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									             EcoTours for Cures
       Jamaica… A Healthy Destination

        Folks who want to learn the secrets of natural medicine and enjoy a healthy,
educational vacation… are looking deep into the Jamaican forests and Bush—where
Maroon and Rasta tap the ancient forests as a rich resource for herbal cures and natural
        Dr. Eugene Zampieron, a Naturopathic physician, Ethnobotanist, author and
professor of Botanical Medicine, along with his business partner, Ellen Kamhi, The
Natural Nurse…have been combing the mountains and valley’s of the lush tropical
paradise for decades to uncover the miraculous powers of the tradition Jamaican peoples
tonics and botanical roots.
        The Maroons-descendants of Africans who escaped to freedom to form Neo-
African communities in the impenetrable highlands of Jamaica-have a strong belief in the
power of Mother nature. Now, Drs. Zampieron and Kamhi are helping them pass their
knowledge on to the world with their book, THE NATURAL MEDICINE CHEST, and
their unique travel experience, EcoTours for Cures TM, the Education vacation.
        “We prepare certain medicinal herbal formulas with traditional botanicals like
Search Me Heart (Rytidophhyllum tomentosum), Tan Pan Rock (Dryopteryis),and
Strongback (Morinda royac), which the Jamaican country folks use to stay strong”says
Dr. Zampieron, who takes travelers interested in holistic medicine, herbalism and
EcoTourism with him into the Jamaican wilderness areas.
        He has found that Cerassee (Momordica charantia) is an excellent treatment for
Diabetes due to its insulin mimicking effects; this is validated by modern scientific
medical studies and research. Jamaican use the Cerassee tea for many problems, like
diabetes, hypertension dysentery, worms and as a seasonal cleanse.
Jamaican Dogwood (Piscidia erythrina) is another powerful medicine. It was originally
used by the Arawak Indians as a fish toxin; they would beat the root or bark into a
mash,then they would dam up the stream. The fish would be stupefied and float to the
surface, which would make for easy fishing! The Maroons would use the Dogwood for
aches and neuralgic pains such as sciatica, toothaches sprains and to ease the pain of
Sarsaparilla in many forms (Smilax,Chainy root etc) is an important cleansing tonic and
male potency remedy,boosting fertility. Dr. Zampieron also states that “ it is a powerful
agent in the fight against Lyme disease, which plagues the US.”
         Dr. Zampieron (DrZ) fell in love with Jamaican music, roots and culture on his
first visit to Jamaica in 1981. With his colleague Kibret Neguse ,Dr. Z began one of the
longest Caribbean music programs in the US, Rockin’ Iration, which is still on the air.
He aso decided that he would like to work in Jamaica to studt the coral reefs.
While in Jamaica pursuing graduate level research, he fell ill with intestinal dysentery.
When conventional medical treatments only masked the symptoms, DrZ approached two
Maroon Elder named Jamba and Pop-A-Top,for help and advice. They suggested that
‘Maroon Science’ and herbs would bring rapid relief where’Babylon’s medicine(Western
medicine) would not. DrZ traveled with Pop and Jamba into the forests to ID and pick the
herbs. For three days, DrZ received a steady decoction of ferns, allspice pimento, sea
grape,cerasse, and many other’secret ingredients, prepared with Maroon science.
“I was amazed” DrZ says. “I gained so much respect for the knowledge these folks had.
This experience prompted a personal conversion in Dr. Zampieron. “I changed my focus,
left marine science, and began to read all Icould about the subject of ethnobotany: the
cultural,medical, and spiritual aspects of plant healing”. He asked Jamba if he could
become his apprentice, and outsider wanting to learn the secrets of the Maroons. With the
passing of Pop, Jamba was enthusiastic to teach DrZ; in a dream, his Grandmother’s
duppy (ancestral spirit) advised him that he could trust him with this knowledge and DrZ
Would be the right person to help pass these secrets on to the Western world as an
ETHICAL ETHNOBOTANIST, giving back to the local Jamaican community and
         DrZ was so eager to get the best scientific training, that he went on to earn his
Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine at Seattle’s Bastyr University. Naturopathic
physicians are the only doctors who study botanical medicine and herbal pharmacology
in their medical training.
         The Bush country of Jamaica became the ideal place for Dr. Zampieron to
continue his quest; he became a modern medicine man, traveling through the island
studying herbal healers, medical botany, and ethnomusicology. He also began to
document these experiences on film,radio and in his many interviews with Jamba,and
bring friends and family down to Jamaica to enjoy this experience.
         It was at this point that he wanted to share these experiences in an intimate, eco-
friendly manner with many outsiders. He and his business partner, Dr. Ellen Kamhi, The
Natural Nurse (who also apprenticed with Curanderos, and Brujas and Espiritas in rural
Mexico),founded EcoTours for Cures,,an adventure and ecotravel company focused on
ethnobotanical and cultural excursions. He joined forces with other Jamaica herbalists,
farmers and artisans in the Robins Bay area, as well as with Kim Chase, proprietor of a
stunning 18 acres with 2 private beach coves on the north coast of Jamaica called
         Named “STRAWBERRY FIELDS”” in the early 1970’’s, it became a very
popular camping and cottage get away. Named after the popular Beatles song,
“STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER” it drew people from all over the world seeking
its “Irie” feeling. After 20 years of operation under the name “Sonrise Beach Retreat”, it
proudly returned to back to “Strawberry Fields Together!”! Situated in Robins Bay, St.
Mary, it is near incredible coastal trails, Black sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, and old
Colonial Ruins.
“I wanted to bring tourists to Jamaica that wanted to experience the true Jamaica;
interacting with these friendly Jamaican people who have taught me so much.”

