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					  VOL 20, SUMMER 2001

 U    N    I   V    E   R    S   I    T   Y     O    F       S      O   U    T    H    E   R    N       I   N   D    I   A    N   A

Accounting, e-business programs meet new needs
Curriculum prepares graduates for jobs in today’s evolving workforce
    As technology continues to change the way business is conducted, the School of Business is
 improving its accounting program and developing a concentration and a major in e-business to
 ensure that graduates have the knowledge and skills they need in today’s workplace. The following
 two sections of this article will tell you about new curriculum in these areas.
Accounting and Professional Services                                    E-business
     Dr. Daniel E. Wade, director of accounting programs for                 Taking advantage of new opportunities available by doing
the USI School of Business, said that changes in the account-           business online is high on the agenda of many companies
ing curriculum are designed to attract more students into the           today. School of Business students interested in helping com-
program and to prepare them for the kinds of services that              panies capitalize on the efficiencies of e-business will soon be
accountants offer their clients in today’s marketplace.                 studying how to do just that.
     Wade said that a major indicator of change in the                       Beginning in the fall, the School of Business will offer
accounting profession is evidenced by the names of the major            an e-business concentration as part of the business adminis-
accounting firms. They now call themselves “professional                tration major. The school also is developing a major in
services” firms rather than “accounting” firms. The focus has           e-business that will be presented to the Indiana Commission
shifted from audits and other traditional accounting functions          on Higher Education this fall. If approved, the new major
to a sophisticated array of business consulting services. Profes-       will be offered in fall 2002.
sional accounting organizations in recent years have called for              Dr. Phil Fisher, dean of the School of Business, said the
a change in the way accountants are educated.                           concentration in e-business will equip students with knowl-
     In recent years enrollment nationwide in accounting                edge about e-business which they can apply in business pro-
programs has declined due to growing interest in other attrac-          cesses and managerial decision-making. The concentration
tive business majors, such as computer information systems.             will be attractive to students who feel they do not need
The increased requirements for students to take certification           in-depth technical training in e-business.

                                     See Accounting, page 3                                                 See E-business, page 3

Kevin Celuch named to fill Blair Chair of Business Science
     Dr. Kevin Celuch, a professor in         pany. She established the endowed                as the top candidate who could bring
the College of Business at Illinois State     chair during Campaign USI in recogni-            leadership to a wide range of challenges
University, has been named to the first       tion of the value of nurturing the               within the business science arena.”
academic endowed chair at the Univer-         business science field.                               In his first semester at USI, Celuch
sity of Southern Indiana.                          The new USI faculty member will             is scheduled to teach courses in promo-
     He will join the School of Business      teach and conduct applied research to            tional strategy and marketing research.
faculty in the fall to fill the Blair Chair   benefit local businesses with national           He also may teach the graduate course
of Business Science. The new faculty          and international objectives.                    in marketing management and is inter-
position was initiated by Meg Blair,               Dr. Phil Fisher, dean of the USI            ested in instructing a new course in
president of rsc THE QUALITY                  School of Business, said, “We searched           e-business marketing called interactive
MEASUREMENT COMPANY, an                       for someone with a record of accom-              marketing.
Evansville-based market research com-         plishment and identified Dr. Celuch
                                                                                                            See Blair Chair, page 4
                                                                                          The spectacular productivity gains
Dean’s letter                                                                             made possible by the intersection of
                                                                                          computer technology and the Internet

Where is economy headed?                                                                  have not yet run their course. I think
                                                                                          the most likely scenario is that the
                                                                                          recession will be short, and that a
Survey to provide information                                                             recovery, albeit a more modest one,
                                                                                          will take place within the next year.
on economic outlook, trends                                                                    The School of Business Center
                                                                                          for Business and Economic Research
By Phil Fisher                                                                            in partnership with the Evansville
                                            models that
                                                                                          Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
     In the dean’s letter for the Winter    could generate
                                                                                          recently launched a project intended to
2001 School of Business Reports, I wrote,   growing sales
                                                                                          provide businesses with better informa-
“The United States is experiencing the      but had no real
                                                                                          tion about the direction of the local
longest period of continuous economic       chance to pro-
                                                                                          economy. As I write this letter in early
expansion.” That was written in             duce profits.
                                                                                          June, our first Economic Outlook and
November. By the time the letter            Their failures       Fisher
                                                                                          Trends Survey is going out to more
reached your mailbox, the economy           reaffirm that in
                                                                                          than 1,000 businesses in the Evansville
seemed to be teetering on the brink,        a market economy, businesses have
                                                                                          area. This survey should provide us
and I was wishing that I could do a         to provide value to their customers
                                                                                          with the information to build reliable
quick rewrite.                              at costs that provide for profits. The
                                                                                          economic indexes of both the current
     So what happened, and where is         ‘dot.com’ economy operates under
                                                                                          conditions of the local economy and
the economy going? What happened            the same rules as the old economy.
                                                                                          the directions in which it is moving.
seems to be the result of a number of            Where the economy is going is,
                                                                                               The survey was developed by a
factors. The Federal Reserve Board          of course, more difficult to predict.
                                                                                          team led by Dr. Mohammed Khayum
raised interest rates several times dur-    The downward trends are not universal.
                                                                                          of our economics department and
ing 2000, and we experienced a rapid        While we appear to be in a manufac-
                                                                                          included input from a wide variety of
increase in petroleum prices. Both of       turing recession, other sectors of the
                                                                                          area business leaders. We will publish
these factors increased the cost of         economy are in much better shape.
                                                                                          the survey results as widely as possible
doing business and increased costs to       While it may be quite awhile before
consumers, which probably had an            we get relief from the increased energy
impact on consumer spending.                prices, the Federal Reserve is doing its            Our graduates must be
     Probably more importantly, the         part by slashing interest rates. The sit-
forces that usually contribute to the       uation also seems to vary from region to           grounded in both the new
business cycle also were present. In        region. State governments in Indiana             technology and in the old and
periods of expansion, businesses tend       and most Midwestern states are experi-           unchanging economic realities
to over-estimate growth and expand          encing revenues well below earlier
operations beyond the needs of the          projections and surpluses are vanishing.
market. When the expected growth            The situation is even worse in some           so that everyone who can use the
doesn’t materialize, managers are left      Southern states, but the problem is not       information will have access to it. Our
with no choice but to reduce produc-        as serious in other parts of the country.     plan is to do the survey quarterly so the
tion levels and reduce inventory. This           President Bush recently signed a         indexes will be kept current. Funding
time the cycle probably was exacerbat-      tax cut bill. While this probably will        for the survey comes from a private
ed by the extraordinary expenditures        have less impact in the short run than        donation to the USI Center for Busi-
organizations made during 1999 for          the Federal Reserve interest rate cuts,       ness and Economics Research.
new software and computers to ward          it should provide a stimulus to the                In a more fundamental way, we are
off the millennium bug problems.            economy. Some experts are predicting          trying to meet the challenges of our
Business capital expenditures led the       that it will increase gross domestic          role in the new economy with new
expansion, and they are a major factor      product by as much as one percent             programs and redesigned programs.
in the current situation.                   by the end of the year.                       I invite you to read the cover articles
     The much publicized ‘dot.com’               I remain optimistic. The forces          in this newsletter that describe our new
bubble explosion has had a big impact       that drove the economic expansion of          programs in electronic business and the
on technology stocks, and a lot of          the 1990s were demographic and tech-          new options available to our account-
people aren’t nearly as wealthy as they     nological. The demographic baby boom          ing students. Our graduates must be
were. It seems clear in retrospect that     bubble is still moving into the years of      grounded in both the new technology
many of the failed e-commerce compa-        peak consumption, and that will con-          and in the old and unchanging eco-
nies had seriously defective business       tinue for another seven or eight years.       nomic realities.

