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									                                    Matt Girdis prepares for his descent
                                    at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, Pa.

     16    BOYS’ LIFE F JUNE 2010

Scuba.indd 16                                                              4/14/10 9:30 AM
                                                        awaii is great.
                                                          The Great Barrier Reef off the
                                                   coast of Australia is spectacular.
                                                      And there’s a place near Belize
                                                   called The Great Blue Hole that you
                                                   have to see to believe.
                                                      For most of us, these are extrava-
                BY AARON DERR                      gant, expensive scuba-diving trips
                PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL EUDENBACH   that can happen maybe once a year if
                                                   you’re lucky, or more likely once in a
                                                      The thing is, you don’t have to
                                                   fly around the country—or halfway
                                                   across the world—to enjoy a terrific
                                                   scuba experience. There are scuba-
                                                   diving sites in smaller bodies of
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Scuba.indd 17                                                                             4/20/10 2:42 PM
                                            water all over the place.                      A D VA N C E D D I V I N G                        s
                                              Troop 160 of Herndon, Va., is full             
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