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             GAN VERIFY THEORY.

   The Devils Triangle, alias, the Bermuda Triangle is the stretch of At-
lantic Ocean lying between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida.
The term Bermuda Triangle was first used in an article written by Vin-
cent H. Gaddis for Argosy Magazine in 1964. In the article, Gaddis
claimed that in this strange sea a number of ships and planes had disap-
peared without an explanation.
   Many claim that Christopher Columbus bore witness to this areas
strange and mystic ways. As the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria sailed
                                                                                    Rota, Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific, June 13, 2004...Scientists
through the area in 1492, Columbus reported in his log, his compass went        hoping to learn more about underseas volcanoes (70%of the World’s
haywire and that he and his crew saw weird lights in the sky.                   volcanoes are underwater) sent a camera equipped submarine down to
   In 1892, the sailing vessel Mary Celeste was found abandoned on the          witness the eruption of an undersea volcano, called “Brimstone Pit,”
high seas about 400 miles off its intended course from New York to              1,800 feet below sea level. Bubbles of liquid carbon dioxide released
Genoa. There was no sign of its crew or what had happened to them.              into the sea, enlarged up to a thousand times before turning to gas as
   The Bermuda legend really began on December 5, 1945, with the dis-           it drifted upward. This was the first witness of an underwater volcanic
appearance of Flight 19. Five Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously van-            eruption. Two ecosystems, light loving emitting CO2 gas, and chemi-
                                                                                cal-using life forms, emitting methane gas, were found overlapping at
ished while on a routine training mission from the NAS at Fort Lauder-
                                                                                600 feet.
dale, Florida, as did a rescue seaplane sent to search of them—six aircraft
                                                                                    The eruption of these gases from both erupting underwater volca-
and 27 men gone without a trace.                                                noes and the movement of underwater magnetic plates are thought to
   Flight 19 was composed of inexperienced trainees with the exception of       be factors in describing the unusual activities found in the Bermuda
the leader, Lt. Charles Taylor. Taylor was perhaps not at the height of his     Triangle. Other factors include underwater tornadoes or “eddies” cre-
abilities that day, as reports indicate he had a hangover and failed in his     ated by merging currents and wave buildups created by wave blending
attempts to pass off this flight duty to someone else.                          into waves creating massive waves.
    With four rookie pilots entirely dependent on his guidance, Taylor          —————————————————————————————————-
found his compass malfunctioned soon into the flight. Taylor chose to                  ********************************************************
continue the run on dead reckoning by sighting landmarks below. Being                             LATE BREAKING NEWS
familiar with the islands of the Florida Keys, where he lived, Taylor had          Bill Stenberg, N5QF has been reassigned to Alaska and will be leav-
reason to feel confident in flying by sight. But visibility became poor due     ing his leadership role as Executive Director of Marco’s MediShare.
to a brewing storm and he became disoriented.                                   Robert Smithwick W6CS has volunteered to take-over the job for the
   Flight 19 was still in radio contact with the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air      duration of President Arnold Kalan’s term of office (ends May 2008).
Station, although the weather was bad and there was a bad receiver on one          Hemantha Gamage 4S7HG , Marco member in Sri Lanka has notified
of the Avenger which made communication very spotty. They may have              the Society of the arrival of his brand new HF radio. He would like to
been guided safely home, if Taylor had switched to an emergency fre-            thank all Ham friends from MARCO who helped him “live his dream that
quency with less radio traffic, but he apparently refused for fear they         has come true after many years of dreaming.” Several Marco members
would be unable to reestablish contact under those conditions.                  chipped into MediShare to help pay a portion of his new rig. Angel behind
   Taylor apparently ended up thinking they were over the Gulf of Mexico        the project was Jeff Wolf K6JW. A $5,000 MediShare fund has been set
and ordered the patrol east in search of land. In reality they had been head-   aside for purchasing rural hospital-ambulance radios in Sri Lanka but there
                                                                                have been delays with licensing. (Details on Page 6)
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ing up the Atlantic coast and Taylor was now leading his trainees further
out to sea. Radio recordings indicate that some of them suggested to Tay-
lor that Florida was actually to the west.
    A aerial search party was dispatched, which included a Martin Mariner
that many claim disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle along with Flight
19. While it is true that it never returned, the Mariner did not vanish, it
blew up shortly after takeoff in an explosion that was witnessed by the
crew of the SS Gaines Mill. This ship headed toward the site and there
they saw what looked like oil and airplane debris floating on the surface.
None of it was recovered because of bad weather. The Mariner had a
reputation of being a “flying bomb” which could burst into flame from
even a single small spark. Speculation is that one of the 22 men on board,
unaware that the unpressurized cabin contained gas fumes, lit a cigarette
causing the explosion.
    The late Douglas Baker, friend of the News Editor, explains his experi-                               THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE
ence in the Triangle:
    “As the time approached for the moon landing in July 1969, I was                   pelled, ships would no longer be buoyant and would sink below sea
called to fly a special aircraft for the Venezuelan Government to transmit             level and be “swallowed up.” This “burping effect” of the sea floor
the moon landings throughout South America.. This was performed under                  would create what have been called “Neutercanes” by the late Martin
the code name “Envision.” This aircraft was a Convair 440 equipped with                Caidin in his book “”Ghosts of the Air.” These “neutercanes” were
an ungodly amount of electronic gear—antennas sticking out all over the                described as freak storms of violent intensity that covered a relatively
ship—some retractable as long as 15 feet long protruding from the bottom               small area. The eruptive storms usually are 5-50 miles in diameter
of the aircraft. I made many flights out of Caracas every day so the techni-           and rampage from minutes to an hour. They tear apart the ocean sur-
cians could calibrate the systems. Mission was accomplished—we were                    face. Calm waves become huge swells 20-40 feet high and they
on station at 22,000’ over Caracas broadcasting the moon landing to all of             spawn waterspouts and tornado-like winds.
South America when Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon.                       Other freak natural phenomenon found in the Triangle are “eddies”
    After finishing this assignment, I told our crew that we would have four           or underwater tornadoes similar to air tornadoes on the surface. They
days of rest in San Juan before returning to Miami. Upon departing San                 are generated by the changing currents of the Gulf Stream.
Juan, Puerto Rico with our first leg direct to Grand Turk Island, we were                 Recently, scientists at the University of Michigan have demon-
about 180 miles out and the technicians were having a little fun with all              strated in water tanks using ship models the swallowing effect of
this special electronic gear, when, all of sudden, a loud shout was let out.           ships unable to remain buoyant on giant gas bubbles causing them to
We suddenly experienced a total reversal of all of our alignments on our               sink below the surface. These experiments are available on film from
secret equipment. I made several heading changes to try and align the                  the History Channel and the University of Michigan.
systems. This craziness persisted for another 300 miles.                                  The Bermuda Triangle? Now you know some of it’s secrets—all
    We returned to Opa-Locka Airport in Miami where “Venavision”                       of natural phenomenon.
stripped our aircraft and impounded our equipment. However, the scuttle-
butt of our flight reached the ears of the scientific department of the Uni-               SALVAGE SHIP FAILS TO FIND MISSING AVENGERS
versity of Miami. They, it just happened, were conducting an investigation                                      **************************
of the Bermuda Triangle phenomena. They asked me to join them and                          Miami, May 2, 1991...The possible discovery of the Navy’s Lost
duplicate my flights in the triangle so their people could do their own                 Squadron could solve one of the Bermuda Triangle’s most enduring
measurements.                                                                           mysteries, or it could raise even more puzzling questions.
    I was loaned a DC-6 from friends in the Paradise 1000 Travel Club.                     Last week a salvage company called “Scientific Search Project”
We left Miami with 12 scientists and all their gear on board for San Juan.              disclosed its high tech treasure-hunting ship Deep Sea had found five
After ten days and several dozen legs throughout the triangle, the data was             TBM Avengers in 750 ft. of water 10 miles NE of Fort Lauderdale.
amazing.                                                                                   The ships archeologist cautions that more film must be shot by
    We found magnetic flux in the triangle which could cause compass                    submersible robots before they can confirm the planes are the Lost
deviations as much as 150-220 degrees. This was confirmed to relate to                  Squadron.
Magma (molten iron) upwelling in the Caribbean plates. When this up-                       But those who have investigated the case say the discovery could
welling would occur it would change the magnetic fields in the entire re-               be just as puzzling as the original disappearance. “How could they
gion of the Triangle. The submerged iron-containing plates would move                   be so close to land, and yet they never contacted the base? The last
back and forth periodically, sometimes only a few feet at a time. As they               rough radio fix put them about 120 miles northeast of Cape Canav-
moved below the sea they would expel large amounts of methane gas.”                     eral at 6 p.m., with only two hours of fuel left.
                                                                                           Miami, May 5, 1991...The serial numbers on the underwater
   If one can visualize a glass of beer with foam, one realizes one can float           Avengers off Fort Lauderdale did not match the planes of the Lost
a toothpick on the beer but not on the foam (try it!) As this gas was ex-               Squadron. They remain lost.
