VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME

 Description of the programme

This programme offers a unique opportunity to work in a voluntary program to help Guatemalan
people. Students will gain not only valuable work experience, but will also explore a particular field from
a cross-cultural perspective in Guatemala. We offer you different perspective of voluntary work in
various work areas.

Students from all nationalities must be 18 years old to work as a volunteer.

Our voluntary programmes usually require a basic level of Spanish. There is no need to be fluent. We
ask our students to be volunteers, to be open-minded and to be willing to help other people.

You will have a supervisor who will come with you the first day at the social project to introduce
you and to explain you things about the volunteer job that you will be doing also to make sure
everything will be going well, he will have a cell phone for any emergency. He/she will do the
volunteer job arrangements for you according to your needs, goals, interests or experience.

 Details of the volunteer programme

       •       Starting dates: any day of the week from Monday till Friday and any time of the year
               (except bank holiday)
       •       Minimum age: 18 years old
       •       Minimum Spanish course length: it can be booked with or without a language course
       •       Minimum level required: elementary Spanish level
       •       Voluntary program length: 1 week (it depends on the volunteer project)

 Work with children

           •   Childcenter “Guardería María de Nazareth”
           •   Common Hope foundation
           •   Association “CANI” casa del niño
           •   Association “Seeds of Love”
           •   Project “Jardin de amor”
           •   Association “Bendición de Dios”
           •   “Open windows” foundation
           •   Childcenter “Sagrado corazón de Jesús”
           •   Project “Las Flores”
           •   Project “Kubin Junan”
           •   Association “The Little ones”
           •   Project “Proyecto de desarollo, superación y esperanza del niño huerfano” PRODESENH
           •   God´s child Project

                        If you are interested please contact us for further details.

 Work in the area of health

       •      Foundation Albergue Hermano Pedro
       •      Association of Social work “Hermano Pedro”
       •       Project “Corazón de niños”

                        If you are interested please contact us for further details.

       as a teacher/assistant teacher
  WorkMinimum age:

       •      “Escuela official urbana de niñas Francisco Marroquin”
       •      “Escuela de taller niño obrero”

                          If you are interested please contact us for further details.

  Work• with old people

        •     Nursing home Cabecitas de Algodón
        •     Nursing home Fray Rodrigo De La Cruz

                          If you are interested please contact us for further details.


Volunteer fee (only for students who do not want to take Spanish course):
35 $ weekly (1 or 2 weeks) or 25 $ weekly (more than 2 weeks)

The price includes: supervision to pay the Social projects supervisor of “La Union” and placement

The price does not include: Spanish course, accommodation, Spanish textbooks, extra trips and
excursions, airport transfer, insurances, etc.

                  For more information about our prices please consult our website:

            For information about the Spanish courses we offer in Antigua, please visit:

 Accommodation (optional)

Accommodation options while working and/or studying in Antigua, Guatemala:

        •    Homestay
        •    Guest house
        •    Private Apartment
        •    Hotel
                             Please check our website for more information:


Citizens from the United States, Canada, EU citizens and many other countries do not need visa if they
stay less than 90 days but they will only need their passport.

In case students decide to stay for more than 90 days, they will have to make a request to extend
the time in the country and pay an extra charge at the Migration Office in Guatemala City.

It is the student’s responsibility to arrive at the school upon the correct visa.

                                  Please check the following website



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