2                                                                                 University of Southern Indiana School of Business
Accounting                                      sufficient number of accountants to
                                                meet employer needs.”
                                                                                                 Each accounting major will choose
                                                                                            an area of interest based upon career
Continued from page 1                                Wade said the revised undergradu-      interest. The program will offer three
                                                ate program, to be known as account-        tracks: finance, information systems,
exams in order to be a certified public         ing and professional services, will offer   and managerial accounting. Each area
accountant also have affected enroll-           students more choice and provide more       of interest will contain 12 hours.
ment in accounting programs. Indiana,           breadth to their academic background.            The Accounting Circle, a group
Kentucky, and Illinois, as well as many         Introductory courses in accounting will     of senior accounting professionals from
other states, now require students to           be taught with a “user” rather than         both public and corporate accounting,
have 150 semester hours of credit, man-         a “preparer” approach, training the         has provided advice on curriculum
dating courses beyond the baccalaure-           student to use financial information        development for the School of Business
ate degree for those who want to go             to benefit the company or client.           accounting programs. David E. Gunn
into public accounting. Students who                 The revised curriculum for             ’73, vice president of Harding, Shy-
desire a career in corporate, small busi-       accounting majors will go into effect       manski & Company, was the chair of
ness, or government may never need to           fall 2002 and will include the following    the Accounting Circle for 2000-01.
take the CPA exam.                              core of 16 hours:                           Robert Smith, financial accounting
     “With the changes we are making                  • Introductory Accounting Lab         manager for Berry Plastics Corporation
in the accounting curriculum, we are                  • Intermediate Accounting             in Evansville, chaired the group’s Prac-
broadening the educational experience                 • Cost Accounting I                   tice/Education Interaction Committee
so students will be better prepared for               • Introduction to Federal             this year.
the kinds of work accountants perform                    Income Taxation                         The School of Business also offers
today,” Wade said. “A primary concern                 • Accounting Information Systems      a master’s program and a post-baccalau-
is that in the future there will be a                 • Auditing Theory and Practice        reate certificate in accountancy.

E-business                                      tions, Fisher said that most opportuni-
                                                ties for use of the Internet apply to
                                                                                                 • Supply Chain Management
                                                                                                 In addition to the above five cours-
Continued from page 1                           business-to-business applications.          es, the proposed major in e-business
                                                Many traditional companies, not just        would include the following courses:
      The major in e-business is designed       dot-coms, are using the Internet to              • Computer Science 1 – Program-
to give students both e-business literacy       collect information, connect with                   ming (JAVA)
and the technical skills necessary for          suppliers, and perform other business            • Management Information
e-business.                                     functions. Employers need workers                   Systems
      Fisher said there is a lot of interest    who understand the business aspects              • Data Communications
in both programs. “Use of the Internet          of the Internet.                                 • Introduction to Data
is transforming business processes,”                 The 15-hour e-business concentra-              Base Concepts
Fisher said. “It has and continues to           tion will include five courses:                  • Web Site Design
provide ways of increasing business                  • Introduction to E-business                • Electronic Business
efficiencies—helping companies cut out               • E-business Security, Controls                and Entrepreneurship
paperwork and reduce costs.”                            and Ethics                               In developing the e-business con-
      While many people think of                     • Interactive Marketing                centration and the proposed major,
e-commerce primarily in retail applica-              • E-business Finance                   Fisher said the School of Business
                                                                                            investigated what other business
                                                                                            schools are doing. Five faculty members
 E-Business Advisory Task Force                                                             attended a conference in Boston on
 Sandy Bailey                   Steve Holt                   Pamela Schneider ’89           e-business, and others are attending
 Ivy Tech State College ’83     Accuride Corporation         Old National Bank              workshops this summer. The school also
                                                                                            assembled a local panel of 15 persons
 Dan Bugher                     Jerry Peters ’85             Liv Watson                     involved in various e-business applica-
 Vectren                        Harding, Shymanski & Co.     Gaither Technology
                                                                                            tions as consultants on curriculum
 Karen Daniel ’79               Tim Piazza                   Kerrie Weinzapfel              development.
 Mead Johnson Nutritionals      Keller Crescent Co.          Olive, LLP                          Fisher said that there is a need for
                                                                                            all graduates today to understand some
 Jeff Eckels ’01                Stephen B. Provost III       Dan Wilhite                    aspects of e-business as online business
 PVC Plastics Co.               Hilliard Lyons, Inc.         Fire House, Inc.
                                                                                            applications become widespread. Facul-
 John Greer                     Martin Roth                  Maria Worthington              ty are integrating information about
 Escalade Sports                Kemper CPA Group             Kahn, Dees, Donovan,           e-business into many business courses
                                                              & Kahn                        to prepare graduates for the workplace.