      HISTORY OF THE NAVAL AIR STATION                                       3
          FORT. LAUDERDALE’S FLIGHT “19”                                                                                    MARCO’S HEROES
                       ***********************                                                                                      **********
    Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale was established in 1942 for the train-
                                                                                                                               Edwin P. Hubble
ing of pilots in TBM (Torpedo Bomber) Grumman Avengers—the largest                                                                1889-1953
single engine aircraft in the fleet.                                                                                            *****************
    The Navy needed trained personnel in large numbers with the greatest                                                  Athlete, Lawyer, Teacher,
urgency. Fort Lauderdale was chosen because of it’s existing airport and                                                   Veteran & Astronomer
it’s geographic location. Also, it’s deep water port and the near proximity                                                       *************
of the Everglades, which provided unlimited areas for bombing practice..                                                  Established Ideas of other
    The airport was established in 1930 under the leadership of H. W. Lans-                                                Galaxies moving away
mead and built by the City of Fort Lauderdale, and called the “Merle L.                                                       from each other—
Fogg Airport,” in honor of an aviation pioneer.
    In October 1942, less than four months after construction had begun,
                                                                                                                              originating from a
NAS Ft. Lauderdale was commissioned with 17 TBM planes and 16 stu-
dents. By March 12th the faculty had built up their capacity to 100 planes                                                         BIG BANG!
and 180 students. Even British students were being trained there.
    October 1943, saw the Navy Boat Facility Port Everglades established              Edwin Powell Hubble was born in Marshfield, MO in 1889 and
as part of the NAS. They were instrumental in providing practical target         moved to Wheaton, IL in 1898. He received his BS degree from the
bombing practice as well as air/sea rescue.                                      University of Chicago in 1910 after majoring in mathematics and astron-
    At this time, an 18 year old Ensign came to NAS Ft. Lauderdale to            omy. He spent the next three years as one of Oxford’s first Rhodes
learn to fly. His name was George Bush who later, as Lt. George Bush,            Scholars, where he studied law and Spanish. While at Oxford in Eng-
flew combat duty as part of a Naval Air Squadron VT-51 in the Pacific.           land, he fought the French boxing champion, Georges Carpentier in an
That young Naval officer was later to become President George H. Bush.           exhibition fight.
    The only original building remaining from NAS Ft. Lauderdale, the old            Following the publication of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity
BOQ where Ensign Bush was housed, is now the US Naval Surface War-               in 1916, scientists around the world struggled to work through the impli-
fare Center and is located on what today is one of the busiest airports in the   cations of the theory on their model of the universe. There was particular
country—the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International.                              discussion as to whether the universe was static, shrinking, expanding or
                     BACKGROUND OF FLIGHT 19                                     even oscillating.
    On Dec. 5, 1945, from NAS Ft. Lauderdale, 14 aircrew men in 5 TBM                Returning to the States from Oxford, Hubble worked as a high school
Avenger aircraft took off on a routine regular scheduled navigational train-     teacher in New Albany, IN and briefly practiced law. He served in WW
ing flight and never returned, just disappeared.                                 I, and quickly advanced to the rank of major receiving the Purple Heart
    The training flight course was Ft. Laudedale’s Navigation Problem            for a shrapnel wound to the right arm. After his injury, he returned to
Number One...a relatively simple triangle course, across the Gulf Stream to      astronomy at the Yerkes Observatory in Chicago where he earned a PhD
the Hens and Chickens Island for a 20 minute low-level bombing practice,         in 1917.
on to the Bahamas and back to Ft. Lauderdale while maintaining radio                 In 1919, Hubble was offered a staff position at the Mount Wilson
silence—to simulate combat conditions. Hence, began one of the history’s         Observatory near Pasadena, CA, where he remained until his death in
greatest aviation mystery's….                                                    1953.
     Strangely enough, that flight was to be the last navigational training          In 1929, Hubble and his associated Milton Humason formulated the
flight for these men, before they were to be “checked-out” on carrier land-      empirical Redshift Distance Law of galaxies, nowadays termed
ings and then sent on to their assignments.                                      “Hubble’s Law.” The law states: the greater the distance between any
    Four of the five pilots were all rated “average” and “above average”         two galaxies, the grater their relative speed of separation.” Basically,
with over 350/400 flying hours logged and about 65 hours in the TBM              it stated, the farther a galaxy was from the Earth, the greater its red-
Avengers. They had flown this same course many times, and had prac-              shift—or, the farther away it was, the faster it was moving away. This
ticed Emergency Procedures in case of being lost.                                discovery was the first observational support for the Big Bang theory
    Lt. Charles C. Taylor, Senior Officer and Lead Pilot on Flight 19, had       which had been proposed by Alexander Friedmann in 1922. It gave
logged a total of 2509 hours, 616 of which were in Avengers, 273 hours           credence to the theory of an expanding universe.
had been flown off aircraft carriers and 61 hours had been in combat...he            As with all great discoveries, Hubble’s expanding universe raised as
was certainly considered to be an experienced aviator. It was Lt. Taylor’s       many issues as it had settled. Will the universe expand forever or even-
intermittent and broken radio contact, between Lt. Robert F. Cox, a Senior       tually collapse? If it is expanding, did it have a birth at a single point?
Flight Instructor, that said, “I don’t know where we are, we must have           Hubble had posed the questions that the next generation of cosmologist
gotten lost after that last turn.” A few moments later with “Both my             would puzzle over.
compasses are out” followed by “I’m sure now that neither one of my                  Until Edwin Hubble put together the pieces of the Einstein puzzle,
compasses are working.”                                                          astronomers had little idea of the scale and origin of the universe. It was
    Should a pilot be lost, two flight procedures were to be carried out.        Hubble who established that there are many galaxies beyond our own
If flying over water he was to head directly west until crossing the             Milky Way, and Hubble who found evidence for the expansion of the
coastline where he could then establish his location from landmarks.             universe and its origin at a single moment.
If necessary, the radio could be switched on to the emergency fre-                   Hubble spent much of the later part of his career attempting to have
quency and the ZBK homing Device used to locate the base. If flying              astronomy considered an area of physics so astronomers would be eligi-
over land, a pilot would fly east until he hit the coast and then follow         ble for the Nobel Prize which he received in 1953 shortly after his death.
the same procedures.                                                                 Hubbell was honored by having Asteroid 2069 called “Hubble,” the
    Each crew member wore a Mae Wet Life jacket and a parachute.                 Hubble crater on the moon was named in his honor along with the orbit-
A three-man raft was stowed in a small hatch on the side of the plane            ing Hubble Space Telescope.
and could be reached by standing on the wing-walk.
    Although all of Florida joined in the search effort with over 240 planes        ALL TYPES OF ONE-WAY COMMUNICATIONS by amateurs are
and many surface ships nothing was ever found of flight 19. The mystery          considered “broadcasting” by the FCC. Acceptable, however, are bea-
of the “Devil’s Bermuda Triangle” had begun.                                     cons, emergency information and telegraphy practice below 30 MHz
                                                                                                      DID YOU KNOW THAT….

                                                                                      SOCIAL NETWORKING...Recently, a radiation oncologist was con-
                                                                                  fronted with a 21-year-old patient whose eye was protruding from its
                                                                                  socket. He turned to his fellow physicians for help. Dozens of doctors
                                                                                  offered suggestions, including fungal infection, HIV-associated lymphoma
                                                                                  or a cocaine-associated sinus problem, eventually steering him toward the
                                                                                  correct answer: rhabdomyosarcoma, a fast-growing cancer most often
                                                                                  observe in young children. The diagnosis didn’t take place in a doctor’s
                                                                                  lounge. It happened on, a social-networking site for licensed
                                                                                  physicians, which thousands of doctors visit regularly to consult with col-
                                                                                  leagues specializing in areas from dermatology to psychiatry. Worth a
                                                                                     ON CLOCKS WITH ROMAN NUMERALS, why is “Four” usually noted
                                                                                  as “IIII” rather than “IV?” I just checked on five old clocks in my house
                                                                                  and sure enough—there was “IIII.” Presumed reasons? Number One:
                                                                                  When clocks were first invented about 1300 A.D., they were displayed in
      Letters to Marco…Silent key Marco Secretary Robin                           public places, usually on cathedrals. Clocks were thus of value to the com-
Staebler’s untimely demise left the Marco website account in disarray.            mon people, who were almost universally illiterate. Most peasants could
The domain was in Robin’s name not Marco’s thus making it impossible              not read roman numerals and they could not subtract. They told time by
to access to the account. The domain was paid until 2009 but the web-             counting on their fingers. Four slash marks were much easier for them to
forwarding service payment had expired. With no viable e-mail contact             contend with than “IV,” taking one away from five. Number Two: The
and no account, control of our web forwarding service was lost. Our new           touch of antiquity pleases consumers. Hmmmmmm.
                                                                                      CODE PRACTICE? Al Breland, KA7LOT suggests looking at
secretary Danny Centers was vacationing in Hawaii when this occurred.
Jay Garlitz AA4FL picked up on the problem and was able to get our       . “There is a great listing of downloadable
                                                                                  code practice files from W1AW. Speeds vary from 5 wpm up to 40 wpm. .
forwarding service up and running again.
