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   NeuStar Reports Mainstream Adoption of Common
                    Short Codes

    Announces Longest Registered CSC Award to be Presented at CTIA
                 Wireless Convention in Los Angeles

STERLING, Va., Sept 12, 2006 – NeuStar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR) announced today an
increasing interest among major brands to register for five- and six-digit common short
codes (CSCs). Since six-digit codes were introduced in June, several high profile
companies, including Disney, USA TODAY, and Orbitz, have registered for codes to
support their services, and are actively using them to communicate with customers
nationwide. To celebrate the increased and mainstream adoption of CSCs, NeuStar is
sponsoring an award for the “Longest Registered Common Short Code,” to be presented
to The Weather Channel at CTIA’s Wireless 2006 convention in Los Angeles on Sept 13.

Common Short Codes (CSCs) are five- and six-digit numeric codes to which text
messages can be sent from a wireless mobile phone or phone-enabled device. They can
be used for such applications as voting or polling, coupon redemption, gaming,
sweepstakes, direct downloads of ring tones and wallpaper, text alerts, and bill paying.
Businesses such as Disney, USA TODAY, ESPN, and Orbitz have already been
successfully using CSCs to more closely interact with their customers and provide
applications such as travel status, financial alerts, sports information, and entertainment.

According to Matt Jones, Director of Mobile Products at, "We
partnered with 4INFO and integrated the text message service with USA TODAY earlier
this year. Since then, we've seen increasing interest among our readers to utilize their
mobile devices for live news and information. Common Short Codes have enabled us to
complement our coverage and develop a deeper mobile relationship with USA TODAY

Other national companies have been providing CSCs to customers for years, such as The
Weather Channel, who will be recognized tomorrow by NeuStar as holding the “Longest
Registered Common Short Code.” The Weather Channel has held two, still active
registrations for Common Short Codes since October 2003. The award will be presented
during the Marketing – The Mobile Channel session in Room 411 of the Los Angeles
Convention Center at CTIA Wireless 2006.

“Common Short Codes provide an easy and convenient way for our customers to receive
the weather information while on the go,” said Louis Gump, Vice President of Mobile at
The Weather Channel. “They have extended our core product offerings via text
messaging, provide a valuable branding opportunity, and also will enable even more
robust content delivery going forward. We are dedicated to anticipating what consumers
will want in advance of mainstream adoption, and so this award is particularly
meaningful to us.”
According to Mark Smith, NeuStar’s Wireless Market Group Vice President, “Common
Short Codes allow brands to deliver new marketing messages, promotions, or service
offerings to millions of customers. Unlike with carrier-specific short codes, using
common short codes as an addressing method allows advertisers, direct marketers, and
brands to interact with wireless customers in innovative ways and establish mobile-
connected relationships on any network, regardless of the customer’s service provider.”

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