       EcoTours for Cures combines the best of the Jamaica with an incredible array
of experiences for the EcoTraveler, avid hiker, photographer. It allows the participants to
Immerse their spirit in what is truly Jamaican…

Some of the EcoTour for Cures highlites include:
- Experience the beat of Jamaica - participate in traditional Nyabinghi and or Maroon
drum circles
- Enjoy the traditional foods of Jamaica - akee, jerk, Run down, bammy, sour sop,
tropical fruits, fresh Jamaican fish, and Ital (vegetarian) foods, many of which are organic
and are picked on our walking and rural farm tours.
- Take pleasure in harvesting herbs and roots for BUSH TEA and snacks on the point!
- Travel with Jamaican Rastafarian and Maroon teachers and healers, and melt into the
pulse of their simple lifestyle
- Evening feasts, Bush Tea and traditional Jamaican foods and fire ceremonies under the
moon lit Caribbean sky cooked with love by Jamba, Brother Binto Dread, Lion, Shorty
and crew.
- Beachtime fun and frolic

It’s the Botanical ROOTS…
Open your mind to new knowledge of healing with herbs...
- Meet Bush doctors, Shaman, Blue Mountain farmers, Maroon medicine people, and
hear lectures by Jamaica’s formost herbalist, Dr. Diane Robertson and others- our guides
in learning about Jamaican plants and herbal medicine
- Visit herb farms, Castleton Botanical Gardens, The Blue Mountains and see native plant
species in their rainforest habitat
- Gather wild herbs, roots, and foods to prepare culinary feasts
- Make salves, extracts, tinctures, and Jamaican roots to carry home with you
Hike deep into tropical rainforests and discover the magic of the plant and animal species
- Bathe under majestic waterfalls, unknown to the outside world amidst the tropical
beauty of the rainforest
- Soothe your muscles and elevate your spirits in tropical springs

- Enjoy yoga and meditation at sunrise and receive diagnostic consults and bodywork
with naturopathic and medical experts
- Explore Black Sand Beaches and hiking along the stunning beauty of the last wild
stretch in the North coast of Jamaica…
- Explore the coral reef and learn how to fish "Jamaican stylee" (scuba available)
-We tread lightly,leaving only footprints and taking only pictures into spectacular remote
spots such as Jamaica’s Highest falls, and boat trips with local fisherman.

-Enjoy a very beautiful drive up to the Blue Mountains where one can purchase the
famous Blue Mountain coffee directly from the growers, take a hike in the national park,
and have lunch at a splendid mountain retreat with fantastic mountain vistas and valleys
that are stretched out before your eyes. Finish the tour with a swim under a hidden
waterfall . . . . . awesome!

The Portland Tour
Visit the best of Lush Portland Parish! You can pick: Summerset Falls, Folly Ruins, Blue
Lagoon, Frenchman Cave, San San beach or other world famous Port Antonio spots.
Have a full course dinner at “The Best Kept Secret” a funky but splendid dining

- Relish the beauty of an excursion to Blue Mountain National Forest and Peak (ten-day
trip only)

We know how to really tour the best of Jamaica!.
For more info, visit our website;, or email us at

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