano is currently professor of            RELATED LINKS
promotion of Mexican literature in the UK. The
series began with poet and translator Pedro        Literature at Universidad Nacional Autónoma        >
                                                                                                      > www.

  Adriana Diaz Enciso lectures on fantasy in Mexican literature
                         Adriana Díaz Enciso,      Fascinated by fantasy, magic, and horror,          On May 1, Adriana Díaz spoke to students of
                         Mexican novelist          Adriana has become an expert in alterative         literary translation at the University of East
                         based in London is        subjects in our literature.                        Anglia about her work and the challenges of
                         the author of one of                                                         translation.
                         the few “gothic”          She was introduced by Minister Ignacio Durán
                         novels published in       at the Instituto Cervantes on May 6 where
                         Mexico La Sed.            she presented her lecture Beyond Magical           RELATED LINKS
                                                   Realism: Fantasy in Mexican Literature.            >

                             Novelist Ignacio Padilla will visit Britain
                                                   2000 with his novel Shadow Without a Name          SHORT STORIES IN MEXCO AND LATIN
                                                   now translated to more than 7 languages.           AMERICA

                                                   This is a unique opportunity to listen to a very   Wednesday 21 May, 6.30pm
                                                   interesting and talented author speaking about     Instituto Cervantes Manchester
                                                   his work, the 10th Anniversary of the founda-
                                                   tion of the Crack Generation, and contempo-        >
                                                   rary narrative.

                                                   MC CONDO AND EL CRACK: THE EXPERIENCE              MEXICAN CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVE:
                                                   OF TWO LITERARY GROUPS                             A PANORAMA
One of Mexico‟s most talented young
authors, Ignacio Padilla, will visit the UK from   Tuesday 20 May, 6.30pm                             Friday 23 May, 5.30pm
May 19-23 . Padilla, reached international         Instituto Cervantes London                         Baliol College, University of Oxford
prestige after winning the Primavera Prize in
                                                   >   >

MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                                            3
                     Helen Escobedo at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
   Helen Escobedo is an international artist           This exciting work comprises twenty cylindrical    The work alters and shifts depending on
   whose career spans over fifty years. An early       sculptures sited in a square acre of land in the   weather conditions, viewpoint and quality of
   exponent of installation art, she was one of the    Country Park. Each structure has an inner and      light to create a defined but indeterminable
   first artists of her generation to embrace site     outer mesh, painted in such a way that the         space.
   specificity in both permanent and ephemeral         sculpture appears to float and merge with the
   works.                                              landscape.                                         Born in Mexico City of an English mother and
                                                                                                          a Mexican father, Escobedo majored in the
   Themes of waste and the environ-                                                                       humanities and received her master's degree
   ment,women's role in society, death, memory                                                            in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in
   and the transformative action of light are                                                             London. She also received a Guggenheim
   prevalent in her work which often brings to-                                                           fellowship in 1991. She works on projects
   gether the cultures of Mexico and Western                                                              around the world, from New Zealand to Israel,
   Europe through art that intevenes in everyday                                                          England, Canada, the United States and Latin
   life. Escobedo's interest in the cylindrical form                                                      America.
   of baled hay, its monolithic presence in fields
   across Europe and traditional pastoral con-
   nections within British landscape art, has in-
   formed the development of a new site-specific                                                          RELATED LINKS
   piece at the Sculpture Park.

