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									  6/2/2010                     The reading roundup!
  Volume 1, Issue 1

                         Ms. Bunn’s Radical Readers
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• A few great
  tips to help
  support your           Hello Parents! I would       the one of the biggest      to look to should be
  growing                like to welcome and          parts in the process. By    your friendly, local
  reader.                thank you for reading        simply reading one          library. Don’t hesitate;
                         the first issue of The       book a night with your      it is never too early or
• Ten books your         Reading Roundup. I will      child you can greatly
  child will love!                                                                too late to begin
                         publish one issue each       influence their bond with   learning how to read.
• Reading                month during the school      reading. Everyone           With proper guidance
  Resources for          year. Inside you will        knows buying books at       and plenty of practice
  Parents.               find articles about          the store can become        any student can become
                         amazing authors, where       expensive thankfully;       a proficient reader. So
                         to find books, and even      there are many              let’s get ready together
                         how to get your kids         different resources for     to jump into the new
                         reading. Learning to         adults to use when          school year. I’m looking
Inside this Issue:       read is an essential skill   teaching a child to read.   forward to it!
Great Reading Tips 1
                         in life and parents play     One of the first places
Books of the Month 2
Author Spotlight:
                         How to get your student reading in no time
Mike Thaler          3
                         Helping your child               Plus, they also come       Act it out- After
Amazing Resources
                         develop a love for               in specific subjects.       reading a few
for Parents          3   reading will create a                                        pages of the book
                                                         Involve the entire
                         bond that lasts a                                            act out what the
About the Author 4                                        family- The more
                         lifetime. Still, many                                        character is doing.
                                                          the merrier. Choose
                         parents Struggle with            a book and gather          Create your own-
                         getting their child to           together while you          Buy a blank book
                         step away from the TV.
                                                          read. After, discuss        and encourage your
                         and computer and read            your likes and              child to make their
                         a book. In this article          dislikes.                   own story and
                         you will find great                                          illustrate the pages.
                         activities that will make       Create a “special”
                         your child want to jump          place- Kids love to        Have a reading
                         into a book whether or           have private place          picnic- take your
                         not they love to read.           to relax and read.          favorite book and
                                                          Using sheets and            favorite treats to the
                          Sign up for a book
                              club- They are an           clips you can build a       park or the beach.
                                                          terrific tent.
                              easy way to find
                              excellent books.
                                                 The Reading Roundup!                                                              Page 2 of 6

                                                The books of the month
                                                                                       “This book begs to be read          various topics.
                                                                                       aloud” –Ms. Bunn                    “My favorite was Boa
                                                                                                                           Constrictor it made want to shout
                                                                                                                           it loud” –Johnny
                                                                                                                           “Many different types of poetry
                                                                                                                           that children can easily read
                                                If the Dinosaurs Came Back…                                                and relate to”- Ms. Bunn
                                                by Bernard Most- A boy wonders
                                                what would happen if the               The Magic School Bus Inside
                                                dinosaurs returned. He imagines        the Human Body by Joanna
Wayside Stories From Wayside School by          all the different ways Dinosaurs       Cole- Just another crazy day in
Louis Sachar- Wayside School was                could help the people in his town.     Ms. Frizzles class Arnold
supposed to be 30 classrooms, one story         “If the dinosaurs came back I’d be     accidentally swallows the bus
high; but by mistake it was built straight up   the first one in line.” –Hector        and the students get a scenic
30 stories and that's not all that's funny      “I love this story because it makes    ride inside him.
                                                you use your imagination.” –Ms.                                            Matilda by Roald Dahl-
there.                                                                                 “This book was so good I’m          Matilda’s parents are mean and
“I loved this book growing up; in fact I read   Bunn                                   going to read the whole series”     self-absorbed. Her principal is
it several times.” –Ms. Bunn                                                           –Roman                              rotten. Her favorite teacher Ms.
“I can’t wait to share this book with my                                               “Highly effective in teaching a     Honey realizes how intelligent
friends. The principal was crazy!” –Lucy                                               difficult topic like the human      Matilda is and they become
                                                                                       body” –Ms. Bunn                     friends.
                                                                                                                           “Great book for those just
                                                                                                                           beginning to read chapter
                                                                                                                           books” –Ms. Bunn
                                                The Stinky Cheese Man and                                                  Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore by
                                                Other Fairly Stupid Tales by                                               David McPhail- A gang of pigs
                                                Lane Smith and Jon Scieszka-                                               descends on the narrator's house
                                                Narrated by Jack this book                                                 in a cleverly rhymed and
Teacher From the Black Lagoon by Mike
                                                recreates popular tales like the       The Legend of the Indian Paint      illustrated tale in which the
Thaler- On the first day of school, a boy
                                                princess and the pea and the           brush by Tomie DePaola- A           visiting piggies make mayhem
falls asleep and dreams that he is assigned
                                                gingerbread man.                       Native American boy who does        and messes, only to help with the
to Mrs. Green's class. In his nightmare, Mrs.
                                                “I laughed so hard I could barely      not fit in finds he is a talented   clean-up in the end.
Green is a monster with a tail and smoke
                                                breathe” –Heather                      artist.                             “You cannot read this book
coming out of her nostrils. Good thing it’s
                                                “I love the twist the put on classic   “After reading this I want to       without using character” –Ms.
just a dream.
                                                fairy tales” –Ms. Bunn                 read more Native American           Bunn
“Great illustrations and descriptive
imagery’- Ms. Bunn                                                                     stories” –Ella                      “The artist is a talented
                                                The Very Busy Spider by Eric           “A lovely story to introduce the    painter”-Nikki
                                                Carle- We follow a spider as she       Native American culture” –Ms.
                                                spins he web. During the time she      Bunn
                                                meets a pig, cow, and duck; but
                                                all she wants to do is finish her      Where the Sidewalk Ends by
                                                web.                                   Shel Silverstein- This is a
                                                “I love to look at the pictures” –     hysterical book of poems about

