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									“I Don’t Have Enough Time…Is Bullsh*t”
19 Astonishing Strategies Of How To STILL Meet And Date TONS Of Women If You Have Little To NO Time Left After Doing Your Daily Duties

- Bonus Report By Dennis Miedema, Win With Women © 2009, All Rights Reserved.

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Einstein Was Right: Time IS Relative, Even In Dating
With age comes responsibility they say…and most of us secretly think it SUCKS, because as we grow older we get more and more obligations to commit to and daily routines to follow: - Obligations: pay the phone bill, pay the rent, pay for gas money, pay those pesky insurances you can never collect, go grocery shopping for food and drinks so you can survive, make our homework, go to work and on and on…and on… Routines: wake up early for work or school, brush our teeth, take a shower, comb our hair, have breakfast, get dressed, do our hair, go to work or school, do your work or follow your class, lunch, go to bed early for work or school and blablabla..

And you know what? It BORES us out of our friggin’ minds! All those obligations work on our nerves, they’re annoying and no matter what…we have to pay. Your refrigerator broke down huh? The landlord says f*ck you, pay me. The economy is bad huh? Your stomach says eat or die, so buy me. And what about the routines? They almost put us asleep with their super predictability, they KILL all the excitement, and so on.. But BECAUSE we have to take care of the obligations and follow the routines time after time after time, we’re becoming BLIND to the world around us…and miss out on all kinds of OPPORTUNITIES. Because we repeat these kinds of behaviors all the time, we do them on auto-pilot…and the risk of that is: we don’t even NOTICE our environment anymore because we’ve gotten OVERLY used to “walk to supermarket A, walk in, get food, pay, walk to home..mission accomplished” kind of behaviors. This is why I’d like to share with you what kind of opportunities you COULD take advantage of when you FORCE yourself out of auto-pilot thinking, open your eyes, and look around. And then you can finally STOP saying: I can’t meet and date women “because” I need to work, go to school, shop for groceries and so on…because these are ALL excuses and I’ll tell you why…

The Evidence Part 1: Getting There
No matter how much you work or study, you still need to GET there: you need to go to work or go to school. And all kinds of opportunities present itself.. Whether you’re going there by bus, train, airplane or even car..there are: - Women in the parking lot - Women stuck in traffic - Women sitting in the train or bus or plane - Women WAITING for the bus, plane or train - Women walking to class INSIDE the school - Women taking the stairs or the elevator to get to their desk

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Since these women have nothing better to do than sit there and wait or walk from there to the desired location..they’re BORED..and they could use some distraction, some meaningless fun. Guess where you come in?

The Evidence Part 2: Being There
Once you’re wherever you need to be, you’re gonna have to stick it out to the end – the end of class or the end of the working day or school day. Why not make the most of it WHILE you’re there? Because there are: - Women taking an early break , lunch break or late break - Women who want to smoke a cigarette or two - Women in need of some coffee or whatever and walking to or standing in front of the vending machine with all the beverages in it - Women who want to eat something and are walking to or IN the cantine of the company or school - Female colleagues or women working at a third party (such as a supplier of your company, or who work at the company you’re transporting stuff to) - The women in your class at school (or someone else’s female friend in another class) - Opportunities for meeting women when you need to travel for your work too: getting here off course (see all of those above), all pit stops you need to make while you’re in your way (women are there too), at the location you need to go to there are women too

The Evidence Part 3: On Obligations…
Let’s face it: we can’t AVOID taking responsibility of our obligations..because at the end of the day? Our homework still needs to be done or we’ll fail, we still need to shop for groceries or we’ll starve, and so forth.. And there are ways of using your obligations to meet and date women too: - If you need to make homework, it’s safe to say that the women in your class will need to do the same thing…so why not make home work together and practice your teasing, conversational skills, selectiveness and more? If you need to go to that supermarket or hypermarket to buy some food so you can make dinner tonight..then there are women you could meet inside that place TOO..and the same goes for any other type of store or shopping mall. Women are everywhere, duhh! We are too mister smarty pants. If you need to get your hair cut (and we all do), then why not go to a FEMALE barber, or a hairdresser where there are more women than men present? And remember…while GOING to all these places, there are women walking around and waiting there too (see the first list of opportunities too)


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The Evidence Part 4: While You’re Busy
This one’s my personal favor, because while you’re at work or in class…at some point you need to pay attention and do what you came there for: make money or get those good grades so you can pass the class... Seems like a disadvantage doesn’t it…because what if you’re someone who’s working fulltime: 40 hours, 50..60 or maybe even more per week? Then there are TWO amazing techniques you can use to STILL meet all the women you’d like to meet, AND while you’re busy: 1. Hook yourself up with an online profile on a social networking site or paid dating site and start messaging women when you DO have time…why? Because while YOU may be busy at work or at school, your profile will ALWAYS be there…24 hours a day, rain, sleep, snow. This means that women can message you first, OR reply to your messages even when you’re NOT THERE, and working, or paying attention in class. It’s meeting women while you’re busy…what else could a guy want? 2. Say you have a girl’s phone number, then it’s kinda HARD to send a message online to her profile, right? And it’s kinda HARD to text message or call her when you’re busy at work or at school, right? WRONG! Because there are plenty of internet sites in all the languages of the world that allow you to send text messages when YOU want…so if you tell the site to text message Stacy at 6 p.m., then she’ll receive your text at 6 p.m. What if you would say in your text I’m busy ‘til blabla p.m., call me (or text me) to the attraction you create off course? Then you can CONTINUE to build huge amounts of attraction with the women of your choice…WHILE you’re busy! And if you’d like to discover powerful techniques for creating huge amounts of attraction until you’re irresistable for the type of woman you’ve always wanted to date..and how to PREVENT failing with women time after time (even if you sucked more then the guy out of The 40 Year Old Virgin before)..then check out my FREE blog at

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