             Como Agua                                                                 Mexican Cinema at
           para chocolate
          at the Southwark                                                        The Edinburgh International
                                                                                         Film Festival
                                                                                                           The festival has also planned a strong
                                                                                                           Mexican presence in the short film
                                                                                                           programme with the screening of the work of
                                                                                                           young and talented upcoming filmmakers:

The independent theatre companty Theatre                                                                   Paloma – by Roberto Fiesco
Sans Frontiers will present from 13 – 31 May                                                               Cafe Paraiso – by Alonso Ruizpalacios
an outstanding stage adaptation of the award                                                               Al Fin – by Juan Manuel Gonzalez
winning novel by Mexican author Laura                                                                      Fin De Trayecto – by Acan Coen
Esquivel Como Agua para Chocolate.                                                                         Sopa De Pescado - by Nuria Ibañez
                                                       Film Enlightned Blood by Iván Ávila Dueñas will
Théatre Sans Frontiers makes its London
debut at the Southwark Playhouse with this
                                                       The EIFF is the world‟s longest running film
play performed in Spanish but with remarkable
                                                       festival which features new, original,
skills for visual storytelling that make the play
                                                       international and independent cinema.
accessible to all regardless of linguistic abili-
ties. Como Agua para Chocolate will present
                                                       Mexico will be present at the 62nd edition of
an international cast with actors from Mexico,
                                                       this prestigious festival with the European
USA, Spain and Nicaragua who will delight the
                                                       premier of the film Enlightned Blood (Sangre
audiences with this now classic story set in
                                                       Iluminada) which will be screened on 25-26          Café Paraiso by Alfonso Ruizpalacios
Revolutionary Mexico in 1910.
                                                       June. With support of the Mexican Embassy
RELATED LINKS                                          and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, director
                                                       Iván Ávila Dueñas will be in Edinburgh to          RELATED LINKS
>                                       introduce the film followed by a Q&A session       >
>                         with the audience.

   MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                                  4
                         Mexican naval ships will visit the UK
                                                                                                       In 2002, it was awarded with the Boston "Tea
                                                                                                       Pot" Cup, a trophy grahed by the International
                                                                                                       Sailing Training Association (ISTA) due to its
                                                                                                       1,342.7 mile journey in only 124 hours, at an
                                                                                                       average speed of 10.83 knots, thus setting the
                                                                                                       second best record ever obtained in the his-
                                                                                                       tory of this tournament, above all ships with
                                                                                                       similar characteristics in Europe and in Amer-
                                                                                                       ica. Cuauhtémoc was awarded with this trophy
                                                                                                       for the second time in 2003. It also obtained
                                                                                                       an awards for displaying the most spectacular
                                                                                                       entrance in Port Rouen, France, at the 2003
                                                                                                       Navy from Rouen event and in the port of
                                                                                                       Kotka, Finland. It was ranked second in the
                                                                                                       Regatta Tall Ships Challenge during the tour-
                                                                                                       naments held in the Sail Rhode Island 2004,
                                                                                                       training ship category. This year, the
                                                                                                       Cauhtémoc will participate in the training
                                                                                                       cruise “Rouen-2008” including the following
                                                                                                       events: “Tall Ships´ Race 2008, North West
Two of the most emblematic Mexican naves           Cuauhtémoc Training Ship has also partici-          Europe” in the ports of Liverpool, United
ships will be visiting the UK this summer. (See   pated in important regattas like: Columbus,          Kingdom; Maloy and Bergen, Norway and
itinerary below). Here is a profile.              Cutty Sark and Osaka, as well as in the nauti-       Den Helder, Holand and “Funchal 500 Tall
                                                  cal festivals of Rouen, France; Portsmouth,          Ships Regatta 2008” in the ports of Fal-
Cuauhtémoc Training Tall Ship was built in the    England; Dundee, Scotland; and Delfzijl,             mouth, England; Aveiro, Portugal and
shipyards of Celaya, Bilbao, Spain, from July     Holland; Burduo, France and Rostock, Ger-            Funchal, Madeira, and the Nautical Festivals:
24, 1981, when the keel was set on the build-     many.                                                “Armada” in Rouen, France and “Lütte Sail
ing berth, to July 29, 1982 when the first crew                                                        Bremerhaven 2008” in Germany.
was assigned. This vessel was purchased by        A few years ago, the ship won second place in
the Mexican Navy to solve the lack of a unit      Australia 98 Regatta, navigating from Sydney         Along with the arrival of the Cuauhtémoc ship
specifically used for training officers, cadets   to Hobart. It also got the trophy to the ship        to the banks of Great Britain, the Papaloapan
and enlisted personnel. This tireless seafarer    with the best appearance in Tasmania in the          Mexican warship will be visiting the United
has trained several classes of Officers gradu-    festival of Hobart. Also, during its participation   Kingdom. Papaloapan Mexican warship‟s
ated from Mexican Naval Academy. It has           in the series of regattas of the Great Tall Ships    support during relief tasks in case of natural
crossed 516,995 miles in 4,084 nautical days.     Cutty Sark, 1998 and 2000, the ship obtained         disasters has been strategic, particularly
Its crew has sworn to offer their best to take    the prestigious trophy Cutty Sark, the highest       during last year‟s heavy rains in the state of
with them the peace message of our country,       acknowledgment granted in this event to the          Tabasco, Mexico and internationally during
Mexico. That's why the great work done by the     ship whose crew contributes the most to              the catastrophe caused by Katrina in the
tall ship throughout its 25 years of service is   friendship and international understanding.          American city of New Orleans. Don‟t miss
acknowledged and applauded by other navies                                                             them!
and countries of the world.
                                                              THE ITINERARY
Buque Escuela Cuauhtemoc                                                                               Buque Armado Papaloapan