                                                                                     BRUSH AWAY THE COBWEBS…The basic unit of quantity in electric-
    Jay updated the domain to be registered officially as MARCO ltd and
                                                                                  ity is the coulomb. A coulomb is equal to the passage of 6.25 x 1018 elec-
temporarily updated the administrative, technical contacts to be handled by
                                                                                  trons past a given point. The unit of electrical flow is the ampere, which is
                                                                                  equal to a coulomb-second. The unit for measuring electrical power is the
   Jay’s suggestion was to allow Danny and he to correct the problem by
                                                                                  volt. Power in watts is the product of the electrical flow in amperes and
transferring the domain into a godaddy account. Godaddy is
                                                                                  the potential electrical energy in volts. (P=IE)
much less expensive than most. Jay also suggested that more than one
                                                                                                              WHY IS THE TELEPHONE TOUCH-TONE AR-
should co-manage the godaddy account so that more than one person has              WOW
                                                                                                            RANGED DIFFERENTLY FROM THE CALCULA-
access.                                                                                                     TOR KEY PAD? Check ‘em out—the phone has
    Chip Keister N5RTF (Past President of Marco) wrote to Jay:                                            the “one” (1), at the upper row and the calculator
Thanks! That is an impressive amount of work. I would suggest we should                                   has it on the bottom row. Answer: The old rotary
make a minimum of 2 copies of domains, user names, passwords, registrar                                   phone had the “1” on top and the 7-8-9 on the bot-
urls and expiration dates to be held at all times by the current president                                tom. By placing the “1” on the top it helped elimi-
and secretary. It is probably time for Marco to get a credit card, for use                                nate dialing errors in the newer 1960s’ touch-tone
by the treasurer, for just such situations as this.                                                       phones. Before 1964, calculators were mechanical
    Bruce Small KM2l (Past President of Marco) was in agreement as                                        or electronic devices . The key pads on the first
was present Secretary Danny Centers W4DAN..                                                               calculators actually resembled old cash registers,
    Volunteers like Jay are indeed a hidden asset of Marco                        with the left row of keys numbering 9 on top down to 0 at the bottom.
     Mark Fink WA3QWA reports he is back on the water rowing his new              From the beginning, hand-held calculators placed 7-8-9 on the bottom.
boat on Sunday mornings. He mentions an organization called IRESC                    WHY IS THANKSGIVING DAY ON A THURSDAY? No one really
( who is interested in contacting Marco.                            knows on what day the Plymouth colony celebrated the first Thanksgiving
************************************************************                      in mid-October 1621. However, President Lincoln declared in 1863 that
                                                                                  Thanksgiving would be on the last Thursday in November. FDR tried to
 SEND A PATIENT OR HAM FRIEND A MEMBERSHIP                                        change the date in 1939, but Congress passed a joint resolution placing
                   IN MARCO….                                                     Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Other countries have
 Hog—eh, Ham tie him….send his credentials to Danny.                              similar days, i.e., Germany has what is referred to as “Harvest Day” in
                   (See page 12)                                                  October celebrating a successful bountiful harvest.
                                                                                     WHAT IS HAT SIZE BASED UPON? The American hat size is based
                                                                                  on a measurement of the circumference of the head. The average man’s
                                                                                  head is about 23 inches in circumference. Divide 23 by pi (3.1416) and
                                                                                  you get a number resembling 7 3/8, a common hat size.
                                                                                      HOW DID THE FOOTBALL GET ITS STRANGE SHAPE? The football
retreating from the classroom since the 1890s. But as boys fall behind            got its shape before it was a football. The first game between Rutgers and Prince-
girls in graduation rates educators say the loss of male teachers is worri-       ton in 1869 was no more football than roller derby is to steeplechase. They played
some. Roughly one-quarter of the 3 million teachers in the U.S. are male.         soccer—and used a round #6 soccer ball. However, there were two No.6 balls– a
In elementary schools, 9% of teachers are male, down from 18% in 1981.            round one, easier to kick for soccer, and one more oblong, easier to carry for rugby.
   Other factors come into play. Many men balk at teacher’s low salaries,         In 1874, the boys from McGill University in Canada taught the soccer players from
which start at about $30,000. Men also find themselves hampered by a              Harvard how to play Rugby. Then Harvard taught Princeton, Yale and Columbia.
stereotype: They are widely assumed to lack nurturing skills, but when a          In the 1880s, Walter Camp pushed through rules that changed rugby to football.
                                                                                  The forward pass was legalized in 1906 and by 1913 became common after Knute
teacher does have a caring personality, some parents assume he is gay.
                                                                                  Rockne of Notre Dame used it successfully against Army in 1913. The more pass-
Moreover, men increasingly are wary of showing physical affection for a           ing—the skinnier the football. By 2025 the football may resemble a javelin.
child, for fear of being accused of inappropriate behavior. What a mess!
                        BARBEQUE TIME?
                   Many Questions safe is it?                                                                                NEWS FROM
    Q. Are propane gas grills safer than using charcoal? A. Gas grills
are a better option because they make it easier to control the temperature                                                               **********
and the flame height. The risks from grilling are due to cancer causing                                                         By Bob Morgan, VE3OQM
compounds deposited on the surface of the meat as well as compounds
created inside the food. High flames can create charred and blackened
                                                                                                                                 (and his cat “Bowser”)
spots that shouldn’t be eaten. The smoke created from the fat drippings                                                              *******************
rise up and deposit carcinogenic compounds called PAHs on the surface of                                                          “Bob and I are not out
the meat. Grilling also triggers a chemical reaction inside the food, where                                                     catting around this
high temperatures cause amino acids to react with creatine, forming het-
erocyclic amines or HCAs. The amounts produced are tiny, but HCAs do                                 I’m “Bowser”               month—Here is our report.”
have cancer-causing properties, and studies have linked high consumption                                                               Bowser
of grilled well-done meats with a higher cancer risk. Gas grills help be-                      5% of Canada’s population has diabetes. This figure rises to 15%
cause they allow you to control charring.                                               in those over 65—alarming figures. Newfoundland and Labrador have the
    If you don’t have a gas grill, you can still grill safely. Buy wood chips           highest rates (6.8%) while Alberta has the lowest (3.9%). It is estimated
made from hardwoods because they burn at lower temperatures than soft                   that 24% of all patients in a family practice have abnormal glucose me-
wood. Dampen coals that become too hot or flare up. Cover the grill with                tabolism, though it may not yet be diagnosed. Should we treat prediabe-
hole-punched foil or wrap the food in foil to reduce contact with the                   tes? (Should we remove pre-cancerous lesions?). YES! Changes in life-
smoke. To reduce fat drippings, use lean mean and tongs instead of a fork               style by achieving and maintaining a 7% reduction in body weight; in-
(which punctures the meat and releases the juices). Marinades are a good                creasing physical activity to 30 minutes a day five days a week and seek-
idea no matter what type of grill you have because they inhibit the forma-              ing counseling have proven to be effective.
tion of HCAs.                                                                               MUMPS ON THE REBOUND...There have been reported 460 confirmed
    Q. Are the risks of grilling similar when grilling fish such as                     cases of mumps in 8 Canadian provinces in the ongoing outbreak of the
salmon or tuna as when grilling meat? A. Grilling of any “muscle”                       acute viral infection. The outbreak centers in Nova Scotia, where 350
meats—whether it’s red meat, chicken or fish—has the potential to trigger               cases have been confirmed. Most young adults have had only 1 dose of
the chemical reaction that can lead to carcinogenic compounds in the food.              MMR vaccine. Although a single dose of vaccine is 80%effective, this
It’s not the type of meat, but high temperatures. According to the Har-                 still leaves 20% vulnerable. Use of a second dose is important.
vard Health Letter, experiments show that meat cooked for 10 minutes at                      BACKFIRE...New Jersey politicians raised the tax on cigarettes to
450 degrees has twice the HCAs than meat cooked at the same temperature                 $2.58 per pack—the highest state levy in the nation. It was forecast the tax
for just 4 minutes. The solution is to precook meats for just a minute in the           increase of 18 cents would fetch 30 million in revenue to help balance the
microwave. That will drain off some of the juices that can trigger chemi-               state’s $1 billion deficit. Not quite! In fiscal 2007 the state collected $23
cal reactions on the grill.                                                             million less from tobacco taxes than the year before. New Jersey resi-
    Q. Is broiling meat in the oven as dangerous as grilling at high                    dents didn’t stop smoking, they simply bought their smokes in neighboring
temperatures? A. Grilling is the biggest concern because it’s a double                  Delaware! Congress is now planning on raising the federal cigarette tax
threat—HCAs form on the inside and other cancer-causing compounds                       from 39 cents to $1 a pack in the name of funding an expansion in health-
form on the outside when fat splashes into the coals and flames leap up on              care spending. The Heritage Foundation calculates that, to make those
the meat. However, frying and broiling meats also has the potential to                  numbers add up, some 22 million Americans would have to start smoking
create HCAs. If you are going to broil or fry, make sure it’s only for short            over the next decade...2 + 2 =5?
periods of time. The safest way to cook meat is to 350 degrees or lower.                    SLEEP-DEPRIVED PERFORM AS DRINKERS ...Residents
HCAs form around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.                                                who have been up all night perform about as well as those who have had a
                                                                                        drink or two. Going without sleep for 24 hours results in performance
  Thanks to Tara Parker-Pope and her “Health Mailbox” which appeared in the             detriments similar to those with a blood alcohol of 37 mg%.
                Aug. 28, 2007 edition of the Wall Street Journal.
                                                                                            FIGHTING C.DIFFICILE with C.DIFFICCILE... A Chicago physician
   PEARL OF THE MONTH…”Wild Bill” Donovan, founder of the OSS fore-
                                                                                        hopes to begin clinical trials he believes will prevent severe Clostridium
runner of the CIA once advised his troops. “When you are attacking the enemy rise       difficile disease. Dr. Dale Gerding, Loyola University, has used non-
and walk backwards then they will think you are one of them advancing and won’t         toxigenic C.difficile to prevent colonization and infection in animal models
shoot...when you get close enough turn around and shoot them.”                          by the hypervirulent, toxigenic C difficile strain that has caused hundreds
                         ***************************                                    of deaths. Administration of the non-toxigenic strains almost completely
                                                                                        blocks colonization with the more severe strain in hamsters.