Summer 2001                                                                                                                        3
School of Business briefs                                                                                        Blair Chair
                                                                                                                 Continued from page 1

Four receive faculty awards                                                                                           Celuch was honored recently at
                                                                                                                 Illinois State with the Outstanding
School salutes teaching, research, service for 2000-01                                                           Researcher Award in the College of
     The School of Business has recog-         Nunn, assistant professor of business                             Business. He said, “Research is impor-
nized four faculty members who excelled        law, received the teaching excellence                             tant to me! I enjoy working with others
during the past year in teaching, service,     award. Dr. Mehmet C. Kocakulah,                                   on collaborative efforts and have devel-
and research. Awards were presented in         professor of accounting, and Dr. Brian                            oped the foundations of what I believe
the spring.                                    L. McGuire, associate professor of                                to be some interesting research agendas.
     The winners were chosen by their          accounting, received the research                                 I view the upcoming collaborative
peers for their outstanding contribu-          excellence award. McGuire and Dr.                                 work with USI’s colleagues and students
tions to the school and to their disci-        Mohammed F. Khayum, professor of                                  as an important facet of professional
plines during 2000-01. Dr. Leslie E.           economics, received the service award.                            growth.”
                                                                                                                      He also was named recently to the
                                                                                                                 research staff of the Carl Gunnard
                                                                                                                 Johnson Center at Worcester Polytech-
                                                                                                                 nic Institute for his contribution to the
                                                                                                                 research field.
                                                                                                                      Celuch earned a bachelor’s degree
                                                                                                                 in psychology from State University of
                                                                                                                 New York; a master’s degree in clini-
                                                                                                                 cal/community psychology from Marist
                                                                                                                 College in Poughkeepsie, New York;
                                                                                                                 and a Ph.D. in marketing with minors
                                                                                                                 in research methodology, and organiza-
                                                                                                                 tional behavior from Syracuse Univer-
                                                                                                                 sity in 1988, after which he joined the
                                                                                                                 faculty at Illinois State University.
                                                                                                                      Celuch has written a number of
                                                                                                                 articles appearing in business science
                                                                                              Mark Brendel-USI

                                                                                                                 publications, including Psychology &
                                                                                                                 Marketing, Journal of Consumer Satisfac-
                                                                                                                 tion/ Dissatisfaction and Complaining
                                                                                                                 Behavior, Advancing the Consumer Inter-
                                                                                                                 est, and Journal of Applied Social Psy-
Jeanette Maier-Lytle, instructor in accounting and chair of the awards selection committee,                      chology. He also has works in progress
congratulates faculty award winners. From left are Mohammed Khayum, Mehmet                                       with the Journal of Business and Psychol-
Kocakulah, Leslie Nunn, Maier-Lytle, and Brian McGuire.                                                          ogy and the Journal of Business Research.
                                                                                                                      In response to the appointment,
                                                                                                                 Blair said, “I have every confidence
Alumni Association recognizes Arp, Sieben                                                                        that Dr. Celuch will work to redefine
     The University of Southern Indi-          associate degree in business administra-                          market research. He knows that in the
ana Alumni Association honored a               tion and a bachelor’s degree in commu-                            information and technology age, busi-
School of Business faculty member and          nications at USI in 1993.                                         ness research organizations will contin-
an alumna in May at the annual Senior                                                                            ue to be bombarded with data from
Reception and Dinner.                                                                                            multiple sources.
     Dr. Larry Arp, professor emeritus                                                                                “We will learn to synthesize,
of business education, received the                                                                              analyze, and insightfully relate this
Faculty Recognition Award. He retired                                                                            information to business decisions and
in 2000 after 28 years of distinguished                                                                          performance – at lightning speed.
service to USI and to his profession.                                                                            Those of us in the business science
     Nancy Sieben, executive director                                                                            arena will direct the transformation
of the Deaconess Hospital Foundation                                                                             and transfer of this information to
in Evansville, received the Alumni                                                                               knowledge that leads to improved
Service Award. Sieben completed an              Arp                     Sieben                                   performance and stakeholder value.”

4                                                                                       University of Southern Indiana School of Business
  Two students                                                   Rick Stein named GLVC Coach of Year
  participate in                                                 Women’s basketball plays in Elite Eight Tournament
  Honors project                                                      Rick Stein ’92, a graduate of the     ern Kentucky University for the Great
                                                                 USI School of Business and head coach      Lakes Valley Conference regular season
                                                                 for USI women’s basketball, coached        title. The team also won its second
  Harding Shymanski                                              the team this year to a tie with North-    GLVC Tournament title and its second-
  offers practical experience                                                                                      ever NCAA Division II Great
  in financial analysis                                                                                            Lakes Region title. Stein was
                                                                                                                   named GLVC Coach of the Year.
       Derek Adams and Justin                                                                                           His Eagles put up a good fight
  Greer, students in the manage-                                                                                   at the NCAA Division II Elite
  ment accounting course taught by                                                                                 Eight in Rochester, Minnesota,
  Jeanette Maier-Lytle, participated                                                                               against the number-one-ranked
  in the first annual USI Student                                                                                  Cougars of Columbus State Uni-
  Honors Conference in March.                                                                                      versity, but the Cougars prevailed
       Sponsored by the USI Hon-                                                                                   in a contest that featured 25 lead
  ors Program, the conference gave                                                                                 changes and 10 ties.
  students an opportunity to pre-                                                                                       Stein earned a B.S. in busi-
                                        Elizabeth Courtney-USI

