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									                                                                             National American Indian Housing Council
                                                                                            50 F Street NW, Suite 3300
                                                                                                Washington, DC 20001
                                                                                 Phone: 202.789.1754 or 800.284.9165
                                                                                                    Fax: 202.789.1758

                 Call for Presentations for NAIHC’s 36th Annual Convention
                         May 25-26, 2010 ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota
This year, the National American Indian Housing Council is doing a call for presentations for training sessions
during the 36th Annual Convention. If you have a presentation that is beneficial to Indian housing professionals
and want to submit if for consideration, please fill out the second page of this notice. Please try to limit the
response to two pages. Submit completed forms to John Seignemartin at For further
information, e-mail Mr. Seignemartin or call him at 850-939-4256.

                                       “Title of Presentation Goes Here”
Your title should clearly reflect the content of your presentation and the essence of the topic, e.g. “Exploring Your
Financial Options for Housing Development.” Please be as specific as possible.

Describe the presentation you are proposing and how your topic might be included as part of a panel presentation
or included on our agenda as a training session. Please note that when proposals are being assessed, the abstract is
read first. It is crucial to prepare an abstract that clearly describes the topic and why it would be of interest to our
audience (Indian housing professionals).
Speaker Contact Information and Biography
Include speaker contact information (full name, professional title if any, address, e-mail, phone, fax, etc.) and a brief

Core Indian Housing Related Issues
What core Indian housing related issues does this presentation cover? Core issues might include development,
housing finance options, procurement, environmental compliance, drug abuse awareness, etc.

Suggested Session Length/Format
Please indicate how much time is needed for your presentation. Presentation time blocks are broken up into 90-
minute segments. To the extent possible, NAIHC promotes panel presentations that include tribal housing staff who
share real life success stories related to housing and community development activities.
Please indicate if your session is suited for a standard 90 minute session, or if more time is needed (if so how much
time?). Please indicate whether your presentation is better presented as a stand-alone session, or in conjunction
with other presenters or panel participants.

Type of session
Please indicate whether the session is a/an:
         Case study                                                          Theoretical discussion
         How to                                                              Instructional session
         Big idea                                                            Something else (describe briefly)
Whatever you choose to call them, these help attendees to decide if your presentation is of value to them and a
training session they would attend. Please provide a short list of keywords to describe your proposal.

*Note: Keep Presentation proposal to 1 page (2 pages max)
                        “Title of Presentation Goes Here”

Speaker Contact Information and Biography

Core Indian Housing Related Issues

Suggested Session Length/Format

Type of session


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