                                                                                            To demonstrate added protection, he colonized hamsters with the hy-
                                                                                        pervirulent strain, treated them with vancomycin and found they relapsed.
                                                                                        But he was able to prevent relapse in the animals by giving them the non-
                                                                                        toxigenic strain for three days.
                                                                                            T.B. SKYROCKETING IN INDIA...The statistics are brutal. Despite
                                                                                        India’s efforts to control TB, the disease continues to kill 2 people every 3
                                                                                        minutes or nearly 1,000 daily. And those numbers are getting worse.
                                                                                        DOT (Directly Observed Treatment) is an important part of the revised
                                                                                        control program. WHO’s new TB report suggests that mulitdrug-resistant
                                                                                        TB accounts for 450,000 new cases, worldwide, every year and that India
                                                                                        is 1 of 6 Asian countries that together account for half of new global TB
                                                                                           MED STUDENTS GRADUATE WITH AVERAGE DEBT OF $158,728.
                                                                                        Canadian doctors are graduating with a heavy debt load for which payment
                                                                                        of such has been deferred in some provinces until after their residencies are
               Whatcha in for Sweetie?                                                  complete. Alberta, Quebec, BC and Newfoundland do not, however, allow
                                                                                        deferral of student loans.
          MEDICAL AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL, Ltd.                                      6
                    MediShare International                                                         MESSAGE FROM MARCO PRESIDENT
               Robert C. Smithwick, DDS, W6CS, Founder                                                 ARNOLD KALAN, WB6OJB
                     Supported by the Luden Fund                                                                                  *****************
                       Established in Memory of                                                                             DRUG DISPOSAL... New guidelines:
         Edward Luden, M.D., K3UK, President, MARCO, 1990-92
                                                                                                                        1. Remove drugs from their containers.
         Robert C. Smithwick, W6CS, 25215 La Loma Dr.,                                                                  2. Mix the drugs with undesirable
                 Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-4540                                                                         substances such as used coffee grounds
                              Executive Director.
                                                                                                                        or kitty litter, then place them in sealed
                                                                                                                        containers and throw them in the trash.
     Jeff Wolf K6JW, Los Angeles, CA., (photo at left) is the “angel” of                                                3. Flush prescription drugs down the
the Sri Lanka radio project underway.                                                                                   toilet only if the drugs label specifies to
     Dr. Hermantha Gamage 4S7HG, a Marco member operating out of                              Arnold Kalan, M.D.        do so. 4. Return unused or expired
                                                                                              Arnold Kalen M.D.
                                        Sri Lanka (the old “Ceylon, located                                             prescriptions to designated pharmaceu-
                                        just below India) is a physician who                                            tical take-back locations. .
                             HI         notified Marco he was, because of                                                   Scientists have detected small
                                        limited funds, in need of a used trans-        amounts of prescription drugs in waterways. Guidelines also reduce
                                        ceiver. Jeff notified friends at ICOM          abuse of prescription drugs by druggies.
                                        USA of the situation and was able to           HOBBIES? “Besides ham radio, I used to set up my HO trains every
                                        acquire a new ICOM IC-718 trans-               year right after Christmas. Several years ago my partner (Mike Lem, a
                                        ceiver at a wholesale price.                   non-Ham member of MARCO) and I were in charge of the clinic ser-
                                           When the new unit arrived at Jeff’s         vice at the California Hospital. We were there so much, we had our
                                        home for forwarding, he unpacked the           own room. We procured several tables and filled the room with our
                                        unit to test it and then repacked it and       train lay out. Had four complete set-ups with villages, coast line,
                                        sent it on its way. (It is now a “used         mountains, airport etc. All the docs and maids would bring their kids in
                                        radio” as per customs ). Jeff and              to see it on weekends. Great fun!. I’m not into modern ships but have
                                        Hermantha footed the bill. BUT,                been building wooden sailing ships for 30 years. Usually take about 18
                                        Marco’s MediShare members said,                months to build one. Also collect stamps.” (Our President-Elect, Harry
“wait a minute...we want to help too!” Four contributed to a special                   Przekop WB9EDP, is also into HO model railroads and loves to build
MediShare Fund and contact was attempted with Lou Wiederhold                           model submarines.)
WA1HGE, Marco Treasurer. Lou was                                                       ********************************************************
apparently found sleeping See photo on                                                         WOMEN ARE SNIFFING OUT “MR. RIGHT”
right) on his 4 acre island off the Maine                                                                 *************
coast. Contact with Lou had been severed                               ZZZZ ZZ             A woman can tell whether a man is a genetically suitable mate
for the summer and it was presumed he                                                  simply by smelling him, says a new study. If a woman catches the
purposely had lost the oars to his rowboat.                                            scent of a good genetic match she may feel a powerful urge to stray
     Alas, all is not lost….as of Sept. 7th,                                           from her steady man. Researchers at the Univ. of New Mexico per-
Lou was still reclusing, while the healthy                                             formed DNA tests on 48 heterosexual couples, to determine the nature
Marco bank account was adding interest.                                                of their immune system genes. Previous studies have found that women
(Several members had suggested to Lou,                                                 are attracted to men whose immune systems are of a different type than
to have a DXpedition to his island, but he                                             their own; such genetic diversity tends to produce hardier offspring.
claims it is too remote!)                                                                     The new research found that to an amazing degree, couple's ge-
     Danny Centers, W4DAN, Marco Sec-                                                  netic similarity predicted how likely it was that the woman had cheated
retary commented, “Very good work, Jeff.                                               on the man. If, for example, a married couple had 60% of their immune
That is the kind of thing that makes this                                              system DNA in common, the wife had a 60% likelihood of having slept
organization so great. “                                                               with someone else. If they had almost no immune system similarity, the
     Bruce Small, KM2L, Marco webmaster stated, “Nice bit of work, and                 wife was highly faithful. But for men, genetic similarity made no dif-
we hope to have him (Hermantha) on the air soon.”                                      ference. The results strongly suggest that evolution has hard-wired
     Outgoing MediShare Director Bill Stenberg N5QF wrote to the new                   women to detect the best biological father to produce hardy offspring,
and former MediShare director, Robert Smithwick W6CS on 4 Septem-                      ————————————————————————————-
ber: Smitty: I am glad to hear you will be helping with MediShare now                      ELECTRIC SHOCK...Why all the concern over proper wiring? The
that I am leaving (Bill has been reassigned to Alaska via the Public Health            answer is simple: an electric current flowing through your body can kill
Service). There are two projects ongoing. 1. Sri Lanka HF radio status:                you. Even voltages as low as 30 volts can be dangerous under certain
Dr. Jeff Wolf needs to be reimbursed. 2. Sri Lanka VHF radio status:                   conditions. However, it is not the voltage, but rather the current level
$5,000 of MediShare funds has been set aside for this project by a vote of             that matters. Ever work on an automobile engine and get shocked by
the Board at the 2006 convention. We are having some delays with licens-               the ignition circuit? If so, it’s likely that something in the order of
ing in Sri Lanka, but once these are worked out we will wire the money to              20,000 volts was conducted through you body. Fortunately there is not
a Motorola radio dealer who will be delivering the radios. That’s about                enough conducted current to hurt you.
it, leaving in less than a week.” (Dr. Gamage is associated with that hospi-               How does the current affect you? Anything below 5 milliamperes
tal) The radios will be used for emergency room-ambulance communica-                   (mA) is probably harmless. If the current increases to 50 mA, you will
tions.)                                                                                experience pain and muscular contractions that may prevent you from
     Marco President Kalan WB6OJB wrote: “This afternoon Smitty and                    “letting go.” Over 100 mA, the heart will be affected and may cause
I had a very nice telephone conversation and he has graciously accepted                death in people with heart problems or if the current is sustained.
the MediShare Directorship for the remainder of my term...Bill, (Stenberg)                 For safety sake, always place the power switch (either the master
THANK YOU for a job well done..good luck in Alaska and I do hope we                    switch or transmitter high voltage power switch) where it is obvious to
will be able to hear you on the net...73’s and God speed at your new post.             anyone and can be easily reached. Someone else may have to throw the
                                                                                       switch of you can’t let go.
  Dr. Stenberg’s article describing the duties of the US Surgeon Generals (the
     Army, Navy & Air Force each have one) will appear in the next edition.
                      COFFEE BREAK                                                 7                MARCO OFFICERS, 2007
  Decaffeinated jokes upright; caffeinated inverted.
      *************************************************                                President:
                                                                                        Arnold Kalan, M.D., WB6OJB
   A LITTLE GUY is sitting on a bar stool quietly drinking his beer in                  16690 Channel Lane,
the local pub. Suddenly, a big guy comes in, and WHACK, knocks him                      Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
off his bar stool. The big guy says, “That’s a karate chop from Japan.”                 E-mail:
The little guy gets back on his bar stool and continues to mind his own
business, when, suddenly, WHACK, and he’s again knocked off his stool.                 President-Elect:
The big guy says, “That’s a judo chop from Korea.” The little guy has                   Harry J. Przekop, PA-C, WB9EDP
had enough, he gets up, brushes himself off, pays his tab, and quietly                  950 West Lake St.,
leaves the pub. About an hour later, the little guy walks in, doesn’t say a             Chicago, IL., 60607
word, but walks up behind the big guy and WHACK knocks the big guy                      E-mail:
off the stool and out cold. The little guy looks at the bartender, and says,
“When he wakes up, tell him that’s a crowbar from Sears!”                              Secretary:
——————————————————————————————                                                         Danny Centers, W4DAN
    THE VISITOR TURNED TO THE HOSTESS and said, “My, this is a                         2712 Bryant Drive.,
fancy vase on your mantel. What’s in it?” “My husband’s ashes,” she
                                                                                       Cleveland, TN 37311 Phone: 866-479-6160
replies. “Oh, I’m sorry, how long has he been dead?” “Oh, he’s not dead,
he’s just too lazy to find an ashtray.”