  sent the results of research or                                                                                  ness administration. He played on
  assignments from their Honors                                                                                    the USI men’s team for two years
  Program courses. Forty students                                                                                  beginning in 1989 and has been
  from various disciplines partici-                                                                                associated with the women’s team
  pated in the event.                                                                                              since he was named an assistant
       Adams and Greer reported                                                                                    coach in 1991-92. He took over
                                                                 School of Business graduate Rick Stein was        the head coaching position in fall
  on their experience working with
                                                                 named GLVC Coach of the Year following his        1999. The Eagles return nine
  the accounting firm of Harding,
                                                                 second year as head coach for USI women’s         players from this year’s outstand-
  Shymanski & Company in
                                                                 basketball.                                       ing team for the coming season.
  Evansville. The two School of
  Business students visited the firm
  once a week for eight weeks to
  complete a learning experience                                 Vanderbilt dean speaks on market reform
  under the direction of David
  Gunn ’73 and Sally Joest ’74,
                                                                 School of Business sponsors                 nomic Advi-
  vice presidents of the firm.                                   lecturer William Christie                   sory Board at
       Adams, an accounting major,                                                                           the National
  and Greer, a computer informa-                                       Dr. William G. Christie, profes-      Association
  tion systems major, analyzed                                   sor of finance and dean of business at      of Securities
  financial statements of some of                                Vanderbilt University, spoke on             Dealers. His
  the firm’s clients and made rec-                               “Financial Market Reform and Innova-        research has
  ommendations for improving                                     tion” on March 22 as part of USI’s          been pub-
  cash flow and cutting costs. The                               Distinguished Lecture Series. His pre-      lished in a
  students prepared a PowerPoint                                 sentation in Carter Hall was sponsored      variety of
  presentation on the experience                                 by the School of Business.                  academic           Christie
  for the Honors Program confer-                                      Christie gained national promi-        journals,
  ence.                                                          nence in 1994 when he co-wrote and          including the
       Maier-Lytle said the assign-                              published the article, “Why Do Nasdaq       Journal of Financial Economics, the
  ment gave the students an oppor-                               Market Makers Avoid Odd-Eighth              Journal of Finance, and the Journal of
  tunity to interact with profession-                            Quotes?” in the Journal of Finance.         Business. He serves as an associate
  als and a better understanding of                                   According to a report in Barron’s,     editor of the Review of Financial Studies
  the work done by an accounting                                 the article led to increased security       and as co-editor of the Journal of Finan-
  firm.                                                          measures at Nasdaq, SEC fines against       cial Intermediation. He has appeared on
                                                                 28 trading firms, and settlement of         Marketplace Radio, CNBC’s Inside
                                                                 a class-action lawsuit on behalf of         Opinion and Market Wrap, the Wall
                                                                 investors overcharged by dealers.           Street Journal Report, and CNN’s Inside
                                                                       Christie is a member of the Eco-      Business.

Summer 2001                                                                                                                                          5
The Company we keep, 2000-01
Speakers                               Phil Malone                      Brian Williams                          Andy Ellerbrook ’98
                                       Kimball International            Red Spot Paint Company                  Shoe Carnival, Inc.
The following individuals were among
                                       Mark Miles ’93                   Jeff Wilmes ’81                         Susan Everett ’81, ’99 M.B.A.
speakers to business classes.
                                       Berry Plastics                   BKD LLP                                 Keller Crescent Co.
John Bolger ’80 (retired)              Jerry Moore                      Jeff Wolf ’81                           Darlene Fisher
Commercial Credit Corp.                The DOMA Group                   Deaconess Hospital                      University of Southern Indiana
Teresa Bradley ’89                     Angela Noble                     David Woll                              Debbie Fleck ’91, ’00 M.B.A.
General Electric                       Leadership Resources             Woll Enterprises, Inc.                  American General Finance
                                         Center Inc.
Don R. Breivogel ’83                                                                                            Jim Freson
American General Finance               Dane Partridge                                                           American General Finance
Judy Brooks
                                       University of Southern Indiana   Mock interviews
                                                                                                                Sean Georges
SIGECOM                                John Phipps ’96                                                          Shoe Carnival, Inc.
                                                                        These individuals conducted mock
                                       Fifth Third Bank                 employment interviews for students in
Tim Buecher                                                                                                     Jennifer Godsey
University of Southern Indiana                                          the Career Planning and Professional
                                       Stephanie Pollen                 Development classes.                    Manpower Professional
Career Counseling                      Vectren Communication
                                         Services                                                               Ken Graves
Robert Bulkley                                                          Mendi Bartlett                          Crescent Plastics
Expressway Dodge                       Blaine Roberts                   Kelly Services
                                       Safeguard Business Systems                                               Christine Hachmeister
Steve Byelick                                                           Dave Bates                              Visiting Nurse Plus
Bank of Evansville                     Randy Sauer                      Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
                                       Sauer Smith, Inc.                                                        Adam Hall ’86
Pat Coslett                                                             Julie Bennett ’95                       St. Mary’s Health Care Services
Pat Coslett’s Furniture Festival       Marilyn Schmidt                  Old National Bancorp
                                       University of Southern Indiana                                           John Halverson
Carrie Donovan                         Career Services and Placement    Bonnie Benson                           Human Resources Support, Inc.
Rice Library                                                            Frontier-Kemper Contractors
                                       Randy Schultz                                                            Judy Hamilton ’84
Steve Farrell ’73                      Harding Shymanski & Co.          John Bolger ’80 (retired)               Keller Schroeder & Associates
Gaither Rutherford & Co. LLP                                            Commercial Credit Corp.
                                       Misty Seaton                                                             Brad Harris ’00 M.B.A.
Darlene Fisher                         Harding Shymanski & Co.          Brenda Bosecker                         Vectren
University of Southern Indiana                                          Red Spot Paint & Varnish
                                       Bob Smith                         Co., Inc.                              Scott Herrell
B.J. Flittner                          Berry Plastics                                                           Rexam Closures
Geiger Transfer & Storage                                               Jason Braun
  Company                              Chastity Spindler                St. Mary’s—Warrick County               Suzanne Hilbert
                                       Given & Spindler Mgt. Co.          Hospital                              Seton Corp.
David Gunn ’73
Harding Shymanski & Co.                Darryl Spurlock                  Don R. Breivogel, Jr. ’83               Vicki Hubiak
                                       Umbach & Associates              American General Finance                HR Solutions, Inc.
Gene Hahn
Hahn Realty Corp.                      Roy Templin                      Cindy Brinker                           Frank Kanowsky
                                       Kimball International            University of Southern Indiana          Ferro Corporation
E.R. (Rick) Hoffman
Fifth Third Bank                       James Walker                     Nancy Byrd                              Amanda Klass
                                       Evansville Police Department     Fifth Third Bank                        St. Mary’s Medical Center
Becky Jones
SIGECOM                                Liv Watson                       Michelle Choate ’91                     Laura Knight ’96
                                       EDGAR-Online, Inc.               Harding Shymanski & Co.                 Card Management Corporation
Jennifer Kellams
University of Southern Indiana         Eric Weber                       Chasity Coy ’99                         Mike Lamey
Career Services and Placement          The Slice                        Integra Bank                            American General Finance
Tonya Kirkland ’98                     Kerrie Weinzapfel                Jean Crowe                              Michelle Land Harris
Harding Shymanski & Co.                BKD LLP                          Casino Aztar                            The Evansville Courier
Thomas Magan                           Larry Whiteside ’82              Kathryn Dahmer
Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn             Bristol-Myers Squibb Company     Card Management Corporation

