Stand and Be Counted: Or How Not to Wander by ProQuest


Knowing this, it would be easy to read the beginning of this week's portion - which among other things, details the laws of a Nazirite and lists the identical Tabernacle offerings of each of the 12 tribe's leaders - as comprising little more than a story from the past. Continuing from the end of last week's portion, the Almighty commands that Moses take a census of all of the Lvites between the ages of 30 and 50, and assign them specific jobs related to the transport of the Tabernacle.The Torah is not a history book. Each of its details possesses an instruction in daily life. We don't have a physical Tabernacle in today's world, and the commandment to count the Lvites was a one-time thing. Nevertheless, the Zohar records a profound idea that, when extended, offers a unique lesson in how we should approach the world around us.

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									Stand and Be Counted: Or How Not to Wander
Joshua Runyan
Jewish Exponent; May 20, 2010; 228, 8; Docstoc
pg. 29

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