                                                                                       Celll Phone: 423 650 2633
—————————————————————————————————-                                                     E-mail:
   A RUSSIAN TRACK COACH interviewed by an American sportswriter,
was asked why the Soviets are now producing such fast runners. “It’s                   Web Master:
really quite simple,” the coach replied, We use real bullets in our starting           Bruce Small, M.D., KM2L
guns.”                                                                                 10540 Stoneway, Clarence, N.Y., 14031-2100
——————————————————————————————                                                          E-mail:
                       bachelor’s son.                                                 Treasurer:
             *****************************************************                      Lou Wiederhold, M.D., WA1HGE
   TWO LUMBERMEN were drinking together at a bar when one lurched back-                 219 Main St., P.O. Box 300
ward off his stool and lay flat on the floor without moving a muscle. “One thing        Francetown, N.H., 03043-0300 Phone: 603 547 2729,
about Tom, said the other to the bartender, “he knows when to stop!”                    E-Mail:
  and water!”
  will you have?” She looks at the Texan and says, “ I’ll have a vinegar               MediShare:
  ers, but I’ll ask her. “ “The big fellow wants to buy you a drink—what               William Stenberg, D.D.S., N5QF,
  me!” The bartender says, “I don’t like the way you refer to my custom-               611 W. Downing
  the bar and orders the bartender to “Buy that “douchebag” a drink on                 Tahlequah, OK 74464-2715
     A TEXAN ENTERS A BAR...sees a nice looking girl at the end of                     E-mail:

                                                                                       Newsletter Office:
                                                                                        Warren J. Brown, M.D., KD4GUA
                                                                                        P.O. Box 127, Phone 727 595 2773
                                                                                        Indian Rocks Beach, FL., 33785
 forget the curlers.:                                                                   E-mail:
 package of pretzels sticks in the bag with the beer saying, “Here, don’t              ***********************************************************
 The cashier without blinking an eye, reached under the counter and put a              REGIONAL DIRECTORS:
 surprised look and the first nun said, “”This is for washing our hair.”               Robert A. Nevins, M.D., KF1J
 and picked up a six pack and took it to the cashier. The cashier had a                Christine Haycock, M.D., WB2YBA
 queasy about purchasing it. The first nun said that she would handle it               Gene Hoenig, M.D., N3HG 
 a beer. The other nun answered that would be good, but she would be                   Ted Hatfield, M.D., KQ4IC
 passing the beer and liquor section. One asks the other if she would like             Bobby W. Marek, M.D., KM5VU
    TWO NUNS WERE SHOPPING in a food store and happened to be                          Jeffrey A. Wolf M.D., K6JW
                                                                                       Jeff Schwartz, WC7WB
   OVERHEARD IN AN ART MUSEUM… ”And this, I suppose is one of                          Roger M. Higley, D.D.S., W8CRK    rhigley599@aolcom
those hideous things you call modern art?” “No sir,” answered the                      Harry J. Przekop, PA-C, WB9EDP
                                                   museum’s tour                       Frederic M. Simowitz, M.D., K0FS  Fredsimo@aolcom
                                                   guide, “That’s a
                                                   mirror!”                            DIRECTORS AT LARGE:
                                                   ***************                     Mary Kaye Favaro, M.D., AE4BX           Maryfav@aolcom
                                                           When the smog
                                                                                       Bob Morgan, M.D., VE3OQM      
                                                          lifts in Los Ange-
                                                              les, U.C.L.A
                                                                                       Bruce Small, M.D., KM2L       
                                                                                       Bud Clark, M.D., KE2DT                  Fair Haven, N.J.
                                                                                       T. Chip Keister, M.D. N5RTF   
                                                           I wondered why              ——————————————————————————————
                                                          the baseball was             ********************************************************
                                                               getting                     EVERYONE OPPOSES TYRANNY UNTIL ITS TIME TO DO
                                                          bigger...then it hit                               SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
                                                                 me.                                          *****************************

     Did you remember to lock the door?
        FIFTEEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO , 1992                                                     STANDINGS, Sept. 15, 2007, BOB CURRIER
                             Bruce Small, KM2L                                                MARCO CME GRAND ROUNDS OF THE AIR.
HI, I’m Bruce                   MARCO Webmaster                                                    ************************************
                           The lead article in the Oct.-Nov. 1992 MARCO
                                                                                          CALL       HRS        RANK       NAME                  QTH
                       Newsletter reminded readers the nightly net was mi-                WB9EDP 33         1        Harry             Chicago, IL
                       grating to 75 meters and urged the loyal to string up a            W4TAD 33          1        Bill              Largo, FL
                       word for that band. The 1993 annual meeting site was               KG6JLE 32         2        Paul              Atherton, CA
                       officially announced: The Excalibur Hotel in Las                   WB6OJB 32         2        Arnold            Pacific Pal. CA
                       Vegas. New member Mike Starr N8OVJ issued a                        W3FYA 32          2        Doug              Baltimore, MD
                       plea for equipment, as he was attempting to assemble               KD4GUA 32         2        Warren            Largo, FL.
                       emergency gear for his local disaster response group.              WB5BHB 31         3        John              Vancleave, MS
                                                                                          WA9HIR 31         3        Bill              Berwyn, IL
                       Newsletter Editor Ed Briner presented the interesting
                                                                                          N5DMV 31          3        Paul              Torrance, CA
results of his statistical exercise: Marco had 590 members. President                     VE3OQM 30         4        Bob               Hamilton, Ont.
Robin Staebler reported on a successful Northeast Mini-meeting held in                    KC9CS 30          4        Bill              Largo, FL
Philadelphia. This affair was hosted by Ira W3HEF and Gene WB3FTJ.                        N5RTF 29          5        Chip              New Orleans, LA
At the meeting, Alfred WA2CBA announced his retirement from practice.                     KE2DT 29          5        Bud               Fair Haven, NJ
   We welcomed plenty of new members, including Sally KA3RAF,                             KD6BQK 28         6        Linda             El Paso, TX
David KA1PU, Rex KB7NSF, Linda KA3VIP, Peter KA3YZM, James                                NU4DO 28          6        Norm              Largo, FL.
NH6YH, Chip K5RSG, Justin W1TYY, Gary WA3YES, Steve                                       KC9ARN 28         6        Ellen             Chicago, IL
                                                                                          KM2L     27       7        Bruce             Clarence, NY
WB2CZW, Glenn KB8DFB, Robert WB2IIE, Thomas N3KPJ, Joe
                                                                                          N5JDT 26          8        Willis            Alamagordo, NM
KC8DK, Stanley W6QFE, Harris WA3SUW, John KB0INJ, Mike                                    W4DAN 24          9        Danny             Cleveland, TN
N8OVJ, Al NN1U, Martin KA7GKN, Timothy KB9AGF, Deborah                                    WA3QWA22          10       Marc              Chesapeake, VA
KB7NFL, Colleen KA3ZNI, Alan WB2IKR, Francis N6VJI, Leo                                   WA6VEY 21         11       Bob               San Diego, CA
WA0RDF and Lois KA3QFS.                                                                   W8LJZ 21          11       Jim               Detroit, MI
                  TEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO                                                  KQ5QHV 20         12       Bernie            El Paso, TX
                                                                                          WA1HGE 19         13       Lou               Francestown, NH
                         March 1997                                                       W3GAT 18          14       Tom               Shreveport, LA
************************************************************                              N4MKT 16          15       Larry             St. Petersburg, FL
    What MARCO gives, MARCO takes away. The October 1997 News-                            N9GJ     15       16       Greg              Langley, VA
letter carried the new that the weeknight nets had returned to 40 meters                  KQ4IC 15          16       Ted`              Palmetto, GA
                                                                                          K9CIV    13       17       Rick              Knox, IN
from after a 5 year sojourn to 75 meters.
                                                                                          N8GMB 12          18       Chuck             Willoughby, OHIO
    The bulk of this issue’s content was taken from the newfangled internet.              KE3XB 12          18       John              Rochester, NY
President Ira W3HEF had kicked off a lengthy discussion on Marco-list                     KA7LOT 11         19       Al                San Diego, CA
regarding the deteriorating quality of medical care and the over supply,                  K4RLC 10          20       Bob               Raleigh, NC
under supply or maldistribution of physicians in this country. Ira kept                   W3DRB 9           21       Miles             Elizabethtown, PA
thing rolling by inviting comments on irradiated food, prompting Ian                      KM5VU 8           22       Bobby             Blenham, TX
KDIK to describe the public as “dumber than dumber and dumb-                              KF1J     8        22       Bob               New Haven, CT
est.” (Glad to see Ian wasn’t any more mellow back then—KM2L). John                       N5QF     7        23       Bill              Alaska
KE3XB suggested a more active role for Marco as a disseminator of truth                   K0FS     6        24       Fred              St. Louis, MO
                                                                                          W1HGY 6           24       Ted               Mass.
regarding these controversial subjects, and Ira concurred. He proposed                    N3JBA 4           25       Ed                Amenia, NY
weekly medical topics for discussion on the listserv. These included trans-               AA5KV 4           25       John              Shreveport, LA
mission of HIV and Ira’s sore shoulder. The latter topic generated several                KE8GA 4           25       George            N. Carolina
emails, although it is not stated whether Ira found any relief.                           N4TSC 3           26       Jerry             Boca Raton, FL
    Finally, Smitty W6JZU issued a call for dentists to volunteer in a num-               W1DCB 3           26       Josh              Magnolia, Mass.
ber of areas, to include Romania, Mexico, Central Asia, Africa and the                    2 hrs: W4UVS, Ed: W4TX, Doc; N9GB; K9IV
South Pacific. (Smitty didn’t go.)                                                                 Correcctions:
                                                                                             THE FRENCH NATIONAL ANTHEM, “La Marseillaise,” derived its title
                                     “M-BAY”                                              from the enthusiasm of the men of Marseilles, France, who sang it when
                   (Marco’s CLASSIFIED version of E-Bay)
                                                                                          they marched into Paris at the outset of the French Revolution. Rouget de
   Marco encourages you to use this column to advertise. There is no charge to members.