-Liverpool, England               18 July                                                              -Liverpool, England          24 July
 "The Tall Ships' Races 2008".

-Falmouth, England                10 September                                                         -Falmouth, England           20 August
 Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta

MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                                   5
                         Mexico in the ISS UK                                                       International Climate
                       International Spring Fair                                                         Champions
 ISS UK‟s International Spring Fair returned       Mexico had a stand coordinated by Mrs.
 on Wednesday 14th May 2008, for the 49th          Marcela Bremer, spouse of the Ambassador
 year.                                             of Mexico to the United Kingdom. Among
                                                   other merchandises for sale, for which we
 The Spring Fair brought stalls from around        thank our sponsors, were Tequila “Cuervo”,
 the world right to your doorstep in a celebra-    “La Costeña”, “Corona” beer and innovative
 tion of international culture and cuisine. With   silk neck ties and scarves by Pineda-
 the support of London‟s Diplomatic Missions       Covalín, a major Mexican fashion design          The International Climate Change Champions
 over 100 countries were represented, each         house.                                           (ICC) initiative was launched by the UK
 selling an exciting array of national crafts                                                       government focusing on young people since
 and products, from jewellery, textiles and        Once again this year, the stand sold textiles    they are agents of change to promote better
 scarves, to designer handbags and exotic          produced by Sna-Jolobil cooperative, a           understanding and awareness of climate
 food and drink.                                   Mayan Tzotzil community from Chiapas             change in their schools, communities or
                                                   which makes as cushions, place mats and          among their peers. Competitions in partner-
 The Spring Fair also played host to some          napkins using traditional weaving tech-          ship with local organizations took place in the
 fantastic entertainment, including music and      niques. As well, in the food court, Mestizo      countries represented at the G8+5 (Brazil,
 performances from national dance troupes.         restaurant served Mexican delicatessens. All     Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy,
 Highlights this year included steel drummers      proceeds from the sale of the products went      Japan, Mexico, Russia, USA; South Africa and
 from the Caribbean and Palestinian                to charity.                                      the UK).
                                                                                                    In Mexico, the Ministries of Education and the
 The Fair raises funds for International Social                                                     Environment, together with the British Council
 Service (UK), a unique worldwide charity                                                           selected three winners after a rigorous
 which helps to protect and promote the                                                             process. The winners were in London for one
 rights of children and vulnerable adults                                                           week in March and had a programme full of
 across international borders. ISS UK helps                                                         cultural activities, workshops, meetings with
 people around the world who may be sepa-                                                           the media and the chance to learn about what
 rated from family members as a conse-             RELATED LINKS                                    other young people are doing in other regions
 quence of divorce, migration, seeking                                                              of the world. They also had the opportunity to
 asylum, trafficking or abduction.                 >                               meet with Environment Secretary, Hilary
                                                                                                    Benn. The Mexican winners were: Belem
                                                                                                    Reyes (17 years old) a Veracruz high school
                                                                                                    student who put together a radio programme
            Chicza-biodegradable chewing gum                                                        that was transmitted in her local radio station
                                                                                                    talking about the impact of climate change.
                                                   The name of the brand means “gum of the          Israel González Bran (17) from Sonora, who
                                                   zapote fruit” in the mayan language.             studies at a Technical Vocational School,
                                                                                                    where he is an Ecology Coordinator; and
                                                   Producers told Mexico Today that it took years   Angel Miguel Flores (17) from the State of
                                                   to produce a good chewing gum, which is          Tabasco, who is interested in organizing com-
                                                   made from the resin of the tree, and could be    munities to recycle more. All of the 39 interna-
                                                   competitive, on the one hand, and 100%           tional winners will travel to Kobe, Japan where
                                                   biodegradable on the other.                      the G8 Environment Ministers will meet in
                                                                                                    May, prior to the G8 Summit. There they will
As part of our export and investment program,      The company that produces the gum is             present ministries with a declaration of young
a biodegradable chewing gum called Chicza          “Consorcio Corporativo de Productores y          peoples‟ concerns and proposals.
was presented at the Natural and Organic           Exportadores en Forestería” and it will be
Products Europe 2008, the largest trade event      marketed in the UK by Tonantzin.                 RELATED LINKS
of its kind in the UK. This is an organic gum
                                                   RELATED LINKS
extracted from the chicozapote tree that grows                                                      >
in the forest of Quintana Roo, Mexico.             >

MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                                  6
                                   Sierra Gorda in The UK
Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG)          In 1997 it was granted Biosphere Reserve     UK Sierra Gorda has established strong
was at the House of Commons on 1st           status by presidential decree, the reserve   links with the World Land Trust, an inter-
April. The World Land Trust and the All      is the most ecologically protected natural   national conservation charity that raises
Party Parliamentary Group for Latin Amer-    area in Mexico and is the richest area in
                                                                                          funds for land purchase and protection.
ica hosted the presentation “Innovations     terms of mammal diversity with jaguars,
in Conservation through the Voluntary        pumas, ocelots, gray foxes and many          WLT has funded the purchase of 480
Sector in Mexico” delivered by Mr.           more species. GESG are co-managers,          acres of threatened land to create a corri-
Roberto Pedraza, Technical Advisor of        together with the National Commission of     dor between two reserves containing high
GESG.                                        Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and         biodiversity. During his visit to London
                                             the Ministry of the Environment              Mr. Roberto Pedraza met with Ambassa-
Since 1987 GESG has been working to-         (SEMARNAT), this is the first time that a    dor Bremer and talked about the different
gether with the local communities for the    natural protected areas is jointly manage
                                                                                          restoration and protection projects that
conservation of natural resources and the    between civil society and the federal gov-
development of productive sustainable        ernment. But GESG partners are not just      GESG is developing, as well as the
projects for the population of the region.   local, they have expanded their network      threats presented to the protected area.
Sierra Gorda represents 32% of the State     and received awards for their conserva-
of Queretaro, in Central Mexico form-        tion efforts internationally.
ing part of the mountainous chain                                                         RELATED LINKS
of the Eastern Sierra Madre.                 In 2008 they won the Energy Globe
                                             Award at the European Parliament. In the     >

MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                   7

      Interview with Marysol Alvarado from Mestizo Restaurant

 Marysol and Roberto Alvarado own Mestizo,
 a successful Mexican restaurant in London. In
 a conversation with Mexico Today she told of
 their experience here in the UK.

 How did you ended up in London?