                                                Fun sites for kids
                                                Scholastic Books-                      Interactive reading,                Learning Games for Kids-
                                                includes blogs, games,                 vocabulary games-
                                                and new books.-              
                                                                                       Book clubs, Podcasts,
                                                /kids/stacks/index.asp                                                     Fun Brain- Math, reading,
                                                                                       and reviews-
                                                                                                                           and arcade games
                                                Free Reading Motivation      
                                                Program-                               /                         
                                                http://www.bookadventur                                                    kidscenter.html
 Page 3 of 6                               The Reading Roundup!

Resources for parents
For those that are           nts/                        information based on
looking to make reading                                  genre, reading level,
                             Our reading resources
more exciting and                                        author, and illustrator
                             assist parents, teachers,
enjoyable; check out         and other educators in      http://www.thechildrens
these websites!              helping struggling
Fun activities parents can   readers build fluency,      Tips for reading aloud
use to build children's      vocabulary, and
language skills.             comprehension skills.       http://www.literacyconn
                                                       http://www.readingrock                                   Literacy Circle for “Itchy,
rents/read/resources/e                                                     Itchy, Chicken Pox”
dpicks.jhtml                                             Reading to English
                             Family education- 15        Language Learners
Reading is fundamental-      minute reading activities
offers several tips and                                  http://www.rethinkingsch
suggestions to help                            
encourage your kids to                                   wteacher/NTBilingual.sht
read.                                                    ml
                             Browse by title or author      to find children’s book

Author Spotlight: Mike Thaler
Mike Thaler was born in      “The Magic Boy” was         his wife Patty. He
1936 in Los Angeles,         first published in 1961.    travels throughout the
California. He began         Since then Mike has         world, every year,
his professional career      published more than         helping children and
drawing cartoons for         220 books and is known      teachers create their
adults until he was          as “America’s Riddle        own stories, books, and       “I love language. Words
discovered by a              King.” One of his most      riddles. He inspires
                                                                                       are great. I love to use my
children’s book editor.      well known and loved        audiences with his
                                                                                       imagination and make
His favorite color is        books are “ The Teacher     creativity and love of
yellow and he will eat       from the Black Lagoon”      language. He gladly           people laugh. That's why I
anything that is edible.     which has spawned a         welcomes all invitations      am a writer.”
As a child his favorite      spin-off series including   to visit schools and other
book was “The Little         the rest of the Lagoon      locations.
Engine That Could.” He       faculty with Scholastic
was encouraged to            publishers. Currently,
begin writing children’s     Mike Thaler lives in
books; his first book        Portland, Oregon with
                                The Reading Roundup!                                            Page 4 of 6