                                                                                          l”Isle, its composer, was an artillery officer. According to his account, he
                   ***************************************************                    fell asleep at a harpsichord and dreamt the words and the music. Upon
    HONDURAS CLINIC needs sonogram for pre-natal diagnosis. U.S. trained                  waking, he remember the entire piece from his dream and immediately
physicians working at free clinic. Contact MediShare on Page 6.                           wrote it down.
    MARCO HISTORY...Six boxes of Marco Newsletters dating back 25 years.                        ONE OF THE MOVIE BIG-SHOTS THE MARX BRTOHERS had to
Unless someone volunteers to take the boxes they will be tossed out and that would        deal with was Irving Thalberg of MGM. Purposefully or not, Thalberg
be a shame. Contact Christine Haycock at ASAP                            had the annoying habit of making people wait outside his office for ex-
   FISHER VORTEX GENIE 2 DRUG Compound Mixer available to the lowest
bidder. Contact Bernie KD5QHV in El Paso, TX at
                                                                                          tended periods of time. One time he kept the Marx Brothers longer than
   YAESU FT-840 that meets NTIA and MARS standards. I will sell for $400 plus
                                                                                          they liked, When he finally got around to seeing them, he discovered they
shipping. Has manual, mike and mounting bracket, power cord. Let me know if               were stark naked outside his doorway, roasting potatoes in the lobby’s
interested and if not will go to EBay.                            fireplace. It was the last time he kept hem waiting.
   YAESU FT-900AT. Some marks on side. face perfect. Electronically excellent.
Has been used regularly. Worked 5A7A with 100 watts with it. No filters other                 AN OLD MAN was grocery shopping with his grandson. The toddler was
than factory installed (not Collins). Computer interface included. SP-5 included          crying and at times screaming. As the old gentleman walked up and down the
(not so great cosmetically but works well). Mobile mount. Manual and tech manu-           aisles, people could hear him speaking in a soft voice..”We are almost done, Al-
als $600 plus shipping. ALSO, Tennadyne T-12 log periodic used, boxed and                 bert...try not to cry, will get better.” As he approached the checkout
ready to go. About 3 years old. $400 plus shipping or may pick up in Indiana.             stand, he carefully brushed the toddler’s tears from his eyes and said again, “Try
Rich Lochner K9CIV, 1635 N. US 35, Knox, IN 46534, 574 867 4300 (O), 574                  not to cry Albert, we will be home soon.” Then a lady came up to him and said,
772 6461 (H). Internet,                                                   “Sir, I think it is wonderful how sweet you are to your little Albert.” The old
                                                                                          gentleman blinked before saying, “Miss, my grandson’s name is John, I’m Albert!”
                                                                                                        THE VIRTUAL PATIENT
                    THE BEST
                   PLACE FOR
                  YOUR MONEY?
                                                                                         In 2007, teachers of medical students and residents in an academic
                                                                                    medical center hospital are concerned about the increasing distance placed
                                                                                    between patients and those who are learning to be doctors. This results in
                                                                                    large part from forces that, taken together, place a disproportionate pre-
                                                                                    mium on efficiency in our teaching hospitals.
                                                                                        The Tyranny of Efficiency...The managed care emphasis on efficiency

                                                               $                    has led to a “rapid push-through” in which the contact time between pa-
                                                                                    tients and physicians—And especially student physicians—is markedly
                                                                                    diminished. This is evident on the wards and in ambulatory care settings.
                                                                                    Economic pressures, such as those created by the requirement that teaching
                                                                                    faculty generate clinical income, decreases the time these physicians are
                                           Wall Street Journal, Aug. 18, 2007       able to spend with patients and students. Expanding regulatory mandates
                                                                                    of medical school and residency training curricula and object documenta-
        ‘THE DEATH OF THE GROWN-UP”                                                 tion of knowledge and skills by written or practical examinations increase
                     ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT                                           the time demands on students, resident and their teachers.
       A book review by John Leo, Wall Street Journal, Aug. 21, 2007                    Finally, perhaps the biggest obstacles to achieving efficacy in medicine
                          ***********************                                   are the patients themselves. Any system works most efficiently when all
    In the 1990s, most people who played video games were teenagers.                parts of the system behave as expected. The unfortunate reality is that sick
Now, the average gamester’s age is nearly 30. Cultural products                     people and their families are notoriously likely to be complex, emotional,
aimed at tots and preteens now capture the attention of adults. Some                time-consuming and unpredictable. They are unlikely to correspond ex-
famous museums, uncomfortable with their adult role as guardians of                 actly to the abstract “patient with X affliction” described in textbooks and
historical memory, have gone adolescent, staging exhibits on motor-                 on examinations—or even to the “representative” average patient of the
cycles, hip-hop and “Star Wars” movies.                                             carefully analyzed cohort-based studies that are evidenced in based medi-
    Such examples of America’s descent into perpetual adolescence                   cine. Patients are not that “efficient” or predictable.
populate Diana West’s provocative “The Death of the Grown-                              Where are the Patients? Attempts on the part of educational institu-
Up.” (St. Martin’s 256 pages, $23.95) Ms. West argues that the                      tions to respond to economical forces have led to a flurry of “innovative”
country is suffering a case of arrested development, with teen tastes               educational programs that circumnavigate the very objects of medical edu-
and desires eclipsing traditional adult conduct and values.                         cation—the patients. Both care facilities and medial education increas-
    Ms West has collected comments, anecdotes and statistics to bol-                ingly emphasize the use of representative avatars (laboratory results, im-
ster her case that the 1960 war against authority lives on in the lives of          ages, echocardiograms, and so forth, what one calls “Virtual Patients,” as
middle-class grown-ups. The attitude of rebellious teens—that adults                data sources superior to the patients themselves with all their disturbing
are idiots—percolates through the culture and is standard fare in sit-              unreliability and changeableness.)
coms and TV ads. She quotes Frank Sinatra at a 1945 performance                         “Standardized patients” (actors), or even mannequins, are used to teach
telling his screaming fans to pipe down—they were bothering the                     and evaluate the student's history taking and physical examination skills.
grown-ups. She quotes psychiatrist Francis Braceland saying that the                In addition the very structure and content of a patient’s history and physi-
music at a rock concert was “cannibalistic” and “a communicable                     cal exam may be determined more by the programming of hospital or of-
disease.” Sinatra is quoted again, saying in the 1950s, that rock ‘n roll           fice electronic information systems than by the patient’s own words, find-
is “the most brutal, ugly, degenerate expression it has been my dis-                ings, and needs. Bedside teaching is close to nonexistent.
pleasure to hear.” But, Sinatra later moved toward at least a grudging                  Physical diagnosis is an atavism, supplanted by technology. Most
admiration for the music that had supplanted his own among the                      highly trusted are images (MRI and CT scans, sonograms, etc.) This is
young.                                                                              something of a puzzle since these images are read by radiologists diagnos-
    John Leo, in his book review states, “The (roaring) 1920s is a far              ticians in much the same expert way that an experienced bedside clinician
better place to begin detecting the seeds of adolescent revolu-                     used to “read” the body of the patient—yet the image have much more
tion...arguments about too much drinking (this was during prohibi-                  credibility. Why? Modern imaging interpretation is, in fact, physical diag-
tion) and staying out too late were common. The auto. offered the                   nosis al l’interier, except that it is done in dark rooms without the benefit
young the means of forming peer groups and places to have sex.”                     of integrative histories and knowledge of the patient as a person.
    Leo goes on, “If America adults are emotional slackers stuck in                     The implication is that real patients are less valuable in medical educa-
arrested development, who is responsible for the innovations and                    tion than are these many reflections, para-phenomena and solutions. How
incredible wealth generated by today’s economy?                                     shall my students experience the things that cannot be taught but only
                                                                                    learned through the inconvenient, potentially time-consuming, often uncer-
    Are grandparents more in touch with grandchildren than par-
                                                                                    tain, emotionally disquieting, and generally non-remunerative interactions
ents? How many generation gaps do we need to get back to real-
                                                                                    with real patients? Gone are historical exploration, communication,
ity? And just what is “reality?”
                                                                                    physical finding integration, the clues offered by verbal and nonverbal
   QUESTIONAIRE: Who makes the best parent? The child, the                          communication, and the immense value of the physician himself or herself
parent or the grandparent? Is “modern” music cannibalistic? If you                  as a diagnostic and therapeutic instrument.
were over 40, would you rather go to a museum or a rock concert?                        The detective of the body has been replaced by a machine-driven stan-
Do you spend more time playing computer games than listening to                     dard of care philosophy that resembles a shoe that does not fit.
