Alaska Seafood Restaurant to Lease Space in New State

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					FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                      No. 07-021
August 3, 2007

              Alaska Seafood Restaurant to Lease Space
                    in New State Parking Facility
    Anchorage, Alaska – Department of Administration Commissioner Annette Kreitzer
    announced today a major business has signed a lease to occupy space in the future Linny
    Pacillo parking structure.

    Kreitzer revealed a planned lease with a unique Alaska seafood restaurant currently in the
    works. Anchorage restaurateurs Chris Anderson and Bob Acree have agreed to make a
    large portion of the first-floor retail portion of the parking facility home to their latest
    brainchild. Acree and Anderson are not new to the restaurant scene. As co-owners of
    Anchorage theme eateries Orso Ristorante and The Glacier Brewhouse, the talented duo
    is excited not only about their new venture, but about their partnership with the State of
    Alaska’s Division of General Services, which oversees State facilities.

    “This is a wonderful opportunity to create a unique Alaskan restaurant experience in the
    heart of Alaska’s largest city,” shared Anderson.

    “The restaurant will be one of three Alaska businesses occupying the first floor of the 10-
    story Linny Pacillo parking facility currently under construction,” Kreitzer commented.
    “In addition to the benefit of 844 parking spaces being added to assist the downtown
    parking situation, the State chose three Alaska businesses to operate in the retail area of
    the 10-story complex.”

    Kreitzer also detailed components of the Pacillo parking facility project, which is
    expected to have a positive impact on downtown businesses and events after completion.

    “The Parking Center will free up 580 spaces in existing garages and municipal surface
    parking areas. The result on the downtown parking situation will be equal to the effect of
    a pressure release valve on a pressure cooker,” the Commissioner noted.

    The structure is scheduled to be completed in September 2008.
Owner: Alaska Housing Finance Corp.
Tenant: State of Alaska Dept. of Administration
Contracting Entity: Municipality of Anchorage

Developer: ACCT, LLC
   -Joint Venture of JL Properties, Inc. and Venture Development Group, LLC
Contractor: Davis Constructors and Engineers, Inc.
Architect: kpb architects
Civil and Geotechnical Engineer: DOWL Engineers
Structural Engineer: EDS
Mechanical Engineer: Jernstrom Engineering
Electrical Engineer: EIC
Rendering: res3D
Parking Engineer: International Parking Design
Specialty Lighting: h.e. banks + associates

Project Facts
   • Construction began Feb. 1, 2007 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of
        September of 2008.
   • Project cost: Approximately $43.5 million
   • Total size: Approximately 368,830 sq. ft.

   • The facility will be ten floors: nine floors are parking, the ground level will be retail
       comprised of several tenants, as well as ramps and mechanical systems. The garage will
       have approximately 840 spaces. About 30 spaces are for persons with disabilities, and of
       those spaces, three are van accessible. There are also designated areas for motorcycles
       and bicycles.
   • State employees will park in the facility during business hours. There are 40 parking
       spaces for visitors on State business. This facility will pull State employees and visitors
       off of street level parking and out of downtown garages, opening more parking spaces
       downtown. The parking garage will be open to the public in the evening and weekends.
   • The extra wide sidewalks are heated on E, F, and 7th Streets. The retail spaces on the
       first floor are pulled in from the structure to form a protected and sunlit colonnade for
       pedestrians, similar to the Performing Arts Center. The sidewalks will have a variation in
       finishes and walking surfaces, and will interlink with other pedestrian ways that will unify
       the downtown business district.
   • Cantilevered concrete staircases wrapped in glass, security cameras, and a panic system
       is integrated in the design to provide a safe environment for facility users.

   • Work on the jobsite began in February and continued through one of the coldest March
       months in Alaska history. The Contractor recorded temperatures on site, dipping to -8
       degrees on the coldest work day, and averaging around 0 degrees on site throughout
   • Two concrete placing towers are currently being used for the project. This is the first
       known project to use towers of this kind in the state of Alaska.
    •   The thickest rebar on the project is # 18 bar measuring 2 1/4" thick, and weighing
        roughly 20 pounds per lineal foot. Roughly 14,500 cubic yards of concrete will go
        into the structure, which is about 58.7 million pounds of concrete. The project will
        consume more than 3 million pounds of reinforcing steel by completion.

Press Contact: Carol Beecher 269-6293