6                                                                                           University of Southern Indiana School of Business
Stacey Lloyd                     Robyn Taylor ’92                           Travis England                             Chamber of Commerce
Adecco                           Escalade Sports                            Paoli Furniture, Inc.                      C.H. Robinson Co.
                                                                                                                       Cintas – The Uniform People
Carol McMichael                  Cathy Thomas ’96                           Jeff Fisher                                Comprehensive Accounting
Card Management Corporation      Kimball International                      WFIE Television                              Services
                                                                                                                       Dan’s Competition
Marty Mattingly                  Stacy Thomas                               Julie Fruit                                Deloitte & Touche
Welborn Clinic                   Old National Bancorp                       WKDQ                                       Gaither Rutherford & Co. LLP
                                                                                                                       GE Plastics
Susie Mattingly ’84              Susie Traylor                              Bryan Hughes                               Gibbs Die Casting Corp.
Keller Schroeder & Associates    Card Management Corporation                US Voice and Data                          Grand Teton Lodge
                                                                                                                       Grand Teton National Park
Lana Meyer                       Gene Weisheit                              Dan Jeffries                               Harding, Shymanski &
Northwestern Mutual Life         Indiana Hardwoods                          Met Life                                     Company PC
                                                                                                                       Henkel Chemical Management
Linda Minton                     Susan Wilson                               Lisa Kelsey                                Hilliard Lyons, Inc.
Vectren                          Old National Bank                          The Evansville Courier                     Indiana Economic Development
                                                                                                                       Indiana House of
Thom Mominee ’72                 Jane Wittmer                               Jerry Lubbe                                   Representatives
The Evansville Courier           Old National Bank                          HP Products Corp.                          Indiana Senate
                                                                                                                       Indiana State Fair Commission
Jerry Moore                      Valerie Zink                               Matt Michael                               Insight Communications
The DOMA Group                   American General Finance                   Mix 96 STO                                 ITT Technical Institute
                                                                                                                       Keller Crescent Co.
Allen Mounts ’74, ’91 M.B.A.     Lisa Zwahlen                               Mark Nettles ’92                           Kelly Services
Old National Bancorp             Kelly Services                             American General Finance                   Kimball International, Inc.
                                                                                                                       Merrill Lynch
Mike Murphy                                                                 Kenneth Robinson                           Methodist Hospital
Shoe Carnival, Inc.                                                         Vision 2000                                Old National Bank
                                                                                                                       Old National Bank Investments
Jessica Myers ’00                Career exploration                         Todd Rowe                                  One Star
Shoe Carnival, Inc.                                                         Vision Communications, Inc.                Penske
                                 These people provided career exploration                                              Styline Corporation
Mike Neely                       interviews or job shadowing experiences    Jana Sly                                   Sunshine Promotions
Deaconess Hospital               for students in Personal Selling and       Glaxo-Smith Cline                          Toyota Motor Manufacturing
                                 Marketing Management classes.                                                           Indiana
Joseph D. Neidig ’01                                                        Rick Stein ’92                             TS Boyd Grain, Inc.
Red Spot Paint & Varnish         Curtis Bradley                             University of Southern Indiana             University of Southern Indiana
  Co., Inc.                      Sprint PCS                                                                              Business Office
                                                                            Michelle Webb ’90                          Vectren Communication
Steve Niemeier                   Elizabeth Bucko ’00                        Standard Register                            Services
Human Resources Support, Inc.    Choice One Communications                                                             Walt Disney World
                                                                            Byron Wright (retired)                     Western Kentucky Energy
Janice Oliver                    Kristi Butler                              University of Southern Indiana             Wright Consultants LLC
Keller Crescent Co.              Coca-Cola
                                                                            Woody Youngs
Vickie Oshodi                    Gretchen Carroll                           Product Acceptance and
University of Southern Indiana   Hoosier Stamping and                         Research
                                                                                                                       Site Visitations
Rod Penfield ’72
Vectren                          Susan Caufield                                                                        The following companies and
                                                                                                                       organizations allowed site visitations
                                 WSTO                                       Internships and                            for business classes.
Brad Platts
Keller Crescent Co.              Chris Clements                             Cooperative Programs
                                 Koch Air, LLC                                                                         Berry Plastics Corporation
Bob Scheller                                                                More than 100 School of Business           Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Deaconess Hospital               Jennifer Curry                             students were in internships and cooper-   Business Micrographics
                                 Interstate Imaging                         ative programs at the following 47         Kern Brothers
Dennis Shannon                                                              employers during the summer 2000,          Kinder Moving and Storage Inc.
American General Finance         M. Brian Davis                             fall 2000, and spring 2001 terms.          Phoenix LLC Imaging &
                                 Private Investor                                                                        Office Products
Cris Stichler                                                               American Cancer Society                    Young Democrats
St. Mary’s Medical Center        Robin Decamps                              American General Financial
                                 Casino Aztar                                Services
Terry Stumpf ’77                                                            Ameriqual
Toyota Motor Manufacturing       Paul M. Dennison                           Aristokraft
  Indiana                        Consumer and OEM Sales                     Beldon Corporation
                                                                            Berry Plastics Corp.
                                                                            BKD LLP