 In 1997 I came to England with my husband
 Roberto Alvarado and our family. He was a
 director of the Mexican restaurant company,
 Grupo Anderson, and the company wished to
 expand into Europe. In 2003 we decided to
 take a sabbatical to spend more time with our
 young family, and we were based in London
 during this time. London‟s Mexican restaurants
 at that time were heavily influenced by the Tex
 -Mex variety, and most people‟s experience
 was of this type of cuisine.
                                                   Frida Kahlo. This brought a different percep-      We have recently opened a second Mestizo
                                                   tion of Mexico to Londoners that they were         in Madrid, as well as a lunchtime Burrito
                                                   unaware of, and helped show the authentic          restaurant in Charlotte Place, London. We
 How did you come up with the idea of
                                                   side of Mexico and its culture.                    have to make sure that we do not rush to
                                                                                                      expand either Mestizo or El Burrito and en-
                                                   In your experience, what would you say             sure that each restaurant is established
 I had always dreamt of opening an independ-
                                                   British love and hate about Mexican food?          before considering further expansion. The
 ent restaurant that showed the true tastes and
                                                                                                      option is there for other Mestizo Restaurants
 variety of Mexican cuisine, but without the
                                                   Most people are adventurous in their choices.      and El Burrito‟s, but I will take my time and
 perception that most people had of Mexico
                                                   The British have a wide variety of restaurants     not rush into it. A further possibility is a
 that they had been exposed to (Tex-Mex,
                                                   to choose from, from all parts of the world. As    range of salsas. All of our salsa at Mestizo is
 sombreros and tequila slammers). I wanted to
                                                   with many Mexicans, they either love or hate       freshly prepared, and perhaps we could
 have a restaurant that was stylish and showed
                                                   spicy food. Part of the experience is to           even start selling our own „Salsa Mestizo‟.
 the true side to Mexican culture and the
                                                   convince people that not all of the food is        But that is a thought for the future.
 variety in it‟s cuisine. A restaurant that is
                                                   made using a hot chile sauce, but can be
 Mexican owned, with Mexican chefs and Mexi-
                                                   varied and diverse.
 can waiters and bar staff. Also, I like to be
                                                                                                      What is your favourite dish from the
 busy and with the support of my husband, in
                                                   I like to showcase recipes from all over Mexico    menu?
 2004, I found premises in London that
                                                   and during September, in the week before
 I thought would be perfect. Most of my friends
                                                   Independence Day, we have a Gastronomic            That is a difficult question as I like so much.
 and acquaintances told me I had the wrong
                                                   Week highlighting the cuisine from 7 different     Our Molcajetes, Pollo con Mole and Mole
 location and it would never work. They dis-
                                                   areas in Mexico. In May, 2008 I am also hold-      Verde de Puerco. Our Sopa Purepecha,
 agreed with my choice of décor, but I was sure
                                                   ing a Festival del Chile, with recipes specifi-    Sopa de Tortilla and Ensalada Nopales are
 I was right in my choice. I chose the name,
                                                   cally featuring our most famous export. Our        all favourites, as well as our Mixiote de
 Mestizo, not only for its historic meaning,
                                                   Mexican Sunday Brunch has proved very              Cordero and Chiles Rellenos.
 (Mestizo is the name given to the mix of Mex-
                                                   popular, particularly with the Mexican commu-
 ico‟s indigenous peoples with the Europeans),
                                                   nity in London, and we feature traditional reci-
 but because also felt it reflected the modern
                                                   pes such as Birria, Pozole and Menudo, fresh       CONTACT
 nature of Mexico today, and we opened on
                                                   quesadillas, eggs any style and traditional
 the 14th February 2005. Mestizo was the first
                                                   desserts.                                          >
 authentic Mexican restaurant to open in
 London in many years, and in June 2005, the                                                          >
                                                   What are your plans for the future?
 Tate Modern held an exhibition of the work of

 MAY- JUNE 2008                                                                                                                                  8