Beethoven? At what age did you become “responsible?” Do you
have a better repoire with children or grandchildren? How old do                    PUT HIM, OKAY?”
you think you are intellectually?                                                   “Why do we have to wait until he cries. ‘BECAUSE I FORGOT WHERE I
    Let’s have some fun….send your answers in—you don’t have to sign                asked, “Well when can we see the baby?” “WHEN HE CRIES! She replied.
them….we will then evaluate how well we—all of us—have mastered the art of          new baby now?” “No, not yet,” replied the mother. Getting impatient, they
“growing up.”                                                                       visit for a while first.” 30 minutes passed and a relative asked, “May we see the
                                                                                    came to see the baby. “Not yet,” said the mother. “I’ll make coffee and we can
                                                                                    recently a 72 year-old woman was able to give birth. Arriving home, the relatives
                                                                                      SENIORS GIVING BIRTH... With all the new technologies regarding fertility
                                     EVES-DROPPING ON THE                                                  ANDY ROONEY’S ADVICE
                                      WORLD THROUGH HAM                                              On “Tips for Handling Telemarketers”
                                              RADIO                                                                ********************
                                                                                       1. The three little words are: “Hold on please….” Saying this, while putting
                                        *********************                      down your phone and walking off would make each telemarketing call so much
                                          By Danny Centers, W4DAN                  more time-consuming that boiler room sales would grind to a halt. Then when you
                                            **************************             hear the phone’s “beep-beep-beep” hang up
                                              Planning for Dayton                      2. Do you ever get those annoying phone calls with no one on the other end?
                                                   *********                       This is a technique where a machine makes phone calls and records the time when a
                                                                                   person answers the phone to determine the best time for a “real” salesman to call.
                                           “We had joy, we had fun, we had         What you can do after answering, if you notice there is no one there, is to start hit-
                                       seasons in the sun.” so goes the ab-        ting your # button on the phone 6 or 7 times. This confuses the machine and kicks
                                       sence of sunspots for the past year or      your number out of the system.
                                       so. I don’t know if the lack of sunspots        3. Junk mail help….When you get ‘ads” enclosed with your phone or utility
                                       have had anything to do with temps          bills, return these “ads” with payment. Let the senders throw their own junk away.
                                       hovering above the 100 degree mark in           When you get those “pre-approved” letters in the mail do not throw away the
Tennessee or not, but something changed and made the conditions on 20              return envelope. Most of these come with postage-paid return envelopes. It costs
meters for the grand Rounds of the Air Net better beginning in August. As          them 41 cents postage if and when they receive them back. It costs them nothing if
                                                                                   you throw them away! Why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it
Forrest Gump once said, “And that is all I am going to say about that sub-
                                                                                   in these cool little postage-paid return envelopes.
ject.”                                                                                 You can also send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express.
    As a matter of fact, that is all for the usual subjects covering antennas,     Send a pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn’t get anything else that day, then just
electronics, and operating procedure in this particular article. I have a few      send them their blank application back or the empty envelope.. If you want to re-
things on my mind that are related to my duties as MARCO Secretary that            main anonymous, just make sure your name isn’t on anything you send them.
I wish to discuss. My main goal here is to clear up some possible misun-               Let’s let the banks and credit card companies know what it’s like to get lots of
derstandings pertaining to the mechanics of the office of Secretary and            junk mail, and best of all, they are paying for it...TWICE!
how it relates to members and other officers of the organization.                      Let’s keep our postal service busy since they are saying that email is cutting into
                                                                                   their business profits. (I get very little junk mail now.)
     MARCO is fortunate to have added several new members over the past
months, plus more than usual inquiries from prospective members. When
                                                                                   is too good to miss just one. Warren does such a great job. Use the new
I receive inquires, I reply with an email message or letter that includes a
brief explanation of the functions of MARCO and words of encouragement             classified ads in the newsletter and you can sell or save enough to offset
                                                                                   the memberships dues. I have been very pleased with the transactions that
for new members I send them a Newsletter, which of course, contains an
                                                                                   I have made using the new service.
application for membership to the prospective new members.
    The member application form in the newsletter is not only for new                  I would like to remind everyone of the MARCO annual convention,
                                                                                   meeting and banquet to be held at the Holiday Inn Dayton North, 2301
members, but it should also be filled in by those renewing and sent to the
Secretary with their dues check.. Some dues payments are being sent to             Wagner Ford Road, just off I-75 in Dayton, Ohio, May 16,17, 18th,
the newsletter return address at Indian Rocks Beach and some are being             2008 in conjunction with the Dayton Hamvention. I expect a larger than
                                                                                   usual turnout. Some of the newer members have expressed their interest in
                                                                                   attending too. I remember that the 2006 Dayton Banquet attendance was
When payments are received, the Secretary records them and updates the             quite large, and it wouldn't surprise me if it weren’t even larger in 2008,
                                                                                   Reservations can be made now and should be made as early as possible.
members status in the database. In turn, the Secretary sends updated data-
                                                                                   Cancellation with no penalty can be made 72 hours prior to 3 p.m. on the
base files, checks and receipts to the Treasurer on a regular bases. The
Treasurer deposits the dues collections and MediShare donations into               check–in date. If you are reasonably sure you will be attending, it is ad-
                                                                                   visable to make reservations now. A total of 12 rooms, including 8 double
MARCO bank accounts. The Secretary reports MediShare donations to
                                                                                   and 4 king rooms are available for MARCO members at the rate of
the MediShare Director. The Treasurer, not the Secretary, disburses funds
for the various expenses and monetary obligations of MARCO and MediS-              $118.00 plus tax per night. Be sure to tell them you are a MARCO mem-
                                                                                   ber. The best and fastest way to make reservations is to call the Dayton
hare. The Treasurer and not the Secretary keeps records of all monetary
                                                                                   Inn North direct at 937 278 4871. You can also call toll free 1-888 HOLI-
    Records of individual dues payment amounts and MediShare donations             DAY (reservations center), but it is well worth your “quarter’ to call di-
are kept by the Secretary. This data is kept for tax purposes because your
dues and donations are tax deductible. Accurate records can only be kept               If you haven't been attending our meetings and banquets, you have
                                                                                   really been missing out on the fun and the fellowship. The most recent
if payments are sent to the Secretary. Another reason that all dues pay-
                                                                                   meeting at Santa Monica was fabulous and even offered a refreshing
ments should be sent to the Secretary is to keep the mailing labels for the
Newsletters up to date. Labels are made from the data kept by the Secre-           change in some of the traditional fare. We had the banquet on the beach at
                                                                                   sunset, thanks to Arnold and Joan. That one is going to be hard to top.
tary and sent to Warren for Newsletter mailing. Please send a renewal
                                                                                   Our most exquisite meetings are at various cities across the nation on even-
application along with dues checks. They should be filled in with your
current address, email address, and phone number, call sign, and other             numbered years and are always a great treat. The more traditional Dayton
                                                                                   meeting sans gourmet food and excellent hosting draws more members
pertinent information. The MARCO database has also traditionally con-
                                                                                   because of the Hamvention. So come and meet you fellow colleague,
tained year of birth, amateur license class, ARRL member status, medical
and professional titles and specialties. Including your email address make         hams and members at Dayton,…….. C.U. there.
it possible to send you a receipt for dues paid via email. At the most recent       Mother Goose & Grimm, Mike Peters
MARCO meeting in Santa Monica, it was decided that member informa-
tion would be kept confidential and not divulged beyond the MARCO
    Another item that I would like to bring to your attention is the “dues
expiration date” on your newsletter mailing label. We realize that it is easy
to overlook this date, so please check it occasionally to prevent member-
ship lapse and interruption of Newsletter delivery. We hesitate to send
reminders, due to the high cost of postage and no one likes to receive past
due notices anyway. We understand and want you to receive every issue
                          IMMUNIZATIONS                                  11
                   WHO NEEDS WHAT WHEN?                                        contract Hepatitis B have no predisposing risks. They are not living
                         **************                                        with carriers, nor do they have needle-stick or blood product exposure.
    “Immunizations cause autism!” “How can the baby’s body handle              Therefore, the only sure way to prevent the disease is to have the vac-
20 immunizations?” “Can’t you spread out the immunizations more?”              cine.
