How To Meet Women No Matter Where You Live

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					Saying “There Aren’t That Much Women Where I Live”…Is STUPID
The 10 Hidden Tactics For How To Easily Meet Beautiful And Intelligent Women If You Live In No Man’s Land, A Dusty Town, Or Even A Quiet City…And Why Those Locations Are Actually BETTER Than The Busy Cities!

- Bonus Report By Dennis Miedema, Win With Women © 2009, All Rights Reserved.

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You know what’s funny? That 9 out of 10 men ONLY look for women to meet and date in the area where they themselves live because otherwise “she lives too far away.” This means this could get ugly for 90% of the people who read this…because they’re CUTTING the success with women they COULD HALF, or more. Because distance is relative..and I can assure you: you will double, no triple the number of women you’ll meet when you realize what kind of opportunities the world REALLY offers you, how relative distance REALLY is! If you live in Chicago and think you can only meet women from Chicago for example, then you’re living inside a comfort zone of distance…meaning you don’t BELIEVE anything beyond your city to work. Allow me to slap some sense into you…

The Relative Value Of Your Game – Why Small cities, Towns And Rural Areas DON’T Suck
First of all: we all have our obligations and daily routines to do: brushing our teeth, taking a shower, going to work or school, eating, making homework, dressing up, doing our hair, paying our bills, washing our clothes, etc. Week in week out they haunt us…and these kinds of activities almost bored us to DEATH. We’re living in quiet desperation in a hell of repetition: going to our boring jobs over and over and over…patiently waiting and hoping for something exciting to happen, somewhere exciting to go, or someone exciting to meet… Women in small towns and rural areas have an even MORE boring life than the obligations and routines of inner city women: a hot farmer girl only knows farming and hardly any partying, so imagine what happens when you text message her with your stories of fancy nightclubs, exciting adventures and compelling drama that SHE simply does NOT know? It has a higher impact on them than on inner city women who are used to more (spoiled with more, lol): it’ll stimulate their imagination so much more, it’ll tickle their senses and make them INSANELY curious about your city life..which makes it EASIER to create attraction by telling stories, teasing and busting their balls and an exciting life she could only dream of… And these women in those rural areas, small cities, towns and, the only men they could EVER get were the farmer boys, the country trolls..those ugly basterds with their boring lives that lived there because there simply WASN’T anyone else! They HAD to settle for that, because there was no one else around. But’re unique, you’re the outsider and even if your game sucks compared to other guys in your city – the man with one eye is KING in the land of the blind..women in the countryside or the quiet cities simply aren’t used to YOUR levels of adventure, of teasing, of partying, of excitement, of class, of wardrobe, of
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style, of conversational skills. I call this the “relative value of your game.” In your city it may be average, but there? You’re KING. It’s like locking a woman in a room with an ugly, boring countryboy for more than twenty years (or whatever her age is)…and suddenly introducing a handsome, talkative, stylish, exciting stranger to the room – she’ll almost JUMP on the strangers lap, lol! So go get yourself a real life map RIGHT NOW, a Google Map, whatever...and SEARCH. It changes your ENTIRE range of action...because there are HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of villages, towns and rural areas in YOUR region (and other regions) that have flown under YOUR radar. You most likely haven't even heard of most, or never thought about looking there… One of the most PROFOUND discoveries I've had over the last couple of years is...this not only counts for small towns and rural areas! Think about it...what would be the difference between gaming New York women and gaming Nijmegen (this little city in the Netherlands) women? Exactly! There are also lots of CITIES where your game is of much higher value relatively, because women there simply earn less and are used to less...they're used to less excitement, less ball busting, less selectiveness, lesser fashion, less sexuality, less body language etc. and most of all: you are the (very interesting) odd one out, the one who stands out from all those boring guys she dated before because she simply didn't have more options! Do you see now, how even the game of meeting and dating women itself is a rather RELATIVE thing? I guess now you know why I love travelling so much…

