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      ADVISORY BOARD                                                     ENTRY FORMAT
   John Abruzzo, MD Professor of Medicine        Brand name: The main name                patients with any of the conditions
   and Director, Division of Rheumatology,       under which the product and all          listed. If the official labeling con-
   Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia       other dosage forms in the mono-          tains a warning that the product
   Michael Artman, MD Professor and Head,        graph are marketed.                      should not be used in a certain
   Department of Pediatrics, University of
                                                 Company: The name of the
                                                                                          condition, it is shown within this
   Iowa Carver College of Medicine; Executive                                             publication as either a contraindi-
   Director and Physician-in-Chief, University   company to contact for more
                                                 medical information.                     cation or as a precaution with a
   of Iowa Children's Hospital                                                            qualifying statement such as “not
   Joseph A. Barone, PharmD, FCCP Professor      Legal category: Federal schedule.        for use in” or “not recommended”
   and Chairman, Department of Pharmacy          The laws governing the prescrib-         depending on how the official
   Practice and Administration, Rutgers, The     ing/dispensing of products vary          labeling is worded. Although not
   State University of New Jersey, Ernest        from state to state.
   Mario School of Pharmacy                                                               explicitly stated, hypersensitivity
                                                 Pharmacologic class: The chemical/       to the drug, to others in its class,
   Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN, ND, MPH, PHD                                                 to related drugs, or to any of its
   Private practitioner and consultant in        therapeutic class of the drug is
   Long-Term Care and Geriatric Nursing;         listed in italics.                       excipients, is assumed to be a
   Education Director, Health Education                                                   contraindication in all entries.
                                                 Generic name: The active ingredi-
   Network, Glen Arm, MD                                                                  Interacting contraindicated drugs
                                                 ents and strengths are listed            not marketed in the United
   Stephan L. Foster, PharmD, FAPhA              under the name of each dosage
   CAPT (Ret) USPHS, Professor and                                                        States are not included.
                                                 form. If the product contains
   Vice Chair, Department of Clinical            tartrazine, alcohol, flavors, or         Precautions: Conditions in which
   Pharmacy, University of Tennessee
   College of Pharmacy                           is alcohol-, sugar-, or dye-free,        special attention is required for
                                                 it is noted. Abbreviations are           patients. Also listed are recom-
   Joseph W. Goldzieher, MD Professor and        used to describe the dosage form
   Director of Endocrine Research (retired),                                              mended tests that should be per-
   Department of Ob/Gyn, Baylor College          and its formulation, e.g., tabs,         formed during therapy, e.g.,
   of Medicine, Houston                          caps, “e-c”=enteric coated,              “Monitor renal function”; special
   Alfonse T. Masi, MD, DPH Professor of
                                                 “sust rel”= sustained-release,           side effects that may necessitate
   Medicine, Department of Medicine,             “ext rel”= extended-release.             the discontinuation of therapy;
   University of Illinois College of Medicine    Also: Other formulations of the          and warnings to patients, e.g., “If
   Wm MacMillan Rodney, MD Clinical              product appear as “ALSO” within          serious diarrhea occurs, discon-
   Professor of Family Medicine, Adjunct         the same entry. Generally, only          tinue therapy.” If a decision must
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