; Meteor, Meteorite or Meteoroid
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Meteor, Meteorite or Meteoroid


What is meteor? And what about meteorite?

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									What is the difference Meteor? Meteoroid? Meteorite?

To answer this, we begin by discussing, what is a meteor. What's the
difference with a meteorite? What it is with meteoroids?
Meteoroids are celestial bodies that float freely in space. Forms and
their movements erratic, relatively small size. And its movement is free
and there is erratic in the empty spaces of space, one time it approaches
the planet's orbit meteoroids. When approaching the orbit of the planet,
say the planet Earth that we live, interact with the Earth's gravity pull
of the meteoroid. Earth's gravity will make a much bigger meteoroids
gravitate toward Earth.

Meteoroids are attracted by the pull of the Earth will enter the Earth
with very high speed. If the Earth did not have a layer of atmosphere,
the meteoroid, tell of the coconut fruit, will hit the Earth with
tremendous force. You may feel the "strength" of rain water droplets to
the top of your head. One drop of water that falls freely overwrite your
head, still felt strong enough. How about the "if" Earth without the
atmosphere, and meteoroid enters the Earth with free will, hit the Earth?
With the higher speed, the greater the energy that is created, Booom ...

Earth is still fortunate to have the atmosphere that serves as a shield
which is very tough. When the meteoroid into the Earth, Atmosphere will
restrain the rate of meteoroid, but the rate of meteoroid continues to
penetrate the layers of the Atmosphere. Friction between layers of the
Atmosphere and erode Meteoroids Meteoroids and "burn" Meteoroids so that
we on Earth see it as a Falling Star. Meteoroid that crashed and burned
in the Earth's atmosphere is called Meteor. Is there a connection when
there is a meteor, and we say we desire to come true? :)

During the burn in the atmosphere, we were treated to beautiful scenery
Falling Star. Not every night we could see this beautiful scenery. So,
luckily, if you see this natural phenomenon.
In the process enters the Earth, some parts of the Meteor eroded by
atmospheric layer so when you arrive at Earth, the part becomes very
small, much smaller than the original size. Even for the small size of
the meteoroid, probably when they arrive on Earth just to live the rest
of the dust alone. Time Meteor, who arrived on Earth is called a
meteorite, can we meet in the Museums of Geology. There you can see the
meteorite, meteorites visit to our planet Earth. If you see a meteorite
the size of a tennis ball, how to size when he was floating in free

Then if our Earth is safe from the guests as well as the Meteor
spacecraft's this? Is not there a very tough atmosphere to protect the
Earth and the creatures that inhabit it?

Have you ever watched the movie Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis? Hmmm
... imagine the celestial body that much, hit the Earth ... crushed all.
Perhaps this is also causing havoc on Earth Dinosaurs. Several theories
menerangkan Meteors hit the Earth and causing havoc living beings who
inhabit it.
Remember the Schomaker-Levy comet that hit Jupiter? From satellite
observations in mind that this comet-hole damage caused by the planet
Earth! Fortunate that this comet was hit by the giant Jupiter many times
the size of planet Earth. If this comet hit Earth, our planet is gone. We
will not be able to say it was beautiful when Meteor meteor comes greater
than our own planet. I just hope this never happens, although we are not
as safe as the planet Earth envisioned.

Let's take a more listening and enjoying the scenery and enjoy this
natural phenomenon as a gift of God Almighty. There are various kinds of
natural phenomena which unfortunately for us pass. Star or Comet Berekeor
beauty, or the Morning Star is also the Planet Venus, eclipse, Aurora,
Falling Star or Meteor, Meteor Rain (the arrival can be predicted and
enjoyed throughout the year) and others.

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