Pick a famous Spanish-speaking artist—a musician, composer, painter by mwz19860


									¿Cómo te expresas?          Unit Assessment                     3o año

                 Nombre: ____________________

TASK: Pick a famous Spanish-speaking artist—a musician,
composer, painter, sculptor—or a Latin American dance form—salsa,
flamenco, meringue, tango, or cumbia. You may work with a partner
or individually.


1) Teach us in Spanish about the artist or dance form
    time period—not only the dates, but what else was happening in the
     world during that time to give us a frame of reference?

   biographical information—birth, childhood and development of his/her
    talent or of the dance form, interesting tidbits, major life events or
    historical landmarks in the development of the dance

   overview of 3 most famous works—
          -show us or let us listen
          -describe and explain key artistic elements
                *materials used, major colors, perspective or other
                techniques, what it expresses
                *instruments, rhythm, how it sounds, lyrics, what it
                expresses, etc.
          -give your opinion on each work of art

   what is revolutionary or so important about this artist/dance form
    and/or importance to today’s arts or culture


 an engaging 10-15 min. lesson that includes interaction with the
  audience AND visuals (power point, posters, etc) using minimal notes
 interaction can be asking the audience questions, giving us a handout to
  guide our learning, a game reviewing your lesson, etc. Be creative!
                                                   cont. on back
 incorporate a practical, hands-on element. Ideas. . .
     *dance form? Bring some music and teach us the basics!
     *have the audience imitate or do its own artwork in your artist’s style
     *create your own piece of art that is related to the artist you chose
     *design a museum exhibit poster (full poster board size) to
     promote a new exhibition or event at Singletary Center related to or
     displaying your artist’s work/dance form. In Spanish, for local
     *talk to me about other ideas!

  Fechas importantes:

  martes 23 octubre: el nombre de 3 artistas y/o danzas que quieres
                     investigar y el nombre de tu compañero(a) si tienes
  30-31 octubre:     reuniones con la Sra. Jaeger durante la clase para
                     hablar del progreso de tu proyecto
  12 noviembre       presentaciones empiezan
                  Rubric : La presentación de arte (150 Assessment Points)
                     Nombre: __________________________________

  CATEGORY         4 Distinguished                3 Proficient                    2 Apprentice                    1 Novice
Lesson Content Teaches all areas listed as Teaches all areas listed— Teaches all but 1-2 areas Is missing more
35 points      described on pg. 1 in a     time frame, biographical, 3 as described on pg. 1   than 2 content
                   concise yet detailed and       major works and                                                 areas.
                   accurate manner—time           descriptions, legacy,
                   frame, biographical, 3         although some parts are
                   major works and                lacking in a little detail or
                   descriptions, legacy           conciseness

Visuals             The visuals are creative        The visuals are attractive      The visuals are difficult to What visuals?
20 points          and attractive and             and contribute to the           see or are not presented
                   contribute to the              lesson, although in a           neatly. They may not serve
                   effectiveness of the lesson.   couple of spots they may        a purpose or detract from
                   They serve a clear             detract from the lesson or      the lesson in several
                   purpose.                       do not serve a clear            instances.
Presentation        Creative, clear, and          Fairly creative and clear,       You used your notes a little    You don’t seem
20 points          animated! You kept us          and you kept us                 too much or you didn’t put      very interested in
                   alive and interested. You      interested. You did not         enough thought into             the project you
                   knew the material well and     depend completely on            presenting the material in      chose or you don’t
                   didn’t read to us.             your notes.                     an interesting manner.          seem to know
                                                                                                                  much about the
Vocabulary          Excellent variety in vocab, Good use and variety of            You stayed parked in verbs       You show little to
20 points          including extensive and      vocabulary, including new         and adjectives you already      no evidence of
                   correct use of new           unit words and                    knew like gustar, ser, tener,   learning new
                   vocabulary, like artistic    expressions.                      and ir. You rarely              vocabulary in this
                   expressions and verbs to                                       incorporated new                unit.
                   describe or give an                                            vocabulary.
Grammatical         Great distinction b/w      You had few repeating              You had multiple repeating      You had extensive
Focus--past        preterite and imperfect,   errors; I can tell you              errors, especially in the       errors that
                   used correct conjugations, understand these                    areas that we have              interfered with
tense, ser vs.     used ser and estar well,   grammatical concepts.               concentrated on this year       your ability to be
estar to           and you self-corrected                                         and in this unit.               understood.
describe.          when making mistakes.
20 points          Minimal errors.

Understanding       We understood you             We understood you very           We had trouble                We couldn’t
                   perfectly!                     well with the exception to      understanding you in          decipher what you
                                                  1-2 small unclear spots         multiple spots but in the end were trying to tell
10 points                                                                         you got your point across.    us.

Fluency            Spanish flows very nicely. Spanish flows well with             Spanish a little halting with   Spanish very
10 points          No English.                just a few pauses. No               multiple pauses. May have       halting with
                                              more than 2 English                 needed a couple of prompts      multiple pauses
                                              words.                              from the teacher. Some          and need for
                                                                                  English but greatly             teacher prompts.
                                                                                  outweighed by Spanish.
Practical           Creative and a wonderful A good application of                  You did a mini-project but  No hands-on
application        extension of your lesson! your presentation                    the connection was not       application.
                   You went the extra mile!                                       clear between it and your
mini-project                                                                      presentation, or it was done
15 points                                                                         hastily.
Nombre :_________________________________
Exit Interview: Self-assessment/Partner assessment on Art Presentation

                                                                       Yes I can.   I need some
                                                                                    work on this.
I can tell about the major life or historical events of a famous
Hispanic/Spanish artist or dance form in the past tense.
I can name 3 major works of my artist or 3 major aspects of the

I can classify works of art into their appropriate category
I can describe each work in terms of artistic technique, physical
attributes, and what it expresses.
I can plan a short lesson and communicate main points in Spanish
to an audience.
I can express an opinion about art using expressions like parecerse,
impresionar, para mi, identificarse con, etc.
I can compare two works of art using tan/tanto como, más/menos
que, and adjectives.
I can distinguish between the uses of ser and estar.

Complete the following statements:

After this project, I still need work on. . .

I can name 3genres of painting. . .

I can name 4 forms of art. . .

I can name 3 aspects of music and/or dance. . .

What I liked about this project was. . .

I discovered that I am good at. . .

Working with my partner was. . .(if applicable)

My partner did his/her fair share for the project. Yes/No

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