Summer 2001                                                                                                                                                     7
Cheerleader sponsor
                                            Alumnus urges
Greg Valentine:                             business students
                                            to believe they
a jump ahead                                are ’somebody’
Cheer, dance teams win
                                            CEO Steve Lowrey
awards in national meets                    shares secrets of success

                                                                                    Elizabeth Courtney-USI
     In a sense, all faculty members are    in franchising business
cheerleaders for the universities where
they teach, but Dr. Gregory P. Valen-            Steve Lowrey ’76, president
tine of the School of Business takes the    and chief executive officer of Texas-
concept more literally than most. The       based Franchise Concepts Inc.,
associate professor of business education   urged students in the School of                                  Wanda Hibbitts, professor emerita of
has completed five years as sponsor of      Business to believe in themselves                                business, was among faculty and
the University of Southern Indiana          while working toward success in                                  students who heard her former stu-
cheer and dance teams.                      the future.                                                      dent, Steve Lowrey, present the
     The teams competed at the Uni-              “That’s the greatest power you                              Alumnus-in-Residence program.
versal Cheerleading and Dance Associ-       have. Once you believe in yourself,
ation’s College National Championship       no one can take that away from you,”
                                            said Lowrey, whose FCI brands gen-                               see when you take your eyes off
at DisneyWorld in January, earning
                                            erate more than $150 million in                                  the target.”
national recognition. The dance team
                                            annual retail sales.                                                   The high school guidance
placed 12th, the co-ed cheer team
                                                 The Mount Vernon, Indiana,                                  counselor who said Lowrey was not
earned an eighth-place award, and the
                                            native presented “From the Class-                                “college material” couldn’t have
all-girl cheer team placed fifth.
                                                                                                             been farther off the mark. Relying
     Many members of the cheer and
                                                                                                             on the core concepts of “tenacity,”
dance teams have been involved in
                                                                                                             “persistence,” and “the power of
these kinds of activities since middle       What happens to you in                                          believing,” he graduated from USI
school. “They get a sense of satisfaction
                                                                                                             with a Bachelor of Science degree
and enjoyment from it,” Valentine said,       life is not as important                                       in accounting and finance, became
“and the competition gives them a
                                                                                                             a certified public accountant, and
chance to showcase their skills.”             as how you react to it.                                        eventually a Deck the Walls fran-
     He also said that national exposure
from the competition is important in         Obstacles are what you                                                Lowrey soon owned three Deck
bringing a higher caliber of student
                                                                                                             the Walls stores, including the one
interested in cheer and dance to the         see when you take your                                          in Evansville’s Eastland Mall, and
University. USI’s all-girl team is fea-
                                                                                                             was well on the way to becoming
tured on the Universal Cheerleading             eyes off the target.                                         the business leader he is today.
Association’s Web site at
                                                                                                             FCI, a system of more than 400
                                                                                                             retail stores across the United States
                                            room to the Boardroom” March 26                                  and Canada, includes Deck The
     Valentine also serves as director of
                                            as the Alumnus-in-Residence.                                     Walls, The Great Frame Up, and
USI’s Center for Economic Education
                                            Each spring the School of Business                               Framing & Art Centre, as well as
in Southwest Indiana. The center trains
                                            brings a senior executive who is a                               Ashley Avery’s Collectables, a joint
K-12 teachers in implementing an
                                            USI graduate to campus for a day                                 venture incorporated under FCI.
economics curriculum in an applied
                                            of presentations to faculty and                                        “If one person believes that
format. Two of the most popular
                                            students.                                                        you’re somebody, you’re somebody,
programs are the stock market simula-
                                                  “What happens to you in life is                            even if that one person is you,”
tion activity and the “mini-economy”
                                            not as important as how you react to                             Lowrey said. “It’s up to you.
program which turns an elementary
                                            it,” he said. “Obstacles are what you                            You make it happen.”
classroom into an economy with partic-
ipants earning wages, paying rent, man-
aging bank accounts, and learning
about other economic concepts.

