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					                      PARKING SPACE LEASE AGREEMENT

Name ______________________________

Space # _____________________________




E-mail _____________________________

       The Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (hereinafter, Lessor) does
hereby agree to lease parking space no.___________ of Lessor's parking lot at 202
S.Broadway, Urbana, Illinois to _________________ (hereinafter, Lessee) subject to the
following conditions:

1.     Lease Term. This lease shall commence on ________________ and shall
terminate when lessee notifies lessor in writing of vacating the parking space_____ .

2.      Hours. Lessee shall have exclusive use of the leased space from 6am through
6pm, Monday through Friday, during the lease term. Lessee may Call ____Reynold’s
Towing ____ to have unauthorized vehicles towed from lessee spot during those hours.
Note: they will ask to see a copy of this lease agreement so keep one in your car.

3.     Vehicle. Lessee's use of the leased space shall be restricted to the following
       MAKE/MODEL:____________________ STATE:_____ PLATE NO.: _____

       MAKE/MODEL:____________________ STATE:_____ PLATE NO.: _____

Lessee's vehicle must have current license plates and registration stickers and be in an
operable state.

4.     Rent. Rent shall be $__120__ per 3 month term, due by the first day of the term.
Payments may be made by mail or in person at Lessor's office, 202 S.Broadway, Urbana,
IL 61801. Payment must be received by the due date or Lessor may, at its option,
terminate the lease without further notice to Lessee.

5.      Termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement by providing 30 days
written notice to the other party. If this Agreement is terminated more than 30 days
before the end of the last month paid for, Lessor shall return to Lessee rent paid on a
prorated basis.

6.      Property Damage/Loss. Lessor is not responsible and assumes no liability for lost,
stolen or damaged property, including Lessee's vehicle and its contents, while in Lessor's
parking lot. Lessor does not provide parking lot attendants. Lessee assumes all risk of
parking in Lessor's parking lot.

7.     Snow Removal. Lessor shall make reasonable efforts to remove snow from its
parking lot when snowfall exceeds 2 inches but Lessor makes no guarantee that parking
spaces will be accessible during or shortly after heavy snow.

8.      Towing. Lessee assumes responsibility for towing of any vehicle trespassing in
the leased space. Upon presentation of proof of current lease to the agent/driver of the
towing company, the towing will be charged to the owner of the trespassing vehicle.
Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lessor from all claims for personal or
property damage arising from the towing of trespassing vehicles.

      The undersigned have executed and entered into this Agreement this _____ day of
_____________________, 20__.

___________________________________             __________________________________
Lessee                                          Lessor