    These are some of the arguments and questions that arise in today’s           Another researcher had claimed that the HIB (Hemophilus Influenza
physician’s office. What are the answers? Are they in the 18th Edition of      Bacterium) vaccine given in multiple doses in the first 2 yeas of life was
the Merck Manual or is that out-of-date?                                       responsible for an increase in the incidence of juvenile diabetes. He
    It used to be easy—3 DPT shots, 3 polio, one MRI with later boosters.      suggested only one vaccination at age 2. A careful review of his data
NOW, we contend with 3 DT (acellular)aP vaccine the very first year of         showed faulty analytic methods In a 10 year follow-up, there has been
life, PLUS: 4 Hemophilus B bacterial conjugate shots ; 3 Hepatitis B in-       no difference shown in the 2 groups of early versus late immunized
jections. 1 MMR (live organisms); 1 Varicella (chicken pox—live) along         children HIB is an invasive bacterium which attacks in the first 6
with 3 polio shots.                                                            months of life. Before the vaccine, one in two hundred children ac-
   HERE IS TODAY’S SCHEDULE:                                                   quired the illness killing 600 per year and resulting in deafness, mental
    At Birth: Hepatitis B.#1 injection (Can be given at any age for those      retardation, hydrocephaly and seizures.
not immunized) 1-4 months: Hepatitis B #2 injection (should be given              Even the common scourge of chicken pox can be prevented. But
at least 1 month after the first dose—this gives immunity to a child with a    many say “let my child get the natural disease so that he will have life-
mother with, or carrier, of hepatitis b, and protects them in later life) .    long protection. “ It is now known, after 20 years of experience, that
2 months: DTaP, DiphtheriaTetanusAcellularPertussi (whooping cough)            there is good, long lasting 90% protection against the disease. Flesh
#1 (gives protection against diphtheria, “lockjaw” and whooping cough);        eating strep and antibiotic resistant staph impose a clear danger to the
Hib #1 (Haemophilus influenza type b—protects the young against a com-         child with today’s chickenpox.
mon bacterial meningitis—not the viral flu.); IPV #1 (inactivated in-
jectable polio vaccine—the live oral vaccine was discontinued in 2001
because it produced one in a million cases of wild polio); PCV #1                  NUMBER OF CHILD BIPOLAR CASES UP 40 FOLD!
(pneumococcal conjugate vaccine—protects against ear and throat infec-
tions); 4 months: DTaP #2 injection; Hib #2 ; IPV#2 (inactivated polio-           The number of American children and adolescents treated for bipolar
virus vaccine); PCV #2 , 6 months and yearly: Influenza (viral) recom-         disorder increased 40-fold from 1994 to 2003, researchers reported in the
mended every year for high-risk children older than 6 months.), DtaP #3,       most comprehensive study of the controversial diagnosis. Many experts
Hib #3, PCV#3; 6-18 months: Hep B #3, IPV# 3; 12-15 months: Hib #4,            theorize the jump reflects that doctors are more aggressively applying the
MMR #1 (Measles, mumps and rubella—German measles—vaccine);,                   diagnosis to children and not that the incidence of the disorder had in-
PCV #4, Var #1 (Varicella—chickenpox—vaccine); 12-23 months: Hep.              creased. But the magnitude of the increase is surprising. 90% of the diag-
A #1(Hepatitis A is recommended for kids who are 12 to 23 months old.          nosis were made by psychiatrists.
It should be given as two shots at least 6 months apart.) ; 15-18 months:         Is Bipolar disease to join autism as a potential result of over-
DTaP #4; 4-6 years: DTaP #5, MMR #2, IPV#3, Var; 11 years: MCV4                immunization or over-disagnosing?
(meningitis vaccine); 11-12 years: Meningitis vaccine is recommended
for teens who are entering college and plan to live in dormitories; HPV
(human papillomavirus—the vaccine prevents most cases of genital warts                                   WILL ROGERS WAS ONE OF THE BEST-
and cervical cancer)                                                                                   LOVED HUMORISTS...In 1934, the year before he
    Why do people think that vaccines can cause autism? Some believe                                      died with aviator Wiley Post in a plane crash near
that the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism. This is                                       Point Barrow, Alaska, he was the nation’s most
because many children were normal until they received the MMR vaccine.                                    popular newspaper columnist. Unlike many wits
In 1998, a study published in the Lancet evaluated 12 children and con-                                   of the past, Roger’s humor holds up exceedingly
cluded that there was a possible link between MMR vaccine and autism.                                     well after several generations because he ad-
This was quickly picked up by the media and received national attention.                                  dressed timeless topics with homespun wisdom.
A second, more comprehensive study involving 500 children disproved                                       Among his memorable observations:
this connection. The second study received much less press.                                                   “The more ignorant you are, the quicker you
                                                                                 “I’ve never met a man I
    The Rotovirus Vaccine recently was found to have an association with                didn’t like.”
                                                                                                          fight.” “Don’t’ gamble; take all your savings and
bowel intussusceptions and it was pulled from the market. It is important                                 buy some good stock, and hold it till it goes up,
to know that vaccines actually help the immune system to defend the body.      then sell it. If it don’t go up, don’t buy it.” “You can’t say civilization
    About the flu virus vaccine. It is not a live vaccine and does not cause   don’t advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.”
the flu. Serious side reactions such as neurological complications rarely      “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have
occur. A noted one, Guillain-Barre, occurs in less than 1 in a million cases   rushed through life trying to save.” “Everything is funny as long as it is
of flu vaccination.                                                            happening to someone else.” “The more you read and observe about this
    Before the advent of the MMR vaccine, there were 3-4 million cases of      politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other.
measles each year with 1000 dying. Another 20% were hospitalized with          The one that’s out always looks the best.” “You know everybody is igno-
encephalitis and brain damage. Since the vaccine there has been a 95%          rant, only on different subjects.” “Heroing is one of the shortest lived
reduction in deaths. Most of the current U.S. measles cases are imported       professions there is.” “ An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what
from abroad. Rubella, another part of the vaccine, is now an overlooked        you have just found out.” “An onion can make people cry, but there has
illness. In 1964 there was an epidemic in the U.S. resulting in 20,000         never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh.” “Ancient Rome
cases of congenital rubella with 2100 deaths and 11,250 miscarriages.          declined because it had a Senate: now what’s going to happen to us with
11,600 babies were born deaf, 3580 were born blind and 1800 were born          both a Senate and a House?” “Be thankful we’re not getting all the gov-
mentally retarded.                                                             ernment we’re paying for.” “If you think you’re on the right track, you’ll
    Mumps the most benign can cause sterility in males.                        get run over if you just sit there.” “I belong to no organized party. I am a
    There is a concern about mercury in the preservative “Thiomerisol”         Democrat.” “I never expected to see the day when girls would get sun-
present in the Hepatitis B vaccine. The AAP recommended removing the           burned in the places they do today.” “I’m not a real movie star. I’ve still
mercury and the vaccine was reformulated. But many ask, why give it at         got the same wife I started out with 28 years ago.” “Take the diplomacy
all? Approximately 90% of newborns whose mothers are infected with the         out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week.” “This country has
virus will contact Hepatitis B and will go on to develop chronic liver dis-    come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets
ease, cirrhosis and possibly liver cancer. About 30% of these children who     hold of a hammer.” “We are all here for a spell; get all the good laughs
                                                                               you can.”
         NEW* MEMBERS* & RENEWALS                                                     MEDICAL AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL, LTD.,
                                As of                                                New Membership Application & Renewal form
                           Sept. 11, 2007
                                                                                      REGULAR MEMBERSHIP $25: A licensed professional
Adler, Alan      KM3S                                                             in the health care field who holds an amateur radio license.
Brusoe, Terry    K8IB                       NEW FEATURES IN                       A DX Membershp is $15 U.S. currency.
Covey, Kenneeth W0ZQJ                                                                 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $15: Anyone licensed or
Delatush, George WD4KCU
Green, Orville   AA9JQ                         **************                     unlicensed who is interested in medicine and radio.
Halik, Frederick K2EU                     40 Meter MediShare Net                     __RENEWAL ? _____________________________________
Hensley, Gerald K8AFP                    Monday, 9:30 pm. Eastern                    10 year Regular membership fee $200 (a saving of $50). Asso-
Horwitz, Barry   KB5EYJ                        on 7.228 MHz.                      ciat membership for 10 years is $100 (also a saving of $50).
Jeutter, Dean    K3GGN                  BORED? Try calling 14.308
Kennedy, John    N2LW                     on the hour—MARCO’s
Klein, Howard    K2HK                                                             Name:________________________________________________
                                            Hailing Frequency
Marek, Bobby     KM5VU
McShane, Thomas NW6P
Rabin, Barry     WB1FFI
Sosinski, Carl   N8APD                  IF RENEWSING MEMBERSHIP,                  ______________________________________________________
Vilican, George  KE8GA                      WRITE “RENEWAL” ON
Walker, Larry    K4KZA                      APPLICATION BLANK
Whelihan, Wm.    K1BIL
Wissing, Larry   N4MKT                                                            Call Sign______________Type License:_____________________
                                            NO RADIO, NO                          Internet Address:________________________________________
                                             ANTENNA?                             Year of Birth:_________________Member ARRL?_____________
                                           Keep in touch with
                                         MARCO on “listserve”                     Applications for membership should be sent to Danny Centers,
                                         E-Mail your request to                   2712 Bryant Drive., Cleveland, TN. 37311-9824..
                                                 join to                                          Internet address:
                                                                                  WHY NOT SEND A HAM FRIEND A MEMBERSHIP IN MARCO,
                                                                                  $15, ONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN BOTH MEDICINE & RADIO.

  P.O. Box 127, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, 33785

          MARCO’S                                “AETHER”

   Medicine & Radio                                    In One Medium
    ******************                                   *************
                        MARCO NET SCHEDULE                                                                                          (2000-2007)
 DAY                 EASTERN TIME FREQ.            NET CONTROLS                                                                      October.
 Tuesday             9:30 p.m.      7.228          N5QF (MediShare)                                                                   2007
 Any Day             On the Hour    14.307         Hailing Frequency
 Sunday              9:30 a.m.      14.307         VE3OQM (CW-net)
 Sunday              10 a.m.        14.307         KD4GUA

 MARCO Grand Rounds is held every Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time; 9
 a.m. Central; 8 a.m. Mountain, and 7 a.m., Pacific Coast time, on 14.307.
 You qualify for one hour credit, Category II CME with your check-in

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