The Art Of Mobility
If I travel from here to the most northern part of my country by train, it would take me 3 to 4.5 hours. It’s waiting for the train, taking a train, travelling from the train station to the desired location..AND waiting for the friggin’ bus that takes me there. But when I travel there by car? It takes me 2 hours, without taking any fancy shortcuts. Imagine if I'd fly there...that's an hour or less... So not only do YOU have various ways of transportation at your disposal that allow you to cover large distances in shorter amounts of time...but SHE has them too! Hence, enlarging your range of action is enlarging your success...because they can drive a car, or even fly in. In once had a girl from London, UK visit me thanks to a boat trip...and I got her phone number from the comfort of my own home, using Online Game! I live in the Netherlands, so she needed to cross the channel man. And don’t think they won’t travel for you, because if you’ve created enough attraction with a woman..and she’s into you, she desires to be with you? Then she doesn’t CARE how – all she wants to do is be with you, even if it includes sacrificing her time and money to come see you. Because to her, it’s all in the name of love..and she’s more than happy to pay for it.
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But what if you live in a small town, or country or island yourself? Then I have two magic words for you: TRAVEL…and…TOURISTS. Travel to find all the small town and rural women, and to the bigger cities near you to enlarge your opportunities for meeting women. As for tourists: either your city, region or country has a tourism industry and tourists now NOTHING of where you live (that’s why they’re tourists). This makes it easy for you to invite them on an adventure to discover the cultural sights, the night life, to tease them about THEIR culture or region (language, religions, traditions, the whole deal), you can get lost on purpose in a quiet street so you can kiss, etc. So even small towners and islanders can make this work, one of my friends from a very EMPTY corner of Ireland did.

Don’t Forget Temporary Living Locations
Most men that are trying to meet women seem to forget alll about vacations, going to city X, town Y or region Z for the weekend, crashing at the place of a family member, a friend, a colleague, etc. But the locations where you temporarily live enhances your range of action even MORE, because once you’ve traveled there? You could date womtn that live there (OR are from that region) too! All of a sudden a place that's almost 300 miles away is now closer to where you reside. You can either meet women online beforehand and set up a date on the same day you arrive, or let that family member, friend or colleague introduce you to some fesity females. And what about hotels or motels? Sometimes you need to stay in one for work or because of travel or whatever your reason is – same thing..use it as your “stronghold” to meet women THERE!

And What About The Types Of Relationships That Are Possible?
Don’t expect to see a woman every day when she lives far, far of you two’s wallets quite possibly won’t survive it. This means you need to be realistic about the types of relationships you can have thanks to distance..where you see her only in the weekend, once a week, once every two weeks or maybe even once a month (or longer). But remember that as long as you create attraction and she desires to be with you? She may find it difficult, but she’ll STAY with you because she’ll do whatever it takes to keep the love alive…you’ll be surprised at how much people are willing to sacrifice for it. As long as YOU are okay with it and don’t give her drama for it, she’ll continue seeing you – even across THAT distance. Don’t forget the ADVANTAGES of distance here though: If you can’t be around all day or every day (because of the distance), you’ll give her the gift of MISSING you…and when people are gone we tend to remember all the good things (because are mind fills in the missing pieces of information with what?

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Wishful thinking!), and forget all the bad ones: look at dead people for example. It means she’ll look forward to seeing you TEN times more then before.. If she’s not from where you are, she can’t know all the bad things about you (the gossip people spread behind your back) OR your reputation (the “player rep” you have) and YOUR (or her) friends, exes or family who try to hurt your game or disagree with you seeing her An advantage of countryside women: lots of country, which means a LOT of quiet space, which means a lot of places where you can do freaky things, have a picknick, go crazy with her etc. AND you can take her to YOUR city so she has to totally depend on you to get around (automatically letting you be the dominant one, the leader, the confident one = attractive) Distance means seeing each other less often, so if you have a busy life or want to date multiple people? Then the distance is your best friend: a natural barrier that can’t be overcome easily (think about the possibilities of having multiple long distance relationships here)



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