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					Julius C. Agcopra II         BCS22

My Reflection about the Company Visitation

I already have a thought on who we are meeting to. I thought of a man of middle age,
wearing a business attire and have a view of a rich man. But it was a lot different from
what I expected. It’s a young girl wearing a casual dress and looks like a commoner. One
more thing, she was beautiful. Anyway, When we arrived at SMART company, I feel like
we are on a movie. Seeing those people working in an office. I was so amazed with
what’s inside of it and visiting an office. Back to the topic, We have a talk with Ms.
Elgine Chua, she was different from what I expected. She is a girl with the same interest
as me. She was really in the programming world. She taught us some of applications to
help us in java like glassfish and netbeans. Seeing her code and her status now gives me
an inspiration to do my best from what I am now. I want to be successful as she.
Applying what you learned from school to earn money. And showing them that
programming isn’t a thing that should be taken lightly. She said something about the
deprecation of technology or something with deprecate. Our knowledge about technology
today may not be applied to the future. I agree with it and in fact, it was the reality.
Seeing how this world create new technology, what we know today may not be applied
tomorrow. So we must achieve our goal with haste. So at least we can use our
knowledge from what we learned. Computer Science is not that good for doctorate or
masteral, She said. We ended up our interview laughing. Every time we ask our question
and she answers, there is always a time to laugh that’s why we have at least created a
bond between us and her. And I think it’s a good act.. once again, we ended up our
conversation with laugh and we left the building laughing again..

Description: My 3rd year 2nd Sem Lectures. Computer Architecture, Kursong Rizal, Special Problem 1 and many more.