8                                                                            University of Southern Indiana School of Business
Student from USI’s first class re-enters to complete degree
     Persistence pays off for Jerry                                                                                 he was drafted into military service in
Barth. He achieved a goal this year                                                                                 December, 1966. He served two years
that he began working toward in 1965.                                                                               as a medic and then returned to
     Barth was one of 1,390 University                                                                              Evansville. By then he was married and
of Southern Indiana students to receive                                                                             life responsibilities took precedence
a diploma May 6 at Commencement.                                                                                    over a return to the classroom. He
He earned an associate degree in busi-                                                                              completed some courses in the early
ness administration.                                                                                                ’70s when the Wright Administration
     His pursuit of higher education                                                                                Building on the present campus was
goes back to fall 1965 when, as a recent                                                                            new and housed all classes, offices,
graduate of Bosse High School in                                                                                    and other services. To finish the credit
Evansville, he was among the first                                                                                  hours he needed for the associate
students to enroll at the University                                                                                degree, he re-entered the University
of Southern Indiana.                         Elizabeth Courtney-USI
                                                                                                                    about three years ago
     Barth believes that he was the 12th                                                                                  “I’m very glad to have my associate
student to register. His twin brother,                                                                              degree,” Barth said, “and I never want
Terry, who died in 1968 while serving                                                                               to stop learning.”
in the army, enrolled at the same time.                                                                                   He thinks today’s students are
They were among the 412 students                                                                                    sharper than those of the mid-’60s and
(244 full-time and 168 part-time) who                                                                               encourages them to follow their dreams.
attended classes that first year at the                               Jerry Barth, a student when the school              Barth works for the City of Evans-
old Centennial School.                                                opened in 1965, completed an associate        ville and part-time for Rose Marie’s gift
     “We signed up in the basement                                    degree in 2001.                               shop. In the future, he is interested in
and paid our money,” Barth said. “The                                 than books. There was no cafeteria, just      working internationally in a mission
library was one room, and as I remem-                                 a few vending machines.”                      field or for an organization such as the
ber it, there were more empty shelves                                      Jerry Barth attended classes until       Red Cross.

Alumni, let us hear from you!
We welcome comments from our alumni and friends regarding accomplishments, career choices, and momentous personal events. Send to
Nancy F. Bizal, School of Business, University of Southern Indiana, 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47712-3597 or nbizal@usi.edu.

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Summer 2001                                                                                                                                                9
E-business curriculum fills technology gap
                                                                                                        this potential revenue in mind, many
Graduates with high-tech skills will serve                                                              businesses are placing a priority on
existing employers, attract new industry                                                                e-business. They need Internet-savvy
                                                                                                        professionals such as Web architects
                                                                                                        and designers, project managers, and
By Abbas Foroughi                                         extranets, and the World Wide Web.            Internet marketing specialists.
                                                          Firms are realizing the benefits of using          High-tech companies who wish to
Editor’s note: The following information is an edited     intranets to improve coordination and         establish new facilities place high prior-
version of a report about the development of an           information-sharing among isolated
e-business area of interest in the business administra-                                                 ity on locating in communities that
tion major and a major in e-business for the Univer-      internal supply chain processes and           offer pools of highly skilled workers.
sity of Southern Indiana. This portion of the report      extranets to coordinate supply chain          Metropolitan areas are in competition
focuses on the growth of e-business and the urgent        processes shared with business partners.      to attract such industries, but only
need for employees with high-tech skills. For more        Real-time coordination among the
information about the new School of Business                                                            those that offer the type of workforce
e-business curriculum, see page one of this newsletter.   functional areas of business enables          which high-tech companies seek will
                                                          firms to detect, reduce, and in some          be successful in attracting their interest.
     A recent study conducted by the                      cases, eliminate bottlenecks. This has        The market for e-business graduates is
Hudson Institute Center for Workforce                     led many firms to enjoy continuous            good, both in terms of opportunity and
Development revealed a lack of trained                    improvement in productivity.                  salary levels. Last year’s e-business grad-
workers in south-                                               Companies can save large amounts        uates from Vanderbilt University were
ern Indiana, north-                                       of money by conducting business over          offered an average of more than
western Kentucky,                                         the Internet because of the ease of           $22,000 in signing bonuses, which is
and southeastern                                          completing transactions directly from         50 percent more than for finance or
Illinois, particularly                                    business to business without going            marketing graduates.
in high tech fields.                                      through middlemen. Researchers pre-                Business schools all across the
Industries and                                            dict that this year, business-to-business     country are scrambling to develop
businesses that                                           e-business will be 10 times the expected      e-business curricula, both at the under-
have begun imple-                                         market for consumer transactions. In          graduate and graduate levels, to provide
menting e-business     Foroughi                           today’s business world, those businesses      the growing number of trained person-
practices are forced                                      that are willing to take advantage of e-      nel which industries need to help them
to seek new employees out of town.                        business can gain a competitive edge.         achieve the strategic advantages possi-
Opportunities to attract new industries                         E-business requires a technology-       ble with e-business. While business
to the area are missed because of the                     savvy, skilled businessperson to create       schools have offered isolated courses in
scarcity of local, adequately trained                     the commercial applications companies         e-commerce and Internet technology
employees.                                                and organizations need to gain an edge        for several years, they are now receiv-
     According to Workforce Develop-                      in the worldwide marketplace. Many            ing urgent requests — from companies
ment in the Tri-state, a project con-                     companies have grown increasingly             as well as from students — for formal-
ducted by the Hudson Institute’s Cen-                     dependent on the ability to conduct           ized programs in electronic business.
ter for Workforce Development, the                        business through the use of Web-based
availability of high-tech university                      applications, creating a shortage of
programs is one of the magnets that                       professionals with the training neces-
can attract high-tech industries to a                     sary to provide e-business solutions to
metropolitan area. Offering opportuni-                    fit their company’s needs. No matter
ties for local youth to become trained                    if businesses want to build their own           About the author
in e-business, by offering the option of                  e-business systems, purchase a package,
an e-business major or an area of inter-                  or outsource, they need trained infor-          ▼Dr. Abbas Foroughi, professor of
est in the business administration                        mation technology personnel with the            computer information systems, has
major, would help to create an envi-                      expertise to manage the development             submitted his report on the devel-
ronment which would encourage high-                       and/or implementation of their                  opment of an e-business curriculum
tech firms to locate in the area.                         e-business successfully.                        for publication in the Proceedings
     Electronic business is quickly                             Current levels of consumer online         of the National Meeting of the
becoming the norm for business trans-                     spending have reached about $29.2               Decision Science Institute in San
actions. E-business connects business                     billion, with Internet retail sales             Francisco and for presentation at
systems directly to important business                    expected to reach $133 billion by               the meeting November 17-20.
constituencies — customers, employ-                       January 2004, according to a study by
ees, and suppliers via intranets,                         the Wharton School of Business. With

