Fighting Back by ProQuest


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              AT SEA

                                                                                              Pirates beware: The U.S.S.
                                                                                           Freedom is on the water.
                                                                                           Freedom is the first Littoral Combat Ship, a new class of
                                                                                      small warship. Littorals are shallow coastal waters where small

                                                                                   enemy craft, subs and floating mines cause trouble for bigger ships.
                                                                                       Freedom needs only a 40-person crew because it uses computers
                                                                               and high-tech unmanned drones. It can carry three remote-controlled
                                                                            Fire Scout helicopters and a regular Sea Hawk. Removable modules allow
                                                                          an easy switch from sub-hunting to pirate-chasing. Its anti-mine module
                                                                        deploys robotic motorboats that tow mine-destroying sleds.
                                                                          Freedom can sprint at 40 knots, or about 50 miles per hour. Not impressed?
                                                                   A Nimitz class aircraft car
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