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					There are many effective acne treatments and there are many companies out there trying to sell their
acne solution as “The most effective acne treatment”

I have tried everything from zinc to vitamin E to proactiv and nothing was is as effective as it was
marketed to be.

When you are struggling with acne you are looking for the most effective acne treatment because you
want to get rid of the acne as quick as possible. The sooner you get rid of the acne the sooner you can
get back to living your normal life again. The most effective acne treatment differs from person to
person. Some people have great results with simple face wash products at the store but the majority of
us don’t.

In order to find the most effective acne treatment you will have to do some experimentation to see
what type of skin you have and how it reacts to certain acne treatments.

Everyone is going to have different results and you just have to be sure to fine the most effective acne
treatment for you and stick to that until your acne is gone without swaying to other cheap face wash
and chemical products that don’t do any good.

In the long run you will learn that the most effective acne treatment breaks down into taking care of
these two things and your skin will become clear once you do these two things.

The first and most effective acne treatment is to watch what you eat religiously.

There is nothing that will help your acne more than changing your diet.

You want to get rid of the junk food that you have been eating and replace it with nutrient rich food that
supports skin and cell rejuvination.

The types of foods that you want to stay away from are sugary and “fake carb” foods. What I mean by
“fake carb” foods are foods that are like snacks. Crackers and chips are fake carb foods, they may seem
okay to you but these carbs breakdown into sugars and can cause more acne.

The second type of food you want to stay away from is white flour, what flour is something that clogs up
your body and doesn’t help anything at all! it’s one big messy problem!

Sugar, white flour and acidic foods are the #1 cause for acne and continue to help your acne stay where
it is or grow.

The first and most effective form of acne treatment is to change your diet from acidic foods to alkaline

The second and second most effective acne treatment is to use the right products on your skin.

Your skin is delicate and should be treated delicately, by putting harsh chemicals and face wash products
filled with unhealthy junk on your skin you may seem to help it in the short run but if you want the most
effective acne treatment you will want to use all natural products.
Tea tree oil, vitamin E are just a few of the natural soap and face wash ingredients that help both now
and also in the long term to get rid of acne. Switch out clean and clear, Neautrogena and proactiv for a
healthier and more natural solution that will clean the pores and not cause any more harm underneath
your skin that shows up later.

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Most Effective Acne Treatment

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