         Resources             Students Recommendations
   Johnson, D. (2008).
   The Joy of Children's
   Literature (1 ed.).
   Belmont, CA:
   Wadsworth                                                 We Planted a Tree by
   Publishing.                 Cloudy With a Chance of
                               Meatballs by Judi Barrett.    Diane Muldrow.              My Birthday Pet by Ellen
   Bond, C. (n.d.). Top        “If the sky really did rain   “I never imagined how
                                                             much time it took for a     “All Danny wants for his
   Ways to get Your            food I think that would
                               solve world hunger”           tree to grow” -Helen        birthday is a turtle but
   Kids to Read. Family                                                                  everyone else thinks they
   Education. Retrieved        - Jimmy                                                   have a better idea” -Bob
   June 3, 2010, from
   school.familyeducati             Visit Your Local Library
                               Lee County Library Locations
   5.html                      Bonita Springs- 26876 Pine Avenue
                               Bonita Springs, FL 34135 (239) 992-0101
                               South Lee County- 21100 Three Oaks Parkway
                               Estero, FL 33928 (239) 533-4400
                               Cape Coral- 921 SW 39th Terrace
                               Cape Coral, FL 33914 (239) 542-3953
                               *Find all Locations at:

                               About the author
                               Kaitlyn Bunn was born         she spent her evenings      at heart and loves to
                               on April 11, 1989 in          dancing ballet, jazz,       share the stories she
                               Clearwater, Florida           tap, and more. After        read as a child with
                               where she was also born       graduating high school      others. She believes
                               and raised. She has two       Kaitlyn moved to Fort       that by educating the
                               younger siblings named        Myers, Fl to attend         youth of the world is the
   “Reading is not just a      Dylan and Rachael.            Florida Gulf Coast          easiest way to create
 skill used in school; it is   Growing up Kaitlyn            University. Kaitlyn         social change and a
a skill that will be used a    attended Catholic school      began college as a          world that believes in
      person’s entire life.”   for grades K-12; where        nursing major but found     equality.
                               she was greatly               her real calling in the
                               influenced by many of         field of elementary
                               her teachers. When            education. She
                               Kaitlyn was not in school     considers herself a child
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      Company Name

Inside Story Headline
The purpose of a               You can compile a mailing      source of information.
newsletter is to provide       list from business reply       Your customers or
specialized information to     cards, customer                employees will look
a targeted audience.           information sheets,            forward to its arrival.
Newsletters can be a           business cards collected
                                                              Your headline is an
great way to market your       at trade shows, or
                                                              important part of the
product or service, and        membership lists. You
                                                              newsletter and should be
also can create credibility    might consider purchasing
                                                              considered carefully.
and build your                 a mailing list from a
organization’s identity        company.
among peers, members,
                               Next, establish how much
employees, or vendors.
                               time and money you can
First, determine the           spend on your newsletter.
audience of the                These factors will help
newsletter. This could be      determine how frequently
anyone who might benefit       you publish your
                                                                                             Caption describing picture or
from the information it        newsletter and its length.                                              graphic.
contains, for example,         It’s recommended that you
employees or people            publish your newsletter at
interested in purchasing a     least quarterly so that it’s
product or in requesting       considered a consistent
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the story. This way, the
                               distributing a newsletter      topics, but try to keep your     interesting sentence or
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                           contents of the story and     Time, Membership Drive
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    Street Address                                                                     distributing a newsletter
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       Address 2                                                                       might be to sell your
    City, ST 78269         headline before you write
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                           Continued Story Headline
                           While your main goal of       content to your newsletter    articles or find “filler”
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                           readers.                      a new product.
                           A great way to add useful     You can also research

                           About Our Organization…
  We’re on the Web!        Think about your article      context.                      also several tools you can
       See us at:          and ask yourself if the                                     use to draw shapes and
                                                         Microsoft includes   picture supports or                                         symbols.
                                                         thousands of clip art
                           enhances the message
                                                         images that you can
                           you’re trying to convey.
                                                         choose and import into
                           Avoid selecting images
                                                         your newsletter. There are
                           that appear to be out of

 Street Address 1
    Address 2
 City, ST 78269

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