10                                                                                              University of Southern Indiana School of Business
  Evansville Factbook                                                      Faculty Experts Guide
  The Evansville Factbook 2000-01 is a                                     Do you need information or expert
  one-stop, comprehensive source of eco-                                   consultation? Faculty members in the
  nomic, social, and demographic data on                                   USI School of Business have expertise
  Evansville and the region. The Center                                    in many business-related topics. To get
  for Business and Economic Research at                                    your copy of the USI School of Busi-
  the USI School of Business supports                                      ness Faculty Experts Guide, call
  the research and development of this                                     812/465-1681 or access it online.
  authoritative resource.
        http://business.usi.edu/factbook                                      http://business.usi.edu/expertguide
        Sixth edition available online with links to sources

Business students find career that suits them best
Strong Interest Inventory                        information, and placement assistance      interpreters can help students who
                                                 with internships, coops, part-time         score highly in other personality types
stacks individual’s interests                    work, and full-time jobs. These services   understand what unique characteristics
with traits of professionals                     are available to all students, but stu-    they could bring to a profession. For
                                                 dents must seek them out.                  instance, an individual with strong
     For students who are wondering                    After the results of the interest    “social” traits could be valuable to an
whether they have chosen the career              inventory are scored, trained faculty      accounting firm in relating to clients
path that is right for them, the School          interpreters, supported by the Career      and soliciting new business.
of Business offers a valuable service.           Counseling office, explain the results          While the Strong Interest Inven-
     Three years ago the school, in              to students. Most often the results        tory is a relatively new requirement for
cooperation with USI’s Office of                 validate the student’s major choice        School of Business students, the
Career Counseling, began administer-             and give the student greater confi-        mandatory 200-level business commu-
ing the Strong Interest Inventory in             dence that his or her course of study      nication course has some longstanding
the business communications course               is on target.                              components that also help students
required of every student enrolled in                  The inventory draws on the           learn about business careers.
the School of Business.                          RIASEC (realistic, investigative, artis-        A career search project includes
     The Strong Interest Inventory is a          tic, social, enterprising, and conven-     library and Internet research and infor-
highly validated instrument that mea-            tional) theory, most people fall into      mational interviews with at least three
sures similarities in an individual’s            one of these six personality types.        people working in the student’s chosen
interests to those of masses of success-               Buecher said, “When I introduce      field. The project provides the student
ful individuals in particular fields.            the inventory to students, I encourage     with a network and considerable infor-
Timothy K. Buecher, director of Career           them to look at the personality types      mation about one career as well as the
Counseling for USI, said the test would          before they take the test and try to       tools to replicate that network and
cost each student hundreds of dollars if         decide which one describes them.           research for other careers.
administered by a private firm.                  Overwhelmingly, the ‘enterprising’ and          As part of the project, students
      Dr. Phil Fisher, dean of the               ‘conventional’ types are associated with   synthesize the Strong Interest Invento-
School of Business, said the school              business.”                                 ry results with the particular career
added the Strong Interest Inventory to                 Generally, a person with an enter-   they explore.
the business communications class as a           prising personality would be interested         Nancy F. Bizal, instructor of the
result of graduate surveys that empha-           in such things as management, market-      course, said that career exploration
sized the importance of career advising.         ing, or business development; a con-       helps students increase their awareness
USI has an active Career Services and            ventional type would be data-oriented.     of what is out there to do and what
Placement office that offers counseling,         Buecher pointed out that the faculty       they are best suited to do.

Summer 2001                                                                                                                       11
                         Students see marketing                        visited the Anheuser-Busch Brewery              Alpha Kappa Psi attends
                         in action on club trip                        in St. Louis. April Duncan, incoming
                                                                       president of the club, said the 12              national conference
                          The Marketing Club saw market-               students saw the plant in operation                  The USI School of Business
                     ing in action in March when they                  and learned about the company’s                 chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi profes-
                                                                                        advertising through            sional business fraternity had the
                                                                                        the years, interna-            second largest contingent of members
                                                                                        tional products, envi-         of any campus from the Midwest at
                                                                                        ronmental programs,            the organization’s national confer-
                                                                                        and survival during            ence. Twenty USI students went to
                                                                                        prohibition. The               Chicago in February to attend ses-
                                                                                        famous Clydesdale              sions on personal and professional
                                                                                        horses, known around           development, chapter management,
                                                                                        the world as a Busch           personal finance, and leadership.
                                                                                        symbol, also were                   For the second straight year, the
                                                                                        on display.                    USI Office of Student Development
Elizabeth Courtney-USI

                                                                                             The Marketing             Programs presented Alpha Kappa Psi
                                                                                        Club raised funds for          the Academic Achievement award
                                                                                        the trip by asking             for the campus professional organiza-
                                                                                        students to sponsor            tion whose members had the highest
                                                                                        faculty members in a           average grade-point average.
                                                                                        kiss-the-pig contest.
                      Nancy Bizal, coordinator of School of Business external
                                                                                        Dr. Joy Peluchette
                      relations, won the privilege of kissing the pig in the Market-                                   University of Southern Indiana is an
                                                                                        and Nancy Bizal
                      ing Club fund-raising project. Dr. Leslie E. Nunn, assis-                                        affirmative action/equal employment
                                                                                        won the honors.
                      tant professor of business law, steadies the porker.                                             opportunity institution.

                                                                                                                                      Information Services
                                                                                                                                     Betty R. Vawter, News and
                                                                                                                                     Nancy F. Bizal, Editor
                                                                                                                                     Phil Fisher, Dean
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                             Evansville, IN
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